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This time Tonisha screamed, her hands burying themselves in his dark hair, and pulled him closer. She might be suffocating him, she thought belatedly, but damned if she could let go.

The pleasure was all consuming. Her whole body quaked in the aftermath, stars swimming before her eyes. Still Eduardo didn't let up. Fingers moving wickedly, he kept up the relentless pressure inside her, drawing out every ounce of pleasure he could. The climax seemed to go on and on, not wanting to return her to reality. Eduardo didn't seem inclined to let her go back to reality either. His wicked fingers and tongue seemed to keep her in a perpetual state of bliss with no intention of letting her go.

After another particularly hard orgasm, he stood, his fingers never leaving her cunt. Moving around to her side, he stood before her with a huge bulge in his immaculate white pants.

"Unzip me." His command was gruff, yet not harsh. He was as turned on as she was, but his control remained firmly in place. When she did as he asked, he added, "Take out my cock." Tonisha had never heard a better idea in her life. He sprang free when she pulled aside his underwear, large, full, and gloriously hard.

He stepped closer, his hand going to her head to urge her to take him into her mouth. Which she did. Eagerly. The thickness of him thrilled her like nothing had in a long while. Eduardo was still fully dressed, but taut muscle greeted her where she uncovered his skin. Abs rippled, thigh muscles bunched. Damn, she'd love to get him naked. But she had a feeling that wasn't happening today.

Eduardo closed his eyes for a brief moment while she sucked, using all the knowledge and experience she'd gained over the years. The taste of him was intoxicating. The musky, male scent combined with his salty essence was a heady combination exploding on her tongue. She couldn't do her best because he seemed to want her on her back, but she took at least half of him, pulling until her cheeks hollowed with the effort.

He didn't let her play long before pulling out and moving back down to the foot of the table. Wrapping his forearms around her thighs, he pulled her to the edge before slipping on a condom, positioning himself at her entrance.

"Now. Relax. Let me have you." Strangely, Tonisha knew that was exactly what she was going to do. No orders. No pleas for release. She would just lie there and

When he entered her, he did it slowly, with exquisite care, allowing her to get used to the feel of him. There was a slight burn as he stretched her, but nothing even bordering on pain. He stilled then, not moving at all. His gaze burned over her face, probably examining her every reaction. He already knew she wanted this, so Tonisha had no idea what he was looking for. If she had, she'd have gladly given it to him so he'd fuck her already. She felt like she was about to explode. If he didn't get inside her soon, she might kill him.

A slight smirk crossed his features. Nothing condescending or cruel. It was as if he’d read her mind and found her threat amusing. No sooner did anger enter her mind, than Eduardo began to move. A slow, sensual glide replaced any burn with extreme pleasure. He kept his thumb on her clit, rubbing sensually with every stroke. He didn't move fast, but kept a slow, steady tempo designed to drive her out of her mind.

Which it did.

Tonisha lost what little sanity she had left. Mindlessly, she thrashed on the tiny cot, thrusting her hips at Eduardo in an attempt to make him move faster. Harder. All the while, he kept the same steady pace, driving her over the edge into complete madness.

Pleasure was a living, breathing thing inside her, crawling through her gut, centering on her clit. With every movement of his cock, every time his body slapped against hers, she cried out, no longer caring if anyone heard her. It was her hour, goddammit, she'd damned well scream if she wanted.

Breathing became laborious, her lungs burning with every breath. "Oh, God! Eduardo!" Her screaming his name seemed to be the catalyst for Eduardo to give her what she needed. Instantly, he surged into her, his body giving her the most pleasure she'd ever experienced with another human being. Hell, she'd never experienced anything like this with her own hand. Or the myriad of toys she had at her disposal. Eduardo was masterful! He seemed to know exactly what she needed and how to best give it to her.

"That's it, lovely Tonisha. Come."

"Yes! For you!"

"No," he said sharply. "Come for

With a harsh, strangled cry, Tonisha did exactly as she was told. Her muscles contracted, and her whole body seemed alive with the intense pleasure. Something inside her detonated, and she was surprised it didn't tear her apart with the exquisite force. All the while, Eduardo continued his relentless thrusting inside her, giving her everything she needed without reservation.

Just as her climax began to fade, she felt him swelling inside her, his movements becoming just a little erratic. His breathing grew ragged, and the veins and tendons stood out on his neck. His hoarse cry rang out through the small room, signaling his own release, a look of utter bliss on his face as his orgasm washed over him.



Tonisha shook herself mentally, moving back into the present. After that first time, it had only gotten better and better. Eduardo never left her wanting, always pushing her harder and higher. It was pure hell going through her normal ritual before she could see him, be touched by him. With a smile on her face, she breezed out of her office, throwing instructions to her personal assistant over her shoulder. Tonight she would not be disturbed, not even if all the accounts she was in charge of caught on fire. Not like the crap wouldn’t be there the next day, anyway. One thing she had learned from Eduardo was to take the time she needed to just let go. And that was just what she was going to do.

Going through the usual ritual of hair, nails, wax, exfoliating, and cleansing seemed more torturous than usual. Maybe because the last four weeks had been especially trying. Tonisha had to stop herself from tapping her fingers nails impatiently or yelling at the attendants when she thought they were going far too slow. Eduardo was here--she had seen him when she came in. As usual, those green eyes seemed to eat her up. God, she was all keyed up, and he hadn't even touched her. When she was finally shown into the private room for her “massage,” she was all primed and ready to go. Only when Eduardo came in, he was carrying the clothes she’d shed when she first came in in favor of the fluffy snow-white terrycloth robe all the clients received for a full service beauty treatments.

“What’s this?” Her heart lodged in her throat. Was he ending this? A thousand reasons why ran through her head, but she refused to hang on to any one of them. Damn it all to hell and back, she needed this!

“Your clothes.” There was no indication of his motives in his answer, just a matter of factness that was infuriating.


Begging for him to take her over the edge was one thing. She would be damned if she was going to beg him before he even touched her. Not in a situation like this. Clutching the robe she’d been about to take off, she hopped off the table, humiliation heating her face. No way she could come back here again. She was going to have to find another full-service spa. One that could do African American hair, which was going to be hard to come by....

“You are upset.” Man, this guy was really the king of understatement.

Didn’t mean she was going to admit it. “No, I am fine. But I think it’s best I leave.”

“As much as I love our time here, I was thinking it might be more comfortable in the appropriate setting. Like a bed? Just think of how much more fun we could have if we had more room, space and toys.”

Toys? Oh, hell, yeah. The third Wednesday had just gotten even better.



The end...?










BOOK: The Third Wednesday
8.61Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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