The Red Shoes - Alison's Story (Erotic Romance) (The Naughty Nights House Party Series) (3 page)

BOOK: The Red Shoes - Alison's Story (Erotic Romance) (The Naughty Nights House Party Series)
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Chapter 5


thought she was in real danger of having a panic attack and tried very hard to
slow down her breathing. She didn’t want anyone to think she was panting with
desire when the real reason was terror.

decided to do nothing and just go with the flow. She would wait to be spoken to
and take her lead from everyone else. After all they seemed to be familiar with
the way things worked and she didn’t want it to be too obvious that she was the
new guy around here.

and try to look confident; look like you know what you’re doing, Alison told
herself sternly. But, however hard she tried, she still felt like a piece of
meat in a lion’s den.

must have known the couple because he was chatting to them both about the last
time they met. The woman, who had been hanging onto every word he said, linked
arms with Dominic and moved him smoothly away from Alison. Dominic looked back
at her and raised his eyebrows as if asking a question. Alison nodded and
smiled to show him she was fine with what was happening, but she didn’t really
feel fine; she was quaking in her sexy red shoes.

was not sure what to do next when the man, who introduced himself as Paul, leaned
down and whispered in her ear, “Come on love, don’t worry I’ll look after you”
and took her hand. She wondered how he knew she was nervous; was it so obvious?

was very tall, more than a foot taller than Alison who was 5ft 2ins without the
red shoes, and tanned with perfect white teeth that wouldn’t have been out of
place in a toothpaste advert. He was casually dressed in a pair of beautifully
cut jeans, black loafers and a crisp yellow shirt with the sleeves rolled up to
his elbows. He was wearing a watch that looked more expensive than his dental

too bad for my first encounter, thought Alison, looking at Paul with
appreciation, even though she was still not convinced she should be here at

was a widow, with two grown up daughters and a normal boring life. What would
her friends say if they knew? But hey, she was not likely to bump into them
here, was she?

was shaking inside with fear but also with a little anticipation. She really was
going to go through with it; this was it.

could be the night a man would give her an orgasm, something she had never
experienced in her life before. Would her most intimate problem finally be

she had given herself an orgasm thanks to her trusty ‘Rampant Rabbit’ and her
own very dexterous fingers, but that was surely not as exciting as coming when
being royally fucked by the faceless mystery man who had become part of her
night time fantasies.

had agreed to come to this evening soirée in the hope that a more experienced
lover than her husband would show her that sex could be an exciting and
satisfying experience. Rather than something that would happen rather quickly at
weekend if Andrew could stay awake long enough to perform after his regular exhausting
day at the golf club.

had never been an adventurous lover. He was more of the ‘whip it in, whip it
out and wipe it’ type. As long as he was satisfied he thought Alison should be
too. He would have been horrified if he had known she had bought a vibrator online
to help relieve her frustrations. But, she had never really taken the time to
explain that she wanted more; she was too embarrassed, so really she was as
much to blame as he was.

back at Dominic chatting easily to the blonde woman whose name she still didn’t
know, Alison allowed Paul to lead her up the wide staircase.

first door on the galleried landing had a large red luggage label on the handle
which she guessed must mean it was occupied; the second was the same. The next
door had no label so Paul knocked gently and, when there was no answer, pushed
open the door and walked confidently in. Alison stifled a giggle when she
realised it was a bathroom.

last room on the landing had no label and proved to be an empty bedroom, so
they went in. Paul took the luggage label from the handle on the inside of the
door and quickly transferred it to the outside and shut the door.

looked round and was mildly surprised to see that the room was just like a
normal bedroom with white ‘his and hers’ bathrobes folded neatly on the ottoman
at the bottom of the pristine white bed. The room was lit by a single bedside
lamp with the plain midnight blue curtains drawn across the large floor to
ceiling windows, blocking out any light from outside.

were no kinky sex toys, no black silk sheets and no bondage equipment on show;
the fact that it was quite a lot like her bedroom at home was just a bit
unnerving. Then she spied the small cut glass dish on the bedside table that
contained flavoured condoms next to an expensive bottle of pink massage oil.

had expected something like the room she had secretly read about in the ‘Fifty
Shades of Grey’ novels, all bondage stuff and unfamiliar sex toys, so the relative
normality of it gave her a little boost of confidence.

giggled nervously to herself as she thought of the evening turning into ‘Fifty
Shades of Grey Hair’ – the oldies version with black fluffy handcuffs attached
to walking frames, hoists over the bed and incontinence pants instead of rubber

this all looked so normal that maybe it wasn’t going to be too bad after all. It
could even turn out to be a lot of fun.

