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riginal novel published
by Shizen no Teki-P

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(translated by Diagonal


White clouds were tightly sticked together, as if they were spread layer by layer on the blue sky.


As if it looks like a lie, perhaps it’s because I disagree that it’s the real sky at all.

The burning sunlight rays poured down, drying up the asphalt as if it was boiling, the air was lightly wobbling too.

But then, neither the heat nor the tar scent, I couldn’t feel anything.

"And now you know. You don’t belong in this world. In a world where there’s no queen, you’re just simply a useless brat."

"Ahh. It’s you again huh. Why are you being so assert…"

Is this a dialogue. Or am I talking to myself again.

Well at least, it’s been a long time since I’ve ever communicate thoughts.

So as usual, I’m gonna forget everything again when I return to that place huh.

My sluggish words are getting worse than before, what a shame.

Along the tree that was disconnected, the crossroad in front of me, that girl with an expressionless face, walked wobbly on the pedestrian road.

How many times have I watched this scene. How many times, have I actually watched this scene HELPLESSLY.

And again, I raised out my hand. It was a distance that I could reach her easily.

"It’s useless. This is not your world anyway. This is already "their" world. As long as no one notices it, it’s useless no matter what you do."

The traffic light flashed, but it seemed that the girl didn’t noticed it at all.

The girl was already in front of my eyes. It was already a distance that I could hug her.

However, I couldn’t touch her. My hand passed through her body, senselessly captured the vanity.


And “that moment” was accompanying the intense moaning, coming closer.

Just that moment, the world substantially started to become giddy. It was like an error that occurred while playing a video.

I lowered my head. My body doesn’t belong there anymore.

"Seems that, it’s confirmed that he’s the one. It’s over. You simply entered this world, even try to mess up things, but you still can survive. That, is your strength."

"… yeah. I suppose that’s your power huh? You even made my body so strong. Such a nice person."

"That’s because you desired for it. Don’t misunderstood it. Now then, return."

"Ah, uhm. One last thing. Can you pass this to that opposite me right there?"

"I’m listening."


"…I can’t guarantee that."

"That’s fine. Thanks anyway."

I guessed that was it, even until the very final moment, I was still very slow.

Ahh. I f only I could have just one more wish.

Towards him, who knocked off my obtuseness.

That child…….








































(translated by



From an unknown direction, the melody of “Sunset Koyake” was floating through the air.

The blue sky seemed to be dyed by the melody, slowly, turned into thick orange.

On the bus which was moving along the rough-surfaced road while making “gadagadang” sounds, the passengers were slowly reducing, until I was the only person left.

Although that classmate of mine who just got off the bus isn’t my very good friend, however every time  when I’m alone with the Sunset Koyake melody being played, I still felt some loneliness at the bottom of my heart.

I was bored that I started picking out the sponges that were flaring from the seat. I looked out the window again, but what entered my eyes were only lush crops  at the farmland as a background, and old poles that constantly passed through my sight.

No matter what, this wasn’t something that could kill my boredom at all.

I sighed and closed my eyes.

It could be great if I could freely use a mobile phone at this moment.

I suddenly recalled an ad on the TV I saw at my friend’s house, the setting was in a monorail in the big city.

Everybody was staring at their smartphones, as if they had totally entered their own space.

As I watched that through the CRT, for a village kid who held on a huge expectation, it’s already enough. Even those kids who are almost the same age as me, they can even hold their own mobile phones, strolling in the big city, going any place they wanted to go.

I guess they can also communicate their friends to go out and play huh. Even at night they can text or call each other, go online sharing status, or discussing stuffs in a forum.

For this expectation, I even went to the electric appliances shop once when I was on my way home.

At this kind of pathetic village where you can HARDLY spend money for entertainment, I could only save money like an idiot when it comes to new year and receiving red packets.

That me, once grabbed the pathetic saved money, arrogantly saying “IMMA GONNA BUY A MOBILE PHONE!!!” and ran into that shop, and then I tried my best to explain what the heck is a mobile phone to the shop owner who didn’t even know what’s that.

Of course I didn’t get a phone, but I was recommended a really antique lousy phone. Who knows it might benefit me as a life time experience.


What life time experience, right now, this situation right now, it doesn’t matter at all.

