The Tycoon and his Honey Pot (10 page)

BOOK: The Tycoon and his Honey Pot

lowered his head and kissed her hard.  He pushed past her lips to feed greedily
from her mouth. Again she was helpless in his arms and moaned when she wrapped
her arms around his back and held on to him, kissing him back just as deeply.

… far be it from me to interrupt you, brother dear, but we were wondering if we
are ever going to be fed tonight?”

pulled away from her lips and stared warningly into her eyes.  He slipped his
arm around her waist and turned towards his brother.  He pulled her tight
against his side at the same time.

eyes widened when Brooklyn came into view.  He pointed a crooked finger at her.

is Brooklyn? Michael’s sister?”

nodded; a grim smile on his lips.  Tiaan swiped an appreciative glance down her
body and slowly back up and Mason stiffened next to her.

warned, little brother … I will have no compunction pushing my fist in your
face.  Keep your eyes to yourself!”

stared at her with a flabbergasted expression on his face.  Charles appeared
behind him and his eyes also swept down her body.  She wore a tight black top
with spaghetti straps holding it up and skinny jeans with black sneakers.  Her
face was lightly made up, with her usual tousled hair and swollen lips from
Mason’s kiss, she took their breath’s away.

growled, deliberately drawing their attention to him.  Charles, of course, was
the clown of the family and he laughed at Mason.

Mace, with a face and a body like that; you should be used to men staring and wanting
her all the time.”

my own damn family, I don’t!  Tiaan, you are asking for a fist on your nose!”

eventually pulled his eyes from Brooklyn and focused on Mason.

she is also … Zita?  God, I would never have guessed!  How did you?”

jaw tightened and his grip around her waist became painful and she winced.  He
looked down at her and realizing what he did, smoothed his fingers over the
bruise he caused.  He leaned down and kissed her briefly on her lips.  He
whispered against her lips.  “Smile, honey.”

he pulled away she looked at the two men gaping at them and could not help but
smile.  Mason and Tiaan were not identical twins, but they had similar
features, with Mason slightly taller and Tiaan leaner than his brother. 
Charles was tall, tanned and had sandy colored hair.  She wondered if there
were any males in their family that was not attractive.

I’d like to know is why neither of you had started cooking yet?  It is not as
though you are strangers to my house!”

still kept glancing at Brooklyn and muttered at Charles. 

… I should have paid more attention to Michael’s little sister when I used to
visit them while they were in the army!”

glared at him and Brooklyn gasped.

I remember!  You always used to bring letters to our house!”

and you used to be so happy you always hugged and kissed me.  How about a hug
and a kiss now?”

laughed.  “But I was fifteen years old and you were always irritated with me
when I did it then!”

me … I won’t be now!”   He moved towards her and Mason pulled her slightly
behind him and glared at his brother.

push your luck, Tiaan!”

only want to welcome her to the family, Mason.  What is so wrong with that?”

slipped past Mason while Tiaan kept ribbing him and pulled Brooklyn away from
him into his arms and hugged and kissed her on the cheek.

to the family, Brooklyn.  Dunno what this old bear’s problem is.  He never
minded us kissing his other chicks.”

nearly ripped her arm out of its socket he pulled her out of Charles’ arms so
quickly.  He folded both his arms possessively around her from behind. His eyes
shot bullets at his laughing cousin and brother.

she is not a chick and nor are we twenty years old!  Keep your hands off her …
both of you.  Go and get the fire going so we can eat at some point tonight

walked up the stairs towards them with her luggage and Mason told him to take it
up to his room and to ask Liza, the housekeeper, to unpack them.

and Charles looked at each other and then at Mason.  Tiaan was the brave one to
put a voice to their question.

is moving in?  Here?”

glared at him and nodded.  Tiaan looked at Brooklyn and smiled broadly.  She
frowned at him with a question in her eyes.

shrugged.  “You are the first woman he has ever brought to his house, let alone
asked to move in with him.  I wonder what Mom is going to have to say about

started laughing then and Tiaan joined in.  Mason’s lips curved in a wry smile,
knowing how happy his mother would be at the prospect of a daughter in law and
that was exactly how she would view Brooklyn moving in with him.  Tiaan stopped
laughing and frowned down at Brooklyn.

did your parents say about this, Brooklyn?  If I remember correctly, they were
very protective of their little girl.”

blushed and glanced briefly at Mason, realizing she has not even given them any
thought.  Mason however shrugged and smiled at his brother.

saw them this afternoon and they are happy enough about it. As a matter of
fact, I invited them to lunch on Sunday next.”  He looked down at her, ignoring
her dazed expression and lifted his eyebrows.

guess we can just as well invite my parents also.”

on Sunday next?  Great, Tiaan, will you pick me up on the way here?”

glared at his cousin.  “You two are not invited.”

it, big brother!  There is no way we are missing out on this lunch!  I hope you
bought the ring already … nothing less is going to be expected by Mom!”

looked between them, hope bubbling inside her, but burst immediately when his
cold eyes swept down her body.  He drew her with him to the back patio and said
scathingly over his shoulder.

moving in does not automatically spell marriage.  The quicker you and Mom
realize that, the better.”

and Charles just laughed at that, but followed them to the patio, where Mason
opened the gas barbeque and started the fire, telling his ‘little brother’ to
go and fetch the meat from the kitchen. He was only five minutes older than
Tiaan, but they always called one another big and little brother.

would you like to drink, Brooklyn?  We are bear drinkers, except for Mace who
is a whiskey man, but he has a fully stocked bar, so name your poison.”

some dry white wine, please.” 

went inside to fetch their drinks and Brooklyn turned to Mason.

you really see my parents?”

speared a hard glare at her.   “I never fib, Brooklyn.  Yes, I did.”

