Tiger Billionaire's Virgin Lover #1: Desires

BOOK: Tiger Billionaire's Virgin Lover #1: Desires
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Tiger Billionaire’s Virgin Lover




By: Michelle Lynn



Table of Contents


Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7



All Rights Reserved. Copyright 2014 Michelle Lynn


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Chapter 1


I was pretty excited about the upcoming interview, especially being that I had gone for the past month without an income since I had just moved to the city of Washington. It excited me that it would be the famous Erik Dken who would be interviewing me. He is probably one of the most sought after bachelors in the city and he was also constantly on the news. From what I had seen in magazines and on TV, Erik was a very handsome guy. I had to keep everything professional though, because this was a fantastic career opportunity. Opak, the company that was headed by Erik, was the perfect place to launch my career in DC. It was one of the most prestigious companies around, and paid very high salaries to their employees.


 “Sarah, make sure that you are not late for the interview,” my dad, James, startled me out of my reverie.


“Don’t you worry dad, I'll be there on time,” I smiled at him, running a hair brush through my wavy blonde hair.


“I'm just hoping that you manage to get this position, because Opak is one of the best companies that you can work with in this city,” he said, slipping out of my bedroom.


I had been preparing myself for what seemed like forever, trying on outfit after outfit but not seeming to get one that suited me. In the end, I chose a grey skirt suit that brought me out in both a sexy and official way. The skirt hugged me tightly and went down halfway my thighs showing off just enough thigh to make the average man try and imagine what was under the skirt. The red blouse that I wore showed off just the right amount of cleavage, while the four inch heels made my curves stand out in a sexy way. Well, that is what Chris, my ex-boyfriend back in Florida, had always told me. Double checking to see that my makeup was just right like I wanted it, I picked up my handbag and strode out of my bedroom, my heels clicking on the wood tiles of the floor.


“Now, that is a stunner, you look fantastic,” James said as I walked into the kitchen, where he was hunched over a mug of coffee.


“Thanks dad, may I borrow your car?” I said to him, spinning myself around so that he could see how I looked.


“Sure, the keys are on the sideboard. Good luck with the interview,” he answered as I grabbed the keys and made my way out of the door.


For some reason, I was feeling sort of nervous, maybe due to the fact that I was off to this really important interview. I eased my foot down on the accelerator as soon as I hit the 53
avenue, not wanting to be late for the four P.M. interview. As I pulled into the company parking lot, I looked at what might be my new working place if things went smoothly. The Opak building comprised of glass from the bottom to the top, and judging from the traffic at the main entrance, it seemed like a pretty busy company. The company dealt in the import and export of building materials amongst many other things and they were also land developers and estate agents. It had fourteen subsidiaries and I felt overwhelmed since if I was admitted, I was going to be working with all of them. Thanks to my degree from Yale and my good grades, I had managed to be shortlisted, and now here I was.


I checked myself in the rearview mirror before slipping out of the car, my heart beating a thousand miles an hour. “Don’t screw this up, Sarah,” I told myself.


Leaving my car, I crossed the street and made my way into the huge doors, heading straight to the reception, where a brunette stood busy tending to clients.


“Hello, how can I help you?” she smiled at me, sizing me up and down.


“Hi, I'm Sarah Miller, and I am scheduled for an appointment with Mr. Dken at four,” I smiled up at her.


“Just a moment,” she said, checking through her computer. “Yes, take the elevator up to the twentieth floor.”


“Thanks,” I said, taking off for the elevator, butterflies in my belly.


The elevators opened up to a luxuriously furnished reception that had windows overlooking the skyline of the city. Slipping out, I headed for the reception, where a young blonde was busy talking into the phone. She hung up as I approached and smiled at me.


“Hi, I'm Sarah Miller, I have an appointment with Mr. Dke-“


“Yes, Miss Miller, Mr. Dken is expecting you. Kindly take a seat over there and I will let him know that you are here,” she smiled at me, showing me to some waiting seats.




The day had been pretty hectic for Erik. He had held a press conference earlier and had gotten tired of having to fake smiles for the reporters while they asked him questions and took photos. He was looking at running for the senate, and chances were good that he would win the election. This was one of the main reasons that he would need a personal assistant to help him run his company.


After the press conference, Erik had spent the rest of the afternoon interviewing prospective candidates, none of whom had impressed him so far. Maybe he should call off the interviews for the day and reschedule them for Monday next week, since right now all that he wanted was to go home and sleep. He had been up since two in the morning working, planning his political campaign strategies with his campaign team.


In life he seemed to have achieved everything that he wanted and that is why he was now venturing into politics. The only other thing that he had not managed to get was a mate. There were beautiful women all over chasing after him, but the most that he could do with them was have sex and that was it. He did it just to quench his desires, and once it was over so was the woman.
A typical player, or so Sarah thought.


