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The Soccer Mom's Bad Boy

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The Soccer Mom’s Bad Boy


Jordan Silver

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I should be long gone, I have shit I could be doing, but instead I’m here on some fool’s errand. And who knows where the fuck this shit will lead? Just because my dick was in the game didn’t mean she was going to be interested, and I didn’t have the kind of time needed to make her so.

I didn’t stop to think about the repercussions of my actions, that’s not my way, I follow my gut and let the chips fall where they might.

Granted this was my first time at this particular rodeo, there wasn’t a bull alive I couldn’t ride. I didn’t see this shit any different. I adjusted my dick in my jeans because even the memory of her makes my body react.

The promise of what the reality would be is what kept me here when my business in these parts was long done. For the first time in my adult life, I found my heart engaged, and I hadn’t even met her yet.

Chapter 1



“Ooh Ilene your secret admirer is here again I see.” My best friend Janine bounced my shoulder with hers and nodded in the direction of the hunk, who has been starring in my dreams for the last couple of weeks.

“Shh, cut it out Janine, he’ll see you.” I was trying to hustle it, but of course my little angel had to say hello to everyone in the neighborhood before we could make our escape from the middle school playground.

I took a quick glance out the side of my eye and just knew he was watching me. It was hard to tell sometimes because he’s always wearing those shades, and for the first week or so, I wasn’t sure that he really was staring at me all those times that I thought he was.

But that was until three days ago, when the most extraordinary thing in the world happened to me. No I wasn’t struck by lightning, or win the lottery or any such thing. But this ultra hot, amazing guy actually noticed me.

No wait, that’s an understatement…

“Maybe I should’ve let you walk out by yourself, maybe you would’ve gotten another sniffing.” And there you have it. I don’t know his name, his number or where he lives. I just know that three days ago he came up behind me, sniffed my neck unabashedly and declared ‘fuck I knew you were gonna smell good’, before walking off.

I was struck dumb for a good five minutes before I could move again. Had that really just happened? Not only that, but the way it made me feel, was electrifying. I never had electrifying before.

At my age, and where I am in life, I wasn’t expecting much in the way of romance. And maybe I was making too much of that one little spark, but it was just one of those things that I knew would stand out for the rest of my days.

You have to understand, my husband of eighteen years had just left me only six months ago for a younger model and I was feeling about as low as you could get. My mind was as far removed from sex as it was possible to get, but the way he made me feel with that one move could not be ignored.

Most women would’ve probably ran screaming to the nearest police station about the sniffing bandit on the loose in our small town, but uh-uh. Something about the whole experience left me feeling more intrigued than afraid or even slightly disturbed and disgusted.

I’d seen him checking me out, or at least I thought he was, for the better part of two weeks, but I couldn’t be too sure, until that day.

I didn’t know what to do with myself after that, in fact I’d spent the days since looking over my shoulder with my heart racing in anticipation. It was getting so bad that I thought I saw him in places I knew he shouldn’t be.

Now it’s like I can feel him everywhere I go in our small town. I know he’s not from around here because I’ve never seen him before, but I was too embarrassed to ask anyone about the mystery man that appeared like smoke.

My body seems to have gone through some sort of metamorphosis, because I actually get tingles whenever he’s around. I haven’t felt butterflies since I was a teen in the first blush of young love, and it was never like this.

Now the old me would’ve been a little apprehensive, but somehow it felt strangely flattering. Forget all the episodes of Stalked and the other nighttime crime specials I’ve inhaled on TV. All my inhibitions, as well as common sense, seem to have made a running leap out the window.

I think the fact that he was hot had a lot to do with my new attitude, that and the fact that I felt anything but threatened by him. Well, that’s not entirely true, I just don’t feel threatened in a life or death kind of way. But something tells me he will be a force to be reckoned with, if it ever came to that. Any man that could make you cream on yourself with just a whisper in your ear had to be a danger.

Of course I’d had to tell Janine about him sniffing me, how could I pass that up, me with my soft curves and less than statuesque physique? It was probably the most action this divorced mother was ever gonna get in this lifetime.