For that kind of thing, even if I wanna beg for it, who could I beg it from.

If I were to say that to my stubborn parents, they will mostly lessoned me “You still have 20 more years child” and probably just locked me outside the house, letting me to experience the horror of the dark night and the wild dogs huh.

That kind of survival game is really unnecessary. Even if I really wanna buy a phone without letting my parents know, I can’t even buy it here.

It would be great if there’s a chance for me to go to town, but I didn’t even had the chance to go to town at all, not to mention the new year, end of year or even the Obon Festival.

Or maybe someone could give me the chance.

Ah no impossible, I’m not that kind of person who can do that kind of stuff.

About mobile phone, I only knew about “calling”, “texting” and “onlining” only.

Heck because of my parents.

If a child were to watch television alone he/she’d be crying and shouting for it, but as for MY parents who personally are against the modern social, which was their fault, I couldn’t even catch up with the topics from the surroundings, don’t mention trend, I don’t even know the basic knowledges of social too.

But then it feels like a mobile phone is pretty easy to hide inside the pocket, I assume my parents won’t find out easily.

Soooo, if I can buy a mobile phone like what I desired, everything will be just fine.

The problem is how am I gonna get it, as for the current situation I’m in, the info is definitely not enough. I should ask someone.



"If I can do that, it’d be the happiest thing ever…"

I sighed while muttering my feelings of yearning.

Yeah, there’s one person who I can discuss with.

To be strict, it’s “possibly” can discuss with, but definitely not a person who you can carelessly discuss with.

She, Asahina Hiyori, someone who was so hard to be near with, so hard to communicate with.


She’s the daughter of one of the TOP 3 rich families in the village, and she plays the piano, takes ikebana classes, ballet classes etc. since young, also she sometimes goes to the town whenever there’s this seminar thingy in town.

Not only that, although I was far away from it, but I clearly saw that she was likely showing off her cute phone.

She must have bought that phone in town. Therefore, she’s a pretty much suitable person to ask about the phone.

However, this conclusion has, ended a very very loooonnnggg time ago.

The biggest problem is, Asahina Hiyori is EXTREMELY mutable, and my love towards her is EXTREMELY deep.

"Although I live in this really small village which has no fun at all, but there’s this one great part that makes it unique in this world. That is the fact that Asahina Hiyori is raised here."

A few weeks ago, one of my classmates wrote that kind of content in a love letter and gave it to Hiyori, and it can’t be spared that it was  spectacularly rejected with the sharp word “GROSS…”, thus miserably  rose up to the sky.

Sighhh, yeah sure, it’s gross, I know that. Asahina Hiyori is freaking cute, and I’m not exaggerating at all. She’s not just cuter than any students in the class,

but she’s even and extremely cuter than any of the child actors or models from the magazines and posters.


((((**6010: illustration of hiyori holding a phone sorry i’ll use my own scans after i get my novel orz)))))


Of course, her popularity is awfully high among the guys, there’s even rumours and sayings about what ” The only way to become an adult, for a guy in this village, is to fall in love with Asahina Hiyori” and “Simply throw a stone and you can easily hit a Hiyori fan” those kind of things.

And plus, I’m actually also a downright Hiyori fan…. nonono, to be precise it should be HIYORI ADDICT. Compare to those “crazy Hiyori fans”, no matter by the “rate of affection” or “rate of believer” or even “rate of amount (unofficial)”, I’ll definitely not lose to anyone. 

A professional Hiyori fan keeps himself busy since early in the morning.

6 o’clock in the morning, the first thing to do after waking up is to greet one of my “soft and fluffy Hiyori plushie (DIY)” of “the rim of 48 Hiyoris” with a bright smile. As for breakfast, I’ll be looking at the “Hiyori timetable” while calculating “the percentage of chance of meeting Hiyori”. Also I’ll decide the best place to meet Hiyori.

Before going to school, I’ll once again strictly choose the best “Hiyori photo” that I like the most, carefully slot it inside my pass holder, then go to school with a smile.

After smelling the scent of “Hiyori hormone” (the feel depends personally, as for me it’s “fragrant”)  in the air around the school, if I get to see Hiyori in person, I’ll just observe her with a smile.

