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Chapter Twenty-Nine

rmani sped down
the road faster than a race car driver. He shook his head and tried to figure out why he was seeing everything so clearly. His vision was beyond perfect. He turned his head and looked out the window. He saw deep into the forest, not just the trees. Maybe that’s what they mean about seeing the forest for the trees, he thought.

He cursed realizing he had forgotten his ski mask at home. He didn’t want anyone to see his face like this. He was a vampire now, but unfortunately crossing over didn’t correct physical scars and ailments. He leaned into the steering wheel, perched himself forward and gazed at his reflection in the mirror. His face stared back at him. Were the tales about vampire’s only myths? He assumed you weren’t able to see your reflection. Guess that theory was wrong.

“You’re a pathetic creature!” He shouted at the face staring back. The left side of his face was ugly. What he wouldn’t give to have a normal face, the face that Simone fell in love with years ago. He turned his head to the undamaged side of his face and smiled. He had to admit, he was a handsome man. It would be impossible to count how many women wanted to hook up with him after shows, but he had more integrity than that. Once he met Simone he only had eyes for her and no other woman in the world would ever compare to her perfection.

He slammed his fist on the steering wheel and turned into the cemetery. Never again would he see her perfect face and the way her eyes lit up when she smiled.

Driving to Simone’s grave he scanned the tombstones reading the names and inscriptions. He hoped they were resting in peace. Knowing other people mourned the loss of loved ones was a comfort to him. It was a sense of not being alone and being the only one with a bleeding heart.

He stared into the distance. Rage filled his heart and soul. He accelerated and reached Simone’s gravesite. He parked the car and ran to his beloved’s grave.

“Who did this? Why would someone do this to my Simone’s place of rest?” He asked staring at the sky as if expecting God to give him an answer.

He slowly lowered his eyes, stopping when he reached the angels face. Her nose was chipped. What the hell happened here? He wondered.

The roses he bought lye scattered on the snow, the vase shattered into a hundred pieces. Dropping to his knees, he placed his head in his hands and wept. Why was the snow turning red? He wiped his cheeks and looked at his hand. He was crying tears of blood. He tilted his head and saw the word, ‘whore’ in red spray paint covering Simone’s inscription. Rage flowed through his veins. He screamed and ran to the nearest tree kicking and hitting it.

“I will kill whoever did this!”

He flinched. Out of his peripheral vision he could see a car with lights flashing headed his way. The car pulled up beside him and the driver rolled down the window.

“Sir, is there a problem?” The security guard asked.

Armani’s face hid no emotion. “Yes, there is a slight problem.” He said pointing at Simone’s grave. “Let me ask you something. Do you know how to do your job?”

The security guard looked shocked. “Of course I do. Who are you to ask me such a question?”

“I am your worst nightmare,” he said, eyes red. It felt good to put fear in a human. He viewed this man as his enemy. Security should’ve prevented this from happening. If this cop wanna be was doing his job, that is.

The man looked scared. “Sir, have you been drinking? Your eyes are red.”

“I wish I could say that I was.” Armani’s tongue slid over his teeth. Two of them felt sharp and pointy. They were growing. What was he supposed to do about this? Regret filled his heart. He should’ve listened to Donovan about having some training about being a vampire before venturing out on his own.

The security guard stared at the gravesite and stone. “Sir, I am so sorry about this vandalism. Would you like me to call the police for you and have them come out and file a report?”

A hawk flew in the distance distracting Armani. It was the black hawk. Donovan’s eyes and fierce protector he had been told. He averted his gaze to the security guard. If the hawk sensed fear, anger or hatred it may attack the security guard and Armani didn’t want that on his conscience.

“Forgive my rudeness.” He apologized. “I’m just rather upset about what someone did to my lovely Simone’s gravesite.” He apologized.

The security guard smiled. “I understand and it’s not a problem.” He stepped out of the car and walked toward the tombstone. He chuckled. “Believe me, in this line of work I deal with people much more angry than you and without a reason for it.” He shrugged. “It’s a damn shame this is what people resort to doing.”

Armani followed him. “Yes, it certainly is.” He cleared his throat grateful his fangs had disappeared. “And thanks for the offer to call the police, but I’ll pass.” He knew he’d figure out who did this and the luxury would be his to destroy them. Make them suffer as he had suffered the last few months.

The security guard bent over and started picking up the pieces of the vase in haste. “Ouch!” He exclaimed wincing in pain. “I got one hell of a cut.” He said staring at his hand.

