The Price of Power (The Price of Secrets Series Book 2)

BOOK: The Price of Power (The Price of Secrets Series Book 2)

Ashley Drake



The Price of Power

Book 2 of

The Price of Secrets Series

































The characters and events portrayed in this book are fictitious. Any similarity to real persons, living or dead is coincidental and not intended by the author.


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All rights reserved.

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Mom, I dedicate this book to you. Thank you for always being there.



“Whenever I prepare for a journey

I prepare as though for death.

Should I never return, all is in order.”

-Katherine Mansfield







Chapter 1


The definition of the word journey is
to travel from one place to another. However, very few people understand that it means so much more than that. It describes a right of passage, from one stage of life to the next.



Dear diary,

    This is my first entry of my second journal. All the crazy supernatural things that have happened in the last two short months have filled my first one. So whoever is reading this, either my children or my great-great-grandchildren, make sure you have read it before moving on to this one. It will be beneficial should you inherit my gift. If you are my future kids, please do your mom a solid by skipping over the mushy parts about Daniel. For all I know he might end up being your Dad. And if he doesn’t, how awkward would that be? It would be counseling for our entire family. Even though I’m sure your Grandpa would give us a group rate, being a shrink and all. I’m rambling. Let’s try this again.


Dear diary,

    Sorry I haven’t written in a while. I took some time off so Daniel and I could focus on helping Jaycee deal. It’s not everyday that you find out you’re a witch. So far she is adjusting well with it. She has even bought books on white witchcraft and pure magic. She has this fear that she is gonna suddenly turn evil just because she found out she is a natural born witch. I keep telling her that if her quick temper and potty mouth hasn’t turned her evil, having witch blood in her system ain’t gonna do it.  She didn’t find that to be quick witty humor as much as I did.  We have been putting off taking the trip to go see her mother’s aunt, to find out if she has any information on Jaycee’s heritage, until after Thanksgiving break. Seeing how school starts back tomorrow, that should be soon. Speaking of Thanksgiving, Jaycee, her brother, and parents came over Thursday for dinner. It was kinda hard sitting across the table from them while fighting the urge to ask if they knew their daughter’s a witch. Jaycee doesn’t want to tell them yet, because she is convinced they haven’t got a clue that her mom, Carol, has passed this down to Jaycee, from her mother. After we ate, and watched football, the Mitchell’s helped us finish decorating the Christmas tree. Yep, my mother puts it up on Thanksgiving day.


All in all it went well, except that Daniel didn’t get to come. He went with his family to Oklahoma to visit his grandparents. He will be home sometime tonight, which means I will get to see him tomorrow at school! I have missed him like crazy.  His birthday is coming up and I’ve been trying to figure out something special to celebrate it. Things have been quiet since we helped Samantha pass on. In fact, I haven’t seen the shadow demon since that night. Don’t get too excited, he’s around, I can feel him, he just isn’t showing himself. I’m sure he’s still pretty ticked off that he didn’t get his hands on Samantha’s soul. It’s about time for bed. I will try to write more tomorrow, like how much hotter Daniel got over Thanksgiving break (if that’s even possible). Good night!


    I hate bringing up the shadow demon.  It has plagued my dreams ever since that night at the cemetery. At least three nights a week I relive the supernatural battle Daniel, Jaycee and I fought and won, I might add. That was the night Jaycee discovered that she’s a witch. It was also the night Daniel told me he loved me for the first time. Granted, it was when he thought I might die, but dang it, it counted. So, having the dream over and over of that night isn’t all bad. It’s just the part when I actually saw the shadow demon’s true form that wakes me up chilled to the bone. Fangs, blood along with the smell of rot and decay is a hard thing to forget. But that wasn’t gonna stop me from trying. I’m going to focus on my boyfriend, on my best friend, and on being a teenager. I might have embraced all of my psychic abilities but I still don’t want it to engulf everything that I am.


