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Jessika Klide


Copyright © 2015 Jessika Klide

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, brands, media, events and incidents are either the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any similarities to actual events and persons, living or dead, are purely coincidental. Any trademarks, service marks, product names, named features, artists and bands are assumed to be the property of their respective owners, and are used for reference and without permission. The publication / use of these trademarks is not authorized, associated with, or sponsored by the trademark owners. There is no implied endorsement if any of these terms are used.


Without my husband, my soulmate, my Golden God, this book series would never have been written. To him, I am eternally grateful. He continues to inspire me.

To my family, whose patience and critical input helped me stay the course. To them, hugs and kisses.

Special thanks to my BFF, who listened to the raw storyline and helped with the creation of the final plot.

To the advance readers, who volunteered to read a story from an unknown author, who tweaked sentences and thought lines perfectly and offered their honest critiques, then gave me what I so desperately needed to hear: Praise, a thousand years of thanks!

To Maria Clark, End Solutions Inc., who edited the finished product, a big shout out. THANK YOU!

To JC Mason who agree to represent my Golden God for you, Thank You! You ROCK!

To my fans, it is truly an honor to share my story with you!





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Because Siri Wright is a dancer, there are songs sprinkled throughout her story. They have been chosen specifically, not only for the music, but also for their lyrics, which are governed by strict copyright laws restricting the use in books.

It is certainly not necessary to listen to the music to enjoy Siri's story, but if you choose to, you will enhance your enjoyment and have a fuller, deeper understanding of Siri's heart.

Therefore, I have put together a playlist with each of the songs on my YouTube channel, in the order they appear in the story for you.


I lay quietly, keeping my eyes closed, not wanting to wake from a wonderful dream. In my dream, I was being held, stroked, and cuddled by the most beautiful man I've ever laid eyes on. He had golden hair and gold toned skin. His eyes were emerald green and his smile was bright white. His body was bulging with muscles, ripped and perfect. He was a metaphoric Golden God and he was mine.

I take a deep breath and inhale the most intoxicating scent. It smells like … Old Spice cologne and delicious musk. I open my eyes to see this Golden God holding me. My arm and leg are draped over him and I'm stretched out flat against him. I flex my fingers and stroke his soft, smooth skin. He is breathing deep, in and out, sleeping peacefully, and I watch his chest rise and fall.
Aurei. Aurelius Moore. My Golden God. My Fucking Golden God. My Thunderous, Fucking Golden God!
I smile and cuddle, giving him a soft hug. He draws me closer, but doesn't wake. I lay next to him, enjoying the warmth of his body and the peacefulness of this moment while I think about us
. Us. What a beautiful word. Us. Aurei Moore and Siri Wright.

Was it only a week ago I first laid eyes on him? It feels like I've known him forever. Forever. Us.
I kiss his skin. His warmth makes me tingle all over.
Umm. My soul knew the moment our eyes touched that he was the one I had been waiting on.
My heart stopped beating and my throat closed on my breath. That's when the world fell away and there was only us. US! That feeling was so overwhelming! When the elevator door shut and I lost that first connection, I felt something so deep within the core of my being!
I kiss his skin softly again.
Aurei jolted my heart awake! It started pounding wildly in my chest and when my throat released my breath, I literally gasped. That incredible 'awakening' drove me to him.

Is that how he felt when he saw me? Did I jolt his heart awake too? I must have.
I giggle inside.
He said he kept flying back to Vegas to see me dance and he managed to somehow convince Bart to book him a private VIP room with only me. That's never happened before! He said it cost him a small fortune. I bet!
I grin, knowing it must have.
Bart is a shrewd manager. I'm sure he got top dollar.

I open my eyes and enjoy the view of his golden torso stretched out here beside me. My head lays on his big, bulging bicep.
It's soft, yet firm. It's the perfect pillow.
His chest rises and falls with his breath.
It's broad and strong. Umm.... His pecs are perfect!
I can't see below his abs for the sheet but I know what is beneath it and
everything about him is perfect!
I take a deep breath and let it out slowly.
Gosh! He was so drop dead gorgeous standing in the lobby, smiling at me. He changed everything for me and he said I changed everything for him too. There is so much to say to him. So much to share. So much to ask! Where are we going to start? I hope he wakes in a talkative mood.... Actually, I hope he wakes with a boner and wants to fuck first! I like fucking!

I slowly turn my face to his and see him looking at me.
His emerald green eyes are breathtaking.
His lips part in that slow, sexy smile and I watch his tongue between them as he forms his words. "Good morning, Angel Thang. Did you sleep good?"

"I did! I like sleeping with you. You're cuddly." I squeeze him tight as he pulls me closer.

