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              “It's not that uncommon, Bo, trust me. It's something you may have gotten into later, maybe twenty years from now and after you've been married a while, I don't know. But that was something you'd have gotten into, both of you. You just experienced it a little earlier than you would have.”
And don't pretend you didn't love introducing them to it, you pervert,
the voice said.

              “This is―a lot to take in,” Bo said.

              “I'm really sorry I had to do this to you, but there really was no other way. I would never have been able to defeat two Broken without that influx of energy,” Damian explained.

              “So let me see if I understand this right,” Candy said. “You get more power when people are introduced to new sexual things.”

              “Correct, but it has to be things they like. I can't just force someone, it doesn't work that way. The power taps into people's minds and leads me where I need to go.”

              “So we've done a threesome now, anal, and double penetration. If I understand what you're saying, if we did it again you wouldn't get as much power?” Candy continued. Bo was a little surprised to hear his normally demure girlfriend discussing sex so openly.

              “Exactly. I can get energy off of any sexual act, but the big charge comes with introducing people to new things and the intense high people get from experiencing it the first time. Oh and the part where you, um, swallowed. That was so I could track you. Now I'll be able to find you, so don't worry about getting lost.” Damian couldn't bring himself to mention how Candy would always be submissive to him now, how she'd always have a strong sexual attraction to him. It was a side effect of what they'd done, and there was no way to avoid it.

              “Are you the only one? The only Tantric Shaman, or are there more?” Bo asked.

              “I know of at least one other, so I'm assuming there must be more out there somewhere.”

              “Are they all male?” Candy asked.

              Damian paused before answering. “No.” Candy saw something in his reaction that troubled him, but decided not to press him further.

              “How did you end up this way?” Bo asked.

              “Honestly? I don't remember,” Damian said. It was true, he had no memory of how he became a Tantric Shaman.

              “How old are you?” Candy asked.

              “Old. Very old.”

              “Like what, forty-five?”

              Damian laughed. “No. I don't know how old I am exactly, but I know I'm over 150 years old.”

              Both Bo and Candy gasped. Shifters had a slightly longer life span than humans, many living to 100. But the idea of Damian being 150 years old and appearing so much younger was startling.

              “The power keeps me young. To be honest, I don't understand how it all works myself. When I was younger I went on a journey to find out more about myself, but I never really did. Then I got too old to care.”

              “Thank you,” Bo said. “Even if you are friends with my grandfather, you didn't have to help us. Thank you.”

              “And we're sorry. We didn't mean to get your house destroyed and put you on the run. If we'd known this would happen we'd never have bothered you,” Candy said.

              “If you hadn't come to me you'd both be dead now. Don't worry about it. But now we have to figure out our next move.” Damian pulled a small blanket out of his suitcase and spread it on the ground. “I think we all need some rest and we'll pick things up in the morning. We should be fine until then.”

              “You're sleeping in human form?” Candy asked.

              “Yeah. I don't have a natural shifter form, so if I stay shifted for too long it really drains me. You two should shift though, don't worry about me. Good night,” Damian said as he lay down. “Oh, and one last thing. I guess Bo isn't a terrible name for a wolf, but who names a princess Candy?” Damian said with a laugh.

              “Hey, they named me Candy because I'm too damned sweet, and don't you forget it!” Candy said with a giggle.

              “Princess Candy,” Damian said, shaking his head before laying it down.

              Bo shrugged and gave Candy a good night kiss before stripping and shifting to full wolf form and curling up in the grass. Candy took her clothes off quickly before she shifted and also lay in the grass, and soon all three were asleep.


























              Bo felt something nudge him so he kicked at it and tried to sleep. It nudged him again, eliciting a slight growl. “Bo, wake up,” Candy whispered, finally pulling him from his slumber. He saw she was in human form, so he shifted quickly.

              “What is it, what's wrong?” Bo said, groggy.

              “Shh, keep it down, come with me,” Candy said, looking over at Damian see if he was stirring.

