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Authors: Sherry David

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The Making of The Huntress (4 page)

BOOK: The Making of The Huntress
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Who would have ever imagined that a mere
seven months after my boyfriend tried to kill me I would embark on
the happiest relationship of my life. It started with a chance
encounter with an old friend that made me question whether we truly
get second chances in this life. You see during school I had never
admitted any interest in Mark despite the fact that he made me feel
as special as I had been raised to believe I was. In high school
Mark had entirely too many options, so during the one or two times
he flirted with me I had simply ignored him. With more than half
the female population of the high school after him, Mark had
unlimited options when it came to having a girlfriend. Basically, I
cheated myself because although Mark had many options, I may have
been his choice but I never even gave Mark the choice to make.
Despite his numerous attempts at flirting with me, I would decide
he was just playing and act completely uninterested. There was no
pretending to be uninterested that day in the store because I lit
up as soon as he flashed me that gorgeous smile. I knew I’d made
the wrong decision 10 years ago by selling myself short. Well
there’s nothing like life to correct bad decisions. My theory is
that if you have life you have the opportunity to make good
decisions that will make up for prior bad ones and so here we are,
me and Mr. Mark Faison. That day at the store Mark asked me if he
could get my number and if maybe we can hang out sometime. Of
course I eagerly said yes and gave him my number. We discussed our
classmates and how a lot of them weren’t looking so hot to only be
between the age of 24 and 26. Finally, we stopped talking and
realized about an hour had passed by. That hour had gone by quickly
since both Mark and I were big talkers especially when talking to
each other. We both somehow managed to drag ourselves away from the
store but just like he said he would Mark called me that night and
we talked nonstop for over 4 hours.

The next day I drove to my hairdresser who
had built herself a shop that attached to her house. I walked in
and Stacy began to do my hair. A few minutes later I felt a man’s
hands washing my hair and by the time I sat up I saw it was no
other than Mark. We both laughed, it turned out my hairdresser was
Mark’s younger sister who had taken cosmetology and gotten her
license from the same high school Mark and I had attended. Mark
then asked me if we could hang out later that night, it was perfect
for me since I was getting a fresh hairdo anyway. Mark stated he
wanted to go to downtown Raleigh where they have quite a few little
clubs and bars up and down the main street. Additionally, you could
walk around and look at art in the small galleries and if it was
your thing you could even get a piercing or tattoo 24 hours a

This date was a perfect way to reconnect
since we spent the whole night walking around and talking. At one
point we stopped at one of the local eateries and spent that time
catching up. The funny thing was that being with Mark instantly
brought out the little girl in me again. I felt vulnerable and yet
free to share everything about the last 7 years of my life with
Mark. Likewise Mark told me all about his tour in the Gulf, his
quick marriage due to the loneliness that comes with being in the
military and then his inevitable divorce. While looking in his eyes
I saw all the unspoken hurt he had endured and felt that I might be
able to return the favor he once gave me by helping him settle back
into his life. I spent that thanksgiving with him and his family,
since both my parents were deceased. Mark’s family took to me right
away and started calling me their daughter. Stacy, Mark’s sister
started styling my hair free of charge saying how could she charge
her sister n law. His whole family constantly told me how good I
was for him and how much he had changed in the few months since we
started dating. Our relationship was truly like a fairytale where
lil old me ended up with the boy every girl had wanted in high
school and there was no question that he wanted me. To be honest,
Mark could have been interested in me during high school but I let
my own insecurities keep me from pursuing anything more than
friendship with him.

