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The Power of Love

BOOK: The Power of Love
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The Power of Love

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Las Vegas, Nevada

“You didn’t have to do this, guys.”

Gia stared down at the wedding band set her newlywed partners had just given her. Her gaze flickered from the thin platinum ring to the trillion-cut opal on the “engagement” band, and then on to the eternity circlet—at least a dozen small but bright white diamonds glittered and sparkled.

Luke and Josh were both on their knees, their hearts in their eyes, and for Gia, it was that look, that mutual love for her, that made her bottom lip quiver.

The rings were beautiful. They were her. Not fussy, elegant, clean lines. In their choice of gift, they’d picked something that spoke of how well they knew her. Not that she’d needed confirmation, but still, it was always good to know how well her lovers understood her.

Though the rings were great, they were nothing to the outpouring of love beaming her way. She held out both hands and let each of them grab one. They raised them to their mouths and kissed her knuckles.

“Of course we did,” Luke murmured, turning her palm so her fingers could brush his cheek. “You’re ours. Today doesn’t change that.”

As a honeymoon, it wasn’t the most extravagant way to celebrate nuptials of any variety. Sure, they had one of the best suites in one of the nicest hotels on the Strip, but they had less than a handful of days to enjoy one another in Sin City before Luke was sent off to only God knew where for nine months on deployment.

The wedding had been a spur-of-the-moment idea. The marriage had
. Josh and Luke had been together for years, and Gia was coming up to a half decade with the pair of them. Maybe another woman would have been jealous that Luke and Josh had been the ones getting married, but she didn’t care about the label or even the dress. She wanted these two, any way she could have them. And if it gave Luke the sense of security he seemed to be lacking of late, then she’d have run down the Strip naked to get him back on track.

“I know today doesn’t change the way you feel about me,” she replied with a smile, eyeing the pair of them in their expensive tuxedos. After the ceremony, they’d all glammed up and headed to an ultrachic restaurant. Lexi, their daughter, had come with them, still dressed in full regalia as a flower girl, but they’d paid for a sitter to care for her overnight while the three adults celebrated a honeymoon the only way it could be celebrated. “If anything, I hope it shows you how much I love you both,” she told him. “I want you to know how vital you are to us, Luke. You’re not the third wheel. Never that.”

He ducked his head and broke the glance they shared. As he did, he brushed his lips against her wrist. “I know. I’ve been stupid these last couple of months.”

“Not stupid,” Josh denied, placing his arm over Luke’s shoulder to pull him close. “Worried. Concerned. It’s only natural. You should have told us about the deployment sooner, Luke. If I’d known, I’d have understood and tried to help.”

“There was no point in bumming either of you out.”

“Bumming isn’t the word,” Gia retorted. “We need to know these things, Luke. If we don’t know, we can’t make things better, and if we can’t do that, well, no wonder you’ve been feeling isolated. You forced yourself into that position, not us.”

“I know. It’s been crazy, but…” He shook his head, and by the looks of it, shook off his thoughts as well. “Look, enough of that. We can save that for tomorrow. Tonight is our honeymoon. And you, my wife, need to get out of that dress before I tear it off.”

She grinned at the fact he called her his wife, which she wasn’t—not technically, not that she minded—and at the promise lurking in his threat. “And I should be scared why?”

Josh snorted. “Yeah, Luke, haven’t you realized Gia is the only woman alive who doesn’t care if we wreck her clothes.”

“Well, I
care, but the collateral damage to my wardrobe is more than worth it.”

“You’re incorrigible,” Luke teased.

“That’s just the way you love me.”

He sighed. “I do that, Gia. Love you, I mean.”

“I know you do, sweetheart.” Her slow smile spread into a smirk as she sat against the small armchair where they’d accosted her by getting down on one knee to hand over her bridal gifts. “Now then, I’d hate for you to think I’m not willing…” And with that, and a determined laugh, she sprinted out of the seat, nearly knocking them both over in her haste to dash out of the suite’s lounge and into the bedroom. She carried on running until she was out on the adjoining terrace.

