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“Yeah, but what makes you think I’m his one?”

Alexa gave a sad shake of her head. “It’s clear as day if you only open your eyes. Look at him,” she demanded. “Go ahead, deny the desire and need in his eyes, but there’s no doubting the strong emotions radiating off him plain as day. All you have to do is say yes, and he’ll make you his entire world.”

Karen bit her lip and wondered if she should risk her heart, take a leap of faith, and give it a go. What did she really have to lose? Worst-case scenario she picked up the pieces of her broken heart and moved on. But if this connection between them was real, she had everything to gain.

“Play it by ear and see where it goes. You don’t have to commit and marry the man, but isn’t he worth taking a chance?”

She glanced around at nothing but miles of sparkling water. “I’ve got to get him outta here.”

A wicked grin curved the other woman’s lips as Alexa leaned in close. “Talk to the captain. There are a couple of jet skis below deck that Jagger was admiring. Apparently there’s some thingie that opens into a floating dock. Perfect for a quick getaway.”

Alexa leaned back and winked. “If anybody asks, I’ll tell them you two found your own way home.”


Karen’s arms gripped Trip tight, her entire gorgeous body pressed against his back from shoulders to hips. Not even the water spraying over him as they raced over the surf cooled him. He had to have her and soon.

Trip had thought the festivities would never end. He ached to sink balls deep into Karen and never surface again. Jagger gave him the out he’d been looking for without realizing it when he mentioned the jet skis housed in the yacht’s belly.

The adventurous vixen wrapped around him hadn’t even blinked when he snuck her away from the reception and suggested they make a break for it. She’d flashed a sexy grin and straddled the watercraft. Knowing her pussy, covered only by the thin material of a swimsuit, now rode the seat, absorbing the vibrations of the powerful machine between her spread thighs drove him to distraction. He’d never make it to the marina.

Spotting exactly what he’d been searching for, Trip steered toward the sheltered beach of a small island. Sex on the beach wasn’t as glamorous as the movies made it out to be, but his SEAL training had taught him a thing or two that would come in handy.

As he slowed the ski, Karen’s wandering hands dipped dangerously close to his agonizingly hard cock. Grabbing her wrist, he settled her touch above his waistband for the umpteenth time.

The sharp edge of her teeth nibbled his earlobe as she worked her hand beneath the waist of his swim trunks and wrapped her fist around his cock. Trip hissed and cut the engine, coasting up onto the white sandy beach. A private beach one of the deckhands had told him about.

After removing her hand, Trip jumped off the ski, pushed it farther up onto the sand, and turned to drool over his voluptuous lover. The leopard print halter-top swimsuit cupped and tantalizingly displayed her full breasts. Molded to her torso, the material accentuated her curves, and the high French cut bottom ensured he had an unhampered view of those long legs he wanted permanently wrapped around his hips. Or up around his ears.

Moving up next to her, Trip sunk his toes in the sand, wrapped a hand around her nape and meshed their lips. Karen’s lips parted, and he dove inside, tongues twining, tasting, giving, and taking. Her arms wrapped around his shoulders, pulling him in closer, those glorious breasts pressing into his chest. When they pulled back to gasp for oxygen, he caught the light fragrance of her arousal on the breeze and decided it would be legs around his ears because he was dying for a taste. He glanced at the long bench seat of their ride and decided it was the ideal length for what he had in mind.

He lowered Karen onto her back and got drunk on the sight of her laid out with her legs spread over the padded seat, burning the imagine into his memory. “So fucking beautiful, darlin’.”

Trip leaned over and starting at her knee, licked, kissed and nibbled his way to the juncture of her thighs. He took a deep breath, savoring her musky scent, sporting a goofy grin as he watched the material covering her pussy grow wetter by the second. Hooking a finger under the edge, he slid the fabric out of his way and blew a stream of warm breath over her slick, swollen folds, thinking he’d died and gone straight to heaven.

“Oh, yes,” she cried as he made a broad sweep with his tongue up one side and down the other then smacked his lips.

