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Authors: Jaide Fox,Joy Nash,Michelle Pillow

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Ultimate Warriors

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anthology of superheroes and super heroines

stories by

Jaide Fox
Brenna Lyons
Joy Nash
Michelle M. Pillow


Demon Huntress: Sacrificed © copyright August 2004,
Jaide Fox
Great Power © copyright August 2004 Brenna Lyons
Heroes Incorporated © copyright August 2004 Joy Nash
Silk © copyright August 2004 Michelle M. Pillow

Cover art by Eliza Black © copyright August 2004

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Demon Huntress: SACRIFICED


Jaide Fox


August 2004, Jaide Fox

Chapter One


The warm
summer air caressed my skin as I soared through the air, searching frantically
for my house. It was difficult to find, since it was dark, and the country
seemed to swallow light like a black hole, leaving me aimlessly wandering above
winding dirt roads and the treetops.

My heart
lodged in my throat, pounding and making it difficult to breathe. I couldn’t
remember landmarks near my house … couldn’t get my bearings. Fear induced adrenaline
suffused me.

I’d felt
fear often enough, but never so strongly. This was as close to terror as I’d
ever come. Perspiration coated my skin, cooling rapidly in the air, giving me
goosebumps in spite of the humidity.

He was
out there, somewhere.
Hunting me.
And I knew he would
find me. There was no

flashed above like a strobe light, blinding me. The clouds moved, parting in a
furious wind.

I dove
and smacked into something, gasping as it grabbed me in a merciless grip.

was nothing there but air and darkness and the heat of a creature from the
deep. I smelled fire and brimstone.
Fucking brimstone.

you," a deep voice said with a growling chuckle that rumbled against my

raised chills on my skin. His fingers bit into my wrists, forcing my back to
arch, my breasts to flatten against his chest.

struggled against him, but there was nothing I could do to break his hold. I
had nothing to brace myself against, nothing but my own powers of flight, and
they were pitiful against him. Panic made my stomach flutter, my heart beat in
my chest like a hip hop bass on speed.

It was
with a dawning sense of horror that I realized I’d lost my clothes, and I
couldn’t remember how or when they’d disappeared.

me the fuck go!" I screamed, gnashing my teeth, tossing my head as if it
would help somehow.

laughed again, tightening his hold. Struggling only seemed to excite him. He
rubbed against me, forcing my legs to part around him, until his hard cock
ground against my bare cleft.

movement shocked me to my core. Unbidden wetness saturated my labia on the
instant of that unwanted touch. My belly clenched on a spasm, and my vaginal
muscles tightened reflexively with the instinct to shut him out.

like it when you fight me like that, Nari. How much would you buck and gnash if
I fuck you here, in the open?"

I went
stiff all over, breathing hard through my nostrils until they flared with each
breath. It was always the same with him. He wanted me to fight. He wanted my
absolute submission.

I didn’t
know what to do, only that I couldn’t give up. I had to change my tactics.

He knew
my name. I didn’t know his. He felt like a man, but he wasn’t. He was something
else. I’d never been able to see him. How could I fight someone I couldn’t see?
A helpless feeling washed over me, draining the fight from my body in slow
increments. Flight had tired me, but the strain of trying to hold myself stiff
to resist him wore on me.

don’t answer. Could it be you’re considering my offer this time?"

sniffed my neck, his breath hot, moist, and then his mouth opened over it, his
tongue lashing out to lave my skin.

growled at him in warning.

tongue traveled up to my ear, pushed inside, molten and wet … and forked. I
shuddered. With revulsion, I told myself.

could be persuaded to let you go this time if you asked," he whispered
before lapping my neck.

was too much like begging. I’d never begged for anything in my life. Besides, I
didn’t think he’d do it anyway. I grit my teeth. "I’d never ask you for a
damned thing, you fucking bastard."

grunted and nicked me with his teeth. I controlled the wince. Pain I could deal
with. I couldn’t handle him trying to seduce me. That terrified me more than I
cared to admit.

It’s better this way. Don’t you agree that pain makes the pleasure so much the

world spun as he whirled us toward the ground. My house rose up before us, a
pitiful facade of safety. The door burst open on a gust of wind.

around my body, he flew us down the hall as if he knew exactly where my bedroom
was. The door slammed open just before we hit it, and then we were inside,
crashing down on the bed.

I bucked
immediately, freeing a hand to go for the knife I always kept beneath my

laughed and snatched my hand back, pinning my wrists down into the mattress,
holding my legs down with his own as his weight settled over me.