He was the hottest thing I’d ever seen in these parts, and if the way the other moms and wives around here check him out was any indication, I’m sure I wasn’t the only one to think that. I squelched the now familiar burn of jealousy; he wasn’t mine to be jealous over.

That thought brought me back to the here and now. He hadn’t approached me once since that day, and I wasn’t sure if it was some kind of game he was playing, or what his next move was going to be. It was like walking a live wire.

“He probably has a girlfriend anyway, and was just being nice to the plump little housewife.” I hated even saying the words out loud, but what else was I to think? Just one look around the playground showed more than a handful of more deserving candidates for his attention.

“Ilene, don’t be stupid. First of all, you’re not plump, you’re curvy, there’s a difference, look that shit up. And second of all, half these bitches around here would give their eye teeth to look like you; starving asses.”

That’s Janine for you. I’d saved her from the schoolyard bully when we were four and she’s been at my side ever since.

She was my staunchest champion and my bullshit barometer. We’ve been through everything there is together, except for divorce. I’m the only one of the two of us to be unlucky in love.

But she was there to hold my hand when the man I’d given my life to dropped me like a hot potato. I’m still in shock, but then again it has only been six months since my world was ripped apart at the seams.

What was six months compared to eighteen years? I’d held out hope the whole time he was gone, until the day the papers were finally signed.

It had crushed me to learn through the gossip vine that he’d had it rushed because his new girlfriend wanted to wear her new four-carat diamond in peace, without the stigma of home wrecker hanging over her head.

That depressing memory brought me crashing back down to reality. If I couldn’t hold on to my ex, who is arguably a pale imitation next to Mr. Hottie, there wasn’t a snowball’s chance in hell that I stood a chance with him.

“Well, whatever the case he’s not for me, look at him.” He was around six four from an eyeball point of view, with a muscular frame. He wore his dark hair short and the one time I’d seen him without his glasses his eyes were a piercing blue-green color that had given me shivers.

Even now my body trembled as I recalled the look he’d given me that day when I’d turned around to see who was sniffing me.

He’d looked into my very soul with that stare and my body had gone weak. “What the hell’s wrong with you, you’re cold? It’s like Dante’s inferno in this bitch.”

“No, I was just remembering.” Damn it still gave me the shivers.

“Remembering what?” she scrunched up her face at me as if she were expecting me to say something about my ex. She hates the very mention of his name, so I try not to do that too often.

“No, I was remembering that day when he, you know…” My face was neon red.

“Oh you mean the day he gave you wet coochie without even touching it?”

“Geez Janine, shush.” I looked around to make sure no one was listening in and of course my eyes drifted up to him. I got a quick jolt when I met his stare.

Well not his eyes exactly, but I was sure from the angle of his head that he was looking dead at me. The slow smile that lifted the corners of his mouth almost made me believe that he’d heard me. And when he stood from the stands and walked towards us I was ready to bolt.

“Come on Alana mama’s gotta go. Oh shit Janine I think he’s coming over here.” I grabbed her arm for support but I should’ve known better.

She turned around and looked at him with a big welcoming smile on her face. This girl never does the expected and I should’ve known she’d do something like this.

He smiled at her but came to my side and whispered just one simple word into my ear that sent me into a free-fall.

“Tonight.” That was all he said before he kept going on his merry way. Had I died and no one remembered to tell me? Why was this happening to me? It had to be someone’s idea of a joke.

My heart was currently residing somewhere around my ankles and all my senses were in a tizzy. There was a strange buzzing in my ear, and my breathing was in jeopardy.

“What did he say? Tell me. Oh that was so fucking hot.” She was hopping from leg to leg like we were still in high school and one of us had just landed the head jock.

“Tonight, he said tonight. What does that mean?” I was almost in full-blown panic mode now that reality was setting in. My heart was literally beating out of sync, and I was in real danger of falling out.

“It means he’s gonna put it on ya and if there’s any justice in the world he’d be built like a dinosaur.”