              She was nude and holding a blanket as she led Bo into the woods, stopping when they reached a clearing much smaller than the other.

              “What's going on?” Bo asked as he watched her spread the blanket out. Even in human form shifters had excellent night vision.

              Candy lay on the blanket and patted it beside her. “Come here.”

              Bo laid down and Candy kissed him. “I just wanted some alone time for us. After what happened earlier, I just―I guess I wanted to be sure we were still okay.” Candy slowly rubbed Bo's limp penis and felt it coming alive.

              “Baby, we're still okay. I love you. You know what happened earlier, there was a reason for all that,” Bo said, trying to concentrate as he got stiffer and Candy wrapped her hand around his shaft and started to stroke him.

              “I know, but some of the things that were said. Some of the things I did―I just feel a little funny about it.” She was really feeling guilty because of how much she'd enjoyed things earlier, but she didn't even want to admit that to herself, much less to Bo.

              Bo leaned down to suck her nipples, tugging each one to hardness between his teeth. “In case you didn't notice, I was having fun, too. I don't think there's anything wrong with exploring new things.” Bo was finding it hard to believe he wasn't more angry or jealous about seeing Candy with Damian, but for some reason when he thought about it he just got excited.

              “Mmm baby you drive me wild when you do that,” Candy said, Bo's cock now fully erect in her hand.

              Bo kissed her, sliding his hand between her legs and rubbing her bare pussy. He moaned into her mouth when he felt she was wet, and she began to stroke him to match his hand movements on her pussy. Bo's fingers found her clit and Candy moaned louder into his mouth, moving her hips against him and stroking his cock faster.

              “I want to taste you,” Bo said, climbing on top of her in a 69. Candy moaned as his cock brushed her face and she took him in and began to suck him gently. Bo licked up and down her pussy-lips as she wrapped her warm mouth around his cock. He loved how she tasted, and stuck his tongue deep into her folds in order to sample more of her sweetness.

              The two were lost in one another, Candy sucking him harder as Bo continued to drive his tongue deep inside of her, taking time to run his tongue over her clit from time to time.

              “Bo, I need you inside of me,” Candy whimpered, taking her mouth from his prick but still stroking it.

              Bo slid off of her and climbed between her legs as Candy reached between them, taking his cock in her hand and guiding it to her wetness. The two looked deep into one another's eyes as Bo slid in, slow but deep until his entire shaft was buried deep inside of her.

              He kissed her neck as he began to pump, Candy lifting her legs up to give him better access. She raked her nails along his back, not deep enough to draw blood but just deep enough to mark. Bo began to fuck her harder, their bodies slapping together in the cool night air.

              “You like that, baby? You like the way I'm fucking you?” Bo asked, getting braver after their earlier sexual experience.

              “God yes, I love the way you fuck me. Give it to me,” Candy said, also adding dirty talk to their coupling.

              Bo's buttocks tightened and loosened as he thrust, fucking her a little harder than usual now that he knew she enjoyed it. He leaned down to suck her nipples as she ran her fingers through his hair.

              Bo wrapped his hands around her waist and rolled over, pulling her on top of him without ever taking his cock from inside her. “Now ride it, baby. Ride that cock, come on.”

              Candy put her hands on Bo's firm chest and began to do just that, bouncing up and down on his rod with her knees on either side of him. She moved back and forth as well, really giving his dick a workout. Bo reached up to squeeze her firm tits as she rode him, the cold night air only making them work harder to stay warm.

              Bo reached down to grab her hips, helping her ride his cock as she rocked on him. The two looked deep into one another's eyes, not saying a word as they connected on a deeper level.

              “I'm going to come,” Candy said, her hands pressing even harder against Bo's chest.

              “Do it, baby, I'll come with you. Come for me,” Bo said, planting his feet and thrust up now to fuck her even harder.

              That extra force was all Candy needed, and she came, her entire body shaking as she moaned. Bo felt her pussy contracting on his cock and it set him off, his cock shooting several bolts of cum deep inside of her. He pulled her to him as he sat up, meeting her in a deep kiss just as their orgasms tapered off.

