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Despite having just been in town, he rented a hotel room in the heart of the city so he would not have to drive all the way to his home in San Louis Obispo that night. Secretly, I hoped we ended up there after dinner, and I found myself growing wet at the images that flashed through my mind as I put the finishing touches on my makeup and hair. I had never felt like this about a man, the raw attraction I felt for him completely overtaking my mind. I had virtually no idea what to expect, would he want to tie me up and ravish me, test my weakness right away, or was that to come after several dates?  I had never dated anyone into the bdsm scene, and despite my research this week, felt completely unsure of what to expect.

I was ready fifteen minutes early.  Sitting down with a glass of white wine at the little dinette in the middle of my kitchen, I looked around with a critical eye. To Spencer I’m sure this would look close to poverty but it was enough for me. Nothing was worth living the hell I had endured in the lavish house I’d shared with my ex-husband. Despite my best efforts, the memories came flooding back as they always did with vengeance when my mind was unoccupied. His fury, the shouting, the sour smell of whiskey on his breath as he came close. The sting of his hand across my face as I was chastised for simply breathing. Warm blood as it gushed into my mouth when my nose was broken. Being pushed to the ground and hit even harder for it staining the carpet.

Closing my eyes tightly against the images was only symbolic, they still burned brightly in my mind. Squeezing my lids together, I began the breathing exercises that prevented the panic from overtaking me. Breathing in deeply and deliberately, I whispered the word love to myself, exhaling slowly with the word peace on my lips. Over and over as my hand found it’s way to the scar on my wrist, massaging it as I struggled to bring my mind back to the present.

The doorbell rang just as my breathing began to steady. Immediately I lept up, grabbed my purse and hurriedly made my way to the door. Stopping quickly on the way to examine my reflection in the small bathroom just off the entryway, I decided it was as sexy as it was going to get. A dark golden shadow accentuated the hazel brown of my eyes, and my normally stick straight brown hair fell in loose waves down my back.

When I opened the door I was immediately flooded with the overwhelming power of his attraction. Dressed in an unassuming pair of black slacks and a white button down shirt, he projected nothing but fuck-me vibes as he stood there on my welcome mat. As his eyes scanned my appearance from head to toe deliberately, I could feel a tingle travel across my skin, as if he was actually touching me. His eyes locked with mine and I shivered slightly, amazed at the amount of desire he could get out of me standing several feet away.

Gulping as my mouth suddenly feeling like sandpaper, I asked him, “Did you want to come in?” I watched as his gaze wandered over my shoulder to the apartment behind him looking slightly bored. That was a definite no, I thought smiling a little.

“Actually angel, I’d rather get to our destination if that’s okay with you. I find myself eager to have you in my clutches.” He raised his eyebrow slightly, but didn’t smile. The effect was all at once sexy as hell and just the tiniest bit dangerous. Stepping closer, he brushed his lips across my forehead softly for a moment, his nearness and the smell of him unfurling lust within my abdomen that radiated all the way to the tips of my fingers. His hand grasped the back of my neck gently as he did so, the subtle demonstration of power even more attractive for reasons I clearly didn’t understand.

He would have a sports car of course, a metallic-red top model BMW coupe. Absentmindedly I noticed it was the exact color of the tie he had been wearing the first day we’d met. The paint job was outrageously shiny, the lines of it sleek and sensual. It fit him perfectly. He opened my door and ushered me into the passenger’s seat like a true gentleman. As he shut me inside the car, the smell of new vehicle, leather, and something that was distinctly his alone surrounded me.

When he climbed in on the driver’s side and shut the door I suddenly felt a little apprehensive being in the cramped space of the car so close to him. He started the engine and we sat there for a moment as it purred quietly. The stereo had been left on, and it blared a rap song, the words nothing short of being blatantly pornographic. I put my seatbelt on trying not to focus on the lyrics. An image of Spencer on top of me, my legs spread wide and tied to a bedframe as he pounded into me went flashing through my mind.