… what did you tell them?”

was silent for so long she didn’t think he was going to answer, but then he
turned to her and looked directly into her eyes.

told them that I made you mine and that I will never let you go.  That you are
moving in here and I wanted to inform them of it before it happened.”

… you told them that!  What did they say?”

is between them and me.”

can’t believe you told them you and I … that we …”

barked a short laugh.  “You are nearly twenty eight years old, honey.  I highly
doubt your parents believed you to still be a virgin.”

blushed, remembering her rebellious stage when she was eighteen.  They believed
her to have lost her virginity then already.

did you even bother to go and tell them?”

is my best friend and I have known your parents for years.  Whatever I may
think of you … I respect them and they deserved to know.”

did we never meet?”

were still in school and I had no interest in blushing and rebellious high
school girls.   Besides, Michael would have clobbered me.  When we came back
from the army, Michael and I hit the race circuit and I started on my career
and completed my doctorate.  The times I did go to your house, you were off
with friends and I suppose eventually you moved out and we just never arrived
there at the same time.”

returned with their drinks brought an end to her questions.  Mason has been
friends with Michael for probably twenty years and it was unbelievable that
they never met.

brought the meat and joined Mason at the barbeque, assisting him with loading
the meat on the grill.  Their murmured voices hummed in the background.  She
took a sip of her wine and slowly slid down on one of the comfortable patio
couches.  Her eyes caught a middle aged woman walking in the direction of the kitchen
and rose to ask if there was something she could assist with.

is under control, Missy.  Mason asked only for salads and rolls and everything
is done, except for the Greek salad.” 

was older than she appeared at first and was probably over sixty already, a
real motherly type.  She smiled at Brooklyn. 

am so glad he found you.  It is high time someone shares this massive place and
his life with him.”

returned her smile.  “Please call me Brooklyn.  If you don’t mind, I would like
to help with the salad?”

realized within minutes of her leaving that she was no longer there and waited
another five minutes before he went looking for her, ignoring the ribbing of
his siblings.

wondered how long he was going to hold out!”

… five minutes more than I thought!”

stopped in the arch leading into the kitchen and watched Brooklyn chopping
tomatoes, smiling and chatting to Liza.  She looked relaxed and at home … as if
she belonged here.  He knew there and then … that no matter what was going to
happen in the future, he meant it when he told her he would never let her go.
Liza noticed him and beamed at him.

Mason … she is lovely.  I am so happy there is another female to talk to at

here I thought you loved me, Liza.”

do, your naughty boy, but you need someone to watch over you too.”

smiled at her and sauntered closer to Brooklyn, stopped behind her and wrapped
his arms around her waist.  He tugged her back against his hard body and she
gulped.  She bit her lip as heat immediately rushed through her body.

he forever have this effect on her? Even when his eyes flashed cold and
lustful, with no feelings involved?

nuzzled her neck and her hands started shaking.  She dropped the knife and her
fingers curled in fists.  Liza tsk’ed and took everything from her and turned
to the island in the middle of the kitchen to finish the salad.

breathed her fresh scent in his nostrils and his body tightened even more, his
arousal already fully swollen and hard against her soft behind.  He stroked his
lips slowly down the side of her neck and licked the love mark still deep
purple in the curve of her neck.  His breath whispered warmly in her ear.

love that you don’t hide my mark from people’s eyes, honey.  Shall I give you
another, or make this one bigger?” 

didn’t wait for her response, but pulled her with him to the den ensconced in
darkness.  The minute he pushed her against the wall just inside the room, he
pulled one of the spaghetti straps off her shoulder and bared her breast to his
hungry mouth. His lips closed over the hard nub.  He pulled it deep into his
mouth and sucked hard, her moan loud in the quiet room. Heat flushed from where
he sucked her aching flesh down her body to pool between her legs, wetting her
panties.  She ground her hips against his.

growled and his mouth moved to the outer side of her breast and drew the soft
skin deep into his mouth, sucking hard, marking her with hard, deep tugs on her
skin.  His mouth moved slowly back over her breast, licked her nipple briefly
and let a trail of heat over her chest to close his lips over the dark purple
mark on her neck.  He sucked the skin there into his mouth again and forced a
helpless moan from her lips at the intensity of the desire shooting down her
body to settle in her core.

… you better come and judge the meat.  You know how finicky you are.  Mace …
where are you?”

slowly stopped sucking her neck and left a brief kiss in its wake.  He pulled
the strap of her top back over her shoulder and looked into her passion filled
eyes.  He smiled wryly.  

matter what happened … you will never be able to deny me this.”

took her hand and drew her with him back to the kitchen, ignoring her desperate
yanking to be released.  Tiaan smiled broadly when they walked back into the
kitchen, his eyes dropped to the mark in her neck still wet from Mason’s mouth.

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