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He took advantage of her parted lips, his tongue gliding inside to continue his explorations. Not one millimeter of her mouth was left untouched. Trip was everywhere, learning her, filling her with his delicious masculine flavor and a trace of mint. Without the solid wall at her back and the hot, hard length of his body to hold her up, Karen would have been a boneless puddle of goo at his feet.

The hand tangled in her hair tilted her head, and he deepened the kiss, which took on a primal edge. His tongue danced erotically with hers, and his teeth nipped her swollen lips. Rough male sounds rumbled from his mouth into hers.

Pulling back, Trip stared into her eyes, his pleading expression generating hot spasms in her core and sending her thrumming heart into overdrive. No man had ever looked at her with such longing. Raw, untamed lust.

“Touch me,” he demanded in a raspy growl. “I need you to touch me.”

Huh? Wasn’t she touching him? Her gaze slid to his broad shoulders where her hands held a death grip on the corded, tense muscles. Oh God, she was missing out on the chance to explore all that chiseled expanse of bare flesh. What was she thinking?

Duh, his kisses short-circuited her synapses, leaving conscious thought impossible. But now that her brain was firing again, she sent a message to get her hands with the program.

They both stared at her hands as she loosened her grip and slid her fingers down to the rock-hard slabs of muscle making up his chest, separated by a delineating line that ran down the center of his torso. His skin was warm, soft, and stretched tight over all that incredible sinew. She grazed her fingertips over the small cinnamon toned discs of his nipples, delighting as they hardened, and Trip sucked in a harsh breath.

She glanced up at his dilated eyes, mostly black now surrounded by a thin rim of blue. “You’re amazing. More beautiful than David.”

His expression turned fierce, and he scowled down at her. “Who the fuck is David?”

That look and angry tone said he was willing and prepared to fight for her if necessary. Her confidence swelled and her lips curled upward. “Michelangelo’s David, considered the ideal male form.” She slid her hands lower, caressing his rigid abdominals. “Honey, David has nothing on you.”

He flashed that lazy, cocky grin she was coming to appreciate and slowly lowered his head toward hers. “Good,” he whispered against her lips. “‘Cause I’d hate to waste time killing someone before getting another taste of you.”

He didn’t give her a chance to respond, taking her lips with a scorching kiss, deeper and more commanding. Finished with tender seduction, Trip took control, claiming her mouth and leaving behind indelible proof of his ownership. If she wasn’t careful, he’d reach inside and steal her heart. The mere thought made the traitorous organ ache and pound with giddy anticipation.

Now that her hands were in motion, they wouldn’t be still. She teased along his sides, over his ribs, and back to those intriguing, responsive nipples. Had he not been keeping her mouth busy, she’d have swirled her tongue around the hard nubbins, see how he reacted to the soft nip of her teeth. She had a feeling Trip would like rough, edgy sexual play. Karen didn’t have to hold back. She could try all the things she’d read in the titillating books the erotic romance publisher sent Syn.

She bet Trip would be on board with tying her to the bed and ravishing her to the point of exhaustion. He’d readily agree to some sixty-nine action, eating her out while she sucked his cock dry.

There were so many things she wanted to try out. More than anything, she yearned to be fucked long and hard and rough through multiple screaming orgasms until she couldn’t walk straight much less think. For once, she’d love her over-active mind to be silenced as Trip had achieved with his potent kisses. Would he be into the wild sex she craved?

The sharp sting of teeth bit into her lower lip as big hands palmed her ass and pulled her tight against an impressive erection derailing her train of thought.

“Am I boring you, darlin’?”

Boring? Trip?
“Hell, no,” she panted.

“Then tell me what you were thinking about so hard.” His gruff voice demanded obedience. “Now.”

Her mouth obeyed before her brain could issue the command to button it up. “I was wondering if you liked it rough…crude…edgy. Maybe some love bites, restraints—”

“Ah, fuck.”

Trip stared so intently she figured he saw right into her soul. At least his volatile reaction finally shut her mouth before she’d said anything truly embarrassing about spanking. Great move, smart one. Now they’d get the rejection out of the way without even advancing on to the sex portion of the evening, allowing her to slink away to her own apartment and drown her misery in vanilla vodka.

