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Authors: Evelyn Adams


Jack and Christine rarely have sex anymore, and when
they do, it doesn’t satisfy either of them. Christine’s let herself go and
doesn’t believe her husband could be interested in her. She’s always had trouble
reaching orgasm during intercourse. After sixteen years of marriage, she’s
given up.

Jack thinks his wife just isn’t interested in sex. He’s
tried to fill his own needs by watching online porn and masturbating in the
shower, but he’s tired of feeling like a dirty old man. He wants to be more
than paycheck to Christine, and he’s at the end of his rope.

Together, they’ve created a perfect storm of missed
opportunities and misunderstanding.

But an accident and a near miss may give them both a
chance to find their way back to each other and unlock a whole new level of



*WARNING* This title is intended for adult audiences and contains nipple
clips, clit jewelry and pubic hair shaving with plenty of hot sex between
consenting adults in a loving monogamous relationship.


An erotic novella

Part of the Forbidden Fruit Series


Evelyn Adams

Digital Edition

Copyright 2012 Evelyn Adams

All rights reserved


distribution of this work without the express permission of the author is
illegal and punishable by law. Please purchase only authorized electronic
editions, and do not participate in or encourage electronic piracy of
copyrighted materials. Your support of the author’s rights is appreciated.


work is intended for adults only and contains sexually explicit material that
may be considered offensive by some readers.

Fuck. He was hard as a rock. She bent over the table,
looking at the plans for the Matthew’s job and pointing her ass in his
direction. His cock twitched in response, straining toward her like the needle
of a compass seeking north. By now, he was pretty sure she teased him on
purpose. She always used the conference table across from his office, putting
herself right in front of his door. He could sit behind his desk and watch the
smooth black cloth of her skirt stretch tight across her perfect, round,
twenty-two-year-old ass.

Christ. He was old enough to be her father.

That didn’t stop him from watching her. Her skirts
always seemed shorter on Friday. He let his gaze wander from the four-inch
black stilettos up her smooth shapely legs to the hem of her skirt. She leaned
over farther, her hem shifted, and he caught a glimpse of lace at the top of
her thigh. She was wearing stockings. Holy fuck.

He tried to force his attention back to the file on
his desk. He even chanted “I’m a married spud. I’m a married spud,” from his
kids Toy Story movie. It didn’t work. He had to look. She probably had a thong
on under that skirt. A woman who wore stockings was bound to wear a thong. It
had been so long since he’d seen his wife in any kind of underwear and almost
never in something sexy.

He watched the lace tops of Olivia’s stockings and let
himself imagine what it would be like to take her right there on the conference
table. Just push up her short skirt, slide her thong aside and sink himself
balls deep into the hot, slick heat of her. Fingers grabbing her garter belt
clad hips, he’d thrust into her over and over until she cried out, screaming
his name as she came. Two more strokes deep inside her and he’d pull out and
watch his cum shoot over the creamy globes of her ass.

His cock practically throbbed, tenting the fabric of
his slacks. He shifted uncomfortably, trying to make room in his suddenly too
tight pants. God, something had to change. He had to stop watching or he’d end
up in the bathroom, jacking off like a horny teenager.

Before he could tear his eyes away, Olivia looked over
her shoulder at him. He froze as she twisted her body and rocked back on her
impossibly high heels.

“Do you need something, Jack?” She practically purred
the words, letting her breath out on his name.




Jack ate lunch at his desk, trying to catch up on the
work he hadn’t gotten done that morning. Christine packed his lunch when she
packed the kids’ lunches. She did it almost everyday, but he only ate it about
half the time. He’d rather eat lunch with his co-workers sometimes, get out of
the office for a while. Christine prepared his meals faithfully, somehow
thinking it was part of her job as his wife. On days he ate out, he threw away the
food she made and pretended he ate it. He didn’t want to hurt her feelings, but
he wished she put half the energy she spent feeding him into loving him

They hardly ever had sex anymore and when they did, it
was quick, furtive and in the dark. He didn’t want to break his wedding vows.
Hell, he was still attracted to his wife. He loved her and the kids, but he was
tired of feeling like a dirty old man, watching internet porn and jacking off
in the shower. Something had to change. He was only forty-four. He didn’t
wanted to go on like this, feeling like he was just a paycheck, like provider
was his only role. He was a man, damn it. And not a bad looking one. His hair
grayed at the temples, but he still had all of it. He wasn’t as fit as he had
been, but he played basketball most weekends. His paunch was minimal. He wished
Christine appreciated that as much as she did the house and his job.

