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You bet” I
call over my shoulder and check my phone to see where I’m meeting
Sophie and the guys for dinner, I’m surprised to find that so much
time has gone by.


What happened
to you?” Sophie bursts

hysterics when I reach their table that is thankfully outside the
restaurant, I’m not sure I’d be allowed inside to join them

What? This is
the new look” I poke my tongue out at her still feeling

Glad that
you’re in a better mood” Matt notes while Tucker just looks vaguely

You’re just
jealous because I spent the day with a very handsome man and had
the best time in my life”

Handsome you
say?” Sophie asks sitting up with interest.

Very” I

Who was it?
Anyone I know?”

Yeap, Dave’s
little boy, he’s six now and grown up so much since we last seen
him” Matt and Tucker both laugh at Sophie’s clear disappointment
and no getting any gossip.

Where did you
see him too?” She asks looking happy now.

They were on
the beach, Dave sent him over to me with a football hoping I could
keep an eye on him for an hour while, he was knackered. I dunked us
in the sea a few times and well this is what I got back for it” I
point to my hair “He got the whole of me, I’m covered in sand
underneath all my clothes, it’s so uncomfortable but it was worth
it to see him laugh for a while”

Who are Dave
and Dave Junior?” Matt asks noting that Sophie and I both know

The lead
singer of the band, it’s sad really. He’s the quietest of the group
and got his high school sweetheart pregnant, they were really happy
even though they were so young. She died two years later though in
a car accident it was terrible. He hasn’t really been with anyone
since either, he’s dated a few women but he doesn’t really seem
interested in anyone and little Dave doesn’t really remember his
mum” Sophie fills them in while I order.

He’s sweet,
he’s like the instant big brother” I nod at them “hey, I wonder if
he will kick Jason’s ass for me when I get back” I wink only half

Why?” Sophie
asks frowning.

I got a few
texts off him today, I missed his calls when I was in the sea and
obviously Dave didn’t go in my bag to answer my phone, so he’s been
going a bit crazy but after what he sent me this morning I don’t
really care” I shrug.

Jason is
starting to get on my nerves now, if I don’t answer my phone I’m
automatically having sex with someone else, when I’m not entirely
convinced that I believe him when he denies what he’s doing behind
my back anymore, after all why would he be so convinced I’m doing
it if he’s not?

Well if
there’s any ass kicking that needs to get done you have us
remember” Matt says gesturing to himself and Tucker.

Aww that’s
really sweet guys … but I wouldn’t want any of you to get hurt” I
can’t help but laugh at how offended they both look.

What are you
wearing tonight?” Sophie asks me changing the subject.

I bought a
blue chiffon dress this morning”

Aww Brooke,
just one night!” she pleads, she doesn’t have to say anything else
because I know what she’s asking me is
, to forget about the guys and wear something that I
really want to wear without having to worry about hiding my

No” I say
firmly and roll my eyes when she pouts and gives me puppy dog

Chapter Four


Walking into
the café I notice that Jason’s best friend is eyeing me curiously I
turn my head and approach Sophie’s table she looks up at my
approach and looks surprised.

Why are you
blushing?” she demands amused.

Umm … I ...
eh ... need your help with … something” I stammer as I sit down and
nod my greeting to Matt and a few of his friends.

Okay, what’s
going on?” she asks giving me her full attention now I have her
interest piqued.

I need to go
out tonight”

Right ...
what’s that got to do with me? You want me to come with you?” I can
see the confusion on her face and take a deep breath for what I’m
about to do.

Yeah but I
wanted you to dye my hair for me”

What, Why?”
she asks whilst looking at my blonde hair and mindlessly picking up
a strand and running it through her fingers.

JasonandIbrokeup” I rush out so it sounds like one

What did he
do? And what’s that got to do with you dying your hair?”
she demands

Umm well, he
kind of knows now… so I want to stop the secret before he does and
I figured …” I’m cut off by her extremely loud squeal in my ear. I
watch amazed as she jumps up from her seat and starts dancing on
the spot clapping excitedly.

This is going
to be the best night ever, you have no idea how long I have waited
for this” she squeaks still dancing.

What are you
talking about?” Matt asks watching Sophie looking slightly confused
but unable to hide his grin at her obvious happiness.

I’ll tell you
later, I have to go” Sophie rushes to explain and grabbing my hand
at the same time pulling me out of the café, I manage a feeble wave
in the direction of the table and blush again at the attention we
are getting from all the other students.


