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Chapter 22


After Fish Man and the Haitians left, Dante and Alinna followed the family inside the club up to the V.I.P. section where their friends and crewmembers were waiting.

Dante allowed Alinna to spend some time with her girls, as he kept catching her eyes with his glances. Dante then slid his hand inside his right pants packet as he felt for the box he had put there.

“What’s up, family?” Dre said, as he, Wesley, Tony T, and James walked over to stand next to him by the rail.

“What’s good, family?” Dante replied, smiling at his boys while still shifting his eyes back towards Alinna as she looked at him with a smile.

“So, it’s real then?” Dre asked, getting Dante’s attention. “You and Alinna back at it, huh?”

Nodding his head yes, Dante answered, “Yeah, bruh! We giving it another try!”

“You sure about this?” Dre asked.

Looking to Dre and meeting the look in his eyes, Dante nodded his head and said, “She ya sister, bruh! That’s not changing.”

Turning his attention over to the others, he saw Vanessa and Harmony carrying a cake. Amber walked behind them pushing a cart with an even larger cake atop it. Dante shook his head and smiled. He walked over with the rest of his boys and started singing “Happy Birthday” to Alinna.

Alinna smiled as she looked around at everyone singing before locking eyes with Dante and mouthing the words “I love you” to him as the song ended.

Making a wish, Alinna blew out the candles on the smaller cake. Then, with the family’s help, she blew out the candles on the larger cake.

“Girl, what you wish for?” Harmony asked, smiling as she held onto Tony T.

“I have everything I . . .”

“Naw!” Dante interrupted, walking over to stand beside her. “You can’t say you got everything yet since you still missing one thing!”

“What are you…h my God, Dante!” Alinna cried, as she watched Dante get down on one knee and smile at her.

“Yeah, I know this a surprise, huh?” Dante said, still smiling up at Alinna. “I remember you asking me a question a while again. You asked why I love you. Well, to answer that I’d have to say it’s because you first loved me and actually showed me how to love you back in return. I never had any woman like you in my life before and I honestly don’t wanna live if I can’t live life without you in it or a part of it. Will you marry me, Alinna Rodriguez?”

“Yes!” Alinna cried, as tears slid down her face. She threw her arms around Dante’s neck, hugging him tightly while still happily crying.

He put the strawberry and chocolate diamond ring on her finger, which caused Alinna to break down crying even harder. Dante received a quick hug before Alinna was pulled away from him.

Getting back to his feet, his boys crowded around him as Alinna went to celebrate with her girls.

“Everybody, freeze! This is the Miami Dade Police Department!”

“What the fuck!” Dre said.

Taking off towards the rail just in time to see a team of police rushing up the stairs, Dante spun around just as the first plain-clothed officer rushed into the V.I.P. section waving his badge.

“Alinna Rodriguez, you’re under arrest!” the officer said, as he walked straight over to Alinna and grabbed her.

Never seeing the guy dressed in white fly across the room until it was too late, the plain-clothed officer found himself being thrown into his back up officer.

He snatched both bangers while the family, crew, and security all pulled out their heaters. Dante was a second away from letting his guns bark when he heard his name yelled.

“Wait!” Agent Martin yelled, as she pushed through the team of officers and held up her D.E.A. I.D. “Dante, tell your people to wait! Let’s talk about this.”

“Who the fuck are you?” Dante asked, staring at the woman rather than her I.D.

“Monica!” Alinna said, recognizing the woman in front of her and Dante.

Upon hearing her name Dante figured out what was going on and nearly pulled his trigger.

“Dante, wait! Let’s make a deal! We’ll leave Alinna alone if you agree to come with us.”

“Hell no!” Alinna yelled. Snatching the extra gun from James’ waist, she swung it up and towards Monica, yelling, “Bitch, you not taking Dante no fucking where!”

“Dante, is this what you want?” Monica asked, ignoring Alinna. “I give you my word. You come with us and I’ll make sure Alinna is left alone.”

“Dante, don’t even . . . !”

“If I agree to this shit and anyone of these muthafuckas touch her, you’ll be the first to die! We clear?” Dante asked, cutting Alinna off.

“Dante, what the hell are you doing?” Alinna asked, grabbing his arm.

“Are we clear, Agent Martin?” Dante asked again as he stared straight at Monica.

“We clear!” Monica answered, holding back a smile she felt pulling at her lips.

“Hell no!” Alinna yelled. She went to swing the banger at Monica but Dante stepped between them.

“Dante, what the hell are you doing?”

“Just trust me!” Dante told her before handing both bangers to James and saying, “J, remember what I told you. I trust you with her life so make sure she stay safe!”

“You sure about this, Dante, man?” James asked.

“Just look after my family! I’ma be alright!” Dante told James, before turning to an angered Alinna. “I’m pretty sure I don’t have to tell you to hold shit together while I’m gone, right?”

“Dante, don’t do this shit!” Alinna begged. She accepted the kiss he gave her before he turned and faced Monica.

“Alright, Agent Martin. Let’s get this shit over with!” Dante told her, as two plain-clothed officers stepped up and roughly grabbed his arm.

“Not so bad now are you, asshole?” one officer said, smirking while his partner handcuffed Dante.

Smashing the crown of his head into the officer’s nose, Dante heard the bone break as the officer yelled out in pain. Dante smiled as he grabbed his bleeding nose. “I’m a let this shit happen, but you ain’t about to be talking shit, muthafucker!”

Watching Dante calmly walk out of the V.I.P. area surrounded by police officer, Alinna saw Monica smiling. “How does it feel, bitch? Now you losing Dante, just like I lost my partner!”

“You mean your husband, right?” Alinna replied, smirking at seeing the surprised look on Monica’s face. “Oh, you thought I didn’t know you and Alex was married, huh? Tell me, something though. How did my pussy taste? Alex loved eating that shit.”

“Bitch!” Monica yelled, swinging at Alinna but failing as James intervened, sending Monica falling into a chair.

She looked up to multiple guns pointed at her while James stood guarded in front of Alinna. She slowly stood up and backed her way towards the stairs. As she left she yelled to Alinna, “I’ma make sure Dante’s ass gets life for killing Alex. I promise you that, bitch!”


To be continued . . .
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BOOK: Tied to a Boss 2
8.03Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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