Son of a sea-devil, Karen drove Trip perilously close to losing his cool. The flash of shame and the idea he’d turn her away dulling those vibrant green eyes made him want to punch something. No way would he reject her. Hell, he might chain her to his bed and keep her. The fact she’d enjoy some rough and randy lovin’ had his throbbing cock threatening to rip through the pajama pants he’d tossed on while she paced in the hallway, ratcheting up her nerve to knock. How he’d prayed she wouldn’t walk away.

Seeing her in the thin white button-down men’s shirt made him fighting mad and lusty as hell. He wanted to kill the bastard she got it from but not before he ripped the material apart and feasted his eyes on those beautiful curves.

Trip didn’t understand the guys who went for boyishly thin women with hard, protruding pelvic bones. Those fuckers hurt. He much preferred a lush body that could handle a bit of rowdy sex without breaking and some cushioning to soften the pounding of his hips. Karen was the embodiment of everything he loved about women, perfect in every way, right down to her snarky mouth. You knew where you stood with a woman who wasn’t afraid to speak her mind and put you in your place.

And he couldn’t wait another second to see her. He’d also make damn sure that if she wore a man’s shirt again it would be his. Grasping the cotton material with both hands, he yanked. Buttons flew, pinging off the wall and floor as the material gave with a heady tearing sound. The simple caveman act drove all his blood straight to his groin.

“Sweet Mercy.” He’d died and found Nirvana. “You are so beautiful.”

“I’ll go—Huh? I-I’m what?” She seemed startled and completely clueless to his abject fascination with her. How could a woman look as luscious and fuckable as Karen and not know it? Some asshole from her past had obviously damaged her confidence, but so long as said asshole stayed in the past, Trip would take care of ensuring Karen knew exactly how amazing she was.

“Darlin’, you are the most beautiful woman I have ever laid eyes on. I’ve been dying to get my hands on you since I first saw you. You’re pretty much my every fantasy come to life.” He cupped then lifted her breasts, teasing the sweet, raspberry-red tips with his thumbs. “So soft and lush. Look how tight and hard your nipples are. Bet they taste as sweet as they look.”

Bending forward, he rasped his tongue over a taut peek before sealing his lips around the nipple and drawing it into his mouth. Her throaty moan was music to his ears. He paid homage to first one sweet nipple and then the other before pulling back to take in her heavy-lidded, elated expression.

“You are a lush goddess I intend to worship with my hands, mouth, tongue, and dick. I want to fuck you so bad my balls hurt.”

Karen’s tongue darted out to moisten her kiss-swollen lips. Swallowing an unmanly groan of pain, Trip raised his gaze to meet hers.

“I want you, too, Trip.” Again with the lip licking. Was the woman out to kill him? This facade of gentlemanly behavior wouldn’t last much longer if Karen kept up her innocent, unknowing seduction.

“Thank you, darlin’,” he replied sincerely before lowering his gaze to the paradise before him.

Trip brushed his beard stubble over one damp nipple then nibbled the other with his teeth, not hard enough to leave a mark but with adequate pressure to give her that delicious bite of pain. The strangled cry drawn from her throat was all the encouragement he needed.

Dropping to his knees, he took the edge of pink lace, boy short panties between his teeth and slid them down her long, sexy legs. He parted her thighs, pushing them wide, and blew a warm stream of breath over her dark triangle of neatly trimmed curls. Some guys liked a woman to shave her pussy. Not Trip. He didn’t want a plucked chicken any more than he wanted a skinny toothpick. And that prickly shit hurt a guy when it started growing in. He might like a little pain with his pleasure, but road rash on his dick didn’t count in any way, shape, or form as erotic fun.

Watching her face, he ruffled his fingers through her curls, pinched a tuft of hair right above her clit and tugged. Karen moaned and rolled her hips. Hell, yeah, they were going to be good together.

The scent of her slick arousal was driving him crazy. Parting her folds with his thumbs, he got a good look at her pretty clit, flushed red with arousal and peeking out from its hood, driving him wild with need. He didn’t tease, instead going for exactly what they both wanted. Trip licked up one side and down the other before swiping his tongue straight over the sensitive pearl.

God, she tasted good. Sweet and spicy and all woman.