He seemed to feel my arousal and looked over at me speculatively. Once again, I felt like something he was hunting, as he looked me over slowly. Instead of fear, I only felt intense arousal, practically panting, as my beautiful white lace panties grew damp. I was truly fucked, in all sense of the word and he knew it by the smug look on his ruggedly handsome face.

Spencer leaned over and placed his lips against mine slowly, only making contact for a moment. His lips seared against mine, branding them. My body reacted instantly, nipples hardening within the lacy bra, the moisture pooling out of my innermost depths. As he broke contact, he ran his fingers down the side of my face slowly, and my eyes fluttered shut of their own accord. “Delicious.” He simply said as he pulled out of the parking garage, tires squealing as his foot pounded the accelerator.

A short time later, I found myself at an elegant Italian restaurant. We were seated at a table in the very back corner behind a partial wall that led to the kitchen. It afforded us with a large degree of privacy, and as I listened to Spencer converse with the waiter amicably, it was clear he frequented the establishment on a regular basis. The staff seemed to sense the mood between us and left us alone for the most part, only returning to refill our wine occasionally once our food had arrived.

He had asked if I would permit him to order for me, an act he explained he clearly enjoyed when out with a woman. I agreed, curious to see what he would choose. The spicy, rich Spaghetti Carbonara was extraordinarily tasty, and I found myself devouring it as we conversed easily. Although I felt lust for him, as I had no other man, it also felt like I had known him for years. A strange paradox, so much mystery but along with it a general sense of comfort. There was no use trying to wrap my head around it, there was no rational explanation.

After the meal, Spencer ordered a dessert wine and a Tiramisu. Already feeling a bit buzzed from my two glasses earlier, in the back of my mind I realized I was quickly losing my inhibitions. Our conversation grew more heated, the looks between us feeling decidedly loaded with innuendos. Once the waiter left us with our dessert, I watched with fascination as the object of my desire reached into his pants pocket and pulled out a burgundy silk scarf. He stood behind my chair, leaned down next to my ear, and whispered softly as his hot breath grazed my neck, “May I?”

Watching him fold it carefully from end to end, the realization dawned that he was asking to blindfold me. I nodded slowly, wondering how it was going to affect me to be restricted that way, especially by a man. He gently covered my eyes with the soft, smooth fabric then tied it firmly at the back of my head, using perhaps a little more force than necessary. Goosebumps stood out all over my skin as my sight was taken from me, the helpless feeling putting me in a deep state of relaxation immediately.

I heard him pulling his chair close to mine, and felt his nearness much more acutely than I would have without the blindfold on. Suddenly the coolness of the wine glass was against my lips, his hand supporting the back of my head as he commanded quietly, “Drink.” I obeyed, the sweet, crisp taste of the dessert wine exploding against my tongue and sliding down my throat. I exhaled a little sigh of pleasure, surprised at how sensual this simple act was with one of my senses removed.


Then he was placing a bite of the Tiramisu into my mouth as he whispered against my neck, “Taste.” Again, the experience was intense, the flavor of the moist, sweet cake overwhelming my taste buds. Swallowing slowly, I sat quietly, awaiting Spencer’s next move. Instead of food or drink, this time I was rewarded for my trust and acquiescence with his mouth upon mine, his tongue plunging into my mouth with urgency as his hand gripped the back of my neck roughly.


My hands reached out for him blindly, found the front of his shirt, and grasped it. Aching for him, my whole body throbbing with sexual tension, I pulled him closer as his tongue explored the depths of my mouth expertly. His other hand began to wander down the front of my dress, finding my breast, rubbing and pinching my nipple through the fabric. Feeling bold, maybe from the alcohol, or perhaps the safety of the blindfold, I let my hand wander down to the front of his slacks. His cock was a firm outline against his pants, and I ran my hand along the length, letting out a little whimper within his mouth.


He broke the kiss immediately and let out a quiet groan, his hand within my hair yanking a bit. I felt him lean close to my ear before quietly telling me, “Not here Chloe. I am asking you now, would you like to go to my hotel room? Tonight will be the exception to the rules, I will allow you the freedom to move and touch me as you please. In return, you will allow me to fuck you so hard you will forget your own name. Just nod if you agree.”