He was
huge, heavy enough I could barely breathe with him on top of me. I couldn’t
tell just how big he
only that he seemed to be

He held
me down, but he didn’t seem to need his hands. I felt him dip over me, felt his
hot breath just before his mouth closed over one breast. His teeth bit into me,
ever so lightly, and his tongue flicked out. Rough, it ground against my
nipple, making it instantly hard.

I sucked
in a sharp breath, breathing harshly. His grunt of approval was barely audible past
the roar in my ears. Ripples of pleasure radiated from my nipple. He circled my
distended flesh, suckling me until I knew he’d left his mark, sucking until he
wrung a cry from my throat.

damn you," I said, my voice breaking as he thrust my legs apart with one
rough hand and ground the hard ridge of his cock up against my slit.

He broke
free, releasing my achy breast to torture the other with the scrape of his

wet, Nari," he growled as he tugged my nipple between his lips, rocking
his hips to glide against my clit. It seemed to blossom under that insistent
pressure, grow swollen and achingly sensitive.

fucking deal," I ground out, hissing as he rubbed against my folds as if
to prove a point.

He laved
the underside of my breast, nipping it, pleasure and pain mingling. "You
want me to rape you, don’t you?"

I clenched my hands, feeling my fingers go tingly with the restricted flow of

not rape if you want it," he taunted, dragging
lower, kissing the hollow of my stomach. I didn’t even know how he could reach
it and still hold my hands. "You want my tongue inside your tight little
cunt." Something touched my slit … and it wasn’t his hand or cock.

I screamed. I struggled then, fought until I was gasping for air.

over me once more, his shaft riding back against my
slit, slipping through my wetness to slide over my clit with unbearable
roughness. My clit seemed to swell under the pressure, throb with an acute,
piercing pleasure. He pressed his weight down, burying me in the mattress until
my skin molded to his, my breasts bulged against his chest. My nipples felt
like two rocks, so incredibly sensitive and hard the slightest touch made them
burn. The pressure of his chest made me scream in unfulfilled agony. I tried to
buck again, hands clenching, feet scrambling for purchase. My throat hurt from
holding back a scream.

struggle only made him rougher. Made it hurt more as he rubbed against me like
a beast that enjoyed toying with its prey. But, god help me, I was beginning to
enjoy the pain. Crave it.

I needed
to come so badly. Needed it with
a desperation
akin to

A plea
for surcease caught in my throat before I could utter it. I choked on it,
gasping and coughing.

you say will stop me," he said against my ear. "I’ll just enjoy it
more the more you resist me."

woman in her right mind would want this? But the more he touched me, the more I
wanted it. Oh god! Fuckin’ help me! I screamed inside my mind, jerking to
attention as the harsh slide of his cock became a prod against my vagina. My
nether lips seemed to peel back for him, to stretch and grasp for the thickness
of his cock.

barely nudged me and already my belly ached, my pussy burned.

scraped my jaw line. "Join me, and I’ll make it good for you. You haven’t
known ecstasy until
my cum
has been inside your


shifted his hips, pressing my thighs so wide apart my hip bones popped. His
cockhead nudged my opening, but it would never fit without ripping me apart. My
juices flowed at the threat of sensual pain, defying my mind, or perhaps
because of some unconscious desire to be ridden like a whore.

could take this from you," he whispered.

you!" I snarled, biting at the face I could feel but not see.

growled furiously and shifted, pressing his dick against my anus, pushing,
pushing until it hurt … so good.

I jerked
against him, my inner muscles clenching. I almost came right then. I cursed at
him again and again as he forced his way into me. The fight was leaving me, and
I suddenly wanted him to take me. Fuck me all night long until I was broken and

No. I
couldn’t give in. I tensed. "No!" I screamed, trying to resist the
sensual lure of pain and pleasure.


* * * *


Suzaku jerked from sleep, bolting upright in bed. Tears burned at her eyes, a
cry choked her throat. She could almost smell him on her
still feel the touch of him nudging her body’s openings, his teeth on her
throat and breasts. She collapsed back onto her pillows, trembling, fighting
the arousal and fear that permeated her senses.

Oh, god.
It was close that time. "Too close," she whispered to herself.

rolled onto her side, a hand pressed between her thighs as if it would assuage
the ache there. She was wet with arousal. It disgusted her that she got so
aroused about being taken by force, especially from a creature she’d never
seen, who enjoyed tormenting her.

BOOK: Ultimate Warriors
13.8Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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