At that kind of time, if there’s a luck to go near her, it’s definitely forbidden to carelessly greet her. This, is the difference between a crazy Hiyori fan, and a true Hiyori fan.

At this kind of situation, crazy Hiyori fans will reluctantly start a dialogue with her, sticking her and with this excited intonation, try to attract her attention. This kind of action towards Hiyori will only cause a serious negative effect.

For example, this morning. There was this dude trying to approach Hiyori and I was gritting my teeth, witnessing the scene. And of course, expectedly Hiyori used her sharp heirloom knife “GROSS. Go away.” as an extreme kill move, grandly KO-ed that dude.

Later, that frustrated dude, I think an excessive group from the Hiyori guard team aggressively brought him to the storeroom of the sport centre, but what actually happened,  for the sake of my mind and health, it’s better not to think about it.

Therefore, a true Hiyori fan will not do that kind of disgraceful stuff. Just, stare her from far away, being grateful from that charm, and make it the power to move on for tomorrow. Such a professional job.

And also because of that, as a professional, I don’t know how the heck am I supposed to discuss such a lame topic with Hiyori. Basically, it’s just like that. Thinking about what I desire her to do, that kind of wish is virtually an extravagant hope.



That evil desire right at the bottom of my heart, it wouldn’t stop itching.

Yes, the hope of getting a mobile phone actually has a deep secret aim in it.

"……..I wanna SMS with Hiyori."

Oh no, not just SMS. I even wanna call her too. Don’t mention about meeting on the bus, but I even wanna have a secret chat with her which nobody knows, every night.

"………I wanna do…….."

As my thoughts were starting to become intense, I almost spilled out all my desires from my mouth. I closed my eyes and made a fist tightly, about that dream far far away, isn’t something that you can touch it by a cold weak hand, once again I feel that real sense.

"Aiyaaa, if you wanna do it of course you can, but you’ve reached your destination yoo."

With that rather abrupt words, all of a sudden my mind went back to the reality. 

Attacking me while I’m not prepared yet, just who the hell is it?! I lifted up my head and searched for the sound, as expected, the impatient driver was giving the “I’ve found something interesting~” expression while looking at me.

Without thinking, my shame started to boil.

"WAHHH….s, sorry!!! I’ll get off now!!"

I know that I couldn’t remove that buffoonery just now, still I quickly stood up from my seat embarrassingly. Yet I need to give the driver my pass before I get off the bus, so after I stood up, I slowly opened my bag to find the pass.

"Uhmm, pass, pass…. ehhhhh??!! Where is it… no!! I remember I brought it?! Please wait……"

However I searched every corner of my bag, and I still could’t find the pass which I remembered I’ve put it inside my bag.

"Dammit… I left it at home…?!! How can it be…."

Just now that goofy act, and now THIS. My brain went totally blank due to shame.

"Ahh? It’s okay. One day doesn’t matter. I’ve been watching you riding this bus everyday, I won’t suspect you."

Driver who couldn’t stand it anymore patted my head and gave me a smile.

Ahh, such a nice person. Although I don’t mind being accused “riding a bus without evidence” and being brought to the police station, still this kind person saved my life.

"I, Is it okay?! I’m really sorry, I’ll bring it tomorrow……"

"Oh, nevermind, nevermind. Still, my lil child…"

The driver stopped patting my head and gave a serious look. His eyes were shining too.

"Ehh? Aahh, at, what?"

My heart shrinked as I felt uncomfortable again. I knew it, forgetting my pass isn’t a good thing at all……

"Ahh, you said ‘I wanna do it’ just now huh. I remember when I was at your age I really really wanna DO IT SOOO BADDD everyday……"


Before he could finish his words that makes people thinks it’s a nasty misunderstanding, I quickly ran off as fast as a rabbit.

As I landed on the ground I quickly turned right at the front of the old bus station.

I could still hear his voice from far away, saying “Be careful while on the road~~~”, but he’s too dangerous. WAYYY toooo dangerous. I don’t know why but, yeah, he’s definitely dangerous. I really wanted to leave and forget about everything.

I slowed down my pace, lifted up my upper body. Far away at the end of the long pedestrian road, the dyed black mountains was starting to swallow the sun.

The sun set, it was late.

Although it’s cool at evening, remaining heat at day still twines in the air, my skin could feel the breath of the upcoming summer.

