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Part 1








Chapter 1

              Sitting on her porch she was holding her sleeping child. Rubbing his back she couldn’t deny the fact that he looked exactly like his father. Kissing the top of his head she got up and held him close to her. Opening her door she walked to the nursery and set him down in his crib. Smiling at him she couldn’t deny that he was her entire world.

Walking to the kitchen she poured herself a glass of lemonade and saw that picture sitting on the shelf and that was when a burning fire set into her heart. Dennis had left her before she had even discovered that she was pregnant with his child. He had been with another woman and had cheated. She remembered contemplating what she was going to do with her son, but that was when her mother passed away leaving her alone in this world.

Making her way to the photograph she held it. Dennis had a goofy smile on his face and he held her close. It had been senior prom three years ago, but they had been dating for five. With how he betrayed her it had cut her deep and her wound was still open. She couldn’t help but envy those happy couples she saw that walked the street. They had something that she thought she had, but it slipped away from her.

Putting the picture face down she heard the doorbell ring. Standing outside was her friend Carson. His curly black hair was brushed back and he was wearing his suit. “Mandy,” he said. “How do I look?”

“You look fantastic. Hannah is a very lucky girl.”

He shook her head and she allowed him to come in. “What’s the matter?”

“I don’t want to be with her. She is driving me crazy, and she
crazy. Look I am not sure how to feel about her. I mean she is already clingy and we haven’t even had sex yet. She sends me things – presents I guess. And she is always trying to make plans with me. How do I break up with her without her killing me and torching my car?”

Laughing softly they sat down on the couch and she saw the stress he was bearing. “Be honest with her.”

“Come on, honesty isn’t going to work. Men don’t like going ahead and having to give bad news. We weren’t designed for it. Look why can’t I just tell her I need time away from her. I could tell her I have a lot in my life and I don’t think I can handle it.”

“No,” said Mandy. “Don’t do that. She will try and make it work. – Um, give me a minute. – How about this, you want to lie so make it good. Tell her you don’t think you can have a serious relationship with her. Tell her that there is someone who just moved back to town who made all your old feelings for her come boiling back up to the surface and you just need to figure it out.”

“That would work,” he began, “but what happens if she wants to meet the girl?”

“Then I will do it.”

“You have a baby.”

“Oh so my son is going to ruin this? You could always tell her the truth about me. The guy I was with was a cheating sleaze ball and I got pregnant when he left.”

“No – I got it! You were here fifteen months ago and I got you pregnant and you never told me that you were pregnant and now I want to do what is right.”

“You are going to claim my son?”

“Why not? You named him after my father.”

“That was a coincidence!”

He smiled and their eyes locked onto one another. His brown eyes were so dark that they were brown. Before she knew what was happening he leaned in for a kiss. She felt as he pulled away and she looked at him with wonder.

“Mandy, I am so sorry. I don’t want to destroy our friendship.”

“Carson we have been friends since elementary. We have been to hell and back, we even caused hell to break loose in high school.”

“Are you ready for a relationship?”

“I am ready, only if it is with you.”

She grabbed his suit and pulled him on top of her. He pressed his lips against hers and she felt as if her body was going to explode. She felt as his hands went into her dress and he was pulling off her underwear. He quickly took off his pants and she spread her legs quickly.

His head was making its way into her pussy and she felt as it went in completely. She hadn’t had sex in over a year and she felt as her body was overwhelmed. Carson pulled away from her face and he looked into her eyes. Her relationship with him had always been as easy as breathing and her mind was boiling with thousands of feelings attacking her at once and she knew that this was what she wanted.

He lifted her dress over her head and he went to take off her bra. She felt his gentle touch and she remembered about his warning about Dennis. She remembered the way he always cared, the way he was always there for her no matter what. His family was her second family, or at least that had been how her mother joked.

His lips pressed against hers fiercely and she felt a tremor travel through her body as his mouth traveled down her neck. She felt as he began to nibble at her neck and she rose her legs and wrapped them around his muscled frame. Soon he was massaging her breasts and she felt as he began sucking her tits. The feeling of his mouth over her breasts excited her, and it felt so different than breast feeding.

“I want to be on top,” she breathed.

He slowly came out of her and he got on his back. She spread her legs over him and she felt as his dick was in her pussy. Looking down to him she felt a rush and she began moving her waist rapidly. His hands were there firmly and they ran up and down her sides.

Hunching her back his hands traveled to her breasts and he squeezed them gently. Bringing his mouth to them once more she felt as she came, and that was when he laughed softly while he was in her bosom. And that was when she felt as he came inside her.