              Candy lay on top of him for a while as his cock softened, finally sliding out of her. “I love you, Bo,” Candy said, her cheek resting on his chest.

              “I love you, too,” Bo said. The two drifted to sleep right where they were, exhausted.



              Damian felt something ripple over him as he slept, and woke up tensed. He looked over and saw Bo and Candy were gone. Damian realized the two must have snuck off for some quality time, and their sexual auras must have woken him.

              Damian sensed them and moved into the woods, deciding he'd better check on them just in case. He watched through the woods as Candy rode Bo. Deciding they were safe, he walked back to his blanket.

Sure, you just wanted to be sure they were safe. It had nothing to do with you wanting to watch them fucking, did it, you degenerate? Why don't you join in? You could make him watch you fuck her. We both know how much you loved it.

Damian ignored the voice and lay back down, soon drifting back to sleep.



              Damian awoke before Candy and Bo, and shifted to hawk form to catch more fish. When Bo and Candy arrived Damian had already eaten and cleaned the two fish for them. The two appeared to have bathed in some of the nearby water, just as Damian had done earlier.

              “I got breakfast,” Damian said. He was sitting on the stump in his blue jeans, thinking. He didn't question why they had slept in the woods, so they didn't mention it. If anyone knew what was going on, he would.

              “Thanks,” Bo said as he slipped into his shorts.

              Candy didn't bother dressing this time as she tore the meat into strips and dined on the makeshift sushi. Damian found himself admiring her young, tanned body, breaking away once he saw Bo watching him.

              “I thought about it and I've come up with a plan, but I don't know how much you two are going to like it,” Damian said.

              “What is it?” Bo asked between bites.

              “I'm going to go talk to Candy's father. I want to find out exactly what's going on here. It just doesn't make sense to me, so I want to hear it from his mouth.”

              “I don't know if that's a good idea--” Candy began.

              “I have a little influence on the bear clan, at least I used to. I have more influence on the wolf clan, but with you being the princess, I think your clan would have more clout. I think old Grundar might be a reasonable sort.”

              “You know my father?” Candy said.

              “I know OF him. The bear clan has never been known as unreasonable; at least not more-so than any other shifter clan. I think something's going on here and there's more to this than we're seeing.”

              “Her clan is in Tennessee. That's quite a trip,” Bo said.

              “That's the other problem. I can make it there pretty quick on my own, but I'm not comfortable leaving you two. But I have an idea.”

              Candy and Bo had both finished eating, and waited expectantly.

              “All four warmasters are in the area. I sensed them last night, and they're close.”

              “Oh shit,” Bo said.

              “Nah, this may not be a bad thing. They are all after you two, right? They want to kill you? Okay. But think about this: who do you think they would want to kill more? Who would be the only other people those ornery bastards would rather kill than you two?”

              “Each other,” Candy said without hesitation.

              “Exactly. They don't want out and out war, but if they were to come across one another in the hunt for you, they could say things got out of hand. Maybe convince the clans the others tried to help you. It wouldn't matter, the winner could make up any story they wanted,” said Damian.

              “So you're saying, what?” Bo asked.

              “I'm saying, I'm going to point those four at each other and watch the fur fly. If they don't kill one another, I'm sure they'll soften each other up enough for me to finish off whoever survives.”

              “Do we have to kill them all?” Candy asked.

              “Why do you say that? You know they'd kill you in a second,” Damian said.

              “It's just―Indigo. She's older than me but we still used to hang out sometime. We weren't really close, but we were friends until all this happened.”

              “Candy, I'm sorry. I truly am, but this is life or death here. It's them or you. I can't make any promises. If there's any way to spare her, I'll try. But the odds are it won't happen. She may be your friend, but she's a warmaster. Her duty will outweigh any friendship you may have had. I don't want to give you any false hope. And don't you let your friendship get you killed, either. She may try to use it against you―don't let her.”

              Candy sighed but nodded.

              “What about you, Bo? Any qualms with your warmasters?”

