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The Roper

Fancy Moore

The Roper

Kindle Edition


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Bobby Devlin settled himself in the saddle, fully aware that he was being watched as his gelding backed into the chute. He sucked in a deep breath, then released it slowly before nodding sharply to the timekeeper. The barrier penning horse and rider snapped open and they were free.
A second later Bobby’s rope sailed through the air and dropped over the calf’s head. He jumped off his horse and the animal backed up, keeping the rope taunt as Bobby threw the calf to the ground. His hands moved in a blur, completing the tie before he threw them in the air and looked to the judge. His tie held and the horn sounded.

Feeling pretty good, he glanced over to the rails and saw
standing there, watching. Casey Smith. The sultry dark haired barrel racer he’d seen around the circuit for a while now. He grinned and tipped his hat to her, laughing when she blew him a kiss, before walking away with a sassy swing to her hips.

Once the judge gave the all clear, Bobby rode out of the arena and joined the other ropers to wait for the results. The nice thing about being last in the line-up was that there was no waiting for the results. Second Place. Not bad, but he could do better. At least he was in the money.

He collected his winnings and headed for the barns where thoughts of the little barrel racer filled his mind as he rubbed down his horse. They’d been flirting long distance for too long, and something told him that if he didn’t make a move soon, she never would. He wasn’t sure how he felt about that. Women usually hit on him, and he loved them for it. Mind you, those women were always after the same thing as he was, nothing but a good time, and some instinct told him that this one was different. The question was, did he want different?

His horse rubbed down he filled the water and feed buckets, locked the stall door and left, the sexy little barrel racer flitting around in his mind.

Rounding the corner to the main barn run he heard the whispered cursing before he saw her. Her back to him, her perfect ass moving towards him, he grinned. She was trying to drag a seventy pound bale of straw.

“Let me get that for you,” he said easily picking up the bale.

“Thanks,” she said smiling up at him.

“Lead the way and I’ll follow you.”

He watched her ass, the denim molding around each cheek as she lead him down the barn aisle, around a corner to a box stall. Opening the door she pointed to the corner.

“I really appreciate your help. It would’ve taken me forever to get it here.”

Bobby dropped the bale and leaned against the wall watching her spread the bedding over the stall. She was about five two with curves that didn’t know when to stop. Small breasts, but they’d do. Her long hair was braided, making her look about sixteen but he knew she was older. As he watched her work in silence, he realized it wasn’t really the way she looked that attracted him. Sure, it had gotten his attention, but what had kept it was the way she carried herself, her independence when it came to asking for help, like right now. It was the way she’d blown him that kiss.

Plus, he admired a person who looked after their horse well. Some people, stupid people, didn’t understand that the better care you gave your ride, the harder they worked for you in the ring, but
it was clear this little lady wasn’t stupid.

“Thanks again,” she said when he just stood there, watching her. “I got this though.”

“I’m Bobby Devlin,” he said holding his hand out.

“I know who you are,” she said as she straitened up, hesitating for a second before reaching for his outstretched hand. “Casey Smith.”

Heat shot up his arm at her touch and he fought the urge to pull her against him. She was beautiful, sexy and he wanted her. Giving his head a shake he tried to dispel the image of picking her up and having her legs wrap around his waist as he took her right there, against the wall in the smelly barn.

“Buy you a drink?” he asked.

“Well, well, well,” a feminine voice interrupted and the muscles along his spine tensed. “So this is where you’re hiding. We’ve been waiting on you, Bobby.”

“Jody,” Bobby said, not exactly happy she’d found him.

“See you’ve met my room mate,” she said, a small smile starting. “Casey come with us. We’re heading over to the bar for a quick drink.”

“You guys go ahead,” Casey said. “I have to finish up here.”

“I’ll stay and help you,” Bobby said, wanting to spend more time with her without the noise and distractions of the bar. He wanted touch her, see if what he’d felt when she touched his hand was still there.

“I appreciate the offer, but I’m good thanks. Besides, I owe you a drink for the help you already gave,” she said, her eyes twinkling, a small smile on lips he wanted to taste.

“Does that mean you’ll meet us at the bar down the road?”

Jody grabbed his hand, and pulled him toward the door. “She’ll meet us there. C’mon already.”

Something flashed across Casey’s face, but it was there and gone so quick he might’ve imagined it. He pulled his hand free of Jody’s grip at the door and looked back at Casey. “See you there?”

Christ, he sounded like a desperate teenager.
When she smiled and waved him on without answering him, his gut clenched. Shit, he thought with self-disgust. He
like a desperate teenager.