I nodded quickly, knowing that it wasn’t in my power to resist at this point even if I wanted to. Spencer quickly removed the blindfold, left two crisp hundred-dollar bills for the check, and ushered me out of the rear exit of the restaurant. He walked quickly, his hand in mine, the sounds of the city buzzing around us. Sneaking a quick look at his profile under the streetlights I was hit hard with how gorgeous he was, amazed for a moment I was here with a man, the first one since the trauma of my ex, and finally going to allow myself to be vulnerable.


When I reached the passenger side of the car he pressed the remote to unlock the door, but just as I was about to reach for the handle he was pressing into me suddenly, slamming me against the side of the car hard, and thrusting his tongue into my mouth with savagery. I had an errant thought that his forcefulness should bother me after my past abuse, but I felt only trust and desire in the presence of this man. I melted into him, reveling in the cold feel of the car against my back and his hard cock pushing against the thin fabric of my dress. I needed him inside of me now. I arched against him tightly, nearly cumming at the pressure of his length against me.

“Oh no you don’t.” Spencer scolded, pushing back from me and opening the car door, leaving me standing there panting and disheveled. His smile was strained, his frustration as apparent as mine. “Let’s go, now angel. I can’t stand this any longer.”

The drive to the hotel seemed to go on indefinitely, mile after torturous mile went by as I tried to think about anything but feeling his body pressed against mine. Once again, the stereo blared the suggestive rap music, and I smiled a little at how out of character it seemed for this refined man. Clearly, this went along with the other side of him, the down and dirty, “I’ll fuck you so hard you’ll forget your name” side.

When I grew tired of gazing out the window at the busy city streets, I snuck a glance at the man in the driver's seat.  The lights from an oncoming car lit the interior momentarily and I greedily drank in the sight of him.  Breeze from the open window tousled his dirty blonde hair slightly.  He stroked his chin impatiently, in what looked like a habitual gesture, and his five o'clock shadow made a rough noise against his palm.  Vivid images began to run through my mind, at the thought of those rough whiskers against my skin. I shivered, watching him handle the steering wheel expertly, so self-assured and in control.

Seeing me shiver, he locked gazes with me, his green eyes darkening when he noticed me undressing him with my eyes. "Are you cold angel?" From the secret little smile he flashed at me, it was more than obvious he knew I wasn't.  Shaking my head slowly, I swallowed, trying to make my mouth work again. What was it about this man that could render me speechless with four little words and have me quivering with lust? His eyes returned to the road, and the next time he stroked his chin my hand tingled in response, itching to run itself across his skin.

Feeling bold, I made sure the road was reasonably clear up ahead, then unbuckled my seatbelt and leaned over to his side of the car. Glancing at me quickly with raised eyebrows was his only response before he returned his attention to driving. Leaning close, I ran my hand across his cheek and chin lightly, his unshaven skin bristling against my fingers.  I heard his breathing increase, and knew how much my touch was affecting him. Gently pulling his head towards my mouth, I kissed him gently on the cheek, and saw his eyes close briefly as he let out a frustrated sigh.


Trailing light kisses slowly down his neck, I let my hand linger on his chest, feeling its well-muscled definition beneath the white dress shirt. Nestling myself against his shoulder I inhaled the scent of him deeply, and then let my tongue run slowly up his neck.  As I did it, a second time I was rewarded with a lust-filled moan as he shifted slightly in his seat to stay focused on the road. My hand wandered down the front of his shirt to the waist of his pants, rubbing the tip of his straining cock gently.

Suddenly I felt the car turning, as we headed down an alley between two buildings.  It was incredibly dark, and I felt liquid fire being unleashed into my veins at the thought of his hands finally all over me. As soon as we were well off the main road, he parked the car closely against the side of a building and turned off the ignition.  Even in the inky darkness, I could see the heat in his gaze as he leaned towards me.

BOOK: The Master's Exception
13.47Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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