Armani smelled the blood before the man announced he had been cut. Cursing, he wondered why it made him hungry. The fangs grew again. “Damn it.” He said and jogged to his car pulling out an extra shirt. “Here, wrap this around the cut,” he said and threw the shirt to the guard, keeping his distance.

“Thank you, sir,” he said wrapping his hand in the cloth, bright red blood seeping through the white cotton. “You never did tell me your name?”

“Armani Belvedere and you are?”

“Charlie, but my friends call me Chuck.” He said while tending to his wound. “I’ve got to ask you a personal question if that’s OK?”

Armani wondered what Stan would ask but assured him that it was fine.

“What happened to the left side of your face?” Color flushed his cheeks.

“It was burned in a tragic accident of sorts.” Armani stated, hatred filling his soul. “That’s as personal as I’m going to get with my answer. I’m sorry.”

Stan studied Armani for what seemed like hours. “I understand.”

‘People and all there stupid questions,’ Armani thought. Couldn’t they all just leave well enough alone? Maybe this is why Victor chose to let evil rule him after so many years of being a vampire. Armani sighed. He was ready for Stan to be on his way.

Armani looked up and saw the hawk sitting high atop an oak tree. It made eye contact and shrieked as if waiting to see what would happen next.

“Do you need help cleaning this up?” Stan asked clasping his arm. “I’d be more than happy to help.”

Armani put his hand up. “No thanks. This is something I’d rather do by myself. I need to be alone and you should go get that cut checked out by a doctor. You may need stitches. “ He turned his back on Stan, crouched on all fours and started picking up the pieces of the vase and roses. “It was nice to meet you.” He said over his shoulder hoping Stan would take the hint before he lost his patience or even worse, unleashed the monster within aching to get out. The smell of blood brought out a predatory instinct and he didn’t know how to handle this yet. He had many questions for Donovan.

“Have a good day, sir.” Stan said and walked to his car.

The car door slammed and the engine roared to life. Peace at last.

“Simone, can you hear me?” Armani asked. “You came to me while I was sleeping the rest of the undead. Please talk to me again. I need you.” He placed his hands on the ground wishing he could somehow warm Simone’s cold dead body with his touch.

He listened. No sound but the wind. Maybe Donovan was right and it was just an illusion he had while undergoing the transformation. He would give anything to hear her sweet angelic voice one more time.

“Simone, I’ve done something I don’t think you’ll be too pleased with,” he said. “I’m going to get right to the point. I’m a vampire now and have plans to kill the people who did this to you, to me, to us.” Armani’s voice broke. He held his head in his hands and wept bitterly. His life was ripped apart in that one fateful night. Simone would never be a part of his life and the world he knew was gone forever. He was no longer human. Yes, on the outside he had every resemblance of who he used to be. That too was an illusion because he was now a soulless vampire seeking revenge. Armani was sure he was an abomination to be sent straight to hell upon his death.

“Oh, Simone, what have I done? I’ve sold my soul to the devil.”

Helpless, he stood, staring at the blue sky while snowflakes fell from the like powder sprinkled from Heaven.

“What’s the matter, Donovan?” Rex asked. “You look puzzled.”

Donovan stared into his crystal ball. He was observing Armani through the eyes of his black hawk. “I don’t think I made the right choice by allowing Armani to venture off on his own.” He said and stared into space, lines of worry etched on his pale face. He focused on Rex and said, “Armani will be a strong vampire, probably one of the most powerful forces in The Dark Ones, and I should’ve trained him before letting him go out into the world solo.” He held up the ball, turning his head this way and that while observing Armani.

“We can go get him.” Rex stated. “Can’t we?”

“He will come back to us soon.” He said and set the ball on the table. “I want him to know and believe that I trust him.” Hoisting himself off the chair he paced the room. “If we were to go to him, he would feel I don’t have faith in him and that could prove to be detrimental to his growth as a vampire.”

Rex looked puzzled. “I don’t understand what you mean.”

“Rex, you have much to learn just as Armani does.” He said and walked to the window. “We are highly intelligent beings with powers you can’t even imagine.” He said. “When I first turned, it was baffling to me all of these new things I had to learn. Victor was a wonderful teacher. He became my friend and my father. He created me and never once abandoned me.” Donovan turned away from the window to face Rex. “Most importantly, he loved me and trusted me. He showed me this by letting me experiment things on my own, venture out into the world, explore my newfound life,” he said, making a circle with his hands. “The world is a different place for vampires than humans. When a mortal is turned, they are similar to a newborn baby. You would never expect a newborn to take care of itself and understand this world we live in without his or her parents.”