He crumpled his sandwich wrapper and shot it at the
trashcan. When he turned back, Olivia stood in his doorway, smiling at him.

“It’s snowing,” she said, sounding even younger than
she was.

Jack spun his chair to look out the window and saw big
white flakes falling from the sky.

“So it is.” He grinned at her, caught up in her

She stepped into the office and perched on the corner
of his desk, watching the snow out the window. She was so close; all he had to
do was lift his hand and he could touch her. He knew she wouldn’t pull away,
wouldn’t turn from him. He closed his eyes for a moment and breathed in the
spicy scent of her perfume. When he opened his eyes, her hazel ones stared back
at him. She leaned toward him, and the curtain of her long chestnut hair sent another
wave of her scent to him.

“A bunch of us are leaving early for the day.” She
shifted, settling herself more firmly on his desk. Jack fought the urge to look
down to see if the lace from her stockings was showing and kept his gaze on her
face. “Listen, I know it’s a little out of your way, but I wondered if you
could give me a lift home. I don’t trust my car in the snow.”

She smiled at him expectantly, and he knew if he said
yes, it would be to much more than driving her home. He took a deep breath and
decided, exhaling into the charged silence.

“Yeah. Sure, give me a minute to finish up here.”

Olivia caught her bottom lip between her teeth, and
the look she gave him had his cock jumping to attention again. She straightened
her legs, stretched like a satisfied cat and hopped off his desk.

“Come get me when you’re ready,” she said over her

Jack watched her hips sway as she walked out of his




It was just the two of them in the elevator. When the
door slid closed, Olivia reached down and caught Jack’s hand, smiling when he
didn’t pull away.

He should kiss her. He thought about it. Pushing her
up against the wall and claiming her with his mouth. He imagined drinking her
in, their tongues tangling together, his hands cupping her ass and hauling her
against his cock. She’d meet him. He knew she would. A woman like Olivia
wouldn’t just lay still and take. She’d meet him thrust for thrust.

But he couldn’t make himself cross the line. Yet. When
the elevator doors opened, he settled for putting his hand on the small of her
back. He slid his fingers under her short coat and felt the warmth of her skin
through her silk blouse.

He opened the passenger door of his SUV and helped
Olivia inside. The snow fell faster, but Jack wasn’t worried. He put the truck
into four wheel drive and turned on the wipers to clean to windshield. The
roads were wet, but the snow hadn’t started to stick.

“I live in the new apartment complex over on Berkshire.”
Olivia shifted in her seat to face him. She’d unfastened the buttons on her
coat, and when she leaned toward him, the red silk of her blouse dipped, giving
him a glimpse of the creamy white tops of her breasts and the black lace of her
bra. “I really appreciate this.” She laid her hand on his thigh and stroked,
her fingertips brushing against his cock which was straining his slacks again.
He had to get a hold of himself or he was going to go off like a rocket. “I’m
glad you decided to take me home.” She licked her lips and the breath caught in
his throat.

The car came out of nowhere, sliding across both lanes
of traffic. Jack stomped on the brake. He threw his arm out to try to protect
his passenger. For one heart stopping moment, the SUV skidded and screeched.
Jack saw his wife and kids, their home, everything that was important to him.
When the SUV shuddered to a stop, he let out a shaky breath and looked over to
make sure the woman sitting next to him was okay. All at once he was struck
with the knowledge that she was the wrong woman.




Christine frowned as her call went right to Jack’s
voicemail. She hadn’t been able to get him on his cell phone, and the office
phone rang straight to the answering service. She glanced at the clock.
Three-thirty. He should still be at the office. Maybe the office closed early
because of the snow. She looked over to the family room where the kids had been
playing Xbox since they got home at one. Two hour early dismissal and they were
already playing video games. The lure of the falling snow hadn’t last long.

That might change when it started to stick to the
ground. If it kept snowing, they might be able to go sledding tomorrow, and she
could get them out of the house and away from the TV. She worried that Ethan,
the seven-year-old, already spent too much time in front of the screen. The
girls weren’t as bad, although looking at them now, it would be hard to tell. The
three of them were sprawled across the couch, barely moving as the dragon
riders fought each other on the screen.

