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Authors: Sherry David

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The Making of The Huntress

BOOK: The Making of The Huntress
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The Making of the Huntress


Sherry David



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Chapter 1 What

Chapter 2 My
One and Only Love

Chapter 3
Paper Perfect

Chapter 4 Out
of Control

Chapter 5 One
True Love?



* * *




1 What Happened?


Mark is lying next to me after over an hour
of trying to fuck my brains out, which I’m not complaining about at
all. I’m looking at his angelic face and wondering how much of his
current exhaustion is due to our two rounds of sex fighting and how
much of it comes from his liquid confidence. At almost thirty Mark
can easily pass for about 22 in fact every time we go out women of
all ages are always checking him out. On a few occasions while we
were out I almost lost my cool when other women were bold enough to
send him a drink as if I wasn’t even there. That’s okay though
because Mark always makes it clear that I’m the only woman in the
room as far as he’s concerned. Over the last two years I have felt
like I was dating my best friend, I mean I can talk to Mark about
almost anything and we are always finding new things to do
together. The only real problem we have is that he doesn’t like to
do things with any of my co-workers or college friends. You see I
graduated from college and work in a mid-size office, no big deal
it’s not like I’m making six figures or anything. Mark on the other
hand works at a warehouse, definitely blue collar but he makes an
honest living and in our small town his job is one that a lot of
people wish they had. The warehouse provides supplies to some major
chain stores so it pays pretty well and provides great benefits.
Many people would love his job just for the benefits alone.
Unfortunately, I recently found out that my supposed best friend
has been hiding some dark secrets from me.

It was about 1:30am last Friday when I
received a call “Vanessa, please come and get me I’m on Cedar
street at the corner of Ridgeway Av.”, the voice on the other end
belonged to Mark but he didn’t sound like himself. Mark’s voice had
such a serious tone that I didn’t ask any questions, I just got in
my car and went to get him. As I drove to that area I saw a
familiar figure walking on the side of the road and pulled over
realizing it was Mark. Who is this person? His eyes were blood shot
and he was giving me this strange look and the quiet between us was
like a brick wall. I had so many questions but he didn’t look
prepared to give any answers. Now I’m dying a little inside because
for the first time since we’ve been together, I feel strangely
uncomfortable. The man sitting next to me might as well have been a
stranger. My mind is racing and my thoughts are so loud I feel like
he can hear the questions I’m asking him in my head “What’s going
on? Where is your damn car? and why am I getting out of my bed at
almost 2am? and worse yet why do you smell like a brewery?” He
looks at me like I just caught him in bed with my sister or best
friend. The look on his face is so sullen like it hurts for us to
make eye contact. Finally, I realize I’m going to have to be the
one who starts breaking down this wall between us one brick at a
time “Mark are you ok?” I asked. He just nodded his head yes, then
turned and looked out the window. I am about to boil over because
now I know he’s not hurt or anything so what the fuck? “Where’s
your car Mark, what’s going on?” I ask although I’m really afraid
of his answer. Keeping his face turned away from me he states “I
was in an accident and my car is back on 7th Avenue.” Now I’m
really going crazy wondering why are we leaving, why didn’t I pick
him up at the scene of this accident? Then he starts mumbling as if
to himself and all I hear is he can’t go to jail again for this.
“Screeeeechhhhhhhhh” I slammed on my brakes and just stopped my car
in the middle of the road. Something is seriously wrong here and
Mark didn’t even turn his head despite my quick stop. “Mark what
the hell is going on and what are you talking about jail?” He just
looks at me, totally ignoring my question and asks if I will drop
him to his house. I am completely livid by this point, Mark didn’t
even attempt to answer my question. Now Mark lives about 30 minutes
away from me with his parents and based on how things were going it
was going to seem like 3 hours trying to get there.