Settling in for a nice, long feast, he pinned her rolling hips to the seat under one arm, spread her folds with his fingers and fucked his tongue into her hot, fluttering cunt. Karen’s ecstatic cries were muffled as her thighs clamped down on his head. Replacing his tongue with two fingers, he lapped up her spicy sweet cream, his new favorite treat.

“Trip,” she cried. “Please…stop.” Her thighs squeezed tighter, and she grabbed his hair, pulling him away from his most favorite place in the world.

“Huh?” He stared at her through a lust-induced haze. “Was I hurting you?”

“No,” she panted. “Love it…but I want…to play. Please. Wanna suck…your cock.”

Fuck yeah!

Before she’d gotten the last words out of her mouth, he jumped up and moved to the back of the craft where Karen’s neck rested on the curved end of the seat, watching him from her upside down position. Her hair hung in thick dark waves over their ride, the tips touching the sand.

Dropping his trunks in the sand, Trip took his aching shaft in hand, stepped up onto the base of the craft, standing with his legs spread, a foot on each side. Before he could adjust his position, Karen wrapped her lips around his cock, sucking the head into the damp warmth of her mouth. He cursed as he fell forward, catching his upper body by grabbing the handlebars.

“A little warning next time please, darlin’.” Not that he was complaining. Not when she hummed an acknowledgement around his rock-hard shaft while sucking him farther down her throat.

Taking a moment to catch his breath, he braced his arms between her thighs, spreading them wider. She rolled her hips and he took the unsubtle hint, hissing as her tongue lashed at the sensitive spot beneath his crown.

Sun beat down, heating his back and butt, a gentle ocean breeze caressing his skin, keeping the balmy Florida day comfortable. Seagulls squawked overhead and water lapped at the shore. The briny scent of saltwater combine with succulent feminine arousal to drive him insane.

Life is good!

Trip consumed his treat with single-minded focus, attempting to block out the indescribable pleasure of her mouth and tongue doing their best to drive him over the edge. He thrust two fingers into her pussy, groaning as it sucked at the digits, mimicking the suction of her mouth working his cock. With a finger on either side of her distended clit, he bared the pulsing pink pearl, exerting gentle pressure, keeping the juicy morsel exposed and vulnerable. He worked the tiny bundle of nerves with his tongue, adding a third finger to those fucking into the tight grasp of her channel.

All the while, Karen’s mouth and fingers stayed busy. She sucked, nibbled, and swept her talented tongue around his cock, delving into the slit and teasing the sensitive underside until his eyes crossed. She cupped his balls with tender care, sliding a finger over the shallow groove behind and occasionally tugging his weighty sac away from his body, prolonging the incredible sixty-nine session. If she kept that up, he just might outlast her.

He gave his all to bringing on a powerful orgasm, sucking steadily against her clit while stroking his fingertips over her sweet spot. But the little vixen didn’t play fair. A damp finger stroked her perineum then slid farther back to rim his tight pucker. Trip’s balls drew almost painfully taut, and he moaned against her clit as that devious finger breached his sphincter to the second knuckle.

That was it. Nothing could hold back his climax. Electric tingles sparked in his balls, which contracted and shot hot cum through his shaft. Karen sucked harder, taking him to the back of her throat and drawing out every last drop of his semen as she joined him in bliss. Her body stiffened for several heartbeats before dissolving into erratic spasms.

He barely managed to hold the bulk of his weight on his forearms as he panted through the aftermath. When his strength returned, Trip rose and lifted Karen into his arms. Setting her on her feet, he held on until she was steady then grabbed a blanket from the storage compartment beneath the seat. Once the blanket was spread out on the sand, they collapsed into a tangle of arms and legs.


Even with the blanket beneath them, Karen had sand in places she didn’t want to think about. Saltwater had dried on her skin, making it feel tight and itchy. Regardless of the minor annoyances, she’d never felt so good. Sated and content, she lay with her head on Trip’s broad chest, fingers toying with the sparse mat of hair, his heartbeat a soothing rhythm beneath her ear, his arm holding her close, hand stroking back and forth over her hip.

Being nude with the breeze cooling the warmth of the sun, she figured this had to be as close to heaven as you could get while still alive. And yet her heart ached with the need to find out where they stood.

