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Turn Towards the Sun

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Turn Towards the Sun

Turn Towards the Sun


Jennifer Domenico



Turn Towards the Sun

Copyright © 2012 Jennifer Domenico

All rights reserved.





Turn Towards the Sun




To Maurizio



Turn Towards the Sun

This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or
dead, is entirely coincidental



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Turn Towards the Sun




































My life and the people and places within it are an eternal source of inspiration. To my family for making me who I am. To my friends who endure my ever changing whims but support me just the same. To Alissa, for being my first unofficial editor and cheerleader. Everyone deserves a friend like you. To Jackie, my romance novel adviser, thanks for loving the story as much as I do. To the many other friends who read, laughed, encouraged, and advised along the way- you know you are- thank you for your support. To my husband for putting up with the countless hours I spent on this project
for not complaining one bit
. To Italy, a constant presence in my life. Lastly, to Enzo and Ava, wh
o picked me to tell their story.



Turn Towards the Sun




Turn Towards the Sun














have got to be kidding me. This is the biggest move I’ve ever made in my life and it
’s friggin

I’m going to get soaked waiting for Cassie. It’s the middle of June and it’s freezing outside. Just one more reason why I’m getting the hell out of this town.

Cassie drives up and honks the horn of her little Civic. She is all exuberance and long blond curly haired enthusiasm. Even in the rain. Meanwhile
I look like a drowned rat.

She pops the trunk and I load my stuff as fast as I can and jump in the car, getting soaked in the process.

Cassie grins at me. “Damn Ava
I really can’t believe you’re doing this. It’s so exciting.”

“I’m only going to Arizona. It’s not that far Cassie.” I shake
from my hair.

Cassie pulls up her hands to shield herself. “Hey take it easy Fido, you’re getting me wet!” She laughs.

I laugh too, soaking in her boisterous energy.

“Anyway, you don’t even know anyone there. Pretty brave girl.”

“I’m twenty-nine years old and I’m just now starting out on my own. I hardly call that brave.”

She narrows her eyes at me briefly before turning her attention back to the road. “You were out on your own, before you met him.”

I cringe. “God Cassie, every time I think of the time and energy I wasted on him I get angry all over again. I don’t know who I’m angrier
- me for staying or him for just being him.

Cassie shakes her head. “I know. Chris still thinks you hate him for introducing you to Steve.”

“Of course I don’t hate him. No one expected that would’ve been anything but a hook up. I really thought he loved me though Cass.”

“Maybe he did in his own fucked up way. But let’s be honest, it’s not the first time you fell for a pretty dick.”

“You’re so foul sometimes.” I shove her in the arm. “And I know my weakness for hooking up. But that was the past. I’m keeping my guard up- no men, no dates,
and no
sex. For
a whole year
I’m calling it my recovery plan.
At this point, I’m not sure I trust my own instincts about men. Until I know what I want and who I am, it’s best if I just avoid the entire species.”

“I think you need to keep your options open. Who knows what kind of hot guys are roaming around the desert. Don’t get all bitter and crazy because of Steve.”

“I’m not bitter or crazy. I just want some time alone without a man around.”

Cassie rolls her eyes.
“If that’s what you want more power to ya. Hope you have a vibrator sister.”

“You know I do.”

high fives me. “But seriously, you need to give yourself a break Ava.
Steve was just a mistake.
e all make them.
Let it go.”

Easier said than done. I spent four years with that jerk off. Four years is more than just a mistake.

I’m trying Cass
. That’s what this move is about, a fresh start.”

“How are your folks taking it?”

“Oh you know,
. Mom cries every time she sees me and dad is being overprotective. I called them last night to say goodbye. I finally convinced them I would be fine.
Dad kept trying to take over my plans but I insisted on doing it myself. Time for me to be a big girl. E
ven though I’m nervous I know it’s the right thing to do.”

“Yea I think so too. I think it’s great. And how cool you found a job so fast.”

I can’t believe all the planning and research I’ve done for the last three months is now a reality. In just a few hours from
I’ll be in Phoenix. Peace out Denver.”

“So I can come and visit right?”

I shove her in the arm.
“Don’t be stupid Cassie. You’re my best friend, you better visit. I just want to get settled first and see when I can take a few days off.” 

“I still can’t believe your leaving though. It’s going to be weird not seeing you after we’ve spent practically every day for the last five years together.”

“You left me first Cass, when you decided to go to beauty school.” I poke her in the side and giggle.

“I had to leave, they kept me caged in a cubicle all day. You can’t cage a girl like me Ava.” She cackles.

“This I know. Still, work wasn’t the same after you left. I had to eat lunch with Lorna all the time.”

“Ugh Lorna, the kiss up.” She
scrunches her nose
. “Anyway you got a few good haircuts out of the deal.”

“That I did.”

The strange white tents of Denver International Airport appear in front of us.

“Which terminal Ava?”


Cassie’s normally porcelain cheeks stain a bright red- the only outward sign she’s upset. I’ve always marveled at her complexion, golden blond curls and pale skin, like a doll really. A doll with one hell of a potty mouth.

I stroke her arm. “Cassie, we’ll see each other again. Soon.”

“I’m fine Ava. I’m excited for you. I won’t even notice you’re gone.” She forces a smile and we both decide to believe her. She pulls up to the curb and we start unloading my luggage from her car.

I lug one of the large suitcases onto the sidewalk. “Shit Cassie, these are heavy. Maybe I should have sent some of these with the movers.”

