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The Hunted

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J. D. CHASE 2012 (All rights reserved)

For R.M.D. with all my love xxx
Chapter 1


We fell through the door of my apartment, a tangle of limbs and tongues.  My hands moved from around his neck to his chest and began to unfasten his shirt buttons.  I couldn’t wait to see what his body looked like naked, although I just knew I wouldn’t be disappointed.


He walked me backwards until my legs encountered the sofa and we fell backwards, still locked together.  He took the weight of us both on one arm and eased us down gradually.  I momentarily felt frustrated that I couldn’t access the remainder of the buttons but I was quickly distracted by his large erection that was pressing on my crotch. 
Oh my god, he is even larger than I thought.
  I wrapped my arms around him and hugged him in anticipatory glee.


He began to plant little kisses around my jaw line then down my neck to my collar bone.  I arched my back, pushing out my breasts that were now desperate for attention.  My hardened nipples crushed into his hard as stone chest and he made a noise in his throat that sounded like a growl.  “All in good time, impatient Issy,” he murmured.  That almost drove me wild - I wanted him now. 


He moved his head and I braced myself for his touch at my breast but instead he began trailing sweet kisses across my shoulder and down my arm. 
Argh, is he trying to kill me by dragging out this torture?
  My suspicions were confirmed when I heard a deep, throaty chuckle. 
Bastard!  Well, we will see about that!


I placed my hands on his shoulders and pushed hard whilst bucking up against him.  Because he was leaning to one side, kissing down my arm, he was off balance and he slid off the sofa and on to the floor - but not before he could throw his arm around me and drag me with him.  I heard an
as I landed on his chest. 
Now who is in charge? 


I reached for the next button to continue where I had left off.  As I grasped it, I looked into his face.  His beautiful midnight blue eyes were regarding me with amusement.  Emboldened, I rubbed my crotch against his and then stuck out my tongue.  His eyes flew wide open at my childish expression.  “Oh, so you think that you’re in control, do you?  We will see about that!” he challenged. 


He suddenly bucked and twisted, managing to move out from underneath me.  He rolled over, taking me with him again so that I was once more pinned underneath him.  I yelped in surprise and then glared at him indignantly.  He raised an eyebrow and then stuck out his tongue.  Quick as a flash, I raised my head and gently bit his tongue.  He growled into my mouth and then began to kiss me with just enough roughness to drive me wild.  I kissed him back just as hard and slid my hands up inside his shirt to trace those well defined muscles with my fingertips. 


My head was dizzy with wanting when he released my mouth and my breaths were ragged.  “Please Lucas -”


He looked into my eyes.  I mean he really looked, like he was searching for something.  I felt exposed, laid bare - it felt like he could read my mind, and all my innermost secrets.  He placed his hands on either side of my face and tenderly pecked me on the lips.  He then rolled off me and stood in one fluid, graceful movement.  He held his hands out to me and pulled me up and turned around so that my back was against his chest.  I leaned back into him as his hands traveled up from my hips to my bare stomach. 


I ran my hands around the back of him and grabbed that glorious ass and squeezed.  He grazed his fingertips across my midriff and then up my sides.  Again, I felt myself arching my back, trying to draw his attention to my breasts that felt heavy and swollen in the tight confines of my bustier. 


He ran his palms across them so that he exerted the gentlest pressure on my nipples. 
Argh, more torture. 
I tilted my head back and raised my mouth to his neck.  I stood on tiptoe to slowly lick from his collarbone to his ear.
Oh, he smells and tastes so good!
  He stopped spun me around.  “Which way is the bedroom?” he demanded gruffly.  I pointed and he swooped down and picked me up in his arms.  Striding across the apartment, he kicked open my door and walked across to my bed.  He kissed my nose before setting me down gently on my bed. 


With a lascivious grin, he walked to the bottom of my bed and swept his gaze slowly along my body from my feet, up my legs, up my body to my face. 
Oh my!  That lingering gaze was so hot. 
He slowly crawled on to the bed and up my body.  He then eased himself on to the bed, lying against my side so that I could feel him pressed in to me.  I immediately reached out for his shirt to continue undressing him.  He grabbed both of my hands in one of his and pinned them above my head. 
Argh, what is it with the need to be in control?  I just want to get you naked!


He leaned over and kissed me with surprising tenderness.  His lips felt plump and soft against mine and his tongue began to stroke mine once again.  His other hand went to my breast. 
  He cupped it and began to trace circles around my nipple with the pad of his thumb, careful not to touch the very skin that was demanding his attention.  I broke our kiss and narrowed my eyes at him in frustration.  Annoyingly, the corner of his mouth twitched and I knew that he was still deliberately trying to frustrate me.


“I think I have changed my mind, Mr Hunter.  My sex ban shall remain in place after all,” I smiled up at him.


“Oh, we shall see about that,” he smirked as his fingertips moved down and ran across my stomach, just inside the waistband of my jeans.  “I think I’ll make you beg for it.”