"I like sleeping with you too. You're better than my teddy bear."

"You have a teddy bear you sleep with?" I ask surprised, as I lift my head to look into his face.

He laughs, as he easily pushes my body on top of his and I lay lengthwise, smiling down into his handsome face. "Yes. Does that surprise you?"

"Yes. It does." I giggle and place my smiling lips on his laughing ones. My eyes twinkling into his.

"Poor Bear is going to be lonely now that I have a Beautiful Thang to sleep with." His eyes crinkle at the corners.

"Yes. Poor Bear. I'm not sharing." I rain down kisses on his perfect pecs. The soft skin makes my mouth water. "Umm, you taste good." I nibble him, then lick, dragging my tongue as far as I can. "Umm. I like the taste of you. It's sweeter than sugar." I cut my eyes and glance up at him. His eyes are hooded and I see the desire building. "I’m going to call you My Sugar Bare." I giggle at him. "B.A.R.E."

He chuckles as he lifts my chest off his and slides my tit into his mouth.
My pussy floods itself with sweet wetness. "I will never tire of seeing you there ... doing that." I tell him as I watch his tongue sneak out his lips and roll my nipple around lazily. I feel the exquisite soft tingle it sends to my clit as the connection is made. I exhale my breath on his face, then do a push up off him as I remove that tit from his mouth and slide the other one over for him to taste too. I see his eyes crinkle as he smiles at my gesture. He runs his hands down my back into the crack of my ass and pulls my body up his chest. I arch my back as he sucks hard, keeping my tit in his mouth, not letting it go as he pulls my legs apart, making me straddle him.

He slides his hands back up my legs to my ass and runs his fingers into my crack, where he seizes a butt cheek firmly in one hand, pulls it back, and exposes my vagina to the cold air. With the other hand, he checks the condition of my desire. He slides two fingers in. "You're already wet." He smiles up at me. He pulls them out and slides them over my labia lips as he strokes and massages my pussy with my own juice. "Does this feel good?"

I moan.

"Tell me."

"That feels really good." I open my eyes and stare into his green pools.

His lips lay on my left breast directly on the hickey he gave me. "Siri."
My name is so sexy and sensuous the way he says it.
"I want to take you to heaven."

I roll my eyes as they close and my heart squeezes my chest with his sweet words. "You already have, Aurelius."

"No Siri. I haven't."

"Cloud 9's in heaven." My head rolls with his tongue.

"Cloud 9 is nothing compared to Heaven itself, my Sweet, Wild Thang."

"Are you sure?" I say in a whisper heavy with passion.

"Look at me." I tip my head down and look at him. His eyes look up and straight into mine with a sincerity that makes my mind focus on his words. I watch that sensuous tongue and his luscious, heart shaped lips form his words. "I haven't taken you there ... yet, but I want to."

"Then take me to heaven, Aurei. " I squeeze my tits together and hug his face. He moans that throat sound he doesn't know he does.
Fuck, that sound turns me on!
I hunch his body and his fingers slide back into me.

When I release his face, his eyes are hungry. "Ah, Wild Thang." He strokes my vagina.

"Umm. More of that, please, Mr. Moore." I hunch his hand and squeeze him with my legs. "That's heavenly."

He chuckles. "That's not even close, Baby Thang. Heaven will be so much more."

"Umm. More of Moore is heaven?"

He chuckles again. "Something like that."

"I don't think it can get much better than it has already been."

He smiles that sexy half smile. "Oh it can, but you will have to trust me."

I run my fingers around his ear then behind his neck and massage him. "My soul has trusted you from that first moment. You can do whatever you like with me! I'm ready and willing! Truly!"

He chuckles harder at my enthusiasm. "I'm glad you are. Let's build on that." His mouth opens wide and he sucks in my tit.

"Ah!" I moan as his fingers fuck and massage my pussy. I watch his mouth on one breast then the other, swapping back and forth.
Fuck! He is a fine feast! And fuck, he knows how to make me lose my fucking mind!
I stare down on his gorgeousness as long as I can, enjoying both the view and the sensations, but he keeps up the intensity until I close my eyes, moaning.
My body responds to his expertise, arching and fucking him with small hunches. He finds my g-spot and stays on it, building my desire, as he hunts the exact location of the tip of my clit. When he passes over it, my body tells him with small involuntary jerks. He continues stroking it until my legs are quivering uncontrollably, I lean my head back. "Ah!" The world falls away. There is only Aurei and my hunger.
Fuck yeah!
I dig my fingers into his skin as I get ready to burst. "Arghh!" I strain against him.
I'm about to cum!