Rex nodded in agreement.

“Just as a new vampire cannot possibly learn all there is to know without a teacher, a parent. I’ve seen many new vampires destroyed because the one that turned them abandoned them in their time of need.”

“Why would they have to be destroyed?” Rex asked folding his arms across his chest. “That doesn’t make sense to me.”

“Left to their own devices, they turn evil.” Donovan said. “We promote justice and only allow justice kills. The ones we destroy kill for the thrill of the chase and the adrenaline rush from killing innocent people.” He said and licked his lips. “The blood of pure innocent humans does taste sweet. It’s a daily fight for us all not to kill for the thrill. And once a vampire turns evil he becomes like a drug addict and must have more and more blood from the innocent to satisfy the urge. Once they are addicted to the taste and the rush, they must be destroyed.” A cold look in his eyes sent chills down Rex’s spine. “We don’t care who the vampire was as a human or who he is as a vampire, we kill them. No questions asked.” Removing his cloak he said, “Even if it’s Armani who becomes this way. He will be put to death.”

“Armani would never turn that way. I know him too well.” Rex said, shaking his head no. “How would you know if a vampire is doing these things? You can’t possibly keep track of every single one.”

Donovan sat down and stretched his hands over his head. “Good point, Rex. The young new vampire’s make it easy. They lack the ability to disguise their actions. The older and more ancient the vampire the harder it is to see through the mask of good.” He folded his hands in his lap and stared at them. “In fact it’s almost impossible. One must watch for the subtle hints and clues. If an ancient vampire is becoming evil, the aura will unveil itself in time. Just as in human behavior, there will be a shift in their personality, the way they carry themselves, the look in their eyes. It’s a look that would chill any human to the bone.”

Rex had heard enough for now. Changing the subject he asked, “What’s Armani doing now?”

Donovan commanded the crystal ball to come to him. Rex watched amazed as the ball floated like a feather to Donovan. Donovan grasped the ball and held it to his face and frowned. “He’s crying.”

Simone heard every teardrop from Armani’s eyes fall on her grave like raindrops from Heaven. The desire to reach out to him was intense but she found herself too tired to communicate. She tried numerous times since Armani arrived. His pleading with her to speak to him broke her heart. Was it something she could only do once in a while? Why couldn’t she do it at will? So many unanswered questions plagued her. Armani’s wails and cries were more than she could bear. Never in her life had she heard such sounds of pain and anguish. Squeezing her eyes shut, she said a prayer for Armani. Wishing for death was futile. She was already dead, stuck in a universe between Heaven and Hell. Lying in a cold coffin she wondered why God would punish her like this. She believed in God once but now doubted her faith. Her eyes opened wide. Armani screamed a loud gut wrenching painful scream. That scream would haunt her for as long as she lay six feet under the earth.

Chapter Thirty

atrina’s blood flowed
cold as ice through her veins. Victor strode up to her with such an air of confidence it numbed her. What in the hell did this vampire want her to do? What was this game?

“Victor, are you going to kill me?” Katrina managed to ask. She closed her eyes and waited for him to strike her dead. “Just do it then. Let’s get it over with.”

Victor laughed and scoffed. “Little lady, have you forgotten that I call the shots around here? You will not tell me what to do or when to do it.” He stated, patting her head like she was his pet dog.

Katrina flinched. His touch was cold. “Ok. So, you said, ‘honey, I’m home.’ What am I supposed to do?”

“I happen to take a great pleasure in creative people.” He said and tilted her chin forcing her to look into his eyes. “Think of a response. You seem to have no problem coming up with some quick witted things.” He finished letting his finger slide under her chin.

Katrina felt sick. His touch repulsed her. “Ok.” She cleared her throat and said, “Yeah, I see you’re home. Fix your own glass of blood.” A sly smile played on her lips.

Victor took delight in her attitude but he refused to let it soften his heart. That wasn’t going to happen. Not after what she did. He raised his hand and slapped her hard across the face.

Katrina’s head rolled back. She saw stars like fireworks flash in front of her eyes. Her lip curled and she cried.