Before finishing this story which is
starting to seem like the end I have to first discuss how we got to
this point. When Mark and I first started dating he had recently
finished a tour in the Gulf with the U.S. Marines and was newly
divorced which is why he moved in with his parents. Now the thing
is we had known each other most of our lives having gone to both
middle school and high school together. We lost touch while he was
in the marines, during that time he managed to get both married and
divorced. They say that happens to a lot of men when they join the
military because they miss home and try to create a new one. Mark
had only been back a few weeks when we ran into each other in a
store. As soon as I saw him I felt twelve years old again, the day
I first met him. I had just walked into my geography class and
there was the finest boy I’d ever seen. The only desk available was
right next to him so I just sat down. I felt very self-conscious
because I wasn’t a nerdy kid but I wasn’t exactly part of the
popular click either. I just knew this guy had to be part of the
popular group because he was just gorgeous, he dressed nice, and he
appeared very self-confident. I would soon learn why he was so
confident, because every girl in this middle school seemed to be
after him. The thing about Mark though was that although he knew he
was drop dead gorgeous, he never acted like he knew. When Mark
talked to you it was like you were the only person in the world. He
had this way of giving you his full attention and you felt very
special in that moment. Now I could see why all the girls wanted
him beyond his good looks. To make matters worse I was new to a
school where the other kids had gone to elementary school together
and had been at the middle school for a year before I moved there
from New York. Certainly, everyone in this little South Carolina
town knew everyone else and they didn’t know me and didn’t seem too
interested in getting to know me. That is, everyone but Mark, he
beamed right in on me knowing I was the new girl. Mark started
talking to me and kind of took me under his wing, occasionally he
would flirt with me but most of the time I felt he treated me like
a little cousin that needed looking after. Due to Mark accepting
me, I was able to make quite a few friends quickly since everyone
knew him. I was on cloud nine, not only was I rapidly finding my
way in this new school but every day I got to sit next to Mark and
laugh or smile at his crazy discussions and comments. I don’t know
if he knew it at the time but he totally paved my way, and made my
life a lot easier. Prior to people finding out I was friends with
Mark, I was constantly harassed about being a Yankee and asked why
I talked so funny. In one sense it was very frustrating but in
another it was funny that all these thick accented people who spoke
very slowly actually thought I was the one who talked funny.



* * *




2 My One and Only Love


In order for you to truly understand how my
relationship with Mark led me to becoming a single lady huntress, I
would have to tell you about the three other relationships I’d had
before him. In my very first relationship, I was a twenty year old
virgin trying to keep myself for marriage, needless to say that
didn’t happen. So I gave my long held, precious virginity to a man
seven years older than me. He definitely took advantage of me being
extremely green and coming out of a home that centered on a very
restrictive religion. It was like I was a spring being pressed down
tightly and my first boyfriend Lou, just let loose of the spring
quickly causing me to just go out of control bouncing everywhere.
He also turned out to be a drug addict who had managed to hide it
very well. Yes, he was the man that turned me into a certified
nymphomaniac. I will say that accept for the drug thing and having
to hide valuable things when he was around, I really enjoyed his
company. This man had a nice, thick long penis that felt like
valium when he was inside of me. It transported me to another place
where nothing mattered but the intense pleasure that began between
my legs but seemed to spread throughout my whole body. I’ll be
honest Lou taught me everything about sex including the art of oral
sex. I will say art since oral sex isn’t as simple as it seems.
Oral sex has a lot of mental factors involved and the act itself is
only good when other parts of the body are involved in the process.
Through thorough exploration we found parts of the body that
required each other’s attention before we diving right into each
other’s genitalia.

For my part I would give him a sensual
massage, mostly using my tongue. I would begin at the top of his
actual head, then go down to his face there I would trace his nose
with my tongue taking time to lightly kiss his eyes, next I would
spend time around his ears and neck. Then again using my tongue I
would travel down his chest stopping at his groin area right above
the hairline. While there sometimes I would give his second head a
light kiss but then quickly move on to his inner thigh, traveling
down to his knee where I would make circles around the back of his
knee with my tongue. By this point he would be writhing and begging
me to come back up, usually I would have him already tied to the
headboard and explain that if he touched me all his fantasies for
the night would come crushing down. Consequently, this experience
was not just for him, it allowed me to become extremely turned on
in the process. During sex we would take turns being in control and
to be honest once I had learned a few things I was the controller
more often than not. Next I slid my tongue over to the other leg
and started with the circles behind that knee then licked a trail
up to his very large penis that was standing fully erect by this
point. In fact at the top of his thigh it kept hitting me in the
head but I certainly didn’t mind as I relished how good it was
going to feel once it was inside me. Now because I’m a person who
loves props, I would have fruit ready especially pineapples I would
try to make the pineapple slices fit around his penis but it wasn’t
happening. I would end up cutting them in half and putting the two
halves around his massive dick. Then I would dive in treating him
like the sundae he was paying a lot of attention to his sack where
I had dropped some pineapple syrup. I would then cup his balls with
my mouth while stroking his penis and watching as he went crazy.
Then I put either frozen flavored popsicles or frozen pineapples
into my mouth and go to town on his medicine stick. Lou’s penis was
just a little shorter than a ruler and had a way of giving me the
medicine I needed to feel sooooo much better. My rule of no
touching still applied and he would beg me to let him loose so he
could join in but there was no way. I loved watching his body shake
and the small tremors that would take place since by this point
almost anything I did to him was a turn on and his body responded
to it all.

BOOK: The Making of The Huntress
3.25Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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