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Until November (Until series) (26 page)

BOOK: Until November (Until series)
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"You okay, darlin’?" Mike asks, putting his arm around my shoulder.


"Yeah. I'm just gonna go home. I’ll see you tomorrow for breakfast and thanks for the internship."


"I’ll see you then and we can talk," he says quietly, squeezing me to his side.


"Great," I mutter, walking out into the parking lot to my Charger. I open my door and throw my bag across into the passenger seat.


"Hey, we need to talk," Trevor says, turning me around with his hand on my waist.


"No, Trevor, we don’t need to talk."


"We’re friends, Liz. This isn’t you. I just want what’s best for you," he says, trying to pull me into him. I take a step back, get in my car, and slam the door, engaging the locks before he can stop me or open it. Turning on the car, I rev the engine then roll down my window an inch.


"Just so you learn a lesson from tonight, I'm going to clue you in, you know, since we’re friends and all," I say sarcastically. "First, FRIENDS ask each other about their lives. Second, a FRIEND would wonder what circumstances would cause someone to work somewhere that they never would have before. And last but not fucking least, A FRIEND would never threaten another FRIEND."


With my parting words, I rev my engine and let the gravel fly behind me. My car fishtails right before I get to the stop sign. I turn up Nickelback’s "Animals" on my car stereo, stick my hand out my window, and flip Trevor off.


As soon as I roll up my window, tears start sliding down my cheeks from the sadness and anger I'm feeling. I trusted Trevor at one point, and just like my brother, that trust was not earned and now I'm more stuck than I was before. I have to find a way to earn the money to save my business without getting my mom involved or my brother doing time.





"Well, I have to say that went well, don’t you think, FRIEND?" Cash asks while patting my chest before he walks off. I'm completely stunned, stuck in place, wondering what the fuck just happened.

"Yo! T, are you coming or what?" Cash shouts from across the parking lot, snapping me out of my stupor. I lean my head back and look up at the night sky. Seeing a shooting star, I make a wish. I close my eyes, let out a breath, and walk to my truck, knowing tomorrow is a different day.


BOOK: Until November (Until series)
4.83Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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