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Tied to a Boss 2

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Written by J L Rose

Cover design: Davida Baldwin

ISBN: 9781943686667


Copyright ©2016 Good2Go Publishing

Published 2016 by Good2Go Publishing

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All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced without written permission, except for brief quotations to books and critical reviews. This story is a work of fiction. Characters, businesses, places, and events and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.





By John L. Rose












With immense gratitude first to my Heavenly Father for being the blessing that He is in my life. To the number one girl in my life, Mom (Ludie Rose), you will forever be my joy and happiness. I love you, woman! Pop’s you know I ain’t forget about you. I’m still trying to make you proud of me. I hope this is a start. Meka (Me-Me) Jones, my baby big sister. You know you’ll forever be my boo. Larry and Kim, what it do, y’all! To my heart, even though I was a butt when we was together, Suzy, I love you girl! I swear the next time I’ma do things right. And last but most definitely not least to the whole Bryant family. I love y’all. Y’all who I didn’t mention … keep waiting on it. Smile!


Hold up! I can’t forget who made this whole thing possible. My new team Good2go Publishing and everyone who had a hand putting this book together. Ray, thanks man. I’m gone for real this time y’all.






After their decision to bring both teams together and rewrite the drug game that no hustler would ever dream possible, Miami’s deadliest jack boy, Dante Blackwell, and Dope Girl, Alinna Rodriguez, will turn all of Miami into their empire.

Sick of Dante’s secretive ways, Alinna finds herself uncertain after allowing herself to fall for him and dealing with the pressure of running the drug business part of the family, Alinna not only finds herself unable to trust the man she loves, but she questions his love for her.

Dealing with Homicide Detective and baby’s mother, Angela Perez, along with the supposed love she claimed to have for him, Dante may be kicked out of the family once Alinna learns of his infidelity. After a planned job in Phoenix turns into him being offered a job as Arizona’s biggest drug kingpin, he has to make a decision to take the drug lord’s offer or stay in Miami with his family.

Unknown to both Alinna and Dante, new problems are arising in Miami while old problems continue to plague the family. Will Dante and Alinna reconstruct their family in time to figure out who’s responsible for the plot against them, or will everything they built together be destroyed?


Chapter 1

Present Day


Driving with more thoughts on his mind than were needed and feeling how tired his body was as he drove, he headed home after leaving his daughter’s mother, Angela’s house dealing with his sick and non-stop crying little girl, walking, laying, and even giving his daughter a cool water bath to cool down her overheated body until both he and Angela were forced to take their daughter to the hospital and to find out that Mya Blackwell was sick with the flu. Dante shook his head, clearing his mind of thoughts of his daughter only for thoughts of Alinna to pop up into his mind.

Dante knew that Alinna had followed him when he went to help Angela with their child because he had seen her BMW follow him and park outside Angela’s place. He was surprised when she didn’t angrily show up at her front door and had noticed that her BMW was gone by the time he and Angela left to take their child to the hospital.

Finally making it back to the house after leaving Angela’s house, Dante parked the Range Rover out front instead of the garage.

Locking up the SUV, he walked over to the front door, unlocked it, and stepped inside. He noticed that most of the lights were out and it was still as silent as it was when he left.

After locking the door behind him, he headed upstairs. He walked down the hallway and stepped inside their bedroom where he found Alinna laying down facing the opposite wall to the bedroom door. Dante attempted to be quick as possible as he sat down his cell and keys.

“Don’t climb your nasty ass up into my bed smelling like that bitch. Get your ass in the shower.”

Staring at Alinna’s form under the thick blanket for a few minutes, Dante shook his head and ignored her comment as he walked around to his side of the bed.

“Nigga, I’m not playing with you!” Alinna said nastily, turning over to face Dante with an offensive look to match the way that she sounded. “You not about to go fuck that bitch and just come hop back in my bed. You must of lost your fucking mind completely.”

Sighing deeply, Dante started, “Alinna, look! It’s not how you think . . .”

“I don’t wanna hear the bullshit!” Alinna yelled, cutting Dante off. “Nigga, you ain’t nothing but a lying-ass, bitch nigga. I followed your ass right to that Spanish bitch’s house. So don’t be lying, Dante. You know what, nigga? Just get the fuck out! Since that bitch the one you want, go be with her ass. You ain’t never gotta come back here because I don’t want your ass no more. It’s over!”

Opening his mouth to say something, but unable to find the right words after standing and hearing the shit Alinna just told him, and just how easily she ended things, Dante finally spoke up asking, “So that’s it, huh?”

“Did it sound like I made a fucking mistake, nigga?” she asked, staring hard at Dante. “Get your shit and get the fuck out of my fucking house, Dante! I won’t ask you again, nigga!”

Nodding his head slowly as he held Alinna’s eyes, Dante simply said, “Alright!” He turned and walked back over to his keys and cell phone and then headed toward the bedroom door.

Watching Dante as he walked out of their bedroom, Alinna broke down crying, falling face down onto her bed while crying into her pillow.

Rolling over onto her back and staring up at the ceiling as tears slid down her face, Alinna felt a scream building up inside of her. But she fought it down as she thought about the way that Dante allowed his so-called daughter’s mother to kiss him. She was pretty sure he also fucked the bitch right after supposedly “making love” to her.

“Fuck that lying ass, nigga!” Alinna said out loud, throwing off the blanket, climbing out of bed, and heading straight to the bathroom.

* * *

Not bothering trying to get any sleep, Alinna showered and got herself together. She dressed in blue fitted jeans and a white and blue Gucci t-shirt.

Heading downstairs to the kitchen, Alinna put together something light to eat and then sat at the breakfast bar only to find herself struggling to eat the food she had cooked up.

