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His Dirty Secret

Unwelcome Reunions





By Evelyn Troy


Copyright 2014 by Evelyn Troy


All rights reserved. Except for use in any review, the reproduction or utilization of this work in whole or in part by any means, now known or hereafter invented, including xerography, photocopying and recording, or in any information storage or retrieval system, is forbidden without the explicit written permission of the author. All characters depicted in this fictional work are consenting adults, of at least eighteen years of age. Any resemblance to persons living or deceased, particular businesses, events, or exact locations are entirely coincidental.



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Chapter One





Marcus threw down the newspaper in disgust. He wasn’t sure if he was pissed off at himself or at Isobel, but he was definitely in a mood that was foul enough to make his housekeeper avoid the dining room where he was sat like the plague.


Who would have thought that mousy Isobel would have turned out to be such a stunner? And boy was she loving all of the attention she was getting, judging from the photograph in the paper that showed her hanging off the arm of Tyler James, one of the wealthiest men in not just this state, but in the whole of the United States.


He sat back in his chair pensively, thinking back to when he had dated her back in college. She’d been a frigid little bitch with absolutely no sense of adventure, and seemingly no aspirations of making anything of herself or her life. She might have had a great brain, but she sure as hell didn’t have any ambition; at least not back then. He’d dumped her after a particularly boring night out at a frat party when she’d refused point blank to take part in any of the games that everyone else was enjoying.


He’d felt a little bad in the weeks and months that followed, because she seemed to drop off the face of the planet. She never went out any more, and she certainly didn’t seem to be dating anyone. He remembered wondering briefly if maybe she’d started batting for the other team and now preferred to be with women, but somehow he could never quite imagine that happening. It would have taken too much of a sense of adventure and an attitude of ‘I don’t give a fuck’ for her to have ever even considered it. A shame really, because he might have thought twice about being with her if she’d have liked that kind of excitement in the bedroom.


It was probably more of a case of if she couldn’t be with him then she didn’t want to be with anyone, he thought. He was the catch of the town, after all, and he always had the ladies falling all over themselves for his attention.


He scowled a little as he recalled how boring it had become when he had to decide which girl to screw on any given night. Hell, he’d even passed a few of them on to some of his footballer buddies when they became too much of a problem and became clingy or needy.


At least Isobel had had a damn brain, he mused. He’d never had to explain things to her or dumb it down in any way. Out of all of the women he’d dated back then, and there had been a lot, she was the one he’d always imagined would actually do something in her life other than becoming a teenage mom or a stripper. And when she’d made an effort and put a little makeup on she’d actually been quite pretty, in an average kind of way.


Maybe he’d been a little too hasty to kick her to the curb that night. He’d just been disappointed when she hadn’t wanted to party hard. Even back then her body had been spectacular, with a waist so tiny that he could span it with his hands. As for her tits? Oh man, those tits had been the reason for many a wet dream, and he’d tossed himself off numerous times imagining him and one of his buddies suckling on them before using her for their pleasure.


Just thinking back to all of the things he’d wanted to do to her had his cock starting to get hard, and he rubbed a hand over his crotch and gave himself a squeeze. Would she have ever gone for a threesome, he wondered. Maybe if he’d stuck with her a little longer he would have been able to convince her to try it. He had always been persuasive and he knew that he was great in bed because women always told him so, so he was sure that he could have taught her to enjoy it eventually.


He stretched his arms out over his head and felt his muscles ripple beneath his shirt. She was the one who’d missed out. Not him, he thought. She could have been being fucked by him and anyone else he asked to join them; having the time of her life as she’d shared his rise from college football to being one of the richest, most famous and sought after players in current day history.


Smiling smugly to himself, Marcus reminisced back on his career, feeling a sense of self-satisfaction as he recalled being spotted by a scout at the final college football game he’d ever played and swiftly being signed up to one of the best football teams in the states. He’d gone from strength to strength in the years that had followed, and was now a forerunner in the game, with a multi-million dollar contract and more money in the bank than he could ever have thought possible.


