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Appendix of the Named:


Arkam Icebreath:              Ice Lancer Champion, Cedric Reinhold.  Control of Mind; Sensor (Class 2) and Element (Ice, Class 3)


Aren’Fel              Master Templar of the Highren’Dol. Gifted in Body, Strength (Class 4)


Arleena Poggintop              Edward Poggintop's sister. Gifted in Spirit, Vision (Class 1)


Auralee:              Student, Prosidium of the Arcane.  Cedric Reinhold.


Aurora Arclight:              Empress Aurora, ruler of Cloudkeep Kingdom.  Class five Psionicist.  Fighting to rid the world of men.


Bauth’Dok              A race of humanoids.  Once human, since mutated by radiation of the metal that drives their society, trexalite.  Live in the Ril’Kaloth Mountains. 


Belkin Reinhold              Oric Reinhold’s son, Age of Creation.


Bo Hancock:              Student, Prosidium of the Arcane.  Cedric Reinhold.


Bram:              Avatar of War.  Rumored to be the son of a God.  Preclass.  Ability to manipulate and alter time.


Brandon Pike:              Man born with a Red Star tattoo on his upper forehead.  Magics still unclear.  Healer.


Byron Copron               Chief Officer, Prosidium of the Arcane, Council member, Council of the Red Lion, Cedric Reinhold


Cedric Reinhold:              Lord Cedric Reinhold, ruler of Karpathos Kingdom.  Extremely intelligent battle tactician and strategist.  The main military commander in the fight against Empress Aurora.  Red Banner of the Lion.


Charlotte Firefist              Voice of the Gifted, Council member, Council of the Red Lion, Cedric Reinhold. Gifted of Mind; Elemental (Water, Class 4).


Corinne Allenmay:              Messenger for the Council of Wisdom, Empress Aurora.  Class two Illusionist.


Darla Blackwall:              First Lieutenant, Black Moon Brigade of Blade Maidens, Empress Aurora.


Davis Polmin:              Messenger, Council of the King, Cedric Reinhold.


Edward Poggintop:              Reader of Prophecy for Mayor Hancock, Greylin.  Control of Mind, Psionic (Class 3) and Sensor (Class 3)

Felinda Tamrin:              Officer of the Treasury, Council member, Council of the Red Lion, Cedric Reinhold

Florian:                                          Human Taskmaster, Caverns of Ril’Kaloth, Bauth’Dok City.

Flower:              Empress Aurora, High Guard Soldier.  Body, Double Enhance, Strength (Class 3) and Dexterity (Class 4)


Gablin Glasseye                            Lesser Visionary, Age of War


Galadin Bloodbark:                            Elven, Lieutenant General, Legion of Archers, Cedric Reinhold.


Gamm Burockus                            Major General, Infantry, Army of the Red Lion, Cedric Reinhold


Garvin Windtalker:              Seer of the Council of Kings, Age of Creation.  Wrote a prophecy concerning the Red Star.


Gretchen Lomire:              Commander General of the Blade Maidens, Scarlet Brigade, Empress Aurora.  Body, Triple Enhance, Speed (Class 2), Dexterity (Class 4), and Strength (Class 3)

Harold Kinna                                          Also known as the Boatman. Preclass.

Henna Rollins              Sec. Urban Landscape and Development, Council member, Council of the Red Lion, Cedric Reinhold

Hion Starseer:              First Knight, Brotherhood of Seers, Age of Creation.  A Class five Visionary.  The only Seer ever able to predict events yet to pass with pinpoint accuracy and information.


Hronlin              Wildman of the Mountain. Leader of the StoneBear Clan.


Ivy Arclight:              Sister to Aurora Arclight.  Class four Elementalist.


Janga Blackhand:              First General, Armies of the Red Lion.  Council member, Chief Advisor of Military affairs, Council of the Red Lion, Cedric Reinhold


Jenaveve Flamebender:              Commander General of the Flame Legion.  Class four fire elementalist.