Despite meeting many beautiful females, none of them had managed to get under his skin and penetrate his heart. If he did not manage to get a mate by the time that the full moon was coming out in a couple of days’ time, he was going to have to ask his cousin and right hand man, Earl, to choose a mate for him.


The phone suddenly rang and he picked it up quickly.


“Hey cousin, you must be pretty exhausted today,” Earl said into the phone.


“You can't imagine just how much I would like to jump into bed right now, as a matter of fact, I am pushing the remaining interview to Monday.” Erik sighed, loosening his tie a little.


“Well, don’t you worry, I have sent a little something for you up to your suite, I'm sure that she will help you unwind and let out some steam,” Earl replied.


“Thanks for looking out for me,” Erik said, suddenly feeling like he really needed a woman right now.


It had been a rough week, and now it was Friday. Earl had brought him a woman like he always did. The phone rang as soon as he placed it down and he picked it up again.


“What is it, Lena?” he said into the phone. “No, tell her that I will see her on Monday.


He listened as the receptionist reminded him that on Monday he had some important meetings. “Well then, just schedule her some time during the week when I am not so busy.”


He hung up.




Lena and I had struck up a friendly conversation as she had been trying to reach Mr. Dken, and it looked like we made a pretty good pair. It was just after five by the time that she finally got through to him, and judging from the way that the conversation was going, it looked like the boss was postponing the interview.

My heart sank. I had been looking forward to this interview the whole week, and had even been rehearsing what I would say to him when I finally met him.


“Please don’t tell me that he is postponing the interview,” I looked at Lena as she set the phone down.


“I think he must really be exhausted, but I think that I can work out something for you, since you are the friendliest of all the people that he has interviewed today,” she smiled wickedly at me.


“Really, you can do that for me?” hope filtered back into my life. “What is it?”


“Come here,” she said, in almost a whisper, motioning for me to come closer with her finger. “It could be a little tricky, but since I know that the chosen candidate might begin work before you get the chance to interview, I think it is the most logical thing to do.”


She sounded so mysterious, and it excited me in an odd way. “I'm listening.”


“Here is what you are going to do, you are going to sneak up to his penthouse suite and wait for him there. That is the only way that you will be able to get to him. There is likely to be a guard up there, and so I suggest that you take the stairs once the elevator gets to the second last floor. You're smart enough to know what to do once you get there,” she whispered her plan.


It seemed a pretty dangerous plan but somehow, I felt the adrenaline in my body building. I had always been one for challenges, and if this was going to be the only chance that I was going to talk to Erik, I had to do it.


I stood there speechless for a short while, working things out in my head, before I finally looked back at Lena with determination on my face.


“If I pull through with this crazy idea, I will really owe you one,” I said in a low voice, my heart pounding hard in my chest.

“Don’t worry about it girl!  Go now before he comes out, because I know that he will be leaving the office soon,” she said to me.


“Thank you, Lena,” I said, walking quickly to the elevators.


This was surely one crazy idea, but if it was the only way that I was going to get an interview, then so be it. In the elevator I checked myself to see that I looked alright, applying a little more lip stick. I got off on the second last floor and then took the stairs up, careful not to click my heels on the ground and attract unnecessary attention from the guard at the top. Just as I was getting to the landing, I stopped short when I heard a woman protesting loudly, telling the guard that he was making a huge mistake throwing her out of the floor. I stopped and peered around the corner, and there was a busty woman, dressed almost like a model from playboy. She was wearing a short dress that held onto her body nicely and left all of her assets for whoever could look to see. There was a guard with her, and he was dragging her into an elevator, practically carrying her as she hit him against the chest with her little fists that seemed to do little harm. I breathed a sigh of relief as the doors of the elevator closed behind them.


That was probably one of Erik Dken's many admirers and she had probably sneaked up here looking for a chance to be with him. Goodness, did he sleep with just about anyone? I couldn’t help but wonder. I looked around and seeing that there was no other guard in the dark corridor, I made my way to the far end where the door of his penthouse was and stood by a window that overlooked the city.


Darkness was coming in fast and I could see that lights had begun going on outside. I waited there, wondering what would happen when Erik Dken finally arrived. Every minute felt like an hour. Was this really a good idea?


My mind went back to the brunette who had just been escorted out of the floor, and I couldn’t help comparing myself to her. She had bigger breasts than me, and her figure was more cut out than mine, but at least I had nice green eyes with a rim of blue around them. I had inherited them from my mother, and my dad always said that they were my greatest asset. I think my body was much sexier looking than the other woman, who was just as slutty as they came. But why the hell was I thinking like this when all I was here was to do an interview and leave? I had to admit, I was a bit curious….




It was almost seven o’clock when Erik was thinking of leaving the office. He wanted to go for a run or maybe even a bike ride. He just had to do something to distract his mind from work.

BOOK: Tiger Billionaire's Virgin Lover #1: Desires
2.52Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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