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Tuck's Revenge

BOOK: Tuck's Revenge
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Tuck’s Revenge



by Rory Flannigan



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Table of Contents
















by Rory Flannigan

from Two Worlds Collide-A
Biker’s Journey

Publishing Inc.



When a man is faced with the end of a sawed
off shotgun pressing into the back of his head, he thinks of how he
got here. For Jack Tucker Jr. the tale is tragic, heartbreaking,
and scary as fucking shit. Needless to say, at this point he had
nothing to gain by rehashing the decisions he made, but still, it
was a fact of life when faced with death, especially a violent
death, you are gonna think about shit. He had plenty of time, the
man he wanted had not arrived, and he was waiting on his knees with
his hand behind his back to die.

“Hey, do you think when a man dies that all
the shit he has done in his life, especially the shit he doesn’t
feel sorry about, is gonna go with him?” Tuck said softly.

“What the fuck are you babbling about, man,
just shut up and wait,” the muther fucker who was holding the gun
to his head snapped. MF, that is what he was calling the man and
Tuck grinned, yeah, right before his death he was still cussing,
his momma would be so pissed off.

“Don’t have no one else to talk to, and while
I am waiting to die, seems natural I would want to have a
conversation with someone, even you, MF.” Tuck smiled and felt the
push of the gun in the base of his skull.

“Don’t matter what the fuck you wanna talk
about, in a little while you are going to hell and the bossman is
gonna be the one sending you there,” MF said.

“See, that is what I am talking about, how do
you know I am going to hell? I mean, you are the dirty muther
fuckers who caused all this shit, I am just the one who was trying
to make you pay. I think the good outweighs the bad, don’t you? I
mean, I haven’t fucked a goat or anything like that,” Tuck said,
then kept talking, “Okay, I have done some shit, but who hasn’t. I
figure the good outweighs the bad, so what, I killed a bunch of
crazy muthers who probably
fucked a goat.”

“Shut the fuck up,” MF growled and Tuck

“Sorry, don’t mean to talk about your

“I swear, one more word and you are gonna be
dead,” MF yelled and pressed the gun tighter into the base of
Tuck’s neck.

“I am just wondering how God is gonna see a
biker. I still figure the good outweighs the bad, don’t you? You
know, I remember this one time…” Tuck smiled. Oh, how he loved to
screw with folks and the guy behind him was no different. Might as
well enjoy himself.

Tuck was still grinning as he thought about
the conversation he’d had and continued talking to the current

“I’d been on my way across New Mexico and
pulled into a bar on the outskirts of Cloudcroft to have a couple
of beers. When I walked in, it seemed laid back enough, but
sometimes if you come to the wrong town, all it takes is riding in
on a Harley, and automatically you are labeled. I wasn't inside
five minutes, or even finished my first beer, when a big-bellied
cop came through the door and asked whose bike is that out

“I looked up at him and told him it's mine,
is there a problem? Then the cop walked over wanting to know where
in the hell I was from.

"Told him Texas, and that I was just passing
through. Like I never had gotten crap before. Being a biker, every
cop looks at you the same way he was looking at me.

"He asked for ID. Told him I had it and would
he like to see it? I was even polite, though I did want to put my
foot up the guy’s ass.

“Jackass then shot back at me, "What I want
is for you to get up and ride out of here just as quick as you
can," like I gave a crap he had an attitude but I played his game
anyway. I told him that I better do just that before somebody got

“Little prick smiled and said, "Yeah, you can
get hurt around here, boy, so don't come back. You got that?”

"So I walked out the door, got on my bike,
and rode away. After I was just a couple of miles down the road, a
fast moving vehicle came up on my rear and followed me for a ways,
then turned on the red lights. Sure enough, it was the cop from the

“I pulled over and got off my bike. When the
cop walked up, he said, "Where do you think you're going, boy? I
told you to get out of my town, not go into it.”

"I'm going this way, was what I told him,
setting him off. Don’t take much when you are dealing with someone
that has ‘Little Man Syndrome’.

"Barney Fife told me I wasn’t going through
his town so I needed to go the opposite direction. I agreed all the
while thinking, another time and another place, I'd cure all his
ills. But instead I turned around and headed back in the direction
I’d come.

“The cop had no idea just how lucky he was
that day. But then I did get even with the sheriff’s daughter, who
I tracked down and fucked against the wall of the station house.”
Tuck went quiet as he thought about that particular encounter.

He felt her pushing against him a little
faster, and knew she was ready. He braced his hands on the wall and
moved a little so with each pass his cock brushed against her now
engorged clit. She panted and made sexy noises so he knew he had
been successful. He wanted her daddy to hear, or at least one of
the deputies to tell him.

He moved faster, the woman keeping up with
him stroke for stroke, then she yelled and Tuck knew her orgasm was
building again as she tightened around him. Tuck pushed harder and
made sure he could feel her slick pussy clamping down so tight on
him that he emptied his seed into her.

Tuck had collapsed against her and was
panting like he had run six miles in boot camp. They were both
slick with sweat and he felt her shiver when reality and the cool
air finally registered with her. Tuck slapped her ass and grinned
as he pulled up his pants and walked away.

Yeah that muther fucker could kiss his ass.
If this made him a bastard, oh well, he could live with that.

“Yeah, nailed his daughter, so you think that
would do it? I mean, the asshole got what he deserved right?” Tuck
laughed and MF growled. Tuck was quiet once again thinking about
how he had gotten into his current situation. If he had to guess,
it all started back when he was eighteen. Mostly because before
that, nothing bad had happened to him.

Absolutely nothing.

Chapter One


Revenge: to exact punishment or expiation
for a wrong on behalf of, especially in a resentful or vindictive


Fifteen years before


Jack Tucker Jr. came from a normal home in a
small town in Texas. His parents were normal, his friends were
normal, and his life was normal. Nothing would ever indicate the
pure evil that would touch their lives. Jack’s mother and father
were a happy couple, raised two children, him and his sister,
Elizabeth, on a farm and worked hard for everything they had. Jack
was raised with morals, good ones, and ones that changed when he
enlisted in the Army at the ripe old age of eighteen.

BOOK: Tuck's Revenge
12.16Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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