He looked back down at the newspaper with a glare. He could also have any damn woman he wanted, and that included ‘Icy’ Isobel as far as he was concerned. He just had to snap his fingers and she’d come running. His brow furrowed as a thought came to him. According to the story that went with the photo, she was going to be in Miami this coming weekend. Maybe he should make a point to be there as well. The fact that she would be with Tyler James was of no consequence to him whatsoever.


He pushed the paper to one side and stood up from the table. It was time to put some plans in motion, he thought as he reached for his cell phone.


While Marcus was busy making his plans, Isobel was across town sitting down to eat with Tyler. As always he’d taken her to a lavish, but discreet restaurant where the service was second to none and the atmosphere was one of quiet upper-class snobbery. She looked down at her menu with a sigh, and of course Tyler noticed. He always did.


“Is everything okay, Isobel?” His tone was one of concern, and immediately Isobel felt guilty for being so picky.


“Yes Tyler. Everything is lovely, thank you.” She tried to inject some enthusiasm into her voice, but when he scowled she knew she had failed.


Reaching across the table, Tyler removed the menu from Isobel’s hand and placed it out of the way. “Talk to me, Isobel. What’s going on in that pretty little head of yours to make you sigh so much?”


How could she possibly explain to him that she was starting to feel as though he was hiding her away? She knew that he wasn’t really, but the only places he ever seemed to take her were quiet restaurants like this one or his luxury penthouse apartment. She knew that she wasn’t the perfect match for him or for any other man really, but was she really that bad that he had to avoid taking her to places that actually meant that she would meet people?


“It’s nothing, Tyler. Honestly. It’s just me being silly.” She started to reach for the menu, but he placed a hand over hers to stop her.


“It’s obviously something, Isobel, or you wouldn’t be looking so down in the dumps.” He rubbed a thumb over the pulse in her wrist, and Isobel felt her heartbeat kick up a notch. “Tell me please. I might be able to help.”


Isobel gave a soft shrug of her shoulders. “I suppose I’m just feeling a little bit like a dirty little secret.” Tyler scowled again but didn’t interrupt her. “We never seem to go anywhere that involves me meeting people, Tyler. The only place you ever take me is out to eat in discreet restaurants where no-one knows you and you don’t have to introduce me to anyone.”


“Do you want to go to lavish parties or business functions?” Tyler’s voice had hardened and Isobel felt her stomach sink. “I actually thought that you liked spending time with me, and we have more opportunity to actually talk and get to know each other when we’re not being interrupted by a multitude of people.”


Isobel was quick to try and reassure him. “Tyler, I
spending time with you. I really do. Please don’t think otherwise. And I don’t want to go to lavish parties, as you put it.” She sighed again, this time in frustration at not being able to put into words what she was feeling. “I guess I’m just finding it hard to understand why you would even want to be with me instead of being with someone more sophisticated and better looking.”


“Okay, let me make one thing crystal clear here.” Tyler leaned his head forwards to look her in the eyes as he spoke, and Isobel was left in no doubt as to his seriousness. “I’ve been with someone more sophisticated, as you put it. Remember the woman I’m in the middle of divorcing?” Isobel gave a sight nod. How could she forget?


“Well a lot of people would class her as sophisticated, but she’s nothing but a bitch who thinks the world owes her a damn favor, and you’re the one who showed me that, thank God.” His thumb continued to rub over her wrist as he talked. “As for ‘better looking’, you’ve got to be kidding me, right?”


Isobel felt her cheeks getting hot as she blushed some more, recalling how she had told Tyler in no uncertain terms that it was her or his wife; she wasn’t going to have an affair with a married man. She had been shocked to the core when he had chosen her, never expecting it in a million years.