Jenna:              Blade Maiden, Scarlet Brigade.


Jasmine Vylar:              Body, Class 3 Transformation


Jellaneen Earthmover:              Cedric Reinhold. Previous Voice of the Gifted, Council of the Red Lion.


Korgen Kitadal:              Deceased.  Class three Psionicist.  Teacher at a school for the Gifted.  Trainer to Aurora.


Liam Tanner:              Air Bender, Lord Reinhold             


Leena:              Lives in Hollshire.  Class three Illusionist.  Commanded by Aurora to help take control of Tormain’s Ravine.


Lilliam Brody              Guard, Castle Belkin, Lord Reinhold.


Lilly Rogers               Scriber of World Events, Council member, Council of the Red Lion, Cedric Reinhold

Lionel Reinhold              Cedric Reinhold’s father. Previous King of Karpathos Kingdom. Died of gutrot disease on Cedric’s 20th birthday.

Lynn:                                                        Blade Maiden, Scarlet Brigade.

Madagrack               Ice Lancer Warlord, Cedric Reinhold. Control of Mind; Element (Ice, Class 4) and Sensor (Class 3)

Margaret Gobb:              Deceased.  Brandon Pike’s childhood caretaker.


Mark Stromberg:              General, Red Lion Dragoons, Cedric Reinhold.  Brought his armies to meet the Avatar of War.


Matt Archer:              Deceased.  Brandon’s best friend.  Mother owns The Lamb and Axe Handle, an inn in Greylin.


Mayor Hancock:              Mayor of Greylin.  Karpathos Kingdom.  Brother to Bo Hancock.


Mier’Den Ferasae              Highren’Dol, Templar, Battle Commander


Naheena Marsden              General, Element (Fire, Class 3), Empress Aurora


Ny’Ael Sithek              Templar of the Highren’Dol


Oric Reinhold              Lineage of the Reinhold Name. Prince, Age of Creation


Princess:              Empress Aurora’s Commander of the Lash Lords.  Empress High Guard General.  Body, Double Enhance, Strength (Class 4) and Dexterity (Class 4)

Ri’Kel’Asan Reyendar              High Templar of the Highren’Dol, Son of Tres’Kel’Lay Reyendar, and future Caliph of the Three Nations

Savanah Moncent:                            Major General, Earth Breakers.  Class three Elementalist.

Tim Kammel:                                          Lives in Jellindor.  Had relations with Corinne.

Toren Lieye:              Wrote Judgement, a book of information regarding his views of prophecies, First year, Age of War


Ugdar Palindine:              Shop owner, Skillful Traders, Age of War.  Class three Visionary, although he is unaware of his abilities.  He writes down his dreams occasionally in his journal.


Victoria Tarben              Gifted.  Has a son that is infected with a fatal illness. 


Vincent Kinley              Leader of the People (non-gifted), Council member, Council of the Red Lion, Cedric Reinhold

Watcher, The                                          Unknown.

About The Author


This is my first novel, so I hope you were entertained.  I work every day on it, so I hope you can forgive any errors you may have found. I’m still learning and this is a way for me to test my skills as a writer; I still have much to learn. If you are interested in updates for my future novels, feel free to find me on Facebook at


I fancy myself as a creative person; if I am not doing something that requires active thinking, I feel that my time could be better spent. I create things all day long, every day: stories, ideas, video games, complex role playing excel sheets, and creative and imaginary worlds. Story lines in particular intrigue me. I try to think out of the box because for me, that is the most entertaining; predictability is always a disappointment.

I am a meat cutter by trade, but my true desire is buried deep in fantasy. My wife has always supported my countless hours of creation, and I am thankful for all of the encouragement that my family and friends give me. I have endless stories to tell, and by sharing them, I hope that you too may find some enjoyment from them.

Thank you for reading, I appreciate your time!


Mike Simmons



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BOOK: The Willbreaker (Book 1)
5.86Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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