“Good morning, Ms. Rodriquez,” her maid Rose said as she entered the kitchen carrying D.J., who smiled a big smile when he saw his mother.

“Morning, Rose,” Alinna replied, pushing her plate of food away. “Why don’t you let me hold D.J.?”

“I was just about to feed him,” Rose told her as Harmony walked inside the kitchen.

“Hey Rose!” Harmony spoke to the maid, as she looked back over to her girl in front of the refrigerator. “What you doing up so early, Alinna?”

Shaking her head in response to Harmony’s question, Alinna changed the subject by asking, “What’s up with Raul? You heard anything else from him yet?”

“After the bullshit? No!” Harmony answered, as she moved over and sat beside Alinna. “I thought Dante was handling that issue?”

Feeling her anger building again just from the mention of Dante’s name, Alinna never had the chance of answering as Vanessa walked into the kitchen followed shortly by Dre.

“What’s up, y’all?” Dre asked, as he walked straight to the refrigerator.

“Alinna!” Vanessa said, stopping beside Alinna at the breakfast bar. “Dante’s gone already? I stopped by y’all room and didn’t see you or him.”

“Look!” Alinna started, taking a deep breath and then blowing it out. “Dante not here. He’s not coming back and don’t ask me why.”

“Why isn’t he coming back?” Vanessa asked, ignoring both Alinna’s demand and the way she was now staring at her. “What happened, Alinna?”

“Morning everybody!” Wesley said, as he walked into the kitchen, interrupting Vanessa’s questions. He turned to Alinna, “Is me brethren wake? Me have information for dem boy.”

“Wesley, wait a minute!” Vanessa told him, looking from Wesley back to Alinna and saying, “Alinna was just about to explain to us what’s going on with Dante.”

Looking from Vanessa and staring at the others as they stood or sat staring back at her, Alinna explained that she and Dante got into a fight and that they both decided that he would move out of the house.

“So basically what you saying is that you kicked my brother out into the street, right?” Dre asked, staring hard at Alinna.

“Andre!” Vanessa said, looking over to her mom.

“Naw!” Alinna spoke up, staring straight back at Dre. She continued, “If Dre wanna know the truth, then I’ll tell it to him. His so-called brother ain’t shit. He can’t keep his dick outta that bitch he got a daughter with. And before anyone of y’all try to defend his ass, know that I’m not just talking. I followed his ass over to the bitch house last night.”

“Wait a minute!” Harmony said, just as Dre walked out of the kitchen. Vanessa followed right behind him. “You said you followed Dante to his daughter’s mama house last night?”

“She called his ass right after we had sex and his ass jumped right up and ran his ass over to that bitch house. And he didn’t get home until a few hours ago.”

“What makes you think . . .”

“Hey, y’all,” Amber interrupted, as she walked inside the kitchen. “What’s up with Dante and Vanessa?”

“I’ll explain later!” Harmony told Amber, but then looked back to Alinna asking, “Alinna, look, I ‘m not sure exactly what went on between you and Dante, but by you putting him out, where does that leave us with business? You know that if Dante’s gone, then most likely Dre and Tony T is gonna follow him. That’s their boy, whether Tony T, my man, and Dre’s Vanessa’s baby daddy or not. What are we gonna do about that now?”

Admitting to herself that she hadn’t thought about any of what Harmony was saying and only Dante’s disloyalty to her, Alinna looked to Harmony, saying after a moment, “We’ll figure out something, Harmony.”

* * *

Vanessa listened to Dante explain that Alinna wanted him out of the house, but he seemed uninterested in the reasons she gave and whether they were actually true or not.

Vanessa changed the subject, tuning the conversation to business, “So that’s it, Dante? You just gonna leave us with no way to keep up the business? You know that you, Dre, and Tony T was our main source of connect to what we was getting. What are we supposed to do now?”

After a few moments Dante sighed into the phone and said, “Alright, Vanessa. I’ma still take care business on my end, but you’re my direct contact for what goes on inside the business. I wanna know everything.”

“What about Andre?”

“I got other plans with Dre. But tell Wesley I want ‘em to hit me up.”

“Where you staying at?”

“I haven’t decided but I’ll let you know when I find me a spot.”

“What about D.J.?”

“I’ma need you to play middleman and bring my son where I’m at. You agree to that, Vanessa?”

Nodding her head but realizing he couldn’t see her, Vanessa answered, “I got you, Dante. Just make sure you call me and let me know where you at.”

“I’ma call!” he told her. Then he said, “You don’t need to tell ya girl where I’m at either.”

Hearing Dante hang up the phone, Vanessa looked at her cell phone screen and shook her head. She turned and left her and Dre’s bedroom heading back downstairs.

Looking for Dre once downstairs, and seeing both Tony T and Wesley gone while Dre sat inside the den with their son, A.J. watching an X-Men cartoon, Vanessa stopped in the room’s opening and said, “Andre, where everybody at?”

“Wesley and Amber went somewhere and Harmony left a few minutes ago with you girl, Alinna somewhere,” Dre told his baby mama while rubbing his son’s head and staring at the widescreen TV.

Sighing as she entered the den Vanessa dropping down onto the sofa beside Dre. She leaned into her man’s side, saying after a silent moment, “I talked to Dante.”

“I know. He texted me and told me.”

“What else he told you?’

“I’m meeting up with ‘em a little bit later on today. We supposed to be planning a trip out to Arizona.”

“Where at in Arizona?”


“Haven’t y’all already been there?”

“Maybe!” Dre answered while shrugging his shoulders still focused on the cartoon. “Dante normally remembers stuff like that.”

“You need to start paying attention to it, too,” Vanessa told him, taking her son from his father’s lap. Standing from the sofa she continued, “I’m taking A.J. to Rose. I want you to go with me somewhere real quick.”

BOOK: Tied to a Boss 2
7.26Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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