True Ghost Stories: Real Accounts of Death and Dying, Grief and Bereavement, Soulmates and Heaven, Near Death Experiences, and Other Paranormal Mysteries (The Supernatural Book Series: Volume 2) (4 page)

BOOK: True Ghost Stories: Real Accounts of Death and Dying, Grief and Bereavement, Soulmates and Heaven, Near Death Experiences, and Other Paranormal Mysteries (The Supernatural Book Series: Volume 2)



I asked virtually hundreds of questions over the first few weeks. Then, I found that I was obtaining answers telepathically. The problem was that I could not objectify the process, notwithstanding the experience was just 'out of this world' making contact with non-physical ‘energies’. I asked questions to identify these ‘energies’.



The reply came that they were humans who had crossed over and were in a position to move around wherever there were people.



Years of research showed that not all, but most of these ‘energies’ - spirits - to use the religious terminology, are the ones who have not made it to the realm of the light and are wandering around on the Astral level (a non-physical realm on crossing over). Not all, but most of the ones I encountered were not more intelligent than the average person.



I decided to investigate the phenomena systematically and found that physicists and other scientists, investigating lawyers and other empiricists had made contact with afterlife energies in other parts of the world.



I had discussions with other highly credible empiricists and others who communicated with afterlife ‘energies’ - some of whom were advanced, some not. All stated that they accept that these entities do exist; they have consciousness; they exhibit human traits; some are more intelligent than others. Some of these afterlife energies stated that they witnessed humans on earth in the process of their crossing over into their world.



Me and My Shadow


Ever since I was a baby I always talked to an imaginary friend; I knew his name to be Tony. He was a child when I was a child and he kind of grew up with me.



One time when I was in High School I walked out of my bedroom and my grandmother followed me into the bathroom and was acting strange.



She followed me back into my room and started looking under the bed etc. She swore I must have sneaked someone into the house because she saw a young man coming out of my room, who followed me into the bathroom and then back into my room. Others have seen him follow around me as well.



A Vietnam Veteran


When I was four or five years old, I made a friend who had been in the Marines. His name was George. He was a Sergeant and he knew my Mom and Grandma. So he told me anyway...



He played with me in my Grandma’s backyard. When I told my Mom and Grandma about him they were very upset because they didn’t know about this strange man being in the yard playing with me.



They never saw him outside in the yard and I guess they thought he was maybe a one-off thing.



Anyhow, one Sunday after Church I began discussing Vietnam with Grandma. I was born in ’75. She wanted to no how I knew so much about Vietnam and I told her George (also her son’s name - he was about 10 or 11 years old at that time) told me.



She said, “George don’t know that much about Vietnam” and I said, “Not that George, my friend George”.



Grandma turned white as a sheet and asked me to describe him. So I did. She asked me lots of questions such as, “Is he taller than grandpa?” who was 6 foot 2 inches. I told her yes.



Grandma told my mom… omg. Grandma swallowed real hard and told me that he was her baby brother, mom’s uncle, my great uncle - who I had never met. He had been killed in Vietnam. He was as I described and was 6ft 8in tall. As far as anyone knows I had never seen a photo of him and he was not discussed, so as not to upset Grandma.



Grandma asked me to ask him some things next time I seen him (like what was he doing there?) He said he was watching over everyone and wanting to make sure we were ok (he was also lonely). When I told Grandma he said he was lonely, she told me to tell him she loved him, that everyone would be fine that was here...and to go home.



I never seen him again after that. I have seen other spirits and I’ve had communication in different ways but never like what I shared with my great uncle.



Such Thorough Physicality


I was doing a reading for a lady whose daughter had died. This was the lady's first time she had been to a Medium. At first I could not quite get how she had her daughter had died and then quite suddenly I experienced a massive asthma attack - which kind of frightened me but it was given to me so that I could confirm that this 17-year young girl had died during such an attack. She was DOA at Casualty. I was quite overwhelmed by the experience, as normally I do not experience such thorough physicality.



Just Gone - 10 Last Night


Mum was dying; there was no chance with the type of cancer she had. It was so near the end we just waited.



She told me two days prior to her death that Jesus was with her now and she felt fantastic. She had one of the best days ever in the hospice. The Monday night she passed away. I didn't know until it had happened on the Tuesday morning at 8 o'clock, when my auntie who was a sister in the casualty dept of hospital came to tell me.



The previous night I lay in my bed; 10.00 pm that night I felt very peaceful. I saw a slight shadow and a hand stroked my face. Oh the peace and love I felt! Then I drifted off to sleep.



I didnt tell auntie. I remembered the incident at 10 in the morning when I said, “auntie I wish she would go as soon as possible as she is suffering”. She replied, “She has my love; just gone ten last night”.



Then I cried at the loss and with a sense of relief.



Every Castle Needs One


A former resident of the castle - from the 18th century - loved this place so much, as we all do, that he is still seen by the staff quite often.



This always happens twice...



The first time is in the Great Hall near to his portrait (so we can recognise him), and a few days later in the corridor beyond the hall either going in, coming out, or just standing around.



I have seen him twice. And, he was identified by a leading T.V. Medium a few years ago.



We, of course, were able to confirm this. There are plenty of other happenings, both involving staff and visitors, including a man who was introduced eventually as "America's top clairvoyant".



We like our ghosts - they are fun!



Why A Sing-Song Voice?


