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Twin Tales

BOOK: Twin Tales
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Twin Trouble
first published in Great Britain 1994
Connie and the Water Babies
first published in Great Britain 1996
by Egmont UK Limited
239 Kensington High Street
London W8 6SA
This edition published 2010
Text copyright © 1994 and 1996 Jacqueline Wilson Illustrations copyright © 2006 Catherine Vase
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Wailing Whimpers
Blue Beads
New Grannies
Purple Puddles
Fun Mums
Growly Bears
Baby Blue-Eyes

1. Double Shock

‘We've got something wonderful to tell you, Connie,' said Mum.

‘You're going to be so thrilled,' said Dad.

Connie blinked at them both. Their faces were pink. Their eyes were shining. They weren't teasing.

‘What? What, Mum? What, Dad? Tell me!' said Connie.

‘Can't you guess?' said Mum.

‘It's what we've always wanted,' said Dad.

Connie's heart started thumping inside her T-shirt.

‘Oh, Mum! Oh, Dad! Are we going to Disneyland?' she said.

Mum and Dad blinked back at her.

‘What?' said Mum. ‘Oh, Connie, this is better than a trip to Disneyland.'

‘Better than seeing Mickey Mouse?' said Connie, doubtfully.

‘Mickey Mouse is only pretend. This is real,' said Dad.

‘Am I getting a real mouse?' said Connie, perking up. ‘Can I have a white one, please? And a black one too? And then they could maybe have babies, and they might come out in black and white stripes like very weeny zebras.'

‘Do stop burbling, Connie,' said Dad. ‘We're not talking about mice having babies. It's Mum.'

‘Mum?' said Connie. ‘Mum's having baby mice?'

‘Oh, Connie,' said Mum. ‘I'm having baby

‘Baby babies?' said Connie. She didn't just sound doubtful now. She looked it too.

‘Don't look so worried,' said Mum, laughing. ‘I'm not having lots and lots. Just two. Twins.'

‘Isn't it marvellous?' said Dad, and he gave Connie a little nudge so that she'd say yes.

Connie didn't say anything. She was thinking. She wasn't sure she liked babies very much. Connie's best friend Karen had a baby sister called Susie. Susie looked sweet enough, but when Connie had picked her up to give her a cuddle Susie had been sick all down the front of Connie's best teddy bear jumper. Connie had never been very keen on Susie after that. Come to think of it, Karen wasn't very keen on Susie either. She screamed a lot. That was just one baby. Two would be twice as bad.

BOOK: Twin Tales
3Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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