"What shall I do for this summer. Last year I spent the whole summer helping in the field, I guess this year will be the same again huh….."

It’s been around 10+ years I’ve been stuck in this tiny village. My impression of summer is just, that hot weather, and memories of myself working in the paddy field full with mud.

"…..Travelling….. that’s not possible at all. I’m lack of money. However I’m sure……"

I’m sure that Asahina Hiyori will take a trip to somewhere and enjoy a perfect summer. I’m just guessing, but I’m pretty sure she will.

No matter the world or standpoint we are in, everything is different between me and her, so I guess the scenery she sees everyday is completely something a normal boy can’t imagine at all.

I understand that, that’s why I have expectations, and that’s why I’m so in love with her.

Being showered by the sunset, I was thinking about that while looking at the broad farmlands being dyed into orange, looking at my tiny house that a stone’s throw away from the village, right at the end of the spaced open land, thin smoke coming out from the tiny chimney.

When was the last time I even got out from this village? I couldn’t remember at all, maybe is because it was a long time ago already.

And my short, 10+ years of life span, will be a lacklustre thing that I couldn’t remember at all, too. 

When will be the next time I can get out from this village?

I suddenly started to imagine a future scene where me and Hiyori were in a monorail,  thinking about our destination, laughing together.

Somewhere around my chest gave a warning. “IMPOSSIBLE”, I’ve unconsciously understood that.

"So that’s what I’m saying, should I really give up easily……"

Shallowly sighed, I speeded up my pace to finish my journey back home.

Me, who bluffs a lot, could hear a teasing voice somewhere,

"Are you anxious bro?"






"Al, almossttttt………"

Carefully, as if I’m pouring souls into it, I sewed my thoughts, needle by needle.

"I’ll sew you into a cutie………."

It’s almost ten o’clock at night.

Thanks to my mum who cleans up my room everyday, my room is now all cleaned up.

Once I got back home I immediately sat in front of my desk beside the window, after sewing a few stitches, I took a good look at it, and after sewing another few stitches, it was charm away, and that went on and on around 4 hours till now.

That’s right, I’ve been working on this huge project of “Hiyori voiced plushie” for over 3 months, and now, finally, I’m close to finishing it.


Such a marvellous scene ,that I couldn’t refrain myself from goosebumps too.

It’s not only cute, but it had the unique looks. Cutely tidied up her black hair, I put on a strapped dress for her. Although I’ve snared through all of her clothes, this time I chose this clothing that she likes the most.

Decisively, I found this recorder when I was in the electrical appliances shop, finding for a phone.

In this recorder, stored all her voices when she passed by me for all these weeks. And if I put this at the inner part of the plushie’s back zip, you’ll get an effect where you can likely talk to Asahina Hiyori.

When I first started to do it, I had this aim of “I’ll try my best to prettify her and bring her to town!!!” I bet this flawless thing will turn all the Asahina fans knowledges into history.

And now there’s only one stitch left for this big project….. just one more stitch and it’s complete.

Temporarily stopped my work, I closed my eyes.

Recalling those 3 months back then, it could be the most adventurous trip I ever had.

Nono, of course it’s just a delusion in my brain, but that high intention while making it, imagining me and Hiyori travelling at all kinds of places in this country, maybe we had travelled the whole Japan for like 3 weeks.


Sinking into the memories was just a while, now it’s time for the last stitch, my intention was focused again.

"This time….. FINALLYYYY….!!!"



I was shocked by my mum’s sudden shout, that I trembled my hand. AND THE NEEDLE COLDLY PRICKED MY “HIYORI VOICED PLUSHIE“‘S BODY.


Looking at this scene, I screamed. My mind went intense, nerves were taut, in my brain I could only imagine a scene where Asahina Hiyori was pierced through by a large pole.


My hands shivered and covered my face.

In my brain, my shouts became hollow, what did Asahina Hiyori said before she died, to be honest I had no memory about talking with her, so I couldn’t think of a specific line for her, I could only feel the atmosphere at the moment.


At my mum’s cruel shout, I finally recovered, I decided to let my project end for a while and went down stairs.

"Ahhh~~ gees, I KNOW KAYY!! I’M COMING DOWN!!"

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