The Inspired Leader: 101 Biblical Reflections for Becoming a Person of Influence

BOOK: The Inspired Leader: 101 Biblical Reflections for Becoming a Person of Influence
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Table of Contents


Praise for The Inspired Leader






Section One

God’s Call on Your Life

Your Life’s Dream

Positioned by God

Drudgery or Calling?

Spiritual Incubation

Just as He Pleased


Alert Expectancy

Starched Collars and Black Robes

Thy Kingdom Come… Now!

God’s “Big” Assignments

Section Two

Your Character, forged in the Marketplace

A Higher Standard

Strengths or Weaknesses?

Our Professional Image

Size Matters!

Guarding Your Anger

Integrity: Is Anyone Asking You the Hard Questions?

Guarding Our Achilles’ Heel



Marching When the Band Is Not Playing

Human Nature

Why Did God Choose Joseph?

Section Three

Spiritual Influence

Good News!

God’s Method

Setting People Free

Prayer Warriors

Catalysts for Revival

Glorifying God

Salt or Light?

Tearing Down High Places

All Authority Is from God

Knowing the Times

Our Companies Are Platforms for Jesus

What Is a Warrior?

Section Four

Facing Crises and Opposition at Work

If the Foundations Are Destroyed

Resurrection Power


Unprepared for Battle

Spiritual Warfare



Growth in the Wilderness

Are We Ever Going to Get Out of This Mess?

Jonah and the Financial Meltdown

Section Five

Walking with God, in the Marketplace

You Must Be Born Again!

Black Friday

Preparing to Encounter God

Power Lunches

Divine Encounters

God in Nature

Growth, Part 1

Growth, Part 2

Standing Faithful to Our Lord in Today’s World

What Follows Revival?

Meaningful Time in the Scriptures Is Paramount

Section Six

Leading in the Workplace

History: Destiny or Opportunity?

Encouragers or Discouragers?

Truth AND Grace!


Besetting Sins

Words That Move Others

Using or Blessing?


Are you Leading Like Jesus?

Section Seven

Relationships that Honor God

Heroes to Your Children

Mighty Men



Two Are Better Than One

Relationships at Work That Remain above Reproach

Bringing Others with You

Making an Impact for Christ in the Marketplace

Is Prayer a Part of Our Business?

Section Eight

Applying Wisdom to Our Decisions

This One Thing I Do


Seeking Counsel


A Holy Temple

Changing Our Habits

Thinking Differently



Redeeming the Time

Planning Versus Preparing

Choose This Day

This Is the Time to Pray and Seek God’s Will

Section Nine

Leaving a Legacy

Leaving a Spiritual Legacy

Serving Your Own Generation

Building for Eternity

Measuring Your Legacy


Small Beginnings

Being Remembered


Section Ten

God’s Blessing



Embracing Your Birthright


Living the Life That Is Really Life—Clear Focus

Wow! Take It In!

Navigating Today’s Bitterness and Anger


Welcome Home

Final Challenge

About the Author


Praise for The Inspired Leader

If you want to be challenged and encouraged for your assignment in the marketplace, you will want to read this book! It will give you perspective and help you “stay the course” in whatever you face in your Monday through Friday work.


President, DaySpring

Richard Blackaby brings a wealth of experience interacting and training countless number of leaders, many who run our nation’s largest and most well-known corporations. As a corporate CEO, it was my privilege to sit under his teaching. His keen understanding of the business leader’s world and of the Bible and its lessons are invaluable. Richard has captured the essence and true source of inspiration for us all. Regardless of your career position, this book is a must read.


Chairman, CEO and President TransAmerica Insurance (retired)

Author of,
Finding Strength in Tough Times

The Inspired Leader
is a great book because it is written by exceptional leaders! Richard Blackaby’s keen insight into business history combines with life lessons from several outstanding modern-day CEOs. All who aspire to serve God in the marketplace will find this devotional to be a compelling, instructive, and uplifting companion.


Chairman, The Beckett Companies

Author of,
Loving Monday
Mastering Monday

Richard Blackaby’s book accomplishes two important things. First, it encourages Christian leaders to take a good look at their own lives and motivations—but not for too long. Second, and more importantly, it helps them take that attention off of themselves, and turn their gaze heavenward.


