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Triple Stud

BOOK: Triple Stud
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Triple Stud

Tawny Taylor



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This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience.

Chapter 1

Despite everything Jan Thompson had read, she’d come to the conclusion that there was no such thing as comfortable latex fetish wear. But it made her look fierce, and on a night like tonight, she was willing to pay the price for beauty.

It was Game Night.

More importantly, tonight, she was going to play, instead of watching by the sidelines.

Jan smoothed her hands down her latex-covered thighs, relishing the sensation of her palms gliding over the steel gray material. Sin.

This was one special dress, purchased specifically for this special night. Atsuko Kudo. Couture. Finely crafted, and so chic that even she couldn’t feel like a plain-Jane wearing it.

After one final makeup check in the mirror, Jan, the invisible-secretary-turned-fetish-princess slipped her feet into the fierce black six-inch spike-healed pumps she’d bought last week and practiced her walk across her living room floor.

She was nervous as hell, but ready. Plucked, groomed, shaved.

Tonight she would be playing Triple Stud, a game that was nothing like the card game. At Bastet’s Game Night, Triple Stud was played by a whole different set of rules.

Her hands trembled, heart raced, as anticipation charged through her body the entire drive to the party. Tonight’s gathering was being held on a very large and private estate in a western suburb of Detroit. The property was owned by one of the area’s most notorious bachelors.

Notoriously good looking.

Notoriously wicked.

Notoriously rich.

And notoriously insatiable.

Jan had never dreamed she’d score an invitation to a party at Hayden Ross’ place. Even as the long, winding drive took her deeper into the heavily-wooded lot, she had to keep reminding herself that this was real. That she was about to meet people she’d only read about in the papers or watched on tv. Among the party’s attendees would be local film, music, and television celebrities, as well as powerful men holding government positions and running large companies.

She pulled up to the front of a gorgeous house, poised and stately and surrounded by lush gardens on both sides. Charged up with nervous energy, she put her car into park, dropped her hands into her lap, and took a couple of slow, deep breaths. Hands clutched, she watched the valet dash around the front of her vehicle and open the door.

Out of the car, up the front steps, and to the door she went. She tried to hide her shaking hands by clamping them tightly around her tiny clutch, but she lost the battle the minute she stopped in front of the massive man posted at the front door. The hand-written card that served as her invitation slipped between her fingers and floated on the soft evening breeze, landing silently on the brick porch.

The doorman bent over, snatched up her invitation and checked it against the list he kept in a leather binder. After receiving a curt nod, she headed inside.

If the exterior of the house had been impressive, the interior was beyond words. Never had she been in such a grand home, full of gleaming stone and glittering crystal. To her left arched a wide, sweeping staircase, and directly in front of her was a formal dining room with the most interesting mirrored ceiling. Cut in concentric rings, broken up by spoke-like beveled lines, the ceiling lent the room a classy glitter. The soft light of the candlelight flickering on the table danced on its surface, gold and red.

Just being in this place made her feel special, like she was stepping onto a stage and taking on a character, a role. No longer was she Jan Thompson, thirty-something secretary and all around nice girl. She was...Jecelyn, the latex goddess.

Oh, God. Someday she’d laugh at herself for this. She just knew it.

A man dressed in a pair of snug black leather pants and black cashmere sweater walked by, flashing a stunning smile.

Then again, maybe she wouldn’t laugh at herself.

She sent him a smile right back, and to her surprise, he halted mid-stride, turned a one-eighty, and headed straight toward her.

Oh God, he was amazing.

Hoping she didn’t look as dazed as she felt, she stared for a few seconds, letting herself just take him in. Broad shoulders. Narrow waist and hips. A face that looked both powerfully angelic and erotically wicked at the same time. And shaggy dark hair that skimmed his collar and flopped flirtatiously over one eyebrow.

That was...
...the one and only Hayden Ross.

Oh wow, she couldn’t believe she was standing here, in Hayden Ross’ house. Inside, she was hopping up and down like a rabbit that had overdosed on caffeine-laced carrots. Outside, she was no doubt grinning like a dork.

His eyes glittering, Hayden offered a hand. “You’re new. I’ve never seen you at one of Bastet’s gatherings before.”

Yes, that’s right. This is my first time.”

Welcome.” While his dark eyes delved deeply into hers, his fingers slid around her hand, his thumb brushing over the back. “I’m Hayden Ross. It’s very good to meet you.”

I know. I mean, I’ve seen pictures of you in the papers.” She fought a quiver. Who would have ever thought a handshake could be so sensual. “I’m Jan--I mean Jecelyn. It’s good to meet you, too.”

One corner of his mouth quirked up, a pair of scrumptious lips curling into a lopsided grin. “Jecelyn. That’s a very unique name. Memorable.”

Exactly why she’d chosen it. “Thank you.” Her gaze dropped to their joined hands. His skin was deeply tanned compared to hers, his fingers long and tapered, his nails neatly trimmed. They were strong hands. Strong but gentle. A wave of sensual heat radiated through her body as she imagined what he might do with them.

Slowly his fingers unfurled, one at a time, until her hand was free of his grip. She let it fall to her side. Slightly self-conscious, she slid her palm over her latex-covered thigh.

What game are you here to play tonight, Jecelyn?” he asked, stepping closer and tipping his head to the side.

