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"Why, are you thinking of starting now?" he was playing with her having spoken pleasantly and with utter facetiousness

Jack doesn't take me seriously at all, Hayley thought. She felt humiliated, flushed, a cool trickle of sweat dripped down her back She did it before she even realized what was happening she had put her hand on the front of his pants. disappointed by the fact that he wasn't the slightest bit hard she grimly held on to his sleeping member and looked him right in the eyes.

"I know you don't need me and I know you won't to help me ... I know I'm not even particularly desirable to you. You're so arrogant you make me want to hit you with that bottle but I don't care. I want you to do whatever you want with me... I want you to use me. I just want to feel what you are inside of me and I want to make you feel something.. I know that after I leave tonight we'll probably never speak again but right now I'm going to make you feel something.. I want to prove for myself that I'm real to you."

Jack stood frozen..rather than taking this as an invitation he almost seemed like he was about to recoil. Her words had definitely affected him she noticed, both the sudden shock in his face and the rapidly growing erection that seemed to seek her hand with a mind of it's own, attested to that. She smiled at the power she now felt she had over him.

Knowing instinctively that it had been her blunt honesty that had overwhelmed him she purred a little as she spoke on, "Oh Jacky boy... you're in for it now.. when was the last time you've really fucked for real? Really felt someone with more than just your cock.. I bet it's been a long time. I don't care how many women you've had or how bored you thought you were with sex. I've never wanted anyone more in my entire life and I don't care what happens after this...but you are going to feel me" Jack swallowed..she saw sweat on his brow. He thought to himself, this is ridiculous- how can she be getting to me like this? She was stroking his cock through his pants now...still looking him in the eyes as she squeezed the now rock hard shaft.

"Did you know I lost my virginity while one of your songs was playing?" Hayley felt a tremor in her grip as he throbbed in response to her thick voice as it shared this intimate secret so shamelessly. Hayley pulled down his pants and his loose briefs..looking down admiringly she said "your cock is so beautiful Jack- I love making it hard.. I bet it's been a long time since it was this hard" she cupped his balls and felt a shiver hearing his answering moan while her other hand jacked him off. "Do you know what I did last night, Jack" I lay in bed telling myself I would never do anything like this...I couldn't sleep..I lay there until three in the morning I couldn't even jerk off...until I started thinking about you."

Jack's head was swimming It wasn't as if women hadn't ever talked dirty to him.. but this was so different- She was so proud and fearless in her sexuality.. so unafraid of losing herself to him He knew every word was true and that she would do anything with him and feel no shame. "I looked at a picture of you from when you were young jack" he winced and she worried she'd hit a sour note but she continued unabashed..

"You were handsome then, but I like you better the way you look now. I thought of you touching me like this.."

Hayley reached and placed his hand on her breast. he squeezed it once...marveling at it's firm fullness his thumb and forefinger began stroke her nipple as if on autopilot. She smiled wickedly. "Yes...just like that" she was so wet inside now she could feel it leak through her panties to trickle down her thigh. " Then I thought about sucking your cock jack... and it made me come so... fucking.. fast"

Hayley sensed he might explode any second so she loosened her grip. Slowly kneeling down in front of him, she lifted his shirt so he could feel the tickle of her kinky hair as it slid down his stomach. her soft lips met the head of his penis just as her knees reached the floor. it quivered slightly as she paused there barely pressing against it. all of a sudden she leaned her body forward while tilting her head down, taking his entire length into her throat in a single smooth motion.

It almost choked her, she having not fully considered beforehand hand what a mouthful it truly was. tearing up slightly, she pushed even further forward shaking her head up and down a bit so that her bottom lip mashed against the top of his balls. straining to the utter limit she was able to squeeze her tongue out of her mouth from under his shaft to press against his scrotum. there was no leverage to lick but she moved her cock-filled mouth from side to side so that her long pink tongue brushed back and forth across his swollen testicles, she managed this while nibbling on the base of his shaft with her teeth. Meanwhile her gag reflex was still making his head and glans pulse and throb with unthinkable pleasure. this was the hottest blow job either of them had ever experienced He had continued massaging her nipples throughout, both his hands were working by now.