“I’m telling you, it’s better to have your clothes with you just in case.”

A porter runs up to assist and loads my bags onto a cart. I hand him my ticket information and he starts tagging the suitcases. 

It’s time to say goodbye to my best girl. “Well
okay then. See ya soon?”

“Yep. See you soon Ava.”

After a brief hug, she turns away and jumps back in her car. She looks back at me and waves, but Cassie’s characteristic smile is gone.

I know I can do this.
Leaving this town is just the thing I need to kick start my life. Everywhere I go here I feel like my past follows me. It will be so nice to go somewhere no one knows me.

I navigate security and board the plane.
I find my seat and
to settle

“Excuse me miss?” A flight attendant approaches me just as I’m getting comfortable.

“We have to ask you to move your seat. We have a family who wants to sit together and this is the only spot on the plane.” I look up at the anxious family smiling behind her. 

“Sure okay. Where do you want me to go?”

it’s your lucky day. We’ve overbooked this flight but we have a seat in first class. If you don’t mind?”

Seriously? First class! “No
of course I don’t mind.”

What great luck. The flight attendant motions me to seat B1. I clear my throat quietly to get the attention of the man sitting in the seat next to mine. He looks up and…oh my wow. He is absolutely breathtaking. Arresting dark blue eyes penetrate
as I stand frozen in his gaze. A shock of
wavy hair frames his
olive complexion and
defined features. I’m going to sit next to the most beautiful man on the planet.

excuse me sir. That’s my seat.” My words come out in a whisper, surprising me. I motion towards the window seat. He stands silently and locks eyes with mine.

“Thank you.” I murmur, completely intimidated. I scoot past him and sit. He nods his head as his only acknowledgment of me.
I take a few minutes to
settle in
, bumping his arm more than once.
He shoots a quick look at me then goes back to his computer. Whoa, those eyes of his are magnificent. He’s handsome to the point of distraction.

His eyes shift towards me, expressionless. “Make sure you buckle yourself in.”

My eyes shoot up at him. T
he deep masculine sound of his heavily accented voice
startles me
I admit he’s attractive but I don’t like that he addresses me like I’m a child.

I sit up straight in my seat.
“I will.”

He doesn’t even look at me when I respond.
He’s definitely hot but doesn’t seem very pleasant. I finally get to first class and I have to sit next to Mr. Stoic the whole time. At least it’s not a very long flight, less than two hours.

He continues focusing on his laptop while I pull out my magazine I bought for the flight.

He glances at my
magazine and rolls his eyes. “I never understand why people want to read about other people’s lives.”

Wow. Who does this guy think he is? “And what difference does it make to you what I read?”

He peers at me again
“I meant no offense. I just don’t understand it.”
His voice is flat.

How rude. He doesn’t know me and he’s already insulting me.

I turn away towards the window and do my best to ignore him.

“Ladies and gentlemen please turn off all electronic devices as we prepare for takeoff.” The attendant’s voice comes over the speaker
Mr. Stoic turns his laptop off and closes it.

please don’t be offended. I don’t want you to be uncomfortable the whole flight.”

I glare at him, still annoyed, bu
t shift slightly forward again.
I remain
as the plane takes off headed to Phoenix. I
want to ignore him but I can’t seem to keep my eyes

He closes his eyes for a moment and I secretly hope he falls asleep so I can gawk openly at him.
He looks about thirty maybe, but he seems older when he speaks. Very European.

Deep furrows cross his forehead and his mouth is set in a flat line. I want to reach over and stroke his perfect skin. I quickly sit on my hands to stop the impulse.

After a few moments, we hear a ping and the fasten seatbelt sign is turned off. Immediately, Mr. Stoic opens his e
yes and grabs his laptop again. He glances at me once more
but remains silent.

Not wanting to attract his
I discreetly open my magazine.
I feel a little silly now as I start reading the latest celebrity gossip.

The handsome stranger
me. Over his
I peek at his computer screen. Looks like blueprints or something. He looks up and his eyes catch mine causing my cheeks to burn with heat. I feel… pulled to him. I quickly look back at my magazine.

would you like a drink?”

I look up to see the flight attendant waiting for my response.

“What do you have?” She doesn’t have a drink cart with her. I’m used to the normal soda offerings in coach. She smiles and tells me there is a drink card in the seat pocket. I reach for it but stop when Mr. Stoic touches my arm and speaks.

“If I may?”

If he may what? I look at his hand touching my arm. Now I know I’m blushing. He slowly removes his hand, dragging his fingers lightly across my arm. Holy heck.

sure. Okay.”

wo glasses of Lambrusco
, please

I have no idea what that is
but he seems worldly
so I trust him.

“First time in first class?” He asks.

I guess my inexperience shows.”

His striking blue eyes widen briefly,
a gorgeous smile spreads across his face.
hot indeed.

“I hope you don’t mind my forwardness. I just thought you should enjoy this experience.” His words glide over me like melted chocolate. I feel a pleasant tingle in my stomach. Maybe slightly lower.

My cheeks warm and I know I’m blushing
. I really hope he can’t tell. Normally I can hold my own wit
h attractive men, but this guy,
he’s different. Not just physically amazing but his energy is…captivating. I think I could swim in his eyes if I could just g
et close enough. The warmth of
arousal spreads throughout my body.

BOOK: Turn Towards the Sun
12.97Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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