Triple Stud,” she managed to mutter.

Very good.” His expression didn’t give away his thoughts. He merely nodded and motioned toward the hallway leading deeper into the house. His hand parked itself at the small of her back, and a ripple of heat drifted up her spine. “There’s a room for each game. Can I show you the way?”

Absolutely. Thank you.” Concentrating on every step, every sway of her hip, she slowly walked past the staircase and down the corridor, doing her best to stay in character. Her footsteps sounded on the polished stone floor, a soft tap, tap, tap that didn’t come close to echoing the erratic hammering of her heartbeat in her chest.

Several closed doors lined both sides of the corridor. At the end, she found a lush living room. Perched on couches and chairs were men and women, chattering in soft voices. None of them were wearing latex.

The instant she entered the room, all eyes turned to her. Her stomach dropped to her toes, and she leaned back, wanting to turn around and make a hasty getaway. Hayden’s hand, pressing at the small of her back, kept her frozen in place.

Well, she supposed she could look at the bright side. She wasn’t invisible now. Pasting on a smile, she moved deeper into the room, steered by the gentle pressure on her back. A pair of attractive men glanced at her host behind her then stood as she came closer.

Jeceyln, these are two very good friends of mine, Sergio and Troy.” Sergio stepped around her side, standing next to Hayden. “Serge, Troy, this is Jecelyn. She’s new.”

It’s good to meet you,” Sergio said, taking her hand.

Oooh, gush. Sergio spoke with an accent. Italian, maybe?

Thank you.” Nervous, and feeling like the kid who was wearing ragged hand-me-downs on the first day of school, she reclaimed her hand after giving his a single shake. She reached for Troy’s next.

It’s not quite what you were expecting,” Troy stated, shaking her hand, his eyes taking a quick tour of her body.

I am absolutely mortified,” she admitted, figuring she might as well admit it. When Troy released her hand, she wove her fingers together, palms flattened against each other to keep from crossing her arms over her chest. Everyone knew what message that position sent.

Don’t be.” Troy took a second visual tour of her body, this time a much slower one. “I admire Kudo’s designs. Very much. You have excellent taste.”

She could just kiss this guy for saying that. She had to believe he was telling the truth, at least about admiring the designer’s work. After all, she wasn’t wearing a label plastered on my chest. Nor did the dress have any kind of telltale marking or insignia on it. If the man could recognize a Kudo, then he knew a Kudo.

No one else is wearing fetish wear,” she pointed out.

Not in this room, but in some of the others your dress would be conservative,” Sergio said with that scrumptious accent of his. He inclined his head toward the corner of the room. “Can I get you something to drink?”

Yes. Thank you. I’ll take a diet cola.”

I believe it’s Coke,” he said.

Whatever you have. Doesn’t matter.” God, she could come just from listening to that man’s voice.

Very good. I’ll be back in a minute.”

Still contemplating a quick getaway, despite Sergio’s scrumptious accent, and Troy’s broad shoulders, and Hayden’s picture-perfect face, Jan gave the room another quick scan before turning her gaze back to Hayden.

Nervous, still?” Hayden motioned toward a grouping of four comfy-looking chairs circling a round coffee table.

A little.” Catching the hint, she headed for the closest one. At least sitting she’d feel a little less conspicuous. That was a good thing. The only problem--she had to get there first. As she walked, she felt people watching. A shiver crept up her spine.

Maybe it wasn’t such a good thing being so conspicuous. In the short time since she’d arrived at this place, she’d learned there was an odd sort of comfort to be found in social invisibility, blending into the background.

Once settled into the chair, she slid one leg over the other and breathed a small sigh of relief.

Better?” Troy asked, smiling as he sat in the chair next to hers.

Yes. At least now I don’t feel like I’m on stage. Not such a good feeling. I guess I’m not much of an exhibitionist.”

Hayden rested his elbows on his chair’s armrests and steepled his fingers under his chin. “That’s unfortunate.”

I see you three have made yourself comfortable,” Sergio said, approaching them with hands full of drinks. He set them all on the table first then lifted hers, extending an arm. “Diet cola for the beautiful lady.”

She swallowed a chuckle. Beautiful. He’d called her beautiful. She wondered what he’d think if he saw her on an average day, her hair rolled into a tidy twist, the curves he admired now hidden beneath a demur blue suit, a pair of wire-framed glasses perched on her nose. “Thank you.” Still nervous, but not shaking anymore, she watched the three men chatter about stock prices and the escalating price of gas and sipped her drink.

They asked her questions, nothing too personal, and she answered, slowly relaxing as time crept on. As minutes turned to hours, she found herself growing more and more comfortable, until laughter came easy, and she was even able to lob a few flirtatious looks toward her charming hosts without becoming breathless and embarrassed.

She slowly came to accept that she wasn’t going to play any naughty games tonight, that Sergio, Troy, and Hayden weren’t interested in playing with her after all. They were simply trying to help her feel more comfortable. And that all the other potential members of what could have been her foursome were probably pared up with other women by now, ones who weren’t so shy and awkward.

But that was okay. She was enjoying herself just doing this--just sitting here, talking, laughing, flirting, with the most amazing men she’d ever met.

BOOK: Triple Stud
3.56Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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