Chapter 6


turned her to face him and kissed her lightly on her lips. Even though she was
still very nervous she had decided that she was just going to let it happen and
follow his lead. But try as she might, she was finding it difficult to relax as
he began to nibble her ear. She felt it was all faintly ridiculous and was trying
really hard to resist the urge to laugh. She put this down to nerves and tried
hard to get her growing hysteria under control.

lowered her gently onto the bed and began to take off her clothes.

can we turn off the light,” whispered Alison.

an audible sigh Paul reached across and switched off the bedside lamp.

be shy” he said, “we’re here for some fun, just lie back and enjoy it”

wasn’t so sure she could. Already she wanted to get up and run out of the house
and back to her nice, safe, but very boring life.

she had promised herself that she would stay the course and see if sleeping
with an anonymous man would let her experience the elusive orgasm that every
other woman she knew seemed to have almost every time they had sex, but she had
only dreamed about and shared with her friend, the vibrator.

thought that maybe a man who regularly attended these gatherings would have the
knowledge to find the ’spot’ that she already knew was there through her own
solitary explorations.

and very quickly, they were both completely naked except Paul had put her red shoes
back on her feet after removing her tights.

shoes are so sexy” he said, “leave them on while I fuck you.”

was happy to oblige, she was beginning to really love her red shoes.

though she was still a little embarrassed, Alison was beginning to lose herself
in the moment and enjoy the sensations she was beginning to feel.

could feel a luscious ache beginning deep in her stomach and groin as Paul
gently explored her body, touching her face with his lips whilst gently
flicking her nipples with his fingers. It was better that the light was out and
the curtains closed so she couldn’t see a thing. She could imagine that she
knew and cared for the man who was moving down the bed so he could nibble and
suck on her already sensitive nipples. She was faintly disturbed to find that
the face that appeared in her mind’s eye was Dominic’s.

did seem that Paul had meant what he said when he told her to lie back and
enjoy it because every time she tried to touch his rock hard cock he moved her
hand away. So, realising that nothing was expected from her, she gave up and
let herself enjoy the sensations that were flowing through her body.

moaned softly as his fingers moved down her body and began to probe her pussy.
She could feel that she was already wet with her own juices as he pushed his
fingers in and out whilst gently flicking her clit. She just knew that today
was going to be the day – she was about to achieve her greatest and most
intimate dream. She was going to feel what it was like to be with a man when
she came.

you ready for it” he groaned reaching over to the little glass dish.

yes” she begged, “please, do it now.”

opened her legs wide as he held himself above her. He lowered himself slowly
and with one hand holding his very large cock; he lightly rubbed the smooth tip
around her wet clit making her moan even more loudly than before.

deftly putting a condom over his huge erection, he was inside her thrusting
hard but slowly and deliberately, each stroke creating a delightful friction
against her clit. She was losing herself in the moment and was already anticipating
the waves of pleasure that she knew were coming when suddenly he jumped off her
and turned her quickly over onto her stomach.

lifted her up onto her knees and kneeling behind her, pushed his cock hard into
her again. Holding onto her with one hand and reaching round and gently rubbing
her clit with his other hand still wet from her juices, he moved slowly in and
out. Alison was moaning softly wanting the feeling to last forever. She knew
her body was on the brink of exploding into a million stars as she pushed back
against his thrusting cock in time with his movements.

suddenly and without warning, Paul started to pump in and out faster and faster
slapping his body against her behind until, with a final hard thrust, he let
out a triumphant shout and flopped on top of her. Still breathing heavily he
rolled off and looked at her.

was great” he panted as he removed the used condom, “We should do this again
next time there’s a party; Dominic won’t mind, he fucked Maddy at the last one.”

just couldn’t believe that she had been left frustrated – again. So, all men
really are selfish bastards. I hope Dominic’s enjoying himself with the very fucking
perfect Maddy, she thought viciously.

could still feel the throbbing around her clit and now really wanted him to
leave so she could rub herself until she came to relieve the all too familiar frustration.

jumped out of bed, picked up his clothes from the floor and went into the
adjoining bathroom.

sure what to do, Alison waited until he came out a few minutes later with wet
hair but fully clothed. He must have had a very quick shower, thought Alison.

see you downstairs,” Paul said. Apparently a response was not required as he opened
the door, went into the hall and closed it quietly behind him.