Hayley made muffled noises as she moved her own hand down to stroke her self through her thin black slacks. just when she had closed her eyes awaiting the inevitable explosion. She felt her head jerk back as he pulled her off by her mop of hair. She reeled from the shock of the sudden empty feeling inside her as her orgasm was denied, even as he had denied her the thrill of feeling him release himself completely, shooting through limber mouth and down her supple throat. She looked up at him, extremely nonplussed feeling a pain in her scalp, as he still held her hair roughly. She saw Jack smiling now, gleam in his eye and she realized he had finally come to his senses " so...are you ready to use me now Jack? To do whatever you want?" He spoke in a level voice.. though his eyes were nearly mad with lust.

"Yes. Just remember.. you asked for it."

Jack Davis and Hayley Parker fucked all through that first evening.  Amazingly he realized that for everything they tried she seemed able to think of two or three more which she wanted to try immediately after. His own imagination was inflamed and, from the dregs of his mind he found a few things to add to the mix. All of them so beautifully degrading, all which she happily agreed to without thinking twice. At one point his cock felt so raw and sore, despite their use of lubrication, that he simply had to stop. Instead of being disappointed Hayley simply lay down, completely relaxed, with her head on his stomach and so, so gently she put his poor, sore, soft penis now so vulnerable, into her warm, wet mouth. Not sucking, not licking just holding it inside gently while she lay and actually napped with it in her mouth like a baby with a pacifier.

It was so soothing a sensation and so bewitching a sight that after a half an hour she woke up happily to his now hard cock gently fucking her mouth while he stared at her unbelieving as she looked into his eyes beatifically. after what seemed like days and nights, though it was only seven hours, they were both, finally unable to continue. Hayley announced that she wanted to go home and work on a song that she claimed had been writing in her head while they had been fucking. Jack wasn't be sure if she was half joking or lying altogether even more alarming was the possibility was being completely sincere, but he let her go, relieved that she didn't try to stay.

Jack was uneasy of how strong his attraction was. He sat with a glass of whiskey on his bedside table after Hayley had left. Her CD was just sitting on top of the stereo, and Jack couldn't resist listening to it.

Ignoring the amateur engineering and the less than stellar quality piano sound he sat back down and lit a cigarette. he sat smoking while the first 2 or 3 songs played, listening distractedly. Jack felt relaxed as reflected on the experience earlier. He didn't even feel tired..

Jack had forgotten the energized sensation that washes over you after having sex with someone you don't even know you love yet..

Jack had a sudden, sharp memory of being buried deep inside of Hayley Parker...her beautiful dark skin...her wondrously ripe breasts heaving as her back arched... feeling her massaging him from inside, various muscles moving in counter rhythms simultaneously. The look of lust in her eyes was so pure at that moment that it was almost holy.

Jack paused the thought to consider the music again the first 3 songs had been good.. in a sort of r'n'b lite adult contemporary style. Decently memorable choruses and tasteful , tuneful structures leaving room for a stylist to make them their own.. but nothing about them jumped out of the speakers to grab you.. they lacked that indefinable impulsiveness that made a song effortlessly 'pop'. The 4th song, which suddenly caught his attention, started with a chord progression that was happy/sad and a rhythm that was bouncy, with a slight lilt to it. ...her voice came in surprisingly high and girlish as the melody rose and fell in a circular cadence with twists and turns that caused the ear to bend towards it.

"I gave up all my happiness and I saved up all my tears I gave up a whole lifetime now I'm counting down the years until I learn to say goodbye to the girl I will never be once upon a time- I was sure her life could be mine but I'm stuck with me no matter how I try.."