    The only thing that got me up this morning, and saved the life of my alarm clock, was knowing that Daniel would be at school waiting on me. I wanted to look especially hot today since he hasn’t seen me in six days. So I was careful with my outfit selection and took the time to straighten my hair, which was a brave task with this long, thick, pile of dark curls. I ended up wearing my gray sweater dress and my over-the-knee boots (Jaycee calls them stripper boots), with silver jewelry. After glancing at my new found nemesis, AKA the alarm clock, I realized I spent way too much time on my hair. I had promised Jaycee that I would pick her up this morning, so I needed to leave like five minutes ago. I grabbed my stuff and ran out the door.

    Luckily, my car windows weren’t iced over, so that saved me some time.


I threw my stuff in the backseat of my little white Volkswagen bug, praying Jaycee was running behind too.


    Jaycee was standing on her front porch when I pulled into the driveway. She looked stylishly dressed in a black turtle neck with a black and red plaid skirt and black ankle boots. Her sandy blonde hair was perfectly in place. Only someone who knew her as well as I did could see those tired blue eyes that were hidden behind well applied makeup.

    “It’s about time, I thought you forgot about me. Love the hair by the way.” She said as she got into my car.

    “Thanks, and how could anyone forget you?” I teased. I felt different emotions coming from her, but dread was the most dominate. One of my little
that come in handy from time to time.

    “True.” She flipped down the sun visor to check herself in the mirror.

    I gave it a few silent moments before questioning her. “What’s wrong Jaycee? Don’t say nothing because I can see and
that something is.”

    She let out a loud sigh as she looked out the window. “Do you remember the bathroom incident at school when you and Daniel had to get inside of my head because I was in so much pain? It was the same day that we helped Samantha pass on to the other side.”

    “Of course I do. We figured it was the shadow demon trying to scare us off.”

    “But what if it wasn’t the shadow demon doing it?” She turned her body to face me. “The image of all consuming fire, what if something else gave that to me? Put it into my head?”

    “Anything is possible. You and I are living proof of that. Why are you asking about that now though?”

    “I have been having these dark dreams lately. Each one more stronger, and lasting longer, than the night before. All I can remember is fire and people screaming. Doesn’t sound too scary I know, but I wake up completely drained and feeling so lost and hopeless.” She turned back to face the dashboard. “I don’t know what to make of it. Let’s just change the subject. Do you think Mike will like my outfit?”

    The rest of the ride to school was filled with boys, homework, and school gossip. It was a much needed distraction from the supernatural drama and nightmares that have plagued the both of us.




 While walking down the sophomore hallway I saw two cute guys waiting for us at our lockers. In my biased opinion, the tall one on the left, with the natural tan and jet black hair, was the hottest. Feeling that I was near, I saw him scan the crowd. When our eyes met I saw surprise and heat in those beautiful dark eyes. I couldn’t get to him fast enough, when I finally did he pulled me into a much anticipated, against school policy, kiss. I felt the electrical zap that we share every time we touch.

    “For a second I almost didn’t recognize you.” He ran his hand down my hair.

    Seeing the look on his face made the extra time I spent on my hair well worth it. “Do you like it?” I asked.

    He looked at me from my hair to my boots and back up again before answering. “Like isn’t even the word for it. But, Hannah, you could be wearing jogging pants, tee shirt, and your hair in a ponytail and you would still stop my heart.”

    See, this is why if they gave out medals to boyfriends, he would so get the gold. He says sweet stuff like ‘you stop my heart’ instead of ‘dang girl, you’re looking fine’.

    “Have I told you how much I missed you?”

    “Yes, but it’s worth repeating.” He tucked a strand of hair behind my ear and reached for my hand.

    “Hey Chief, it’s good to see you too.” Jaycee interrupted. Before giving Daniel a chance to respond, she turned back to Mike and told him she would see him at lunch. Then snuck in a quick kiss, before following Daniel and me into English class.   

