The Tycoon and his Honey Pot

BOOK: The Tycoon and his Honey Pot





The Tycoon and his Honey Pot




 Sabel Simmons



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This is a work of
fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either products of the
author’s imagination or used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or
locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


Chapter One


A smile
hovered appreciatively on his wide mouth, his eyes caressed down the long naked
legs, and half naked butt cheeks that peeked out from the very tiny pair of
denim shorts.  He followed the long lean, yet curvy thighs and shapely calves
to her feet, encased in a pair of Cat boots with glittering eyes.

was bent over with her butt in the air, her head buried in the engine of the V8
1972 Chevrolet Camaro, those deliciously sexy hips swinging on the beat of
like to move it
, blaring on the radio.  She leaned over even further and
the tiny shorts pulled even higher up between her butt cheeks and his breath
strangled loudly in his throat, his shaft rising slowly in his jeans.

shot upright at the sound, hitting her head against the bonnet and his smile
widened at her, “Ouch Damn it!” and then all his blood shot south so fast he
nearly doubled over when she turned around, rubbing the back of her head. 

eyes started at her feet, up those amazing firm and long legs, hesitated at the
top where they disappeared in the frayed shorts and burned over her tight
stomach. His breath wheezed out slowly and his eyes ate up the flesh peeking
from between the open edges of the white shirt negligently tied low on her
waist, leaving her torso and her firm round breasts, covered by a purple satin
bra, open to his gaze.  His smile broadened when he noticed her nipples tighten
even over the distance and his mouth watered, wondering what they looked like …
tasted like.

Unwillingly he moved from those delicious mounds up her chest to hesitate on
her coral colored lips, pressed in a tight line, but with a bottom lip that
still puffed out lusciously.  Her nose was sweet, small and eyes that shot
silver fire at him.  She had the most beautiful almond shaped silver grey eyes,
framed with thick, long black lashes.  Her hair was of medium length and dark
blond with natural highlights and worn in a tousled just wake up style. She was
all honey, from the top of her tousled hair to the soles of her feet.

took his breath away and he smiled even more at her furious glare.

enough, mister?”  Her voice triggered a further surge of arousal to his shaft;
soft, husky … sex in a sound.

nearly, honey.  Care to show me more?”

nearly swallowed her tongue and anger shivered down her spine.  How dare he
undress her with his eyes?  She saw his eyes dip to her chest once again and
looking down nearly groaned out loud.  She forced her hands to remain on her
hips and not clutch the edges of her shirt together.  The buttons must have
popped open and the shirt gaped open, leaving her bare to his eyes. 

refused to let him embarrass or intimidate her and her eyes involuntary thrilled
down his muscled frame.  He was tall, probably close to six feet two with black
hair, cut short and spiky.  His eyebrows were dark and slightly curved over
eyes as black as the night. His straight nose was perfectly balanced over a
wide mouth with sensual narrow lips and a chiseled square jaw above a strong
wide neck. His muscled shoulders were impossibly wide and carried through into
muscled arms and chest that narrowed in a torso she was sure favored a six
pack.  His hips were narrow and he had long strongly muscled legs.  The thought
crossed her mind that he must be a body guard or bouncer at a club. Her eyes
shot back to his eyes when she recognized the bulge in his pants and cursed the
heat surging to her loins when his laughing eyes caught her stare.

eyebrows rose, the sensual smile revealing a row of strong white teeth and she
ground hers in response.

you looking for something in particular?”  His broadening smile warned her what
was coming.

honey … I found a hell of a lot more than I came looking for.”  

sauntered closer until he stood a mere step away from her but she refused to cower
in front of him and straightened to her full five feet seven and glared at him.

assured, mister.  You have found nothing that is available!”

eyes dipped to her satin covered breasts and she gasped when he lifted a hand
and flipped his finger against her protruding, tightly budded nipple. His eyes
caught hers again, but his smile was no more.

you sure, honey?”

lifted her arms to ward him off with her hands on his hard chest and her palms heated
instantaneously.  He stepped into her and pressed his hips against hers with
his hands around her waist.

away from me!”  But her voice had lost its heat and came out in a breathless whisper.
He whispered back, his breath hot, a mere centimeter from her mouth.

if your body gave me the same order, maybe I would …”

leaned closer and his lips feathered over hers and it was heat … hot, sizzling
heat that shot through her the moment their lips met. He measured her lips with
his, slowly caressing from side to side.  His tongue traced the full bottom lip
to nudge in between for entry.

loud crash outside the garage door pulled them apart and they stood staring at
each other, breathing shallowly.  She pushed him away and stomped to the other
side of the Camaro, glaring at him.

think you better leave!”

hot gaze travelled down the length of her and slowly back up, smiling at her
nipples that were still straining tightly against the satin bra. He turned and
sauntered to the side door from where he entered. He smiled at her over his
shoulder just before he disappeared.

we meet again, honey.”

sounded too much like a promise for Brooklyn’s peace of mind.   She grabbed the
edges of her shirt together and furiously buttoned it up.

“Audacious jerk!” 

