Virgil [Marius Brothers 8] (Siren Publishing Ménage Amour ManLove)

BOOK: Virgil [Marius Brothers 8] (Siren Publishing Ménage Amour ManLove)
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Marius Brothers 8


Virgil has been hiding something… But then again that isn’t anything new to him. He doesn’t fit in with the family that doesn’t even know who he really is. Learning long ago that he wasn’t normal, he strives to just fit in. Fate just doesn’t seem to have it in the cards for him.

Mareo and Foma have been searching for their other mate for centuries. Now that they think they’ve found him, Virgil’s running from them. Panicked that he’s only staying in Greece a few days and confused by his reaction, they decide to take desperate measures. After their plan backfires instead of opening up Virgil to being their mate, can they convince him they were only trying to help? Or will it be the last straw to push Virgil over the edge and leave everything behind to start over somewhere else, saying good-bye to the Mariuses forever?

Note: This book is written in first-person point of view.

Note: This book contains double anal penetration.

Alternative (M/M or F/F), Ménage a Trois/Quatre, Paranormal

38,161 words



Marius Brothers 8






Joyee Flynn











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A note from Joyee:

As I’ve mentioned at the beginning of other books in this series, I didn’t foresee having three series in one world when I wrote
. Things got a little complicated. Now that
is here and
A Bevin Hero
coming up, two parts of the world will be completed.
that in
means the stories are over, nor is the Mariuses’ world and all those they love. There will be many, many more books to come, simply all of them under the Beyond the Marius Brothers series. I have a long list of rural Virginia most eligible bachelors that need their Happily Ever Afters. But with all the different series in one world and the fact that these next four books coming make the grand total to twenty one books, that’s a lot of main characters and their mates, and more minor characters to keep popping up. So I’ve put a character chart on my website with some basics of who is mated to whom, what species they are, current jobs, and a few key points like their special gifts. It’s downloadable, printable, and snuggleable if someone should really want, though probably not something I’d recommend because of those pesky paper cuts.
I truly hope everyone has enjoyed the ride of all seven brothers and is excited for which of their friends will find love next in the future.

All my best,



Marius Brothers 8



Copyright © 2013






Chapter 1




, good to see you,” Stefan ribbed Caleb as he hugged one of our family’s oldest friends. He might have been Micah’s best friend, but he was like a stepbrother we actually liked to the rest of us. Caleb laughed before pulling away and giving me one of his bear hugs.

“You’re so high because you’re so tall,” I mumbled in his ear. “Good to see you, man.”

“You will address the King as his
,” one of the warriors who escorted us from the airport growled menacingly.

“Dude, Evander, take it down a notch,” Caleb chuckled as we parted. “Friends of mine, remember?”

“Sorry, your majesty.” The man bowed and stepped back, looking properly chastised.

“Wait, did we do it wrong because you’re a guy?” Patrick asked while hugging Caleb as well. “We called Queen Magdalena
your highness
all the time. Is it different for women and men?”

“Don’t feel bad, we had to explain the difference to our mate as well,” Liam answered with a snicker.

Micah had told me that since Caleb’s mates were identical twins, there was an extra security risk if they couldn’t keep them straight. Since then, Liam always wore something with the shoulders cut out so his birthmark showed, distinguishing him from Lorcan.

“The fae Queen keeps things informal or she doesn’t like to have everyone treat her so differently, but she should be called her majesty as well. Ruling King or Queen get majesty. Anyone else in the ruling royal family gets your highness.”

“Okay, so you and Lorcan get your majesty because you’re Caleb’s mates, but you’re both still Princes because you can’t be Queen since you don’t have boobs,” Patrick surmised. I bounced my head along with that one and then snickered. My brother’s mate had such a way with words.

“I love how Americans know how to turn a phrase,” a deep, loud voice chuckled from behind Caleb. I saw him before his scent hit me and I almost fell over just from how handsome he was. There were too many flowers in the throne room where we met up with Caleb after a meeting of his for me to have caught his scent sooner. But when I did, I froze… Except my fangs. The stranger’s eyes met mine and he saw them come out, schooling his reaction carefully.

“I don’t know if he’s picking on me or not,” Patrick said to his mate, getting the fae’s attention.

“No, not at all,” the man replied gently, shooting me another look quickly. “I honestly do love it. I appreciate bluntness. And his majesty, Prince Liam, is correct, our Queen smacked one of us once for calling her by that term. She said she was more mother to us all than ruler to be put up on a throne away from her people. We call her the term
. She couldn’t make us stop so she gave up.”

“This is Foma, one of the new additions to our security,” Caleb said as I stared at the god of a fae man. His scent was confusing me though because it wavered almost as if there were two of him. Then again I was desperately trying to get my fangs to retract so I was slightly distracted. “And this is his mate, Mareo.” Caleb gestured to the other side of him and I locked eyes with the deepest midnight-blue eyes I’d ever seen. And I knew Mareo had seen every second of my reaction.

Did they know they were my mates? Fuck!

Stefan reached for Foma’s hand. “Nice to meet you. We didn’t get a chance to when the fae crossed over.”

“We crossed over a couple of centuries ago in search of our mate,” Foma explained, staring at me again. I felt the blood drain from my face, knowing he’d busted me, and glanced away… And met Mareo’s gaze.
“When we heard that the Queen and the rest of our people crossed over to this plane and some were coming to Greece, we made ourselves known to Caleb and offered our services to help acclimate the fae.”

“Very nice of you,” Patrick said as he shook the man’s hand next. “Damn, you’re just huge in a whole new way, man.”

“So I’ve been told,” Foma drawled and then snickered. “I’ve almost got two feet on you. I’m seven seven.”

“Five eight,” Patrick chuckled. “Just call me

“Virgil, are you going to come meet Caleb’s people or stand there?” Stefan asked jokingly but I could hear the slight concern in his tone. “Dude, you okay?”

“Yeah,” I answered, clearing my throat. “Just weird seeing Caleb like this with all the grandeur.” I gestured around, lying through my teeth. “That and the flight.” I shrugged. “Sorry. Just kind of spaced out.”

“Then we should show you to your rooms for some rest,” Mareo said as he moved closer to me. “I didn’t catch your name.”

I swallowed loudly as I stared up at the massive man. Yes,
had to stare up at him. He was maybe an inch shorter than Foma but at least seven and a half feet tall. “Virgil Marius.”

“Nice to meet you, Virgil,” he said in a slightly husky voice. We shook hands and I noticed that Stefan and Patrick were talking to Liam and Lorcan again, everyone else distracted. They wanted to see their new baby before we settled in.

“Same,” I mumbled, trying to get back my hand and not breathe at the same time. If I took in his scent with how attracted I was to him, my fangs would come right back out and I’d be busted.

BOOK: Virgil [Marius Brothers 8] (Siren Publishing Ménage Amour ManLove)
6.65Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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