Chapter 7


was glad to see him go as she pushed her fingers deep into her wet pussy and
using her own wetness as lubrication, began to rub herself in the familiar way.
She just loved the slurping sound it made as she pushed all four fingers of one
hand in and out whilst gently circling her throbbing clit with the other.  

in the delicious sensations with her eyes tightly closed in concentration as
her body reached for release, Alison didn’t hear the click of the door opening.

is that you?” she heard Dominic whisper.

she said breathlessly, feeling foolish at being caught pleasuring herself alone
in a house full of people that were only here for sex. “What do you want? Just
leave me alone”

Alison pulled the sheets up to her neck to cover her nakedness, she felt Dominic
lower himself onto the bed.

stop” he whispered hoarsely as he gently ran a finger down the sheet over her
already tingling body. “Please let me watch you. You are so beautiful. I realised
I was crazy jealous when you went off with Paul. I saw him coming out of the
room and needed to see you were OK”

who really was desperate to let go and feel the fabulous release, thought “in
for a penny…” and carried on. She really was past the point of caring what
anyone thought. Fuck them all, she thought with venom.

threw back the sheet and, as Dominic leaned over her and ran his fingers gently
around her nipples, she began to stroke her throbbing clitoris again. As she
began to regain her rhythm and started to enjoy herself, he moved his hand away.

my god, she thought, as she felt she felt the bed gently move as Dominic
started up his own rhythm moving his hand up and down his own huge errection. What
a turn on.

desire to feel him inside her was too much for her.

fuck me now,” she murmured, her voice full of desire, hoping she wouldn’t lose
control before he was inside her, “Fuck me hard”

you really sure that’s what you want”, he whispered hoarsely.

yes, I’m positive, please, now,” she begged.

turned to her and gently kissed her neck over and over before moving downwards
towards her sensitive breasts. His tongue flicked over her nipples making her
squirm with anticipation.

lifted himself on top of her “This is where I want to be – with you” he sighed.

cock slid effortlessly into her wet pussy and he began to move himself in and
out, at the same time kissing her face and neck. As the pace increased Alison
just knew she was going to come any second and began to match his rhythm,
thrusting her hips up to meet his.

suddenly she was unravelling, losing control as she felt the waves of her
orgasm beginning to build.

god, Dominic,” she groaned, “I’m coming, I’m coming right now. Fuck me hard.”

he thrust his cock harder, deeper and faster into her, she matched his rhythm
feeling the waves of ecstasy begin to pulse through her body.

stop,” she pleaded, “I want to come with your cock inside me.”

was panting hard now and struggling to hold back the desire to empty himself
into her. This was a side of Alison he hadn’t expected; she was hot!

fuck me harder,” she begged.

obliged with enthusiasm and just at the moment he began to lose control, Alison
screamed out.

Dom, I’m coming, I’m coming; fuck me more, fuck me harder.” Alison felt her
insides begin to pulse with surges of uncontrollable ecstasy. This was
unbelievably better than pleasuring herself; she had found her heaven at last.

cock was pumping in and out as he struggled for breath.

coming Alison,” he moaned, “I can’t stop it now.”

now, we’ll do it together,” she gasped.

they reached for satisfaction as their bodies moved in desperate unison.

and faster, deeper and deeper his engorged cock was rammed into her throbbing
pussy until they could no longer stop the tide and they both exploded together
with joyful shouts.

seed spurted deep inside her as her body pulsed with the blissful passion she
had waited all her grownup life for.

when the tide of desire began to subside they still clung to each other with
his cock deep inside. Alison didn’t want the moment to end but she knew it must
as Dominic sighed and gently rolled off her.

BOOK: The Red Shoes - Alison's Story (Erotic Romance) (The Naughty Nights House Party Series)
12.08Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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