Jack stopped the CD. His mind was all business now.. Hayley's song was a definite hit, a teen pop hit. Somewhat callow to be sure and probably annoying as hell to most adults after more than a few plays- but that was almost the point... this was exactly what billboard magazine would call an "inevitable" single when sung by the right young female vocalist.

Jack picked up the cd cover she had left behind. Hayley's young smiling face stared back at her. He frowned slightly back at it as he took out his phone to call his friend Michael. They never bothered with greetings. "Well?" was all Michael said.

Jack answered with his own question "Why did you send her here? It's an awful thing to do to such a nice, decent respectable young lady."

Michael laughed. "She's not as respectable as all that, I'm guessing she just left didn't she? I've never heard of you being alone with a woman for more than an hour or two without some fireworks. You're a fast worker, almost as fast as me.. And she's great isn't music as well as in bed?"

Jack said tiredly "You're right of course, that's what bothers me, she doesn't know what she's getting into." Michael said mysteriously, "I think she understands more than you realize but you'll have to find that out for your self. Think of her as my gift to you, Jacky boy but if you tire of her, you can always send her my way.."

"It would probably best if I don't see her again" Jack said regretfully. "nonsense! She can handle you just fine... you wait and see."

Jack hung up the phone knowing he would hate himself if he called Hayley again and that he'd hate himself more if he didn't.


              Jack lasted exactly three days before he gave in and sent her a text:

"Hayley. Jack here. I request the pleasure of your company tomorrow afternoon. 4 o'clock pm, to be exact. p.s. Don't think that this gives you the right to call this number of your own accord."

Hayley spent the last three days feverishly working at her keyboard all the while a sinking feeling in her chest telling her that she was more emotionally involved in what had happened than she could afford to admit. Not to herself, and certainly not to him If I ever hear from him again..she thought bitterly.

Hayley reprimanded herself hourly, "Don't fall in love with him Haley Parker- Just don't even think about it" it was her mantra as she worked, displeased with her ideas and execution, brain maddened by the constant distraction of remembering his body enjoining hers, even as she as her heart reveled in it. late at night, exhausted in bed, she masturbated over and over again... no matter how many times she came she couldn't be satiated.

Reading Jacks text now she tried to think of a way to get out of it she checked her schedule...a-ha! a piano lesson- business! an excuse he would have to accept on principle.. the phone rang, it was her student, Jonathan, of course. She glumly agreed with him that his his volleyball tournament was a sensible enough reason to miss this weeks lesson. Jack apologized again for the short notice and said his had mom promised to pay her anyway, next week, for both lessons. Afterwards, feeling resigned to her fate, Hayley read Jack's text again and laughed. It really was hilarious.

Standing outside at 4pm exactly the next day Hayley heard faint sounds as she stood at the threshold about to buzz she decided to try the door risking his displeasure at entering without being invited in seemed preferable to interrupting him in mid song, and besides it was very cold that day and she didn't relish the idea waiting outside for him to finish.

Hayley found it unlocked and crept into the inner lobby to wait for him to finish playing, she didn't think Jack was recording because he was repeating phrases over and over again and humming rough snatches of melody in different registers as if in the process of arranging, but you never knew.

There was something familiar about the disjointed phrases he was playing, which seemed to be out of order until he played an actual 8 bar section while singing a melody she knew as well as any other... it was her song Hayley felt suddenly scared that Jack would stop if he realized she was listening.

She didn't want him to stop he was experimenting with bass lines and chord substitutions and humming what sounded like cello or maybe trombone lines...she couldn't believe how good his ideas were...even out of context she had never thought much of that song, it was sort of silly and juvenile...sure the melody was good and it was uptempo- which most of her songs weren't.

Hayley only included it on her demo for variety, she never expected anyone to single it out for praise. she heard him stop and walk towards the door...heart in her throat she quickly slid back out the door and halfway up the block so she could pretend she was only just approaching if he came outside.

BOOK: The Right Note (BWWM Interracial Romance)
10.38Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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