“For heavens sake you’re not helping, that can’t be what he meant.” Where can I move to? I was breaking out in a sweat. I knew without having to be told that if I hadn’t been good enough for my ex, there’s no way I could be of any use to that one. He makes my ex look like a weak little boy in comparison.

“I bet it is and you are not turning this down I will not let you.” Why couldn’t I have a more levelheaded and preferably sane best friend?

“Are you mad? I don’t even know him. What if he’s an axe murderer or something?” I’m pretty sure he isn’t, but somebody has to have some damn sense here for crying out loud.

“Axe murderer my ass, more like the pussy slayer. Where are those damn badass kids? We have to get you ready for tonight.”

“Get me ready how, have you gone insane? Shouldn’t you be telling me that this is all wrong?” Please don’t tell me, not yet. Let me live this fantasy at least until the sun goes down.

“Girl chill, while he was clocking you I was checking him. No serial killer I know wears Hermes belts and Cartier shades. And did you see the Philippe on his wrist?” She was all but salivating.

“The what now?” Janine is a name brand snob so she’s always throwing these names out at me, like I’m supposed to know. Although our husbands had been in the same financial bracket, her guy had always been way more generous when it came to spoiling her than mine ever was.

“Patek Philippe, the most expensive watch on the market, try to keep up.” I just rolled my eyes at her because I was so not looking forward to this played out conversation for the one-hundredth time.

“Fine but what does that mean, what does that have to do with anything?” Janine is of a whole different school of thought than I. She doesn’t have the same trust issues that I do for some strange reason, even though we practically grew up in each other’s pockets.

“It means that that boy is loaded, and from the looks of it he’s even more so than your douchebag ex. That alone is worth going for it, you know that would really crank his engine.”

“Janine, I’m not sleeping with him just to piss Mark off, come on.” Though the thought of it warmed a deep dark place inside of me for a hot second. It really would screw with my ex if I ended up with someone better than him.

Shit, now she’s got me giving it serious thought. “No, no way; it’ll just blow up in my face. I have Alana to think of besides, and like I said, sleeping with someone just to get back at my idiot ex smacks of desperation.”

“Then do it for yourself, you deserve this I’m telling you, I can feel it in my bones.” She gave me the most hopeful look I’d seen on her face in years. It was as if this was giving her life as well.

Well shit. I never mess with her bones. It’s some old West Indian thing that she picked up from her grandma I’m sure. Over the years I’ve learned to listen to those bones. The one time I didn’t…oh well, we’re not gonna talk about that.

The girls still hadn’t made their way off the field, and I was getting anxious for no reason whatsoever. Was I really thinking of doing this? And what exactly was this? Was he going to call me later for a date, what?

The two of us finally gave up and went across the field for our two little angels. That was another thing we’d practically done together as well, having our girls.

It always did my heart good to see the two of them together, so much like Janine and I, the next generation. Another odd couple to set the town’s tongues wagging.

When Janine and her family had moved into the town over twenty something years ago, there were no other people of color hereabouts. No one had told me that she was any different to me, just another little girl.

So it was strange for me to see other people’s reactions to her. That day on the playground, some of the other kids were being horrible to her and calling her names.

When I’d had about all I could take I’d stepped in between her and the head bully, Tommy Clapton. I’d ended up giving him a bloody nose that day and gaining a friend for life.

I smiled wanly in memory of that little girl that had had so much fire. It was a long time since I’d seen her. Life, and a selfish dick of a husband had torn her down.

I pushed those thoughts as well as the hunk out of my mind when my daughter made her way over to me. She was the only thing I’d ever gotten from Mark that was worth anything.

“Hi baby, good game.”

“Thanks mom, coach said that we might make it all the way to the finals this year. Alyssa and I are the stars.”

It amazes me that in this atmosphere of overly mature pre-teens my little girl is as innocent as a twelve year old could be. She still puts stock in some of the things that I did when I was that age.

BOOK: The Soccer Mom's Bad Boy
6.52Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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