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is command conjured all sorts of shocking scenarios. She hesitated. It wasn’t as if she hadn’t walked the wild side with Simon. But sexting, phone play, even their little tryst outside the Redwood Room didn’t have the face-to-face intimacy this could have. He wanted her to touch herself while he watched. It thrilled her, yes, and it petrified her inhibited self. What if she did it wrong? What if he didn’t like it? What if she looked stupid?

But what if she did it right and he totally got off on it? Her blood warmed to the possibilities, and her nipples tightened as she imagined him hot and bothered behind her, wanting her but her refusing to allow him to touch her while she came. And it would serve him right, because her feelings still stung from his phone call with Mandy.

“How?” she breathlessly asked.

Simon stood, reached across her, and tilted the large oval mirror toward her, then—with her still on the little stool—he pulled her away from the dressing table, so that she was completely visible in the mirror.

“I’ll show you,” he promised as he pulled a chair up behind her stool and sat down. Pulling her snugly between his thighs, he caught her stare and smiled, anticipating the show in his front-row seat.

The air sizzled and snapped with energy around them. Katy bit her bottom lip, fighting the urge to beg him to touch her. “Don’t take your eyes off me unless I tell you to,” he commanded.

Afraid her voice would betray her desperation, Katy nodded. It would always be like this. He would lead and she would follow. And that, she decided, was not a weakness but a revelation. She loved when this man stared at her with this intensity. His nostrils flared, his pupils dilated, his honed features that a hunter. He wanted her as desperately as she wanted him.


That was how he made her feel. He was all things primal. Powerful, lethal, the epitome of male, and for the moment, all hers.

“Spread your legs.”

A little squeak of surprise escaped her. Knees shaking, she spread her legs. His gaze dropped. His erection surged behind her. “Cinderella,” he said, “your pussy is so sweet and pink.” The warm percussion of his words flirted with her sensitive skin. “And wet. You should see it.”

She started to look down but his sharp command stopped her. “Not until I say you can.”

“Sorry,” she rasped as she looked into his simmering eyes. Her hands twitched in her lap.

“Touch your nipples.”

Not breaking gazes with him, Katy pressed her fingertips to each of her nipples. They were hard and so very sensitive. Her back bowed.

“Stroke them. Slowly.”

She did. Her pussy clenched. Her breathing accelerated.

“Pluck them, Cinderella, slowly like the strings of a harp.”

Swallowing hard, Katy plucked them. The urge to look at her hands on herself was overwhelming.

Simon’s cock behind her was just as impatient for a peek. “Look, Kat, look how pretty a picture that is.”

When she looked and saw herself plucking and strumming her hard nipples, and took in Simon’s voracious emerald eyes on her, she nearly came.

“Cup your tits.”

She did as commanded.

“Squeeze them.”

She squeezed them.

“I want to suck them.”

“I want you to suck them,” she confessed, squirming on the stool.

“I will,” he promised.

“Look at me, Simon,” Katy commanded softly. The words slipped from her lips before she could call them back. But when his eyes immediately caught hers in the mirror, power zinged through her. Plucking her nipples, she bit her bottom lip, relishing the sensation. Capitalizing on his undivided attention, she asked, “Why did you tell her you were at work?”

His eyes narrowed, but he didn’t hesitate with his answer. “It’s easier than arguing.”

She pinched her nipples, gasping in pleasured pain. His eyes widened, and his cock flexed between her ass cheeks. “Why an argument?”

He pressed hotly into her back. “It’s complicated.”

She slid her hands down to where his rested on the armrests of his chair. Entwining her fingers through his, she brought his hands up and around to her breasts. His fingers sampled her fullness. “Kat,” he breathed, fighting his desire to take her.

Leaving her tits in his capable hands, Katy took control. Gliding her hands down her belly she pressed them to the inside of each knee and spread her legs wider. Holding Simon’s eyes in the mirror, she cocked a brow and asked, “Did you like fucking her?”

His full sensuous lips turned up into a naughty smile. “Not nearly as much as I like fucking you.”

Sliding her fingertips along her swollen wet seam, Katy hissed. She couldn’t help a glance down. She was soaking wet, but the vision of her fingers stroking her hard clitoris turned her on harder.

“That’s beautiful,” Simon rasped in her ear. “Slide a finger in.”

She did and they moaned in unison. His body was hard and demanding behind her.

“Move it in and out slowly, Kat.”

She did, and the sensation coupled with the juicy sound pushed her to the edge of her seat.

“With your other hand, stroke your clit.”

It took her a few seconds to get the rhythm right, but when she did, the feeling she generated kicked up her need another notch. Pressing her back into his chest, Katy arched and pushed her head into the corner of his neck and shoulder. His fingers plucked her nipples aggressively. It hurt so damn good.

“Why do you like fucking me more?” She gasped when he pinched her nipples. “Oh, Jesus, Simon, that feels good.”

His teeth grazed a path from her jaw to the crook of her neck. “Because I never felt about her like I feel about you.” He bit her soft skin, and the building orgasm jettisoned through her.