President, Focus on the Family

If you are seeking a collection of devotions written for business leaders who need a spiritual boost while seeking to bring glory to God, this devotion will inspire and encourage you.


President and CEO, FCCI,

Fellowship of Companies for Christ International

What I especially like about Richard Blackaby’s new book is that we, the readers, are both challenged and inspired. The questions at the end of each chapter challenge us to get serious about living out our faith in the workplace. The stories inspire us to live our lives at the highest level possible. This is one of those books that we will read and reread!


Author of,
DeRailed: Five Lessons Learned from

Catastrophic Failures of Leadership

Richard Blackaby’s new book makes it possible to learn a new devotional thought each day that will accelerate your career as a leader or person of influence. Knowing Richard’s character and devotion I am pleased to recommend his new book:
The Inspired Leader


Chairman and CEO Lanier Worldwide (retired)

Richard uniquely uses an engaging style of humor and personal experiences to teach scriptural truth and this has had an enormous impact on my life and those around me. I am forever grateful for our friendship and for the incredible wisdom and truth that the Lord has imparted to me through Richard. Read
The Inspired Leader
and be blessed!


Chairman and CEO, KForce, Inc. (Faithful Priest)

I have been with Dr. Blackaby for 20 intense days of study over the last three years. He provided a unique bridge between my Christian life and my business world revealing how each day I can be involved in God’s activity in my business. He is a great storyteller and teacher and you will be blessed by reading this book.


Chairman and CEO, First Western Bank

Richard Blackaby has influenced my life by his powerful, biblically inspired speaking and writing. His biblically based wisdom brings transformation in the Board oom, to the shop floor, and to the home.


Chairman, Vermeer Corporation

In a world where the Christian life can seem so complicated, this collection of devotionals provides clear-cut insight on what it means to be a business leader who is alive with Christ.


President, S&B Filters

The Inspired Leader
Richard Blackaby masterfully weaves and intermingles key spiritual principles from Scripture with compelling lessons from the lives of famous historical leaders to create a beautiful
tapestry and a powerful, enduring masterpiece. I strongly endorse and highly recommend this book to leaders everywhere. It will encourage, equip and empower you to inspire others.


Founder & President, VentureAdvisers Inc.,

Kingdom House Publishing, Kingdom Economic Yearly Summit (KEYS)

Each devotion is thought provoking and character building for anyone who desires to bring the light of Christ into the marketplace.


Chairman, Fiskeby Holdings US LLC.

Richard Blackaby is a tremendous blessing to Christian business leaders. Over the years, I have enjoyed learning from one of God ’s great teachers. I am so grateful that he has created a collection of these inspirational devotionals from which we can draw strength as we join God’s where he is working in our businesses and in the marketplace.


President / Partner CROSSMARK, Inc.

Richard has blessed us with
The Inspired Leader.
Once again he has shown how God is using business leaders in the marketplace to impact the world. This devotional is a must read for those in the marketplace…


President and COO, DeBartolo Development

Inspiration helps me refocus on what is important. Thanks to Richard and the CEOs who contributed to this book. There are wonderful stories and examples from leaders trying to fight the good fight. May God inspire you as He did me!


Vice Chairman and Partner, Rainmaker Group Holdings

Richard Blackaby is keenly aware of the challenges that everyone faces as they participate in today’s business environment, and has dedicated much of his energy preparing others to rise above them. By recounting the power, wisdom, and love of the Lord,
The Inspired Leader
will encourage and inspire readers to take full advantage of the promises of the Lord.


Chairman, CEO and President ITT Corp (retired)

Dr. Blackaby is uniquely equipped to meld God’s truth with the workplace issues that most of us face each day. His passion for history, leadership, and God’s word has inspired me on my spiritual journey.


President, Bridgeway Capital Management, Inc.

Dr. Blackaby has done an exceptional job in providing a handbook for Christian businesspersons. I only wish that every working person in America would read it. It would completely change our culture.


President, Corporate Media Services, Inc.

The Inspired Leader
is a profoundly valuable collection of devotionals. The penetrating questions that accompany these devotionals challenge us to focus on the critical reflection that is so important to maintaining a healthy perspective of ourselves and our circumstances in light of the activity of God in our lives.

BOOK: The Inspired Leader: 101 Biblical Reflections for Becoming a Person of Influence
3.8Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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