She shook her head. “No, I’m not kidding in the slightest, Tyler. Your wife might have been a bitch, but she was a beautiful one. And now you’re stuck with a plain Jane like me. I just don’t get it.”


“Maybe you don’t need to ‘get it’, as you so eloquently put it. Maybe you simply need to accept that I do get it, and I think that you’re drop dead gorgeous and worth ten of my ex.” He paused for a second as though thinking very carefully about his next words. “I don’t know who did such a number on you to make you feel as though you’re unattractive, Isobel, but he was a complete and utter moron, whoever he was.”


Isobel hadn’t thought about him for years, but as soon as Tyler spoke, her high school boyfriend Marcus came to mind. He’d been a football player; star of the school team who always had a swarm of the most beautiful and popular girls around him, as well as all of the other good looking footballers.


Isobel had been thrilled when he’d asked her out on a date, but her excitement had been short-lived when he’d dumped her soon after for being boring and frigid. Those were the words he had used to describe her in front of all his frat friends at a party on the night he’d crushed her, along with a few others, such as frumpy, flat-chested and icy.


She could still remember how humiliated she’d felt when everyone had laughed and jeered, and she had become isolated in her own little world afterwards, concentrating on her studies and making sure that she’d never left herself open to that kind of hurt again. She’d refused to date anyone else for a long time, much to the frustration of her very few female friends.


It had taken a hell of a long time for her to even consider doing anything other than study, and it had taken the tragic death of her best friend to come to the realization that life was for the living and she had to stop being so damn wary and scared of taking a chance on anything. It had been hard and it had taken years to finally have any semblance of liking for herself and her looks, but she had definitely made progress. Or so she’d thought.


Was Tyler right? Had Marcus really done more damage than she’d thought all those years ago and made her feel so insecure about herself that even now she was doubting that any man could possibly find her attractive enough to make any kind of commitment to her?


She came back to the present day and looked at the man sat opposite her. He was not only wealthy, but stunningly handsome; and he wanted her. Didn’t he? So why was she putting up so many mental barriers?


“I’m sorry, Tyler. I guess I’m just being silly, huh?” She smiled weakly, hoping that they could put her little outburst behind them.


“If you’re feeling that insecure, then it’s not silly at all, darlin’. And please don’t think for one minute that I think you’re being paranoid. I know what it can feel like when someone else undermines how we feel about ourselves.” He gave her a smile that was both warm and reassuring. “But, please try to stop worrying that I’m only with you out of a misguided sense of pity or something else equally as crazy, because I’m not. I’m with you because I want to be with you. Because you’re beautiful and clever, and you have a smart mouth that isn’t afraid to be painfully honest with me.”


Isobel laughed and felt herself start to relax. Tyler was an intelligent man, who could be with absolutely anyone, but he was here with her and she had to remind herself of that fact.


“Besides,” Tyler continued, “I’m taking you to Miami tomorrow, remember? And trust me, you’re going to meet so many people that you’re going to be wishing I’d just taken you to another boring restaurant instead.”


“Don’t remind me. I’m so nervous I feel like throwing up every time I think about it.” Isobel laughed, but she was being deadly serious. She’d never met many well-to-do people, and for the ones she was going to meet to all be friends and acquaintances of Tyler’s was definitely nerve-wracking to say the least.


“You’re going to be just fine, Isobel. And everyone is going to love you. How could they not?”
You really don’t want me to answer that
, thought Isobel.


They finally ordered their meals and ate the delicious food in relative silence, only talking to compliment the food they were eating. After a dessert that Isobel would have sworn under oath made her gain ten pounds, they sat back to enjoy a cup of coffee and an after dinner dark chocolate mint.


“So, Isobel, do you have everything you need for our trip?”


She couldn’t help thinking how thoughtful he always was. “I think so. I have to buy some toiletry items first thing in the morning, but apart from that I think I’m good to go.”


