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January 31, 2012




Shareef Jaudon


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L o s
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This book is dedicated to all those lookin’ for love. I hope you find it. For those that have it…try not to lose it.








Let’s do it!

With Child


I had one month to go until the big event. June 13
was the day Dr. Rosent said I would officially become a mommy, but what the hell did she know? I knew enough of my girlfriends that were either weeks early or weeks late when it came to going into labor. So, I was of the opinion that only God and my baby knew when the time was right for him or her to push their way into the world stretching my tight pocket pussy out in the process. I thought about having a C-section birth to avoid all the pushing and sweating but reconsidered after I heard about the recovery time. The last thing I wanted to do was spend weeks recouping and walking around like an elderly cowgirl. I figured fucking, peeing, and bleeding weren’t the only functions of my vagina. Despite the deceivingly snug hole, it
made to push a baby out, head shoulders and all.

I didn’t know if I was excited, anxious, or scared shitless! I guess it was a combination of all three emotions wrapped up in one big ass nerve wrecking burrito! A part of me was eagerly waiting for the first moment I laid eyes on my baby, while another part of me was terrified at the thought of becoming a mother.


Did I have what it took to be a good mom?


Could I teach my child right from wrong when I still did wrong myself?


Would he or she be healthy?


What the hell was I supposed to do with another tiny human being that depended solely on me?


Was I ready for this?


Over the past several months I’d gone through an obstacle course of different feelings and emotions. The overwhelming one that unexpectedly moved into my heart was love. It felt odd to love someone that I’d never seen or heard. But, nonetheless, I absolutely without a shred of a doubt loved this child growing inside of me with every iota of my soul. If someone told me that I would have to die for this child to live, I would say
, and lay down my life. It was as if my love was growing right along with the baby. Don’t get it twisted. There were days I when wanted to slap myself in the stomach and check that baby for kicking me in my ribs! Some mornings I just wanted to reach up in my womb and yank it out of there!

My lower back hurt, my legs ached, I got heartburn every other night, my energy level was low, and I couldn’t wait for the day when I could
sleep on my stomach again.

Being pregnant was no joke! I had a newfound respect for all of the mother’s out there, including my own. Our relationship had been severely damaged when I turned 16 because I thought I was grown. I didn’t have a bad childhood, or an abusive home. As a matter of fact it was just the opposite. Although I never knew my dad, my mom was more than adequate as a parent. She played dual roles as my mother and father. There was no shortage of love and affection coming from my mom. I just wanted to do my own thing and follow my own set of rules at an early age, and there was nothing she could do about it. That just goes to show you that parents can do all they can for you, but at the end of the day it’s up to you whether you listen or not. So I can’t blame my mother for anything that happened to me. It was my stupid ass decision to run away from home at 16.

I sat in the Lazy Boy recliner Tyce bought me a few months ago watching Teen Mom on MTV. I couldn’t stand that one bitch Janelle. She was as dumb as a box of blonde hair! Thank God Tyce wasn’t anything like retarded ass Kiefer.

“Ms. Angelique, do you need anything else before I leave for the evening?”

Carmela walked quietly into the family room. She made it a point to stand to the left a little so she wouldn’t block the T.V.

“No thank you Carmela I’m fine. Hey, these nachos are the
! I almost bit my wrist I was eatin’ so fast.” I pointed to the plate resting on the top of my round stomach.

Carmela gave an approving smile, “Thank you senora. I make the tortilla chips from scratch. That’s the secret.”

“Well they are delicious. Are there any left over?”

“Yes. I put the chips in a zip lock bag to keep them fresh. The salsa is in the fridge along with everything else.”

I put a crispy chip in my mouth topped with a ripe avocado. “Good cuz I’ll be eating another plate here in a lil bit.”

“Help yourself senora. You need to eat to keep up your strength, especially in your last month. Mr. Adkins told me to bring you some bottled water with your dinner. I’ll get one for you now.”

“He said what!” I narrowed my eyebrows in frustration.

Carmela held back a laugh and just shrugged her shoulders with her palms up.

“Bring me a cream soda from my secret stash and

I’ll let you leave an hour early tomorrow.” I whispered.

Carmela winked at me, “Okay senora.”

Tyce was constantly on me to drink more water. He bought a book about pregnancy and read that thing cover to cover three times! He swore he knew all there was to know about having a baby. This whole water thing came from a chapter that said if you drink lots of water your baby and you will have healthy beautiful skin. Now-he was the water police, and that shit was getting on my last nerve. I tried to explain to him that the baby wanted cream soda not Aqua Fina. He said he didn’t want no ashy baby, I couldn’t help but laugh at his silly ass. He was so cute. I think he was just as excited as me about our new package which was scheduled to arrive in four weeks…give or take.

Mr. And Mrs. Stout


The Range Rover dealership was nearly empty except for an obnoxious white couple staring impatiently at the tall salesman who was trying to be courteous and professional. They watched him closely as he spoke quietly to his sales manager at a glass desk in the far corner of the elaborate show room. I looked around and didn’t see anybody else working so I just took a seat behind the wheel of the pearl white Range Rover Sport and waited. I’d just come from Sway’s gym after a light sparring session. I was still wearing black shorts with a matching T-shirt and the customary black and red Jordan’s with the proper socks riding low on my ankles. Personally, I thought I looked like an athlete, but I guess to the manager and the 6’3 salesman…I looked like I was riding the bench.

“April, I’m telling you if he doesn’t come back here and say we’re approved for the loan…he’s going to get an ear full!” The man’s black hair shook slightly as he stomped his foot.

His wife adjusted her glasses, “Greg and Sheryl got approved just yesterday and they don’t make nearly as much as we do. I don’t know what the hell is taking so long!”

“I know, I know. Greg is a flipping contractor for Pete’s sake and Sheryl is barely a secretary!”

Her husband put his hands on his hip. “I’ll tell you one thing honey. I’m not paying full price and I refused to pay over seven hundred a month. I also want full trade in value for our Pathfinder!”

“You’re absolutely right Richard.” She tapped her foot on the shiny floor as her brown eyes narrowed in on their target. “Here he comes now honey.”

I grinned to myself as I watched the salesman approach the happy couple. He stroked his tie with his left hand and held a piece of paper with his right. His eyes scanned the document as he walked up to them.

“Mr. and Mrs. Stout, I have good news. I can get you approved for a loan.” He smiled at them.

3.48Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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