Almost a month had passed, and the sexual
tension between Mark and I was about to cause spontaneous
combustion within me. One night I tried to encourage him towards
the bedroom but he re-steered me back to the living room. Once
again it would be a night of kissing and touching leaving me
unfulfilled and craving so much more. Mark told me that he loved me
that night and stated he would never want to do anything that would
hurt me or adversely affect our rekindled friendship. Suddenly I
was confused, “Are you trying to say you only see me as friend?”
Mark bent down and began biting my left nipple through my shirt and
bra and questioned ” Do you think I do this with all my friends?”
He moved like a gorgeous, very sleek snake and every part of me
that he touched felt like it had been bit and was now on fire. I
guess Mark’s experience was working out to my favor because somehow
he managed to take both of our clothes off in less than 5 seconds.
“You obviously have a lot of experience at this Mr. Faison!” I said
while keeping my hands around his waist. I stepped back to
appreciate the Adonis standing before me. It was like Mark was cut
from an exquisite stone and the crafters took time around the abs
to show the intricate detail and “My God” when he turned around his
butt was perfection. A perfect butt on a man is a hard thing
because it’s easy for them to have too much and worse yet a
combination of butt and hips. Well I didn’t have to worry about
that, Mark had a perfect butt that you could bounce anything off,
seriously he could have been a top notch stripper. That was only
the beginning, I looked down and saw that his other head was on
active duty ready to go to battle. This would be a battle I didn’t
mind losing, I just wanted to make sure the victory wasn’t too
easy, I was prepared to go several rounds with him. I was startled
out of my daydream by what felt like molten lava brewing between my
legs. In one action Mark had pushed me against the wall and was on
his knees. “Uh what are you doing to me?” I could barely get the
words out. Mark looked up at me laughing coyly and said “Vanessa if
you don’t know what I’m doing then I’ll be teaching you an awful
lot tonight. I just hope your heart can handle it.” I simply
replied “Yes Sir”. Mark had managed to get down between my legs
while holding both my hips as I stood over him. His head was tilted
up like he was going to try to catch something. This angle made his
mouth line up perfectly with my crotch as he looked up. Worse yet,
he pushed me back towards the wall and using his hands he pulled my
lower half onto his face. I was losing my mind, I couldn’t even
catch my breath “Mark, Mark ooohhhh Mark!” Moaning was all I could
do at this point since I couldn’t think long enough to form any
kind of sentence.

This situation was actually hitting all my
needs it was satisfying the inner voyeur in me since I felt someone
could walk by the open window any moment and see us. Secondly, Mark
was some kind of venicunnilingist who could make She (that’s what I
call my wonderful little mound) stop being so shy and open up fully
to him. Last but certainly not least the way Mark was positioned in
relation to She made sure that there was constant pressure which
just pushed me over and over the edge again and again. She was
loving it, no one had ever truly made her go crazy like this from
oral sex. I exploded multiple times before Mark decided to come up
for air in fact his tongue had found my little woman in the boat
and convinced her to come out and play awhile. Mark was turned on
by this himself since he couldn’t believe the response he was
generating in my body. “Vanessa, I’ve been counting and you’ve
already come 3 times, is that normal for you?” Now what do I say to
that? I am multi-orgasmic when it’s good to me but Mark doesn’t
want to hear that he wants the credit for himself. “No in fact,
it’s usually very hard for me to have a real orgasm through oral
sex.” Mark just laughed “Not anymore, I will make sure of

When Mark went to stand up this time I
started to bend down but Mark stopped me and just started kissing
me while pressing me hard against the wall. Since he still had his
hands around my hips he just lifted one of my legs up and went
inside of me. I was sooo excited I was shaking as he delved deeper
inside of me. Mark started slowly saying he didn’t want to hurt me
in that position and was I ok. I answered him by grabbing the edge
of the wall where it curved so that I could get better balance then
I started throwing it back to him as hard as I possibly could. All
caution went out the window, we were like two animals afraid that
if his penis came out everything would end yet at the same time
desperate to get all that each of us had to give. Once I had cum
again Mark pressed as close as he possibly could into me and gave
me two more grinding thrusts before releasing a low animal-like
moan. As we fell to the floor Mark stared at my face and told me he
loved me and he thinks he always had. Being the nympho I was once
we were on the floor I immediately tried to return Mark’s oral
favor. Besides his penis was gorgeous as if he had custom ordered
it himself. Mark immediately stopped me before I could pop that
cute little head into my mouth and although I questioned why it
wasn’t worth discussing it in this moment.

I didn’t know how to act, I finally had what
I wanted most, a good relationship with a man that I loved and with
whom I shared intense sexual passion. The other three relationships
were always missing something, but now I had it all. My first love
Lou let his passion for drugs supersede our relationship so
although sex was great between us, with him us would always involve
another woman. Then there was poor Stanley, as my second
relationship he had a lot to live up to but we lacked the sexual
chemistry I’d had with Lou and most importantly I just didn’t love
him. Then there was Matt. With Matt I let sexual energy be the
basis of the relationship and I was so blinded by it early on that
I didn’t notice I was dealing with a crazy man. I literally almost
let sex be the death of me with that one. So I’ll say in my case it
was like three strikes brought me the home run I needed and Mark
was my game winning ball which I planned to keep and cherish .