“Simon,” she cried, as her fingertips strummed her clit faster. Her body shook and shimmied, wild and wanton. Simon’s hands squeezed her breasts as he pumped behind her, his bite hold on her neck relentless.

She was gulping for air as her orgasm subsided. Simon stood, yanking her up with him. He spun her around as he sat back down, pulling her onto him, then spearing her with his rock-hard cock. Digging her fingers into his shoulders, Katy cried out, the erotic sensation of his ramming into her, hitting home, and his fingers biting into her ass as he ground up into her, nothing short of mind-shattering.

Wildly they thrashed against each other, demanding what they so desperately wanted. It was more than sex, it was an offering of body and soul by two people who acknowledged that they were emotionally connected.

Melding into him as another tidal wave rose within her, Katy cried out in pleasured pain again. It was the only way to relieve the pressure of the sensory overload Simon created within her. Hungrily, his lips locked on to a nipple and he sucked it deeply into his mouth. It was her undoing. With the fragility of fine crystal smashing into concrete, he destroyed her.

“Simon,” she gasped hoarsely. “Harder.”

His fingers bit down and he rammed himself so deeply into her that she literally felt as if she had died a thousand deaths and gone to heaven. It was always like that with him, and as it was, she lost yet another piece of her heart to him.

He had the power to hurt her more deeply than anyone in her life ever had.

And even now, even with her body, heart, and soul rejoicing at being in his arms, some small part of her knew he was going to.





h, my God, Simon,” Katy panted. “That was crazy.”

They clung together, connected as man and woman, each fighting for breath.

Releasing her ass, Simon’s hands clasped her head as his lips dipped down to hers. He kissed her slow, long, and hard. Such an intimate gesture. Reverent really, as if he were trying to tell her without words how he felt. And if Katy could trust her instincts, Simon was just as moved by the power of their lovemaking as she was.

It could never be replicated with another man.

Wrapping her arms tightly around his neck, Katy pressed forcefully into him, wanting the imprint of his skin on hers and hers on him. Simon moaned, deepening his kiss.

Tears welled. She didn’t want to get all emotional, not in front of him. It would scare a man like Simon off. He wasn’t the kind of man who did relationships. Not the kind of relationship she wanted. There was something inside of him, despite his relentless pursuit of her that held him back. There was no chance for them beyond what they had now.

A tear escaped, landing on their lips. Simon pulled slightly away from her, holding her face in his hands, his gaze searching hers. “Why the tears, princess?” He swiped it away with his thumb and kissed its trail to her eyelid, even as more tears fell.

“Happy after great sex tears, I guess,” she said, trying to laugh it off, but he wasn’t fooled.

great sex.” He smiled and slowly stood with her still impaled on him. Carefully he lifted her off him, and set her down on wobbly legs. Holding her in the circle of his arms, he asked, “You okay?”

“Yes, but now I need another shower,” she complained, wanting to stay in his arms but wanting to make the break before he did. She was feeling extremely vulnerable at the moment and any type of rejection, perceived or otherwise, would do her in. She hated feeling weak like that, but with her history, it was hard to let go of.

He smacked her on the ass. “Hurry up, I could eat a damn elephant.”

“I doubt we’ll find an elephant in Napa Valley.”

“I don’t care what we find, I just need to eat so I can have my way with you again.”



Thirty minutes later, Katy stood in front of a scowling Simon. “What?” she asked, pirouetting. “Don’t you like my dress?”

“That’s more like a postage stamp.”

“It’s a little linen sheath dress.”

“It’s a little linen come-fuck-me dress.”

Katy laughed, and slipped on her heels.

His scowl deepened. “With come-fuck-me shoes,” he growled.

She rose up on her toes and kissed his stern lips. “I guess you’ll just have to guard the honeypot and make sure you’re the only one who fucks me tonight.”

He didn’t kiss her back. “Damn it, Kat, I can see the outline of your nipples through that fabric.”

“No, you can’t.” Grabbing her little purse, she decided to leave her cell phone in the room. There was no one and nothing she would allow to interrupt her second date with the man of her dreams. When Simon slid his cell phone into his back jeans pocket, she bit back a comment.

He was a cop, she told herself. And he was the kind of cop that when duty called, he answered.

As they exited the Victorian, Simon took her hand. She looked up at him and smiled and her heart beat a little faster when he smiled warmly down at her.

They were just a block from downtown St. Helena. As they rounded the corner onto Main Street, the aromas wafting from the restaurants had her salivating.

“Oh my, it all smells so good.”

He guided her into the first place they came upon, a cozy bistro with the most amazing scents. It was a small, intimately lit restaurant, and busy. As they waited to be seated, Katy felt the heavy stares of a few well-dressed men seated at the oak wine bar, and Simon’s stiffened response to their interest. She squeezed his hand and thankfully the hostess came then to guide them to a comfortable table, with a crescent-shaped upholstered seat. Settling her into the seat, Simon pulled his cell from his back pocket, set it on the table, then slid in beside her.

“May I start you off with a glass of wine?” the hostess asked.

“I’d like a glass of Cab, Silver Oak Napa if you have it,” Katy answered.

“I’ll have a glass of your oldest Macallan, neat,” Simon said.

