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‘I think I do,’ she smiled shyly.

‘And I think I should drive you to your brother’s house right now,’ he said, lifting his head away from her and reluctantly allowing their bodies to part.

‘Should you be left alone tonight?’ she questioned, refusing to totally relinquish her hold. ‘Don’t you think that since you’re just out of hospital, someone should be here to keep a close watch over you?’

‘How close?’ Jet eyes held her captive as his hands moved possessively over her hips.

‘Very close,’ she breathed, as her body flamed beneath his touch. ‘I don’t think I mentioned if before, but I only have premonitions about people I love.’


Snuggled against Brad’s body, Sara awoke the next morning to a peace she had never known. There was no doubt in her mind that she was exactly where she belonged.

‘Good morning, sleepyhead,’ he greeted her, kissing her hair while brushing some of the wayward strands from her face.

‘Good morning,’ she returned, turning her head into the warm flesh on which it rested to press her lips against his shoulder.

Catching her chin, he gently raised her face up to meet his gaze. ‘I hope you realise that you’ve compromised me completely,’ he growled.

‘I have?’ she purred in mock innocence.

‘Yes, you have, and there’s only one way to compensate.’

‘And what is that?’, she asked, leaning up on an elbow and tracing the shape of his jaw with the tips of her fingers.

‘You’ll have to marry me immediately,’ he demanded, catching her hand and carrying it to his mouth, where he nipped her fingers playfully.

‘Speaking of immediately,’ she said, suddenly stiffening, ‘What time is it?’

‘I’ve just proposed and the lady wants to know what time it is!’ he mocked her, shaking his head sadly.

‘I’m serious.’ Sara tried to frown, but found herself placing a light kiss on his lips instead. Then, leaning over him to read the clock on the table, she gasped and started to climb out of bed, but he held her back.

‘What’s the rush? You haven’t given me your answer. Will you marry me immediately?’

‘Yes, any time you want—just let me get dressed. It’s after nine and Steve could show up here at any minute,’ she pleaded.

‘No, he won’t,’ said Brad, trailing a line of kisses along her shoulder while continuing to hold her captive. ‘I called him while you were still asleep.’

‘You did what?’ she demanded, catching the hint of mischief in his voice.

‘I called and told him we were getting married and that I would not appreciate his barging in and interrupting us while we were discussing our wedding plans,’ he elaborated, leaving her shoulder to tease a breast.

‘What did he say?’ she stammered.

‘He said that once he knew about the premonitions, he realised that this was inevitable. However, he was insistent that we should do more about a wedding than simply discuss it, so how does tomorrow suit you?’

‘Tomorrow?’ His moving sensually over her body was making thinking nearly impossible.

‘Tomorrow for the wedding. Do you think Joanie could be ready by then?’

‘That’s not much time,’ she murmured, attempting to concentrate.

Straightening away from her, he met her slightly dazed gaze. ‘I want you with me always, Sara,’ he growled, running his hand possessively along the length of her body. ‘And I don’t want to have to worry about an irate brother or mother breaking down my door. Then there’s the matter of the little half-Yankees I want to have running around underfoot.’

‘Tomorrow,’ she agreed, trembling as his touch reawakened desire.

‘Good,’ he smiled. ‘I was certain I could make you see it my way. Now it’s time to take a little trip to the licence bureau.’

‘Right this minute?’ she questioned, running a hand over his chest.

‘No, not right this minute,’ he conceded huskily.


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