              Bo shook his head. “I hate those motherfuckers. Hell, if I get the chance I'd like to kill them myself.”

              “So, I guess you don't like them too much,” Damian said with a smirk. “Here's what I'll do. I'm going to lure them here, probably right to this clearing. The three of us are going to be hidden. When those four get here they'll be so intent on tearing each other to pieces they won't even notice we're here. When the dust settles, I'll step in and finish it. You two are strictly back-up, you don't get involved unless it's absolutely necessary, you understand? I don't like the idea of involving you at all, but these are four warmasters we're dealing with and even I know my limitations.”

              “I want to help, but Candy--”

              “Bo, I'm as good in a fight as you, and you know it. We'll both help.”

              “Only if I need you. I'm serious.”

              Both of them nodded.

              “Now, this next part is―well I hate to ask but I have to. The fight yesterday took a lot out of me, more than I thought it would. I need to recharge,” Damian said, looking at Candy then at Bo.

              “Recharge? You mean--” Bo said.

              “Yes. I know it's a lot to ask but--”

              “We understand. It's okay,” Candy said, standing up and displaying her nudity.

              “Bo, I can take her into the woods if you like,” Damian said, taking her hand.

              “Will you need me?” Bo asked.

              Damian was thoughtful. “I don't think so, not this time.”

              “Then don't mind me. Do what you need to do,” Bo said, heading into the woods.

              Damian and Candy watched him go. Damian wasn't sure what to do but time was of the essence. He kissed Candy as he reached around to squeeze her ass, leading her over to a nearby tree. He put her back against it as he kissed down her chest, kissing her nipples to hardness.

              Candy's entire body was one giant nerve ending. She didn't want to admit to herself how much she enjoyed Damian's touch, but her body didn't lie. When Damian slid his hand between her legs she fought for breath, his fingers playing over her pussy with perfection.

Are you sure you really needed this boost, Damian? We both know you have plenty of power in reserve. Just admit it.  You wanted to fuck this hot little bitch again. You wanted to use her like a whore while her man watched you. It gets you hot, doesn't it you freak? Go ahead, make her your slut and hide it behind a veneer of nobility.

Damian heard the voice go quiet after that, and knew it would probably remain silent until the sex was over. He found himself wondering if the voice was telling the truth, but quickly pushed the thoughts out of his mind.

              He spun Candy around, her nipples brushing the rough surface of the tree and giving her chills. Damian kissed her shoulders, then slowly kissed down her back. He planted a kiss right on her spine just above her buttocks and she felt herself melt. That had always been an erogenous zone for her and Damian's lips had set it on fire. He moved down, kissing each of her ass-cheeks and then bit each one, just enough to leave teeth marks before he pushed her over further and she felt his tongue on her pussy. She moaned as his tongue slid deep inside of her and he reached around to rub her clit. She was grinding her ass back on his face as she pinched her own nipples. It was still a cool morning and the cold only served to make her body more sensitive.

              Damian stood behind her, his cock stiff as he slid into her, grabbing her hips and fucking her fast and steady. He pulled her back as he thrust forward and she put both hands on the tree to steady herself.

              “Oh god, fuck me Damian. Fuck me, yes, just like that,” she begged.

              Damian felt the power flowing and he grabbed her hair, pulling her head back. “Yeah you like it when I fuck you, don't you? Admit it―you love it when I use your pussy like I own it.”

              “Yes, I fucking love it. I love it!” she screamed.

              Bo was too far away to hear what they were saying, but he watched as Damian fucked her from behind. Candy was wiggling and throwing herself back on Damian's cock as he spanked her ass, slapping it with one hand at a time. He had never seen Candy so out of control during sex before, at least not with him. But with Damian she turned into an animal, lust consuming her like never before. Bo wasn't sure what pissed him off more: the fact she loved being fucked by Damian so much, or the fact he loved watching it.

              Damian slid his hands around to cup Candy's breasts, squeezing them as he continued to pump her. He wondered for a second if the voice could be right. It's not like he didn't enjoy this, but he did need the power. Or did he just convince himself he needed it?