“That’s not the right answer but it doesn’t matter. I have brought a guest to play with us.” Victor turned toward the door, motioned with his hand and said, “Come to me.”

Katrina opened her eyes, blinked twice and saw a man of forty years old walk in. “Who is that?” She asked and rubbed her cheek.

“He’s part of your punishment, my dear,” Victor smiled at Katrina. “He and I are going to act out what The Dark One’s do.” He placed his finger on his lips. “Shhh, this is a private show and I don’t want anyone to ever know what went on here.” He winked and turned toward the skinny brown haired man standing before him. “Speak, you fool.” He ordered releasing the man from the spell he had put him under.

The man screamed and ran in circles around the room. “What are you?” he demanded when he stopped and faced Victor. His eyes caught sight of Katrina and he asked her the same question.

Katrina looked at the man with sympathy. What sort of sick game was Victor playing with them? “I’m not a ‘what.’” Katrina said. “I’m a person. A hostage held by him.” She said pointing at Victor, venom in her eyes.

“You mortals are so amusing.” Victor stated. “To answer your question, sir, I am a vampire. The Master of The Dark Ones.”

The man laughed. “What sort of cult are you in and what drugs are you on? You’re tripping on acid.” He said, matter-of-fact.

Victor jumped him. “You dare call me a liar!” He shrieked. “Then what do you call these?” He asked baring his fangs at the man. “Look into my eyes and tell me I’m human.”

The man lay under Victor as helpless as a mouse in a cat’s death grip. “Shit, I call them eyes.” The man stared at Victor’s red evil eyes, the hatred illuminating where human eyes should be. Swallowing hard he said, “You’re an evil monster. I want to leave this place.”

Victor choked the man.

Katrina ran to where Victor had the man pinned down and pulled on Victor’s arms. “Let him go! You’re going to kill him.”

Victor released his grip on the man’s throat and smiled. “Ah, yes, Katrina I have every intention of doing that.” Shoving her backward he stood and picked the man up by the neck, throwing him next to Katrina. “This is the game you created by defying me. You are going to watch me kill him and if you dare interfere in anyway, I will kill you too. I bet you’re blood tastes sweet, Katrina.” He said licking his lips. His desire to drink blood was hard to control. More than anything he wanted to kill and feel the rush. An innocent like Katrina would be perfect and so satisfying. But, that wasn’t part of his game. He was playing mind games with Katrina and teaching her a lesson at the same time.

“What in God’s name did I ever do to you, Victor?” The man asked.

Victor rolled his eyes. “Oh, you have done nothing to me.” Victor said and stood in front of where Katrina and the man lay on the floor, Victor peered down at them and sneered. “You shouldn’t have to think too hard about why it is that you’re here.” Victor walked a few feet away, turned and ordered Katrina to come to him.

Katrina stood, crossed her arms and answered with a defiant no. “Why would I do such a stupid thing? If you’re going to kill me then you should come to me.” She looked at the man and shivered.“Why should he and I do as you say when we will ultimately die? Why the games? Just do it and be done with it, Victor.” Setting her chin stubbornly, she stared Victor down.

The man nodded his head agreeing with Katrina. “She’s right you know.”

Victor had little patience for Katrina and none for the man. He drifted to where they were and stopped in front of Katrina. He hoisted her over his shoulder. She kicked, screamed and pulled his hair.

“You’re insane you monster!” She hollered at the top of her lungs.

Victor ignored her and placed her on a chair. “Now you are going to sit here and be my audience.” He took a set of handcuffs, clasping Katrina’s hands together. He was impressed at the struggle she gave him but she was no match for him. A weak small frail human could never overpower him. He was the strongest and most fierce vampire to exist, except for his father, Julius. Julius rescued him from his parents and crossed him over to eternal life as a vampire. None of the members of The Dark Ones saw Julius anymore. He was a solitary vampire.

Katrina looked into Victor’s eyes. “Why, Victor? Why?” She asked, tears brimming in her eyes, making their color stand out.

Victor’s gaze softened as he stared into her eyes. What a beautiful creature she was. He could fall in love with this woman but he wasn’t going to allow himself the pleasure or the softening of the heart.

“A better question to ask my dear is why not,” he stated flatly, his eyes hard as stone once again.

Katrina stared at the man sitting across from her.

“Who are you anyway?” She asked him.

He stared at his hands, bending and twisting his fingers and ignored her question.

Victor stared at the man. “You heard the lady. Now answer her question.” He ordered. “She deserves respect from a person of the likes of you.”