     After Daniel and I started dating, Daniel switched seats with what’s his face (I really need to learn that dude’s name) that sat in front of me in Mrs. Bumgarner’s class. So, now I have this perfect view of the back of Daniel’s head. Just when I thought I would take the chance of getting caught to run my fingers through his shiny black hair, I felt my chair vibrate. I had a text from Daniel.

    Hey gorgeous, the three of us need to talk.

    I knew that he was talking about Jaycee and me.

    I will tell her. Why, what’s up?
I asked because as soon as I read his text message my ears started ringing and more times than not, that was a bad sign.

It might not be a big deal, but something's going on. I’ve been having these weird dreams lately.


     Well, crap. The three of us having crazy recurring dreams, yeah, something’s up. Big time.

    Jaycee saw my reaction to my text and kicked my chair to get my attention. “What’s going on?”  

    “I will tell you after class.” As soon as I could figure it out for myself.

    I spent the rest of English class looking like I was busy working on my assignment, while trying to make sense of what was going on. If it was the shadow demon, then why hasn’t he tried to get into our dreams before to mess with us? Why wait until Samantha passes on before doing it? Well, maybe for that very reason. After all, we are the reason he didn’t get Samantha’s soul. But that didn’t feel right, I don’t think the shadow demon has anything to do with it. His entire goal, that I know of, is to try and steal the souls of the living impaired that are stuck here. Unless he can foresee a butt load of them heading my way, why drain his energy poking around in our dreams? I think whatever this is, is new, and this is it’s way of introducing itself.



    Algebra took its sweet time, but it was finally over. Now I get to enjoy lunch with my friends and put away this dream thing for a while.

    I didn’t seem to have much of an appetite today, so I grabbed a diet soda and headed for our table. Phebs and Kayla were already there and digging into a large order of french fries.

    “Hey Han. Where’s tall, dark and handsome?” Phoebe asked while I sat down in front of them.

    “I don’t know. You’re gonna have to settle for me -short, a fading tan and cute- until he gets here. Where’s Jacob?”

    Ever since Kayla and Jacob started dating they have been inseparable. I know I don’t have any room to talk, Daniel and I are the same way. Jaycee and Mike too. I worry that Phebs will start feeling left out, but after Brad-The-Jerk broke her heart, she has decided to take a hiatus from guys.

    “Actually he is with Daniel, they will be here any second, their class ran late.” I saw that something behind me had caught Kayla’s eye. “Dang it, don’t look, here comes Megan.”

    Megan and I used to be friends in Elementary School. Even Jaycee hung out with her some. It was around fourth or fifth grade when she started to change. I know that it is normal for a friendship to grow apart, but that’s not what happened with us. She turned mean. Instead of moving on to find new friends and phasing out of our lives, she tried to embarrass and make fun of Jaycee and me at every opportunity.

    “Hi Hannah, Phebs, Kayla.” Miss fake, perky cheerleader greeted us.

    “My friends call me Phebs, you may call me Phoebe. Better yet, just don’t talk to me.”

    “I’m actually here to see if Kayla is alright.” Megan hissed.

    “I’m fine. Why wouldn’t I be?” I could feel Kayla’s emotions. Her thoughts were racing from her parents, to Jacob, to her siblings, worrying that something might be wrong. Yes, I looked, but it was hard not to from the energy she was putting off. Don’t judge me.

    “I guess you haven’t heard. There are some students that are running their mouths about you and Jacob dating. They don’t think you two... match up.”

    Megan lived for this kind of thing, she loved to cause trouble. I shouldn’t be surprised that she was referring to Jacob being of mixed race and Kayla being about as pale white as you could get, but I was. That was low, even for Megan.

     Kayla’s face had turned three shades of red. At first I thought it was from the embarrassment of having attention directed on her, but I quickly realized I was wrong, it was from anger.

    “I’m going to stop you right there. I don’t know what you are talking about, nor do I care. I am happy with Jacob. He is the best guy I have ever met. If anybody, including you, has a problem with it they can kiss my ass!”

    I thought Phebs and I were going to pass out right then and there on the cafeteria table. Kayla Chapman hasn’t said a cuss word in her entire life.

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