“Well why don’t you wait to see what they have at the store in the hotel? From experience I know that they carry a very good range of skin products and such.” He smiled. “And if you can’t find what you want at the hotel, I’m sure that we could take a few hours off to go on a shopping trip. You haven’t let me buy you anything yet and I want to see how good you’ll look in expensive clothing rather than off-the-peg stuff.”


Isobel felt an irrational pang of jealousy course through her. Exactly how did he know about the hotel’s range of beauty products? Had he been there with another woman? And what was wrong with her off-the-peg clothes? They might be cheap, but they were fashionable and trendy and they suited her and her budget just fine. Was that why he always took her to places that he knew wouldn’t be frequented by anyone he knew? Was he embarrassed by her and what she wore?


Looking across the table at him she gave herself a mental kick up the arse, tamped down her envy and insecurity and nodded. “That sounds like a good idea, thank you, Tyler. It will give me a little more time in the morning as well, so it sounds perfect.” She had to keep reminding himself that he wasn’t the kind of man who would be with someone he didn’t want to be with, and if he didn’t want to share his time with her, he wouldn’t.


Isobel went off to use the restroom while Tyler settled the bill, and then they made their way outside to where a chauffeur-driven car was waiting for them. Tyler opened the back door for her to enter the vehicle first and then he settled himself down on the seat next to her. “Do you want to come back to my place or would you rather go straight home tonight?” He trailed his fingers up her bare arm, leaving goosebumps in their wake and sending chills of awareness running through her. God, he could turn her on so damn quickly and so completely that it was hard to think straight around him sometimes.


She thought for a minute before answering. Going to his place sounded wonderful, but she wanted to do some last minute packing and didn’t want to have to rush home in the morning to finish off. “I think I’ll go home, if that’s okay. That way I can make sure that I have a good night’s sleep so I’m refreshed and ready to go tomorrow.”


Tyler grinned and wiggled his eyebrows suggestively at her. “You’re going to need to get plenty of rest tonight, because once tomorrow gets here you’re all mine, and I can’t guarantee that you’re going to get much sleep.” His fingers continued to dance over her skin, and he leaned in to kiss her deeply, his tongue tangling with hers for a minute before he pulled away.


Isobel laughed out loud, loving how exciting that sounded just as much as she loved the fact that he also seemed excited by the prospect of spending time with her. “Don’t threaten me with a good time, you bully.” She never ceased to be amazed at how comfortable she felt around him, especially after them being together for such a short space of time. She supposed that once you’d shared your sexual fantasies, everything else was a piece of cake. And they’d done a whole lot more than just share their fantasies; they’d acted quite a few of them out as well.


A short time later they arrived at Isobel’s home, and as always Tyler made sure that he got out of the vehicle first to hold the door open for her and walked her up the path to her front door. As she unlocked it, his arms came around her from behind and he scattered small kisses up the back of her neck and behind her ears, making her heart rate quicken and her breath catch on a sigh.


He reached his arms around her and cupped her breasts, his fingers and thumbs finding her nipples with ease and latching onto them in a vice-like grip that had moisture pooling in her panties instantly. She moaned and pushed her ass back into him, feeling the distinct bulge in his pants as he rubbed up against her.


“If you don’t quit that then neither of us is going to get any rest tonight, Tyler.” Isobel was flattened against the door at this point, and was so close to asking him to come inside so that he could finish what he’d started. But she knew that if she did, the early night that she needed was most definitely
going to happen.


With a sigh, Tyler moved his muscular body away from hers, making her feel cold and yearning in an instant. “You’re such a slave driver,” he grumbled, as she turned around to face him for a last kiss.


Laughter fell from Isobel’s mouth at his words. “I’m a slave driver? Me? Seriously, Tyler?” She couldn’t help but tease him. “And who is it exactly that likes to use floggers and restraints and all that stuff, huh?”

BOOK: Unwelcome Reunions (His Dirty Secret Book 3)
2.77Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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