“Coming right up,” the hostess said happily.

Just as she walked away, Simon’s phone vibrated.

Katy’s stomach did a belly flop when she saw that it was Mandy. Simon hit ignore and moved the phone to his left, away from her.

“Simon,” Katy began, “I have to say something, and you may not like it.”

His fingers drummed on the linen tablecloth. Was he irritated with her? If he wasn’t, he probably would be after she told him she was drawing the exclusivity line.

“I doubt you could say anything that would upset me, Cinderella.” His eyes were warm and though he kept a wary eye on the group of men at the bar who stole occasional looks their way, he seemed to be dealing with it.

Taking a deep breath, she held it for a second before she exhaled, and hoped she wasn’t asking too much from him too soon. But she had her boundaries and she was not going to back away from this one very important stance.

His phone vibrated again. He ignored it. Again. Their drinks arrived. Raising his glass of Scotch, he said, “Here’s to us.”

Smiling, Katy said, “To us.” And sipped her wine.

His cell phone vibrated again. Frustrated, he threw back his glass of Scotch, grabbed his phone, and said, “I’m sorry, I need to take this.”

Crestfallen and feeling foolish, Katy nodded. As he walked away she heard him say, “I told you I was working.”

Ten minutes later she was still sitting at the table. Alone. Her wineglass was empty and so was she. Grabbing her purse, she walked to the bar, and caught the bartender’s attention. “I’d like to pay my bill, please.”

“Allow me,” said one of the men who had been staring at her earlier.

Katy smiled politely. “No, thank you.” He was tall, good looking, well dressed, and he smelled good. BS—Before Simon—she would have been intrigued. Now she was annoyed.

“It’s the least I can do for a stranded beautiful lady.”

“Again, thank you, but no.”

“Can I at least buy you a drink? I promise not to desert you.” He smiled and moved in a little closer. “A woman like you deserves a man’s undivided attention.”

Katy shook her head. When her suitor moved in closer and touched her bare arm, she shivered. Something he probably mistook for excitement rather than anger. The man she wanted was outside calming a woman down, a woman he claimed he had no feelings for, while she was forced to sit at a table feeling like a total reject. Then she had to be hit on at the bar when all she wanted was to pay the damn bill and go back to her room.

“You feel it, too?” Romeo breathed, his wine breath insulting her senses.

“I don’t want to make a scene,” Katy started.

“I have no problem making one,” Simon said. Grabbing Romeo’s hand, he twisted his arm behind his back and slammed him face-first into the oak bar. Simon leaned over him and said menacingly, “Touch her again and I’ll break every fucking bone in your body.”

The guy said something, his words muffled. No one moved to defend the guy including his buddies or the bartender who stood silent. Simon reached into his pocket with his other hand, pulled out a hundred-dollar bill and tossed it onto the bar top, shoved the guy harder into the oak, grasped Katy by the elbow, and escorted her from the building. As soon as they were free of prying eyes, she yanked her arm from his grasp.

“Don’t touch me,” she spat.

Simon blinked like an owl, confused by her treatment.

“Don’t touch you? That guy touched you!”

“At least he was there, paying attention to me, not outside on the phone with a woman he claims he has no feelings for!”

She pushed past him and strode away angrily.

He caught up with her and reached out, but when she threw him a murderous glare he retracted his hand.

“I’m sorry, Kat. I didn’t mean to be on the phone so long.”

She stopped and whirled on him. “You should not have answered at all.”

“I can’t not answer.”

answer!” She turned and kept going. “What is it, Simon? What does she have on you?”


“Bullshit. She’s using your guilt like a choke collar and you’re the obedient puppy. She jerks it and you come to heel.”

He had no rejoinder.

“Hah, I’m right! Well, guess what, Simon who won’t even tell me his last name? Go to hell!”


“Don’t Katrina me! You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me, Simon. For God’s sake, I’m falling in love with you!” His eyes widened at her declaration. It surprised her, too, but hell, it was true and she wasn’t going to play games. “Puleeze, don’t act so surprised. I’m sure that isn’t the first and it certainly won’t be the last time that a woman has said that to you.”

“It’s the first time I wanted to hear it,” he said roughly.

She stopped, her knees trembling. What did that mean? He reached for her again but she waved him off. He wasn’t going to charm his way back this time. She was going to say what she had to say.

“I can deal with the fact that you won’t tell me your last name. I believed you when you told me you weren’t married, even when you have a ball and chain icon named Jen on your phone and she told me she’s your wife!” She rolled her eyes and shook her head. “Good God, how stupid does that make me?” She poked him in the chest. He winced. She didn’t feel bad about hitting his wound; it seemed only fair. “Well, I may be stupid, and I may have naïve stamped all over my body, but I will not, not even for you, take a backseat to another woman regardless of how innocent, complicated, or platonic your relationship with her is.”

He stood staring at her as a mixture of emotions flashed across his face. Confusion, frustration, and, of course he would not be Simon if he didn’t look at her with a desire that said he wanted to slam her against the glass storefront and fuck her to the moon and back on Main Street.

BOOK: The Truth
9.78Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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