Quickly she got off of him and he looked perplexed. “What the hell Carson! I just had a child I am not planning on having another one. Not now. Damn it!”

“Mandy,” he said as he got up. “I am sorry – I wasn’t thinking.”

She felt as more of her emotions were there, confusing her. She hated emotions, she wondered how a sociopath felt. “Carson we can’t do this.”

“Are you kidding? Mandy look I am sorry. I will by the pill for you. Look I have been in love with you since middle school. But being your friend and always being around you was everything to me. I wanted to keep you forever and then you fell for that prick! Come on – you know I would do anything for you.”

Tears were coming and she attempted to blink them back. “Carson I do know that. I am sorry – I still have my emotions taking over my life. Go and break up with Hannah and come back here.”

He smiled and tilted her chin up to look up at him. Kissing her he spoke. “I love you Mandy. So let me love you the way you deserve. And besides me and Parker are already buddies. Remember that.”

She nodded and she began dressing herself. Carson put his pants back on and he walked to the door. She stood at his side and she said good-bye.

“I’ll call you when I am done with breaking up with Hannah.”

“I will be waiting.”

Shutting the door behind her she locked it and that was when she walked into the nursery. Parker was still sound asleep. Smiling at her son Carson was right, she did name him after his father. Walking back to the living room she picked up an old photo book and she sat down on the couch.

Opening it to the first page she saw the pictures from the past two years. The first picture was of her with her track medals and Carson was standing at her side holding his as well. The second one was of her and Dennis standing in front of his motorcycle. She remembered how she had once felt for him. He was that complete bad boy and for some reason it was desirable, and he played her. She remembered Carson giving her warning about him and how she blew him off. For three months they didn’t speak.

Dennis did make her feel special, but she was blind to him. After he had left it had been brought to her attention that he had cheated on her during the course of their entire relationship. She never knew, and she had never caught him. Once she had figured it out she had went to get tested, but she had nothing. It was that day she had found out she was pregnant.

The very first person she had called was Carson and he was there within fifteen minutes. He left work early to be at her side. His father and mother had come as well to support her. They took her to see her mother in the hospital, but she had been in a coma after her stroke. That week they had informed her that her mother was brain dead and she had to let her go. She wasn’t even sure if her mother could hear it when she told her she was pregnant.

Carson’s family helped her throughout her pregnancy and they were her crutch. Carson had been there the entire time. During her pregnancy she had come to realize that she had stronger feelings for him, but she had been blind to them before.

Her final trimester of her pregnancy Carson’s father had been killed in a boating accident. When she finally had her son she thought it was proper to name him after the only person who had been like a father to her.

She was not a single mother like other women. There was always someone helping her. It had been the hardest thing at first, but with the support she was receiving she felt better and it was good for her son. She never contact Dennis because she wanted nothing to do with him, and if her child was to have a father it was going to be Carson and no one else.








Chapter 2

Nearly an hour later was when Carson had returned and he had an overnight bag. “She didn’t take it well,” he stated. “She didn’t even believe me at first, but then I remembered that I keep your picture of you holding Parker in my wallet. – Finally she cursed me out and she soaked me with champagne, but I am free.”

She smiled and she kissed him. That was when she heard Parker in the nursery. He was six months old now and was very vocal already. Together they walked in and saw him there and Carson picked him up in his arms and took him over to the changing table.

“So Mandy,” he began. “How would you feel if we moved in together?”

“That is moving pretty fast, but sure. I mean it will be nice to have you around all the time.”

Changing Parker he looked over his shoulder and smiled. “Will you sell your mother’s house?”

“Yeah,” she sighed. “This place needs new love, besides I don’t like that it is so far away from everything.”

Picking Parker up she watched as Carson looked fondly to him. He might as well be his father because of how he has always been there. “Hear that buddy, we are going to all move in together.”

Walking over towards them she kissed her sons cheek and tickled his belly and he began giggling. “Our small beautiful family.”

Meeting his gaze he pulled something out of his pocket. “I got it for you. I am sorry about what happened earlier. I wasn’t thinking straight.”

“It is okay, but I don’t think we want to add more chaos to the mix. Give it a year.”

He laughed and shook his head. “If we aren’t cautious it might be less than a year.”

Kissing him he wrapped his free arm around her. Heading to the living room they sat down together. Turning on the television they weren’t even paying attention to what was on. “So how is work going,” he asked. “I mean spending time away from this little guy.”

“It is hard. But at least he is with your mom so I am not concerned of him being around strangers. It is getting better though. He is what makes me motivated to come back home though. And now I have two people who I look forward to seeing at the end of the day.”

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