Pouring herself another cup of black coffee instead of
the tea with sugar she wanted, Christine leaned against the counter and watched
it snow. Jack would be okay. He’d driven the SUV instead of the sedan. It had
4WD. The snow shouldn’t give him any trouble. But what if it wasn’t the weather
that was keeping him out? What if he was with someone else—another woman?

Her stomach clenched at the thought. Jack was a
handsome man. He wouldn’t have any trouble finding someone to have sex with. She
never believed he break his vows. He loved her. She knew he did. But she they
hardly ever had sex anymore and when they did, it couldn’t possibly satisfy
him. It didn’t satisfy her.

She’d never had an orgasm during sex. She could come
when she masturbated, but it wasn’t anything like what she’d read about. There
was no explosion; no becoming breathless and boneless with pleasure like the
women did in romance novels. If orgasms were fireworks, hers were more
sparklers than the Fourth of July.

When they first got married, their sex life had been a
little better. Jack tried a little harder, and they made love at least a couple
of times a week. When he realized she couldn’t come during sex, it was like he
gave up. Gradually he stopped doing the things she liked even if they didn’t
lead to an orgasm and their foreplay dwindled down to nothing.

After the kids were born, things got even worse. She
got tired of being sexually frustrated, so she threw herself into taking care
of the kids. She kept herself busy with babies and the later with homework and
volunteering. She also gained weight, and it seemed no matter how hard she
tried she couldn’t lose that last twenty pounds. She felt frumpy and fat and
completely unattractive.

Jack worked with beautiful, young women. She’d met
some of them at the company Christmas party and had seen the way they looked at
him and then her. She glanced down at her stained PJ pants and over-sized
t-shirt. How could he work with those polished, thin, sexy, young women and
come home and be attracted to her?

Her stomach clenched tighter. He wouldn’t cheat. She
took a swallow of the black coffee as she tried to convince herself that she
believed it.




She was still sipping her coffee and watching the snow
when Jack burst through the door. The door bounced off the wall, and she spun
around to look at her husband. His expression was fierce, almost hungry.

“What’s wrong? Are you okay?”

She barely had time to set down her cup before he
wrapped her in his arms and squeezed her tight.

“Fine. I’m fine. I almost had an accident.” She
squirmed to get away so she could look at him, but he tightened his grip,
cupping her head in his hand and refusing to let go of her. “Nothing happened.
The car’s okay. I’m okay. I just couldn’t wait to get home to you.” He murmured
the words against her hair, and she warmed in his arms.

She tipped her head back to look at him, but before
she could ask again, his mouth was crushing hers. He forced her mouth open with
his lips and used his tongue to deepen the kiss. It had been so long since he’d
kissed her like that, all hunger and heat, and she melted against him,
forgetting for a moment her baggy clothes and ponytail.

He broke the kiss, shifting to nip at the skin along
her neck. His mouth sent delicious tremors across her skin, and she trembled in
his arms.

“I need you,” he growled, his mouth hot against the
delicate shell of her ear. “Right now.”

Before she could react, he’d caught her hand and was
dragging her through the kitchen to the laundry.

“Jack, the kids,” she whispered, tugging against his
insistent pull.

“Won’t know we’re gone.” He looked toward the family
room.”They haven’t even noticed I’m home.”

He pulled her into the laundry room and shut the door
behind them. As soon as the door was locked, he pulled her against him and
kissed her, forcing her mouth open with his. His hunger fed hers, and she
pressed against him, feeling his erection hard against the soft flesh of her

Without taking his mouth of hers, he pushed up her
t-shirt and the reached under the worn elastic of her old bra to lift out first
one breast then the other. He cupped them in his hands, kneading gently, and
when his thumbs brushed her nipples, she moaned into his mouth. Bending his
head, he pulled her nipple deep into his mouth and suckled. God, she hadn’t
felt like this in forever. Hot. Hungry. Aching with need.

She watched as he released her nipple with a soft pop.
It stood out, pulled to a soft wet peak by his mouth. He suckled the other one,
pulling it deep in his mouth, and her eyes fluttered closed. She could feel
herself getting wet; feel her pussy swelling for him.

His hand slid inside her drawstring pants and under
her panties. When his fingers found the slick wet heat of her, he groaned.

“Wet, oh God, you’re so wet.” He slipped a finger
inside her, and her breath caught in her throat. It felt so good. If only…

She tipped her hips forward, pressing herself into his
palm and trying desperately to rub her clit against his hand. He must have
sensed what she needed. Keeping his finger buried deep inside her, he used his
thumb to rub circles around her sensitive nub.

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