I hear his deep masculine tone as his voice wraps around me, behind the heavy fog. "Ask my permission." I open my eyes. I hear again. "Ask my permission."

"Please!" I manage to whisper, knowing I'm not going to make it much longer. I listen for his answer through the roaring in my mind that closes out everything else, as the stroking becomes more precise. There is no thought as to why he would make me ask. There is no thought as to what this means. No thought at all. There is only the need to cum.

I hear him speak again. "No, don't beg. I want you to ask my permission."

I strain as I know I'm about to fall over the edge of glory and I have to hurry. "May I cum, Sir?" I'm quivering now uncontrollably and my fingers are gripping his shoulders as I climb the peak.

"Not Sir." He chuckles softly. "Aurei."

I push out a low moan as I give him what he wants without question. "May I cum, Aurei?

"Oh my Wild Thang, I want you to enjoy my heavenly skills more. A taste of more with Moore." He slows the pace of his fingers, extending my pleasure as he continues to suck my tits, flicking the end of the nipple with his tongue as he slowly strokes my pussy. I lean my head back, crooning and moaning, wanting and needing him to release me, but thoroughly enjoying his masterful control as he treats me to a taste of his heaven. In no time, I begin to hunch him unable to wait any longer. My passion demanding to be released quickly having been denied for so long. "Ooooohhhh!" I moan trying to wait, but not succeeding.

"Hmmmm." He hums loud and long. The vibration on the tip of my nipple, along with his pure tone caressing my ears, and his finger fucking skills, sends me straight to the drop off. I hang my head to enjoy my cum, forgetting all about asking his permission. But just as my pussy tightens and my clit hardens on his fingers, he stops ... then speaks, demanding and commanding, breaking my concentration. "Look at me, Siri."

I open my eyes to look into his. I can feel a bead of sweat on my upper lip. He is smiling at me. "You may." He slides his thumb on my g-spot and his finger finds my clit at the same time. I stare into his emerald green eyes, knowing I will never be lost again, as I soar back to the edge. When I tighten on him and my eyes roll back in my head, he commands me softly. "Cum now, Baby Thang. Right now!" He latches on my nipple, mashes it between his lips and teeth, clasping it firmly, and pulls gently. I gasp with the sharp yet sweet sensation. Then he licks it, dragging the full length of his tongue over the pinched ridges. The sensation sends shivers down to my clit and it quivers. I lay my head back and moan. "Oh.... Oh.... Oh...." Then with the tip of his tongue, he flicks the tip of my nipple, hard, over and over again, thumping it. My mouth makes the perfect "O" and I let my voice go as my whole body convulses with the explosion of orgasm. The sound fills the room as I moan his music. My juices flowing all over his fingers as I cum. The only image in my mind, as I fall over and over again with pure orgasmic ecstasy, is that of his golden hand giving me such exquisite pleasure. I see it when he reached for my dropped phone. I feel it give me that first tingle from his touch. I see it as he grabbed my arm when he asked if there was someone special. I see it when he reached in, stopping the elevator that pivotal night before the cocktail party. I feel it holding mine against his chest as I felt his heart beat before we danced. And I feel it holding mine, stroking me with his thumb, as we drove from the bar last night. I collapse on his perfect pecs and he continues to caress my pussy until my orgasm is long gone.
I knew that was a real man's hand.

When my breathing has returned to normal, I lift my head and look on his face.
You are a rock star, Aurelius. My gorgeous Golden God.
His eyes are closed and his expression shows his contentment. I slide off him and cuddle up under his arm, resting my hand on his abs, then close my eyes and drift off into a light sleep.

Sometime later, I stir when he pushes my hand down to his cock. It’s hard. "Umm. Heaven." I whisper, but he snores softly. I lay quietly, dozing back off to sleep, remembering the past 12 hours.
Ann and the farm, Flash! Ahh! Karma! You are good to me! The bar. I had such a good time with his friends. Steve, Paul, Gaby and now Scarlett. Then seeing Clay here! Wow! And to think he won a bar in my hometown. We surely have strong Karma together. And dancing with Aurei. Umm. What a smooth dancer he is.
I see his sexy side to side rock.
Umm. Sexy as fuck!
I kiss his bicep.
Can’t forget the bitch Ruth!
I frown and squeeze his arm.
"There is nothing we can't handle together."
He rolls over and spoons with me, putting his arm over me and pulling me tight to him. "Truly." I sigh. I vaguely remember Aurei carrying me to his apartment where he undressed me, showering me with little kisses everywhere, and tucking me in his bed, then he climbed in and spooned with me.
Umm. Like he is now.
I drift off to a peaceful sleep.

BOOK: UNSTOPPABLE (Siri's Saga Book 2)
13.2Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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