My 2 girlfriends and I had gone to an evening church meeting. We sat on a bench that was against a wall. I sat at one end, and there was no one on my left. The minister was speaking when all of a sudden I distinctly heard a woman's voice speaking close to my left ear.



In a clear, quite audible, and a rather sing song tone, she said, "You had better watch out". I immediately looked to my left and at the same instant, I said aloud, "What?"



My girlfriend on my right looked at me like, "What's the matter with you?" And she laughed silently and shook her head a little as if to say, "You're being weird."



I was in quite a state over this, unable to even believe what had happened. The voice was real. I heard it. It was female, and it as plain as if there was someone really was there.



I didn't tell my girlfriends what I experienced. Then, after the meeting was over we left, and the minister’s son drove us as far as his home, with the idea that I would walk on home with my sister. But, my sister was walking with her friend, and a light rain had begun, and I asked the minister's son if I could sit in the car and wait until she reached his house.



He said yes and went inside, and in just a little while all the house lights went out and I assumed the minister and the family had all gone to bed.



Now, there was a young man who had also taken a ride with us, and someone I had never met, and I assumed the latter would leave the car, but he didn't.



He was still in the car.



He began making conversation, and I thought he seemed nice. He wasn't!



He attacked me, and I was terrified.



I began fighting him off and then all the sudden the minister came out onto the lawn and walked down the driveway, over my attacker’s back!



I saw him approaching and told my attacker he was coming to the car. He jumped out of the car and ran away. That man had been attempting to rape me.



I knew then what the voice was warning me about, but to this day, I am still left wondering. That female voice in the Church and the words she said and how she said them.



"You better watch oooouuuuut" she had said - almost like she was singing the words out. Strangely, it was like whatever she was warning me about was amusing to her.



I had never before, nor have I since, heard a voice being spoken in my ear, when there was no one there. Nothing could convince me that it wasn't real. It was real; very close to my ear. I still don't appreciate how "she" gave me such a warning in such a tone of voice, like it was amusing!! Sheesh!



A Lingering Monk


Well, only that when I was 10 I remember seeing a monk at a friend’s house near his pond. This really scared me. So, recently I decided to do some digging around about the history of the place and found that it used to be a monastery.



Synchronicity and Dreaming


I was with my boyfriend at his parents' house and we were sleeping in the same bed.



I dreamt that an evil energy was coming up the stairs and I felt terrified. When I woke up I found my boyfriend had had the exact same dream and feeling. We discussed this and both were quite scared and confused by it.



Brotherly Help from Beyond


I believe my deceased brother, whom we were very close to has made contact with me, my husband and my sister since his death.



First contacts were when we were on vacation shortly after his death. We were very distraught and worried about him. We found a coin on the deck railing of our cabin that had not been there moments before...heads up.



Our children insisted they had not put it there.



I kept thinking to myself asking him to give me a sign that he was OK, and had the thought that a fish (rainbow trout, specifically) would be a sign I would know (my brother loved fly fishing for trout, and had fished where we were vacationing not long before).



As we were strolling downtown soon after, I had this strong urge to go into a store we had never been in before, in years of vacationing in the same place. It was almost like a voice telling me to go in there. And so we did, and everywhere in that store were rainbow trout - beautiful paintings of them - even a coffee table built around a tableau of rainbow trout.



My husband reported 2X that he has had very vivid, strong dreams with my brother speaking to him. One time my husband had to take him to meet "someone/something" important, and they had to hurry. When they arrived, my husband saw a glowing bright light in front of them that my brother walked into.



In another dream, my husband and brother were having a very detailed conversation about my brother's estate in which he told my husband, "This is not how I wanted things to be but what do I do since I don't exist there anymore?" I don't know the rest of that discussion.



A few months after our return from vacation I was cleaning in our bedroom and had the thought, "I haven’t heard from (brother) for a while, I hope he's doing well. it would be good to hear from him".



I was dusting and came to a small dish on the dresser with pennies in it. The thought came to me very strongly and distinctly that "if I pick up a wheathead penny I'll know it's him"(wheathead pennies are old and somewhat rare; my brother liked coins).



And of course, I picked a penny out of that dish, with maybe 50 in it, and it was a wheathead that was dated the year my brother was born.



My sister told me recently that she was driving my brother's old truck last winter when it was very, very, cold and the old truck wouldn't start. She tried and tried and tried and nothing. It was so cold she was afraid of freezing to death, and there was a sick calf in the truck with her (from one of my brother's cows).



In desperation she called out to him, "This old truck has to start!" She tried again to start it, and it did.



My granddaughter was born 15 days after my brother died. He had been looking forward to the baby’s arrival with great excitement; he told everyone in his hospital about the baby; and he had been very close to my daughter, the baby's mother.



Well, my granddaughter is about to have her 3rd birthday, and has an imaginary playmate that she talks to constantly. Her mother says like she's carrying on a conversation with someone she sees. The playmate, according to her is "Uncle J".



My daughter says she has not talked to my granddaughter much about him for a long, long, time.



My daughter’s 2nd baby is a boy now 8 months old. She believed this baby would also be a girl; then while she was pregnant she had a dream in which God told her it was a boy and they were to name him E, which is the Old Irish equivalent of my brother's name, the meaning of which is "God is Gracious".



Daughter and Son-In-Law gave the baby that name, and we are waiting to see if there is more to the story. We all miss my brother terribly to this day.



So, How Are All of You?
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