Casey finished giving her horse a rubdown, her hand smoothing over Gracie’s neck as she whispered, “He’s so fine Gracie, all muscle and good looks. Too bad he’s such a dog, or I could really like him.”

Giving Gracie another quick pat she closed the stall door and strolled out to her truck. Climbing in, she found she was tempted to actually go and meet them. Just remembering the feel of Bobby’s hand when they first shook had her heart beating faster and harder, and her body warming eagerly.

There was only one thing stopping her. She knew who Bobby Devlin was.

She and Jody were both teachers in the same private school. Jody taught grade five and Casey grade six. Last year Casey had joined the circuit late and traveled by herself, but this year they were roommates, sharing expenses, and Jody’d been sharing stories. Her friends attitude was since she had to be a good girl during the school year, the summer holidays were her time to be bad.

And by bad, Jody meant wild and naughty. She’d told Casey all about Bobby and his roommate Dale. How she’d slept with both of them before, singly and as a threesome. She did say this year it was just Dale though, and it was almost as much fun, but Casey knew a man who’d be that way, wasn’t someone for her.

Yet, she couldn’t keep her eyes off him. And for the first time in her life, the way a man looked at her made her wanna be bad, too.

Casey slowed her truck when she came up on the bar, almost stopping before putting her foot down and speeding past to get to the motel. Slamming the truck door she ran up the steps to her room, unlocked the door and stalked in, loneliness eating a hole in her chest. Looking around the room, she missed her own place, the little touches, the walls she’d painted herself and the new flooring she’d laid. Her first home.

Her boots off, Casey stripped, leaving a trail of clothes to the shower. Standing under the hot water she fought to keep the tears away. She wanted someone to want her, to love her but not for just one night. She wanted to belong, have a man who would be there with her and love her, not just someone who wanted to fuck while on the circuit.

Dried and in her nightie, she turned the lights off and crawled into bed, hopes and dreams floating through her mind.
She knew she was an oddball among the rodeo crowd, but she loved riding, and competing. She and Gracie were good.

Just as she was drifting off, she heard Jody’s distinctive laugh pass by her room, and she knew her roommate was spending another night with Dale. Was Bobby with them?

Jumping up she peeped out her window to see if she could catch a glimpse of them before they reached the guys room, ashamed of the relief that washed over her when she saw only Jody and Dale. Searching the parking lot, she spotted Bobby by a big pickup, and watched him climb into the back and the cap door close.

He wasn’t sleeping with them.

She knew she shouldn’t be so pleased with his discomfort of having to sleep on the hard truck bed but she was smiling when she went back to bed.



Turning into the Stop and Go the next morning Casey smiled. It looked like she was their first customer of the day, which was cool with her. Everyone else was probably too hung over to crawl out out of bed and practice. After ordering a breakfast sandwich she handed her thermos over the counter to the clerk. “Strong and black, please, and one large to go.”

“Refills on the house,” the clerk smiled handing her the filled thermos.
“Three-fifty for the sandwich and coffee though.”

Back in her truck she placed the thermos and sandwich on the seat. Ripping the tab on the to go cup she took a small sip, then a larger one. Just what she needed to chase the cobwebs away and really wake up.

Once at the compound she parked, jumped out, the sandwich and coffee in her hand. Leaving them on the hood of the truck and ran into the barn to greet her best friend.

“Morning Gracie,” she chatted. “It’s another gorgeous day.”

She slipped the bridle on and led her outside. Picking up the coffee and sandwich she walked over to a patch of green grass and sat eating her breakfast while letting Gracie wander and nibble at the tender green stuff. She loved Gracie. When she wasn’t teaching she spent all her time riding, and training, but it was more than that. Gracie was her rock, always there to listen if she had to vent about a bad day, or share good news. Gracie always greeted her with a welcoming snort, and nuzzle of her velvet lips. Sitting with her friend and watching the sunrise was the perfect way to start the day.

Standing under the hot shower Bobby tried to wash away the disappointment of last night when Casey hadn’t met him at the bar. He’d been awake when the sound of a nearby truck started up before sunrise, and something had made him look. When he saw Casey at the wheel of the truck he moved quick, knowing instinctively she was going to the barns. He was hard, thinking about her, what he would like to do her and with her, but he didn’t do anything about it. She owed him a drink and he was going to collect. He made quick work of drying, dressing and getting his ass out the door.

BOOK: The Roper (Rodeo Nights)
5.74Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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