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The Super 4 : Dark Death

BOOK: The Super 4 : Dark Death
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I: Harrison

II: Jake

IV: Carly

V: Darryl

VI: Harrison

VII: Jake

VIII: Carly

IX: Darryl

X: Harrison

XI: Jake

XII: Carly

XIII: Darryl

XIV: Harrison

XV: Jake

XVI: Carly

XVII: Darryl

XVII: Harrison

XIX: Jake

XX: Carly

XXI: Darryl

XXII: Harrison


XXIV: Carly

XXV: Darryl

XXVI: Harrison



XXIX: Darryl

XXX: Harrison

XXXI: Jake

XXXII: Carly

XXXII: Darryl














For my dearest sister, Maia, thanks
for all your love and support!












The day my life changed fell on a Monday. Which
is pretty ironic considering that I, along with most of the world,
hate Mondays.

However, despite my amazing hatred for
Mondays, the day was looking to be pretty good. I had just received
an A in biology and Physics and the day looked to be very

It was as if God was smiling down at me. The
sun was shining, the sky was as blue as the ocean, the birds were
singing. The manicured fields of school’s campus spread out in
endless directions. The peace seemed infinite. Absolute peace and

And that’s when I saw Darryl Klein walking
down the hall with a gigantic French book in his hands.

Now let’s get things straight: Darryl Klein
was the smartest boy in the school. He was a transfer from a tiny
town in Kansas. I heard that he and his Mum were really poor, like
dirt poor, so I try to do my best to not talk about the latest
gadgets Dad got for me when I was around him. Also Darryl Klein is
one of the least popular guys you’ll ever meet, with a social
status of near zero. As far as I can tell I’m his only

Anyway when I saw that book, my day turned
upside down. I suddenly remembered my French teacher Madame Belle’s
nagging voice reminding us that the end of unit test was coming up.
But looking back who could blame me? I mean it was a Friday! With
the weekend so near, it was probably expected that we’d forget
about it! Another thing to add to my ‘Mean Teachers Must Die’ list:
Make us forget upcoming tests and then give us an F.

Today was a Monday, the most horrendous, most
terrifying day of the week. A day when teachers suddenly think
having surprise-and non-surprise-tests is a good idea.

It was horrible!

However I pushed all the injustice out of my
head and rushed to my locker.

French was last period. That gave me less than
ten minutes to study my French verbs. I’m not exactly the smartest
guy and languages proved to be a constant reminder of that. My
school was a fancy prep school so we had to study four different
languages: French, Spanish, German and Latin. I had a C average in
three of those subjects but French I was the worst in class with an
F-minus average. Up to the time I started learning French no one in
Grade Eight thought it was possible to get worse than a D-minus,
but I proved them wrong. For some reason my brain could simply not
understand the point of make tough choking sounds to please an
impatient old hag.

So there I was sitting on my own at a bench
studying those horrible French verbs, when Jake Patterson shows up
with his crew. Jake Patterson, along with being my best friend was
also the coolest guy in school.

This news might make you think that I’m cool
to, but I’m actually kind of a loner. It’s not that I’m antisocial
or anything, but Dad is a really powerful person and I hated
thinking people were only nice to me to please him.

That reminds me, Dad is the President of

“Hey, Harrison,” Jake said, “Why are you
reading that?” Regarding my book as if it were a week old piece of
moldy cheese that had been soaked in milk and left to dry in a hot
car for two months.

In case you’ve forgotten we have
a French test in five...four...three…” I said as the bell
went off. I looked over at Jake his tanned skin had turned deathly
pale as a herd of students rushed past him in a hurry to get to
their next class.

“Well?” I said impatiently as I waited for Jake
to move.

“Please tell me this is a dream.” He

“This is a dream, now get a move on. You know
Madame Belle hates it when we come in late. She’ll throw a huge
fit.” I urged.

Finally Jake took a few steps forward. He
combed his long blond hair back and stared ahead, his dark green
eyes daring anyone to think the mighty Jake was scared of getting a
bad mark on a French quiz. Sometimes I think Jake should be an
actor like his Mum. He tends to over-exaggerate at every little
thing. To make it worse when he does that whole confident thing he
makes me feel so small. There he is the most athletic guy in our
grade with his long blond hair, green eyes and muscular physique he
tends to take all the attention.

Especially compared to me. I have brown hair
and brown eyes with a caramel colored complexion. Nowhere near the
awesomeness of Jake.

“You’re late!” The horrid voice of Madame Belle
snapped me out of my trance. “Take a seat and here is your prize
for being late” She handed Jake and me a little pink slip. I had
gotten enough of those to know whatever was written inside meant an
hour in after-school detention.