Looking up he stared at Katrina. “I’m Gordon. Gordon Appleton. I have a wife and two children. I work full time as a computer tech at the local university. Why do you care who I am? We’re going to die.” He finished averting his gaze back to his hands.

‘You forgot to add the part about you beating your children senseless for the smallest mistake.’ Victor thought. He would make sure Gordon confessed his sins to Katrina before he gave him the final blow of death.

“You are right about one thing, Gordon,” Victor said. “You got your name and information correct but apparently you left out a vital piece of information about who you really are and what you do behind closed doors which is the reason you are going to die.” Victor smiled when Gordon stood and tried to run away.

“Victor!” Katrina screamed. Her body ached. She didn’t think she could bear to watch Victor kill an innocent man. This poor mans death would leave a woman widowed with two children. “Victor, how dare you even think about killing him and leaving his family without a father and a husband. I hate you!” Her whole body shook with hate, fear and sorrow. How could anyone, even a vampire be so cruel and cunning?

Gordon ran to the door twisting and turning the knob. He shook it hard. Frustrated, he kicked the door. Victor watched amused.

“Going somewhere, Gordon?” He asked splaying his arms to the side like Jesus on the cross. “Why not just make this easier on you and me and come to me for your self crucifixion. You did this to yourself.”

“You son of a bitch!” Gordon screamed. “Girl, help me!” He shrieked running toward Katrina.

Katrina stared at Gordon. She never saw so much fear on anyone’s face in her lifetime. “There’s nothing I can do.” She said in a soft voice. “I’m sorry.” She looked past Gordon and screamed, “Look out Gordon!”

Gordon whirled around and was met with a blow from Victor’s fist. Gordon doubled over and held his stomach trying to catch his breath.

Victor picked Gordon up and threw him into a chair. “The first rule of the game is stay away from my woman. Don’t speak to her unless I give you permission. Understood?” He asked his eyes filled with hatred.

Katrina was angry. “I’m not your woman and never will be.”

Cocking his head to the side, Victor shushed Katrina. “Yes you are my woman forever. Accept your fate. It makes things a lot easier for you and for me.” Facing Gordon he asked, “Have you figured out what important piece of information you left out when introducing yourself to Katrina?”

Gordon stared at Victor. “I left nothing out.”

“Liar!” Victor yelled. “Katrina, this man isn’t the man he wants you to think he is.”

Gordon knew he was hiding the truth. He would joke to his wife that he was a computer technician by day and a raging alcoholic by night. It was his best-kept secret. His wife and children dared tell no one because they knew all to well what the consequences would be.

Victor interrupted his thoughts. “I am giving you one more chance to come clean, Gordon. Tell her what you do to your family behind closed doors.” Pointing to Katrina he said, “She deserves to know the truth about why I have you down here.”

Katrina spoke up. “You have him down here to prove just how evil and crazy you really are.” She glared at Victor. “I think this man is telling me the truth.”

Victor shot a venomous look at Katrina. “That, my dear is where you are dead wrong. When this is over you will know who The Dark Ones are and what we do. It’s about justice.” He looked at Gordon and smiled. “Isn’t that right, Gordon?” He asked extending his arms and cracking his knuckles. “Something you managed to escape. Correct?”

“Victor, you’re about murder. Cold blooded murder for the sheer thrill of it.” Katrina said. “And just like Dracula, you suck innocent people’s blood for your survival and then you kill them.” Disgusted, she stuck her tongue out. “You do it for the fun of it all.”

Gordon wished Katrina were right but she was wrong. Victor knows what he does at night and how he has tortured and beaten his wife and children for years. Why the game? Why make Katrina watch? “Can we just get this over with?” He asked Victor. “May I ask a favor?”

“It depends what kind of favor you ask.” Victor stated impatiently.

Gordon stared at Katrina and managed to flash a reassuring smile. “I would like the lady to leave the room. She shouldn’t be subject to see you murder me.”

Victor stared at the ceiling and tapped the side of his head, pretending to think for a minute. “Request denied.” He said and walked from one end of the basement to the other. “The reason for that is because she’s here to learn a valuable lesson just like you. Katrina dare defy me and go against my wishes and for that she will be punished by having to watch you suffer and endure great pain.” He said indicating the case was closed with a nod of his head.

Katrina snorted. “I’m learning a life lesson alright. It’s that monsters and sick twisted people really do exist.”

