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I once told Chloe I didn’t love her until I saw her fighting—even though that wasn’t the truth. I was just wrecked after hearing her story of abuse and abandonment. Anyway she still loved me back and never took her route out, even though I tried to give her one, again and again.

Her love is enough, it has to be. I would willingly die for my tigress. I’d do anything. I’d sign everything away, just to kiss her lips, hold her hair. Take one breath from her mouth. I fear she sees the depths of me so I drip-feed her my darkness. Now I have my painting, too, I’ll be okay.

In the darkness I weep into the pillow as my wife sleeps and I know, I’ll hold onto every moment I have her and the beauty of her soul, which saved mine.









Thank you for reading this book and I really do hope you enjoyed it.


On holiday in Vegas earlier this year, I was taking some time out from writing
but already had some idea about what the painting would entail. However as is usual for writers… the image came to me when I wasn’t looking for it. I was showering (I think) and it haunted me all holiday, long enough that I was ready to get this sown up by the time I got home. Chloe saw what she wanted to see in
but of course there is an argument which swings the other way.


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Andy, you’ve been there at stupid o’clock in the morning, answering my random questions or telling me to bloody stop! You understand, you help… you believe! When I present you with the wackiest plots, you frown sometimes, but you listen anyway.


All my writing and reading friends who’ve been there since the beginning… I can’t even list you right now because I’m too emotional… you make it all worthwhile. You make me believe. You make this happen. Thank you.






Sarah’s first job was opening a newspaper shop, when she was just 17. It was a good exercise in discipline, having to get up at 5a.m. on a weekend morning. Since then, she has worked all kinds of jobs including café assistant, student mentor and ambassador, checkout girl, bartender, shelf stacker, supply teacher and after graduating university, magazine journalist. The jobs may have come and gone but the urge to write was ALWAYS there. Sarah currently lives in East Yorkshire with her husband and three year old daughter.









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BOOK: Unbind
4.89Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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