Mark was definitely the complete package, he
had a decent job, he was smart, sexy as hell and he pursued me. I
have to say the pursuing part because I think that’s the common
denominator in all my relationships, I only wanted a man who truly
wanted me and who would do whatever it took to have me. Lou cheated
and was generally no good but he always wanted me and would do the
craziest things to get my attention or get me back. Stanley loved
me and decided he wanted me early in our relationship and was
willing to do whatever it took to get me down the aisle. Finally,
there was Matt and although he turned out to be completely crazy, I
was initially drawn in by the fact that he was so into me and made
that clear from the beginning. Thank God I grew up with a father
who regularly told me how special and wonderful I was. Belief that
I was special made it impossible for me to ever stay with any man
that put his hands on me no matter how many times he told me he
loved me afterwards.

My relationship with Matt had really taken a
toll on me, I was no longer expecting that happy ending where I
would meet the man with whom I could spend the rest of my life
with. Mark was really a sweet surprise since I wasn’t looking for
him or anyone else at that point. Further, if Mark and I hadn’t
shared such a sweet friendship as kids, I don’t think I would have
even responded to his flirtation. My sexual birth had begun in love
but it grew into its own entity, I loved sex and each man I had
been with would often refer to my very healthy appetite for sex. In
fact Mark would often tell me that the only days we didn’t have sex
in a given month were the days when I was menstruating.

Prior to getting with Mark I would have
settled on having a man I could basically get along with and who
shared my sexual hunger. I really thought that would be enough but
once again I was so WRONG. Now with Mark I had a man who shared my
very healthy sex drive, we could talk about anything together, we
had a mutual physical attraction to each other and dare I say it, I
Loved Mark.

For the next two years Mark supported me in
anything I tried to do and for the first time I had a partner that
could truly reciprocate the kind of love I was giving. Due to the
conflict in our work hours Mark would often leave my place around
4:30am to be to work at 5am. Seeing how most nights we had sex
before going to sleep, I would be sleeping when Mark left for work.
One morning around 3:30am Mark awoke me, I turned over to go back
to sleep thinking he was just getting ready for work. The next
thing I knew he was kissing my back and my buttocks and I went from
sleep to game on in 5 seconds. I turned over and positioned my head
next to his right upper thigh as he stroked my very ample behind.
Before he could protest I had the head of his beautiful pink and
brown penis in my mouth. You see Mark was constantly stopping me
from performing oral sex on him, so I had finally questioned him
about it. “I just don’t want you to do anything you don’t want to
do” he said. “You take care of every sexual need I have don’t you
realize that I would feel better knowing I was doing the same for
you” He just laid down and let me continue then before I knew what
was happening he had flipped me around so that She was sitting on
his face and I was still able to enjoy his medicine stick. I had
often read about doing a 69 but this was my first time actually
doing it. I prefer to let each person enjoy their moment when
attention is focused on them solely. I still think it’s better that
way, but certainly getting head from Mark is good no matter how
it’s done. While sucking Mark’s delicious penis I made sure to keep
two fingers right there in the little space between where his
scrotum stopped and his anus begun. Continued massaging of this
area along with the varied intensity with which I sucked his cock
resulted in Mark showering me with his full load. I was extremely
happy at his response but he looked at me like a kid that had done
something wrong. “I’m so sorry I hope I didn’t get it all over
you”. I just started laughing and told him “You did exactly what
you were supposed to do, any less and I would not have thought I’d
done a good job.” A very sly smile appeared across Mark’s face,
then he lifted my legs up to his shoulders and started fucking me
like there was no tomorrow. Mark was on his knees in the bed and as
he looked down he stated “Do you have any idea how much you’re
turning me on right now? “No, how am I turning you on?” Mark then
stated “You are so beautiful and the harder I fuck you the more
your gorgeous breasts shake and it’s driving me crazy.” Twenty
minutes later we had both collapsed onto the bed and when I awoke
Mark had left me a cute little note on the pillow that read “I’m
already missing you”. During the course of our two years Mark
constantly found little ways to let me know how much he loved

BOOK: The Making of The Huntress
10.78Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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