              Candy groaned and brought his thoughts back onto her, and he let her feel his hot breath on her ear as he whispered to her. “I need you to come for me Candy. Can you do that? Can you come all over my fat cock?”

              “Yesssss, oh fuck yes, I can do that, fuck I can do that,” Candy said before her words turned to mumbling.

              “Then do it,” Damian ordered, and his firm tone set Candy off. She had another intense orgasm, gripping the tree tightly as it rocked her body. Damian sucked in all of the power of her climax and felt the power wash over him before he pulled out and shot his cum onto her ass and back. His huge load felt hot against her cool skin and she smiled at the sensation. She reached back and began to gather his cum with her fingers before sucking them clean, repeating the process until she'd gotten it all.

              Damian felt reinvigorated, and he was now firmly convinced this had been necessary after all. Now he was ready to end things, and it should all be over before he needed to recharge again. Candy turned and smiled at him over her shoulder, and Damian ran his eyes over her again. She really was beautiful. Bo was a lucky man.

              “So how was that?” Candy asked.

              “Perfect. Thank you,” Damian said, kissing her forehead. He happened to notice his jeans on the ground and realized he didn't even remember taking them off.

              “So now what?” Bo asked from behind them.

              The two turned, a little embarrassed as they wondered how long he'd been standing there.

              “Now, you two stay here and I'm going to go bait our trap. I'll be back and we'll finalize things. I hope we get this done today. I'll be back as soon as I can, watch my case, okay?” Damian said, putting his jeans in the suitcase and propping it against a tree. “Oh, I also need an article of clothing from each of you, just something with your scent.”

              The two went into the bag and Bo handed him a bandanna while Candy handed him a thong. Damian decided not to make an issue, but Bo shot her a look and she just shrugged.

              “Thanks. See you both soon,” Damian said. He waited a second to see if they needed anything else, then nodded to them and shifted to hawk form. He soared high into the sky as they watched him go, the clothing in his talons.
















              Damian was able to sense where the warmasters were located, so he headed as close to the area as possible. He was a little shocked to see how close they were. If he had known, he wouldn't have slept so soundly the night before. He found Sam and Gigi first, using the clothing to bait a trail directly back to the clearing. He'd been creating a trail since he left, so he didn't have much work to do. He'd used a spell to mask his own scent, so he wasn't worried about them noticing him. The two had been hanging around a nearby river, but once they caught the scent they were off like a shot.

              The bears had been even closer, and while he wasn't as familiar with Horis and Indigo, he had no trouble identifying them. He had been able to tell the wolves were coming and put Alice on them to slow them down, but the bears had no such delay. Thankfully, it didn't seem to have mattered.

              Damian did the same thing again, seeding the trail and then heading back once he was sure they'd gotten it. The wolves would move faster, but the bears were closer. He hoped they would arrive at exactly the same time. Now he had to get back to the clearing to wait for the fireworks.



              Sam and Gigi shifted to full wolf form as they followed the trail. They knew they'd pick it up eventually, so they weren't surprised when they did. They both yelped back and forth as they ran through the woods, the excitement of the hunt almost overwhelming them. Soon they would taste blood, and they couldn't wait.



              Horis had shifted to bear form and was tearing through the woods like a bulldozer. Indigo wasn't as eager, but had also shifted and was following the trail Horis made through the wilderness. She didn't even need to track the scent at this point, having only to follow the path Horis was making as his huge body ripped through the woods. Her duty as a warmaster was at odds with her friendship with Candy, but she was afraid duty would win out. It wasn't like she could stop Horis anyway. She hoped they wouldn't find the two, and she wouldn't have to worry about any of it. But she knew better.



              “So what do we do when this is all over?” Bo asked. The two had mostly made small talk after Damian left, both of them avoiding anything serious for a while.

              “We can decide that when the time comes, first we have to live through it,” Candy said.

BOOK: The Tantric Shaman
6.68Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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