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But it was
an animal.

A wolf!

Why did she
like it?

“Get away,”
she said though chattering teeth.

The white wolf’s
tongue encircled her nipple, and Sibyl gasped. What was it doing? And why did
she say anything to them? Wolves couldn’t speak! But wolves usually didn’t drag
people inside a house either.

She glanced
around. The red robe was pooled onto the floor around her, and grabbed for it,
but the white wolf snapped at her fingers.

heart thundered in her chest, and she kicked at the reddish wolf with all her
might and turned onto her stomach. She had to get away. Call for help. If she
could get to her cell phone. . . .

A strong
furry body mounted her from behind. Teeth sunk into her neck, and she froze in
place – whimpering. These animals were going to kill her, just like that.
What could she do to get away?

Then a
stiffness moved against her round ass. A hot throbbing cock brushed her bare
flesh. What kind of wolves were these? The head nudged toward her entrance,
slick with juices, and she squeezed her thighs shut. Wolves didn’t do that
human women, did they?

As the thick
head pressed into her pussy, the paws turned to arms and the chest pressed
against her back changed into one of a thickly muscled man.

But he’d
just been a wolf!

Sibyl asked.

The cock
shoved inside, cutting off the rest of her question.

“You’ve been
so naughty, running away like that,” Gabe breathed into her neck.

Sibyl gasped as he thrust into her weeping cunt again – hard and fast.

His cock
pounded inside her tight walls, and Sibyl grasped at the carpet, trying to pull
free. Why was Gabe a wolf?

She glanced
at the white wolf, but its animal form melted away. The bones bent and cracked,
and in its place sat Jonathan. Naked and stiff. His thickly muscular body, loomed
over her as Gabe shoved his cock inside again. It slammed against that pleasurable
spot deep inside her body.

“You made
our alpha so angry,” he grumbled and rubbed the side of her cheek.

“Hey. I’m
pissed too. Girlie here stabbed me,” Adrian said. His shoulder wound was bright
red with fresh blood.

Gabe’s hands
dug into her hips, yanking her closer to his ironclad shaft. He was looking at
her most unflattering position, her dimpled thighs and flabby ass, but the ecstasy
rushing over her body was impossible to deny.

Pearly pre-cum
dripped from the tip of Adrian’s cock, and he rubbed a calloused thumb over her
lip. “I’m going to claim you next,” he grumbled.

breath caught in her throat as Jonathan’s hands explored her body. His fingers
flicked her hardened nipples. Gabe shoved into her again, his thrusts a relentless
assault. His lips peppered her back and neck, and she dug her fingers into the
rug and moaned.

“Oh, you
feel like a dream around me. So tight. So perfect,” Gabe growled as his tongue
lapped at her neck.

Adrian’s lips brushed her flesh. His teeth sucked and pulled at her sensitive skin,
and she moaned. His mouth moved closer to hers, the taste of him engulfing her
lips and tongue in a kiss.

trust and her body rocked with the orgasm. Gabe’s seed shot inside her like a
cannon, his body stiffening on her back as his fingers dug into her hips,
bruising her.

The chill
that seeped into her body earlier was no longer there. All Sibyl felt was the
heat of the fire and the scorching power of the hands on her flesh.

“My turn,”
Adrian said as Gabe’s cock popped free.

“What?” Sibyl
said, but the younger wolf flipped her over.

Jonathan shoved Adrian out of the way. “I saw her first,” he growled and
snipped at the younger man.

“No you
didn’t. I spotted her on the road,” Adrian snarled, punching the taller man in
the stomach.

Then he
grasped Sibyl’s thighs and pulled her onto his waiting cock. She gasped it
slipped inside, her walls still having a spasm from the first orgasm.

hands wound around her from behind, lips kissing her shoulders and fingers
ravishing her breasts and belly. They wandered lower, flicking at her clit as
Adrian thrust.

Gabe smirked
and tilted her chin toward him. “You look so beautiful. So delicious,” he
growled and lapped at her lips.

She melted
into him and her mind swam. How was this happening. These three gorgeous men
all wanted to claim her. Three gorgeous wolf men, actually. And they set her
body into an inferno of desire with each touch.

Jonathan’s length
pressed into her ass cheek, leaving a wet streak of pre-cum. Then Adrian thrust
one final time before his hot seed filled her up. It leaked into her clinging
pussy, and he suckled at her heaving breasts.

“My turn,”
Jonathan grumbled and shoved Adrian aside.

His cock popped
free with a slick sound, and Jonathan leaned over her. His chest was covered in
a layer of pale blond curls, and she stared at his bright blue eyes as he slid
his length inside. It was thick and longer, maybe longer than the other two,
and that position filled her up at a completely different angle.

Sibyl moaned
as her brain clouded with the desire. His fingers dug into her thighs, and she
wanted to tell him not to look at her, but she couldn’t find the words.

Gabe’s lips
trailed down her neck and suckled at her breasts as Adrian kissed her lips. She
opened her mouth to admit him. His hot tongue swirled with hers, and the depth
of every thrust filled her to the brim.

The world
shifted in and out of focus. The only thing Sibyl knew were the hands, mouth
and shaft pleasuring her. The three perfect men lavishing her with ecstasy. She
curled her fingers around Gabe’s neck. The other hand she wound in Adrian’s

Why did she
like this?

She didn’t
even know why they were doing this. It could be bad – but Sibyl didn’t

A final
thrust and her body stiffened.

“Oh!” she
cried out.

Jonathan moaned as his hot load filled her spent depths.

It throbbed
inside her, and she gasped for breath. Her chest heaved into Gabe’s tender
lips, and Adrian smirked at her.

“You’re ours
now, Sibyl” Gabe whispered.

“Our mate,”
Adrian said and kissed her cheek.

forever,” Jonathan growled.

Sweat clung
to every inch of her flesh, and her limbs felt too heavy to move. The three men
huddled around her. Their bare flesh slipped against hers, and she frowned.
They’d feel everything she tried so hard to hide, but she didn’t have the
strength to push them away.

arms encompassed her and a head rested somewhere near her hip. Then lips
pressed into her forehead.

“Rest,” Gabe

Sibyl’s eyes
fluttered shut.

the author:


Carrie Kelly lives in Washington and
writes sexy erotic romance and erotica with lively heroines and smoking hot
heroes. She started writing romance when she lost her main source of income as
a freelance writer – and it was the best decision she’s ever made!
Besides writing, she spends time with her lovely cats, travels and enjoys
wearing ridiculously girly clothes.

Check out Carrie’s other work
All Romance.

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BOOK: TrappedbytheWolfPackARe
13.63Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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