Sighing, I sat down at my place. On the table
was a thick stack of paper, no doubt the horrid French

You may begin!” Madame Belle

The sound of pages being turned filled the air.
I stared at the paper. I began writing random French verbs on the
pages, uttering a prayer that by some miracle of God the words
would someone make sense to me, like they did for a character in
one of my favorite books. No such luck. Sighing, I continued with
my technique of writing whatever French word came to me. I hate


Because of my amazing, yet unreliable technique
I finished my test before anyone else and escaped from the horrid
classroom that always smelled like egg salad. I waited by my locker
for the bell to ringing signaling the end of the day. While I
waited I wondered how amazing my life would be if I were someone
else. Someone infamous and ever safe from the endless hordes of
paparazzi. At that moment the loud bell and the flood of children
entering the hall and rejoicing that the day was over interrupted
my thoughts. Jake was not among the cheering crowd he nodded
solemnly at me. Before erupting into a string of insults mostly
announcing how he’d like to throw Madame Belle into an active
volcano. On Mars.

Completely forgetting about the pink slip in my
pocket, I walked with Jake silently listening as he continued to
give a very detailed description of where she should stick her

So I take it the quiz went
badly?” I asked, hardly able to keep a straight face. Jake looked
at me as if I had just announced I was an alien from the planet

Uh… yeah it went pretty badly” he
said calming down. By that time we were sitting on the bus waiting
to go home. A pretty blond with blue eyes sat in the seat next to

Hey, Carly.” I said.

Hey, Harrison, hey, Jake!” She
responded. Carly Martinsen was one of our best friends and was the
head cheerleader on the squad. She was also Jake’s crush though he
would never admit it to anyone else but me; Jake has had a crush on
Carly ever since fourth grade. Jake opened his mouth to respond,
but was cut off short by the arrival of Darryl.

Hey, guys.” he said, “The quiz
was really easy wasn’t it?” At this point Jake looked like he
wanted to strangle him. But before he could get the chance to
murder Darryl, I tacitly decided it was a good time to change the

So you guys want to walk through
the woods today?”

It was common for us to walk through the small
patch of woods on Mondays to try to forget the horrid events on
Mondays. That is Carly, Jake and I. Mondays were Darryl’s happiest
day. However he decided to go with us, as we were his only

Sure, let’s do it.” Carly said,
flipping her blond hair. An adventurous gleam sparked in her ice
blue eyes. One thing I’ve learnt while hanging out with Carly is to
never be fooled by her good looks; she is one of the most
adventurous people you’ll ever meet in your life. But you might get
that from the gleam in her sea blue eyes.

The others all echoed her words.


When the bus pulled out at the mountainside the
four us got off along with two chubby blond boys. The taller of the
two turned and started of to the left. We heard his heavy panting
within ten seconds. We and the other boy started towards the left
behind a massive boulder. The boy stayed a few meters behind us,
out of earshot. After a while the boy took a left and we were alone
on the dusty trail. By this point Jake had started a very animated
talk about last week’s football game. Carly and Darryl nodded
intensely, but I just rolled my eyes and tuned out of the
conversation. I thought I heard a rustle in the leaves but when I
turned around nothing was there.

For a moment, I panicked thinking it was a
bear, but I shrugged that thought of, reminding myself of the long
lecture Darryl had given of why there would be no wild beast in the

After a while we came to a forked path and
took a left. I frowned that’s strange I was pretty sure we always
took a right.

But Darryl was here and he had a photographic
memory. Oh well. I guess might’ve confused my left from my

However, after thirty minutes of walking there
was still no sign of civilization. By this point Jake had finally
finished his story and the others realized how lost they

I’m so thirsty!” Jake complained.
I hadn’t noticed but so was I. I looked around and spotted a small
building covered with trees.

Hey,” I said. Everyone turned to
me. “Let’s go see if that place has some drinks.”

Looking at where I was pointing, we stumbled
towards the building. I opened the door. It creaked open. We
stepped inside. In it was the most amazing sight we could hope for;
endless rows of vending machines. Each of us rushed to the one that
caught our attention. Mine had flames all over it and the soda was
labeled ‘Magma’. Carly’s was blue and yellow and was labeled
‘Electric Eel’. Jake’s was made out of blue glass and had ‘Bullet’
displayed on the can.

Personally I found Darryl’s the most boring it
had no color at all, just stainless steel with ‘Dr. Tritor’
imprinted on its side.

Each of us took about three cans and had
gulped them down in about two minutes, and then we decided to
retrace our steps. I had a sudden strength within me that made me
feel like I was capable of anything. By the look of confidence on
the others faces I bet they felt it to. When we got back to the
fork we took the appropriate turn right and headed home.

Luckily for me I got home minutes before Mum
and Dad, and since the maid wasn’t here, no one but my sister,
Tessa, and my butler, was home and we had a special bond so I knew
she wouldn’t snitch. Especially when I told her why I was late:

When dinner was over I went to my sister’s
room to thank her and she accepted graciously.

Then I told her she was pretty cool for a
ten-year-old. I left the room before she could hurt me, but she
still sent a pillow my way. I was about to defend myself from its
soft features when a ball of fire came out of my hand and met the

BOOK: The Super 4 : Dark Death
10.43Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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