Nothing but the stars overhead were taller than they, and in the distance, the glaring gaudiness of Las Vegas in all its brilliance dazzled her. The warm wind caressed her skin, and the darkness embraced her until she headed over to the hot tub. As per her request at reception earlier, the tub had been prepared for their use tonight and was bubbling merrily away, the steam pouring from it making her skin flush as she leaned against it to toe out of her heels. A light emanated from the water, giving it an inviting golden glow.

When she stood, both men were hovering in the doorway, watching her, arms folded. “I think we’ve walked into an ambush, Josh,” Luke commented as he stepped away from the door and headed to the tub where he studied the steaming water.

“Yes, this definitely looks premeditated,” came Josh’s somber retort.

Gia sniggered and held up both hands. “I surrender. To your lusts.” She grinned and moved her hands behind her back to unfasten the low clasp. With a quick flick of her wrists, the weight of the fabric and gravity did the rest for her…her dress fell to the ground with nary any pressure from her.

The two swift inhalations made her preen as she let both men look at her nakedness with no shame. She wasn’t perfect, her hips were too big, she had stretch marks—and not only from childbirth—her butt was more than a generous handful, and she could do with an extra couple of inches to take her from short stuff to plain-and-simple short…but the way they looked at her, she felt like a goddess.

It took a few seconds for reaction to set in, but when it did, both men immediately started stripping. They gouged at their bow ties, sent a few studs flying from their shirts, and hurled their shirts and trousers onto the ground. As they undressed, she climbed into the water, shuddering as her heat and the scorching bubbles collided. Sinking down until she was shielded to her throat, she watched the show and took great pleasure in seeing how the pair of them were already hard.

They were headed her way when Josh spotted the products she’d set on the ledge beside the tub earlier that night…condoms and lube. Momentarily diverted, they took a couple of seconds to coat their shafts in the slick gel before they headed directly into the tub. The pleased smile on her chops transmogrified into a chuckle when Josh, the staidest and more serious of her lovers, nearly tripped into the water in his haste to reach her. Luke didn’t hold back his laughter either. The sounds of his glee filled her with another kind of warmth, and she held open her arms, beckoning him to come forward, to embrace her, and make her his.

Josh derailed her plans by grabbing her hips and shunting her up through the water’s surface only for her to crash back down onto his lap. She turned to grin at him as she wriggled her ass against his erection. “What do you intend on doing with that, soldier?”

“Fucking you, ma’am.”

She mock-shivered. “Don’t use the ma’am word on me. You know it gets me hot.”

Luke snickered. “You’re a weirdo, Gia.”

“Again, that’s why you love me.” She said it matter-of-factly because she knew it to be the truth and nothing but the truth.

“Oh, we do that, sweetheart,” Josh half growled against her ear. He slipped his hands beneath the water, and they went to her inner thighs. He pulled them apart and the movement made her slide down beneath the surface again, rubbing his cock directly between her ass cheeks. She clenched her eyes at the slippery sensation and then cried out when Luke, who had settled directly in front of her, helped cock her legs over Josh’s knees.

Spread wide apart, the bubbling hot water battering her suddenly hypersensitive skin, she realized she was getting more than she’d bargained for. A part of her had expected to watch their show in the comfort of the heated tub. Instead, she was center stage and loving every minute of it.

With her legs wide, the entrance to her body gently buffeted by the bubbling water, her head fell back against Josh’s chest when Luke slid his hand over the silken curves of her naked sex. He gently pinched her clit with one set of fingers, but moved the others to her pussy. He popped a digit inside, rimming the hole while he made the same movement on the sensitive nub.

A quiver racked her when Josh put his hand to work too. He notched a finger inside her ass, filling her with its relative slenderness, as he slid his free palm over her waist to cup a breast. He tweaked at her nipple, pinching the tip, holding the heavy weight in his hand before carrying on upward, the width of his hand coming around to clasp her throat.

The touch was like an instant punch to the gut. This was her weakness. Her weak spot. It sent fireworks through her body, energy careering through her senses, shooting light into every nerve ending. Every part of her was on red alert all of a sudden, and he knew it too. The jerk.

BOOK: The Power of Love
10.96Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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