Victor smiled. “You learn quickly, Katrina. I’m more than impressed.”

“Are you admitting that that’s what you are?” She asked.

“Dear child, so innocent and naïve,” he began, “the sick person and monster you talk about is sitting across from you.” He finished pointing at Gordon.

“Whatever,” Katrina replied with a shrug. There was no sense in arguing with Victor. She wasn’t going to win anyway.

“Who would like some popcorn?” Victor asked looking at Katrina and then at Gordon. “We’re going to watch a movie together for a few minutes.” He smiled wickedly as his gaze bore into Gordon. “A home video made by yours truly,” he said nodding to Gordon. “Isn’t that right Gordon? What did you do? Jack off to these the day after you made them? Did it turn you on? Make you feel like a real big strong man?”

Gordon shifted in his chair and wet his lips with his tongue. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Katrina sat in silence wondering what would happen next. Too scared to look she closed her eyes. Her gut told her Gordon just gave Victor the wrong answer. She was right.

Victor punched Gordon’s stomach a few times. Victor couldn’t believe how stupid this man was. “Where were you when God handed out brains?” Victor snorted.

Gordon tried to scream but Victor shoved a sock in his mouth. “No one wants to hear a coward scream, especially not me or my woman.”

Bile filled Katrina’s mouth. The sickening sound of Victor saying she was his woman made her wish she could die instead of Gordon. She opened her eyes and saw Victor tying Gordon’s hands to the chair with rope.

“I’ll be right back.” He said and shoved Gordon’s head backwards.

Katrina stared at Victor. His fangs were extended and the hungry look in his eyes made every fiber in her body go numb and cold.

Victor stopped in front of Katrina and leaned toward her. She dodged him but not fast enough. He kissed her hard on the lips savoring her sweet taste.

“I’m going to make the popcorn so be prepared for an X-rated graphic true story.” He said winking.

‘Victor was a sick, sick vampire.’ Katrina thought. But Victor wasn’t just any normal vampire, he was a monster. She leaned over the end of the chair and spit. His kiss made her stomach turn.

Katrina stood, her hands handcuffed and walked to where Gordon sat. He looked like a decent man. Victor had to be wrong.

“Did you do these things that Victor said you did to your family?” She asked. Of course he couldn’t answer and she wasn’t about to pull the sock out of his mouth. Or should she? A cold hand wrapped around her neck gripping tightly.

“Katrina. Don’t you dare take try to help that monster.” Victor ordered his breath hot on her neck.

How did he sneak up on her without a sound? Her stomach growled. The popcorn smelled so good. She thought about better days when she hung out with friends at the local theatre.

Gordon’s eyes widened. He was more afraid than he had ever been his whole life. Death was his penalty for what he had done in secret for years. How did this vampire find him? He managed to escape the long arm of the law and out of the blue this freak comes along and ruins his world.

Katrina faced Victor and tried her best to keep her wits about her.

His gaze bore into hers. “Come with me honey. I have a seat saved just for you.” Victor took her by the arm and led her to the movie theatre. His loud laugh echoing off the walls. “I’m your evil angel but in a moment you will see that I’m a vampire of justice. I serve the good of humanity by taking out the trash and ridding the world of monsters.” He saw the doubt in her eyes. “I promise you will love me after this.”

Katrina scowled. How dare he mention love at a time such as this? “I will never love you.” She spat and followed him into the theatre and up the steps.

Victor placed her in the center and led her to a chair in the middle. “This is a perfect viewing spot and to make sure you don’t try to get up and leave I’m strapping cuffs on your ankles and securing you to the chair.” He clamped them on her ankles roughly. “I’m sorry but you did this to yourself.” He squeezed one of her cuffed hands.

Katrina watched disgusted as Victor floated down the aisle steps like he was riding on a cloud. It was amazing to watch him but she knew what he was about to do would prove to be too much for her to handle. She stared at what was in front of the movie screen and gulped. It was a hangman’s ensemble; a chair stood under a rope and next to that were a bunch of shiny objects. She leaned forward as far as the cuffs would allow her, squinted and saw there were knives, swords and a chain saw. A sour taste filled her mouth and her stomach churned. She leaned her head forward and puked. Feeling dizzy she closed her eyes wishing this day was over.

“Honey, we’re home!” Victor boomed.

Katrina bolted upright. Speechless and scared, all she could do was watch and pray she could make it through this.

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