Her legs trembled as he ravished her, thrusting two fingers into her hot, tight pussy while sucking, licking, and nibbling on her juicy clit. Karen’s thighs clamped down on his head, and her fingers tangled in his hair, holding him in place. As if he’d stop before she came on his face.

Sealing his mouth to her clit, he held it captive between his teeth and lashed the tip with his tongue while adding a third finger to those stretching her pussy. He knew he’d found her sweet spot when Karen cried out and her entire body stiffened. For several long moments, he kept her there on the edge without allowing her to go over, drawing out both of their pleasure.

Moisture leaked from the slit of his cock, coating the head. His balls were drawn up tight, ready to explode just from going down on her. No way in hell was he coming until he sank deep inside her sumptuous body. Finally, he gave her what she needed, fucking his fingers deep, stroking her G-spot, and sucking on her clit relentlessly.

When her orgasm hit, Karen’s head thunked against the wall as she cried his name and her pelvis muscles spasmed around his fingers, sucking at the digits. Fuck, he couldn’t wait to feel her pussy suck at his cock like that.

Soon as her orgasm ebbed, Trip withdrew and shot to his feet, snatching up the pajama pants and the condom he’d crammed in the pocket. He donned the rubber in record time, beyond anxious to fuck them both into oblivion.

Palming her ass, he lifted Karen, and as she started to protest, he sealed his mouth over her lush lips. He didn’t want to hear any disputes over his ability to pick her up and support her in his arms.

Not shy in this, she sucked his tongue into her mouth hungrily, sharing the taste of her orgasm, taking everything and giving back twice as much in return.

With her legs resting over his forearms, he notched his cock at her slick heated opening and powered home. Breaking the kiss, he dropped his forehead to hers for long moments, panting through the incredible sensations of that first, perfect penetration. Her pussy gripped him snugly, her heat reaching deep inside to places he hadn’t realized were cold. They fit together like puzzle pieces, her body taking his full length, his crown resting against the furthest reaches of her cunt. Everything about their joining felt right.

The sharp nip of teeth in his shoulder had him jackknifing back in shock. Green eyes blazing with desire narrowed on him.

“Move it or lose it, SEAL.”

Damn, what a woman. A slow smile curled his lips, and he tipped his head in acknowledgement. “Yes, ma’am.”

Trip stopped thinking and gave himself over to the delightful woman. He drilled into her again and again, drawing almost completely out before slamming back home. Her fingers raked over his back and dug into his ass, and she begged for harder, faster, deeper in a seductive tone. Karen matched him thrust for thrust, kiss for kiss, lust for lust. Sweat slicked their bodies, and they panted for oxygen but neither slowed the raw, frantic rollercoaster ride straight to ecstasy.

With each punishing drive, he ground his pelvis into her clit, drawing sultry moans from her throat. Each lift and drop of her body raked her nipples over his chest. He didn’t want it to end but knew completion was near as Karen’s heels dug into his ass and the rhythmic spasms of her pussy triggered his climax.

As she came long and hard, Karen screamed his name then clamped her teeth on his shoulder. His shout ended as a muffled curse against her neck as he panted and tried to remember something basic like his name.

Chapter Three

“I think you’ve killed me,” declared the woman who’d rocked the shit out of his staid world. The rapid rise and fall of her chest let him know she’d been just as affected by their mutual pleasure.

“At least you can think,” he muttered without bothering to open his eyes. “My brain melted.”

A hand patted the back of his head before she said in a sickly sweet voice, “Did I wears the poor whittle Navy man out?”

Surprised, Trip didn’t suppress a snort of laughter. The movement jerked his half-hard cock still pressed inside her, and they both moaned at the rippling sensation.

“Does that thing ever go down?”

He straightened up to meet her bewildered gaze. “Darlin’, I’ve been—” He stopped before he told her exactly where he’d been. Almost spilling classified information to a woman he’d just met jerked him back to reality. “Let’s just say I’ve been places where meeting certain needs was not only impossible but highly impractical and risky.”

Two lines appeared between her brows as she thought over his words. “Oh, yeah, got ya.” The words sounded right, but her less than happy tone snagged his attention.

“Of course, if I’m being totally honest,” he lowered his voice and pressed his body harder against her, “I’ve never reacted to a woman this way. Something about you gets my cock hard. Why do you think I’ve been jerking off all night?”

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