Tracing random patters over his taut, warm skin, she finally found the courage to breach the silence. “So, uh…what happens now?”

His muscles tensed slightly then relaxed again a moment later as he shrugged. “What do you want to happen?”

“More.” Simple and succinct. She wanted more of him, this, them together. Everything.

“Good.” Trip kissed the top of her head and tightened his hold. “I don’t know where this goes, but I want to find out. There’s no denying the strong connection and chemistry between us.”

She watched the waves roll in and thought about the future. Loving a SEAL took a lot of strength. There would be long periods when he’d be God only knew where, fighting for their country. She’d survive if she knew his heart belonged to her.

“I want to know if we can make this work.” Not giving the developing relationship a chance was cowardly. “And I know you said you don’t cheat. But what happens when you are gone for months at a time?”

The world spun around her, settling when she landed sitting on Trip’s lap, staring into those pale wolf-blue eyes that narrowed on her with serious concentration. “Darlin’, I can live without sex. Before meeting and falling for you, it had been almost a year. No matter how long I have to be away from you, I will not fuck another woman. Only my hands will get hold of my cock.”

He paused for a long moment, staring deeply into her eyes as her heart did wild flips within her chest. “I expect the same in return.”

Cupping his handsome face in her hands, she pressed a quick kiss to his thinned lips in an attempt to ease his tension. “My imagination and fingers are all I need when you’re not here.”

Trip nodded. “Good. Then we are agreed. We remain exclusive and see where we end up.”

“Yes,” she agreed.

Tipping his head forward, Trip claimed her lips in a scorching kiss that woke her whole body from its sated rest. He ignited a spark with his lips and tongue, built the flames with the callused hands roaming her body, shaping her breasts, tweaking her nipples.

Her breasts felt swollen and heavy, blood rushed to her pussy along with a gush of wet arousal. Would she never get enough of this man? She hoped not. Together they created magic. Earth-shattering bliss she was already addicted to exploring.

Shifting off his lap and onto her knees, she repositioned herself straddling his extended legs, flattened her palms on his chest, and shoved. Ever willing, Trip laid back on the blanket. She took a moment to enjoy the sexy view of all that corded muscle covered with tanned skin. All for her. And she was suddenly starving.

“Keep lookin’ at me like that, darlin’, and you’re going to find yourself on your back with my cock buried balls-deep inside you.”

“No.” She shook her head. “It’s my turn to drive.”

That sinful, crooked smile curved his sexy lips. Trip grasped the base of his cock and held it straight up from his body in offering. “By all means, ma’am. I am at your service. Climb aboard.”

She started out in control, slowly undulated her hips, taking them on a slow climb up the stairway to heaven. It didn’t last long, not that she minded. He tripped her up, her rhythm faltering as he took control, rolling her beneath him, loving her hard and fast, taking them both on a wild ride she never wanted to end. The future may not be certain, but they’d face it together and just maybe end up with the same incredible happiness the rest of team Arapahoe had found.

About author Nicole Austin

Colorado: The new frontier. This is the voyage of Nicole Austin. It's been a lifelong mission. To explore awe-inspiring vistas. To get out of the rut, seek new experiences. To boldly go where she's dreamed of being.

And she's not taking this crazy journey alone. With some arm twisting, kicking and screaming, she stuffed her best friend and co-author in the trunk of her muscle car, traded tropical beaches for snow-capped mountains and headed off into the great unknown.

A passion for erotic romance, along with the voices in her head that refuse to be silenced, have led to the creation of provocative stories that push boundaries and release inhibitions, resulting in extreme reader satisfaction. Scandalous!

Now she lives in an incredible world where fantasy comes to life in bold, vivid detail. Well, until real life intrudes, but Nicole fights a valiant battle to keep reality moments at a minimum and hold onto the dream.

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About author Allie Standifer

Allie Standifer lived in various countries around the world. The gift of travel has enabled her to accurately describe the scent, feel of far-off places and feed her overactive imagination.

Her life has been one of constant adventure ever since. From growing up in Saudi Arabia where her brother tried to sell her to Bedouins for what amounts to less than $1.50, it's been nonstop. And she loves every minute of it.

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