Bastard! Bastard! Bastard!


“I have never begged a man for sex in my life and I will not be starting now, I assure you.”


“We shall see,” he chuckled, moving his head towards my breasts and then licking the skin at the edge of the cups of my bustier, lifting his head slightly so that he could see the reaction on my face. 


“Sit up,” he demanded suddenly.


“No!” I replied petulantly.  “I will not help you in your quest to torture me.”


“Oh, so you think that this is torture?  You haven’t seen anything yet!”  He took the pressure of my hands above my head and then used them to pull me upright.  A look of triumph flared in his eyes.  In one movement, he had released me and pulled my bustier over my head.  I gasped and flopped back down on the bed. 


“Now you have me at a disadvantage.  Please let me unbutton your shirt,” I mumbled sulkily.


“Are you willing to beg?”


I folded my arms across my chest in response and he grinned delightedly.  “Oh, you are challenging, Miss Prince.  How I am going to love watching you unravel beneath me, however you choose to go about it.”


What the hell does that mean?  Oh, but I like the thought of unraveling beneath him.


His head bent and he began to plant kisses on my arm.  He reached my hand and kissed the back of it and then each finger.  Then he suddenly took my middle finger into his mouth and sucked it.  He released it slowly, grazing his teeth along the skin and then sucked it back in before releasing it again.  This time he wrapped his tongue around it as it slid out of his mouth. 
Fuck.  That was hot!


He repeated the process on my other hand and my arms relaxed, falling away from my breasts.  Immediately, he swooped and took one in his mouth.  His tongue swirled around my nipple and I arched my back in pleasure, realizing that he had tricked me into relaxing my arms but not really caring.  He gently nipped and sucked my nipple and I was amazed to feel it harden even more. 


He then turned his attention to my other breast while his hand continued to stimulate the diamond hard nipple.  He looked up at me through his lashes as he suckled and nibbled.  My hands moved back to his chest and he shook his head whilst gripping my nipple with his teeth. 
Pleasure and pain spiked from my breasts to my sex and I writhed around under him, releasing his shirt.  Again, I saw triumph flare in his midnight blue eyes. 
Damn him.
  Without warning, I reached up, grabbed his shirt and pulled it apart; the remaining buttons flew as it came apart in my hands.


He looked up at me, clearly shocked and then shook his head.  “Oh, you should not have done that.  Not if you want to walk tomorrow.”  His deep, sexy voice had an edge to it and I knew that he meant business. 


Holy crap! 


He reached across and grabbed both my hands and pinned them above my head again.  “Don’t make me have to tie you up!” he said darkly, his eyes burning into mine, telling me how serious he was.  He ran his fingertips down between my breasts to the top of my jeans.  He opened the button with a flick of his wrist and slid down the zipper.  His eyes never left mine as he slid his hand inside my jeans. 


I gasped as his fingers gently slid in between the folds of skin and he moaned, closing his eyes.  “You feel so good,” he murmured.  The pad of his forefinger began to massage my clitoris gently.  “Shall I make you come like this?” he whispered.  “Shall I make you come at all?”


“Oh yes, please.”


“Are you begging me, Miss Prince?” he asked, increasing the speed and pressure of his massaging finger.


“Noooo,” I moaned. 


Then he tugged my jeans down on to my thighs.  He then pulled down my panties and gasped. “Every part of you is beautiful.”


Oh, keep talking to me like that and I will orgasm without you laying another finger on me.


He didn’t move for several seconds and I basked in the glory of his gaze and his words.  His eyes then traveled up my body to meet mine.  “You know that this is going to be amazing, don’t you? he whispered and I swear, I almost came. 


“Lucas … I want  …” I would have begged if need be but I felt his hand slide from my hip, back between my legs.  He gently cupped my sex before beginning to rub the heel of his hand against my clitoris. I sighed and allowed my legs to fall open as much as my jeans would allow.  I felt him slip one finger inside me his breath caught in his throat.  He stilled and his voice rasped, “God. You are so wet, Issy and so tight.”


My insides clenched at his words and I involuntarily tightened around his finger.  “Fuck, that feels good,” he groaned.  He moved his finger and brushed against that sensitive spot and I gasped as my body convulsed and I came violently, the shocks reverberating as I struggled to comprehend what had happened.  As the aftershocks subsided, I opened my eyes and found that Lucas was staring at me, open mouthed. 


“Oh my god, Issy.  Your body is so responsive; I barely touched you,” he said, his voice filled with wonder.


“I know, it’s a cross that I have to bear,” I smirked although I knew that I didn‘t usually climax so easily.


“I don’t know whether I dare touch you again, after that,” he grinned.


“If that is a ploy to make me beg, then you are wasting your time,” I grinned back.


“Oh god, if you denied me your body now, I would get on my knees and beg until you let me touch you.”


“Tempting though that is, I don’t think it will be necessary.  I am not in to delayed gratification. I want you now, Lucas.”

BOOK: The Hunted
4.31Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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