The Red Shoes - Alison's Story (Erotic Romance) (The Naughty Nights House Party Series) (4 page)

BOOK: The Red Shoes - Alison's Story (Erotic Romance) (The Naughty Nights House Party Series)
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Chapter 8


breathing heavily Dominic supported himself on his elbow and leaned over to
caress Alison’s hair.

was amazing; you are the sexiest and most beautiful woman I have ever met,” he
whispered into her ear.

the embarrassment of being caught red handed coming back to her, Alison replied
flippantly, “I bet you say that to all your ladies.”

really Alison,” he said earnestly, “after I saw you going upstairs with Paul I
was mad as hell that I had let you come here tonight. I am so sorry; I should
have taken you somewhere romantic where we could get to know each other
properly. In fact, I didn’t go to a room with Maddy; I couldn’t, you were the
only person I could think of. I feel like I want to look after you and enjoy
getting to know you properly, but what did I do – I sent you off to sleep with
another man! As soon as you left the drawing room I wanted you to come back.
What an absolute idiot I have been tonight, can you forgive me for bringing you

was trying hard to get her head round his unexpected speech. Could he really
like her; could he really find her sexy and desirable? Did he really not sleep
with the very beautiful Maddy because he was thinking about her?

glad you brought me; I would have had to wait a lot longer to sleep with you
and what a waste that would have been” she said happily.

was happening now and in the future, Alison would be forever grateful to him
for showing her how exquisite sex could be when two people wanted to please
each other. At 44 years old it was the first time she had reached a climax
whilst making love and it was mind blowing!

on, let’s get up and get out of here” he said throwing back the sheet.

got up, went into the bathroom to wash, dress and tidy herself up. When she
came out Dominic was just coming back into the room; he must have been to the
bathroom across the hall.

brown eyes seemed to have a softness that she had not noticed before.

here,” he said quietly, “let me hold you; now I’ve found you I never want to
let you go.”

couldn’t believe her luck as she melted in the arms of the most gorgeous man
she had ever met. She had fancied him from the moment she saw him again in the
supermarket but never, even in her wildest dreams, had she thought he would
want more than the ‘bit of fun’ they had come in search of at the Naughty
Nights House Party.

felt safe and warm wrapped in his arms and to be honest, she would have loved
to get back into bed and spend the night making love with him.

wherever this new relationship was going, Alison was happy that she had come
with him tonight and knew that they would never again need to attend one of Jenny’s
parties; they would have each other for as long as he still wanted her. She was
not looking for ‘
’, just ‘
for now
’; but if, in the future,
it did turn into ‘
’ she knew she would be a very happy woman.

on, let’s go,” he said.

her lucky red shoes in one hand, the other held tightly by Dominic they went quietly
down the stairs and, without speaking to anyone, opened the big front door and
ran to the car.

are we going?” she asked, although she really didn’t care.

away from here,” he said taking her hand and pulling her close to enclose her
in his strong arms, “to start again.”


End – For Now…

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BOOK: The Red Shoes - Alison's Story (Erotic Romance) (The Naughty Nights House Party Series)
3.99Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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