“Brooklyn in a
mood again, Michael?”  Lucas Gibson asked his friend laughingly; watching the
anger flash over his face, every time the driver of the Camaro he watched, raced
around the track and did something ridiculously irresponsible.

am going to wring her bloody neck!”

as violent as I remember.  I thought you started to mellow with age?”

back stiffened, noticed the surprise in Lucas’s eyes and the wide smile as he
stormed past him. He turned to watch him embrace the large, dark haired man in
a bear hug.  He shook his head and his smile was just as happy.  He took his
turn and hugged his old friend and slapped him on the back.

and high water!  I never thought to see this day!  It was about time you hauled
you out of that office and joined the world of the living!”

only all of us could have a carefree existence such as yours! How the hell are
you, Mickey?”

be better, especially now that I know I aged better than you did!” 

sparred back and forth until a screech of tires and a tearing sound turned
their attention back to the track.  Michael went pale.

that bloody woman crazy?” 

plucked the earpiece back in his ear and shouted in the receiver end.  “Get off
his ass, your idiot!  If he brakes you’ll be gone!”

followed the red Camaro the hot honey worked on in the garage, around the track
and started to search around the pits for any sight of her, only to laugh when
Michael fell down in a chair, his head in his hands.

seemed slightly troubled my friend … and ageing as we speak!”

speared him an annoyed glare, jumped up and stood staring at the track again. 
Mason looked at Lucas questioningly, who just shrugged with a smile.

his own fault.  He allowed her to start racing and now he has to suffer the
consequences.  On days like this when her temper is up she boarders on being reckless
and he grows gray hair.” Mason frowned … her?

… if you don’t back off his ass RIGHT NOW, this is your last race!  Holy Shit!  BEE!”
Michael shouted at the driver.

Camaro was a hair breath away from the Bentley in front of it, and Mason winced
when the Bentley slammed on brakes, expecting the Camaro to crash into it, but clearly
the driver expected it and continued to push the Bentley relentlessly. Only
when they neared a sharp bend in the track did the Camaro back off slightly and
with a screech of tires shot past the Bentley on the wide side when it rounded
the bend hugging the inside of the track.

that point the race was over. The Camaro sped away from the Bentley at such a
speed it appeared to come to a standstill.

laughed and slapped Michael on the shoulder.  “You don’t seem to have much
control over your Bee, my friend.”

growled and waved him to follow, grumbling as they went.  “The day she ever
listens is the day hell freezers over!” 

waited for the Camaro to stop next to them. Lucas went around the car to assist
the driver to climb from the window.  He stood shaking his head when he was
grabbed in a hug.

was still angry and said to Mason, “You can have her! I’ll be too happy to pass
her on to you … she needs someone to master that willfulness of hers!”


bloody sister!  You need a damn hiding, Bee!  How the hell will I explain to
Mom you had an accident on a race track when they don’t even know you own a
bloody racing car?”

pulled the helmet from her head and shook her hair out and Mason’s heart stopped. 
God damn!  The hot honey pot was his army buddy’s sister! Then he smiled

turned around to charm her brother with a smile and froze when her eyes met the
crooked smile of the jerk in the garage.  She nearly swallowed her smile it
turned into a grimace that quickly.

down, Michael, I won didn’t I?”

not about winning!  You could have been killed!  What the hell was the matter
with you out there?”

glare fell on the grinning jerk next to him and he got the message nice and
clear. She turned to Michael and tried to pacify him again.

really; do you have to carry on so in front of strangers?”

looked around with a frown and glared back at her, at which Mason burst out

“What strangers?” and her “Stop laughing you jerk!” were uttered at the same
time and Michael stiffened.

Have you lost your manners along the way as well?” 

blushed, angry that he berated her like a teenager in front of the muscled, hot
and steamy brute that kissed her socks off not so long ago.

Mason my friend.  This is my very rude and willful sister, Bee … and my offer
still stands … you can have her! She sure as hell doesn’t listen to me!”  Bee’s
mouth dropped open.

… you know this je … guy?”  Lucas draped his arm around her shoulder, slapped
Mason on the arm and smiled down at her.

our Platoon Admiral when we were in the army.  Best man there is to have by
your side. Meet Mason Sheppard”

startled visibly and her voice was soft when she asked, “You’re … Mason

nodded and enjoyed the red flush that spread over her cheeks.  “The … I don’t
remember you ever mentioning a Mason … what do you mean he can have me?” She
sputtered at her brother.

remember him as Mace … I am done Bee.  You will not come near this track in
that car again.  Not until you can prove to me you are responsible.”

Mickey, don’t be like this.  I was just a little … uptight.”

you should know better than to get in a car to race!  You are not a child
anymore.  You keep telling me that!  So act like a grown-up!”

realized she was getting angry and stepped in to prevent a full on war between
the siblings.

… thanks, I think I’ll take you up on the offer and take her off your hands. 
Seeing as I was the reason for her being … uptight in the first place.”

both swung at him; Bee with an outraged gasp and Michael with a raised
eyebrow.  Mason just grinned, and lifted an eyebrow at her.


am not your honey!”

… but you surely tas …”

well! I’ll go with you,” she hastily interrupted before the impudent jerk made
their first meeting public … and to her brother of all people!  Who, of course,
watched the interaction between them with interest, rather than taking him to
task for his familiarity towards her, his own blood!

took her hand and pulled her with him, striding in the direction of the
restaurant.  Brooklyn had to run to keep up with him.

down!  I don’t have stilts for legs!”

shortened his strides, but kept walking and only looked at her when they sat
across from each other in a very secluded corner in the restaurant. She glared
at him and that irritating grin curved his lips.

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