* *


I can’t
believe you’re finally doing this” Sophie exclaims squeezing my
hand in the back of the taxi. I can’t help but smirk at her, after
hours of shopping, pampering, dying my hair and then choosing the
perfect outfit and getting ready I just want this to be over. My
normally pulled up into a ponytail light blonde hair is now a
chocolate brown with red highlights and pulled over my shoulder in
loose messy curls giving it a bed head look. I have finally
switched the baggy clothes that hid my figure so well that I was
always known as the chubby plain girl
, to a black short sleeve blouse that is tied into a know
just above my belly button, the first three buttons undone showing
a bit a cleverage and paired with a black and white plain skater
skirt, setting off my outfit are black ankle boots with a four inch
heel decorated with silver studs. To use Sophie’s words I look like
a bad girl that’s waiting to find some sexy trouble I can get into.
I just hope it works.


We get out of
the taxi at JD’s bar, a favourite among our fellow students that
often frequent it most nights, Luke is waiting for us outside the
door, his jaw drops when he sees me, making Sophie giggle and once
again squeak about how amazing this is going to be. Taking a deep
breath we open the door and head inside. I spot Matt at the bar
with a few of his friends.

Hey baby”
Sophie shouts over the music to him, I watch holding my breath to
see what his reaction will be because even though it has been hard
we have kept my hidden figure a secret from him, I’m relived and
can’t help but smile when he turns and starts making his way over
to Sophie, he stops when he sees me and simply chuckles and shakes
his head.

I assume we
will be seeing you out a lot more now then” he smirks at me as he
grabs Sophie into a hug.

like that” I mutter while trying not to blush at all the
appreciative looks I am getting from the men in the bar.

So what
happened to make you want to ‘come out’ if you will?”

I broke up
with Jason and he didn’t take it so well, when he realised I wasn’t
going to sleep with him
, he
said and I quote ‘It’s OK to be nervous but you have nothing to
worry about, my friend told me that fat girls are the best in bed
because they never know when they are going to get it again’” I
smirk at him.

What did you
say to that?” he asks and when Sophie snorts he turns back to me
looking very amused much to my amazement.

Well I had
avoiding him all week since we got back and he was waiting for me
when I got out the shower and hit me with that bombshell so I did
what anyone in my position would do … I dropped my robe and got
dressed in front of him then left the dorm
with him shouting apologies at me” I shrug and he
bursts out laughing, full on bent over hands on knees laughing,
after several attempts of us all trying to get him to stop laughing
I shake my head and head over to the bar where I am immediately
approached by a tall medium built man who looks a few years older
than me about twenty six I would guess.


Hi” I smile
back at him

I don’t think
I have seen you her
e before
have I, are you new to the area?” he asks while trying to keep his
eyes on mine but failing several times.

my first time here, but
I go to uni here”

Well I can
understand your boyfriend keeping you inside all to himself, I’m
assuming you have one…”

Not as of a
few hours ago” I shrug and pay for my drink.

I’m not all
that surprised when Luke comes up to me and slings an arm around my
shoulders, I pretty much worked out that the guy I’m talking to is
only interested in getting me into his bed.

I wondered
where you got to” Luke greets me pulling me into his

Needed a
drink” I lift my glass to him and turn to guy still staring at me
and catch him looking down my shirt, “This is Luke, my friend” I
introduce him then realise I don’t even
know his name.

No I know,
How you been Luke, how’s Kate?”

She’s good,
she will be here later”

kay, well I’ll catch
up to you later” he says to me as he makes his way over to a table
full of men, none of who I can see because they are all facing away
from me, I turn my attention back to Luke and smirk at

Nice, very
smooth by the way” I nudge his shoulder with my own.

Just looking
out for you, that’s Adam Jenks, stay away from him. He will try his
hardest to get you into his bed and that’s all he’s interested in”
he warms me looking very stern and fatherly making me

I kind of
figured that out before you got here, I might be a virgin but I’m
not clueless”

Hey, don’t
say the V word around here Brooke, these guys will have a field day
with that” he growls at me.

, Okay. Let’s go
find Sophie. Lead the way my knight in shining armour” I follow him
through the crowded bar to find Sophie near the back talking to
Matt and man I don’t recognise.

Hey, you
having fun?” Sophie asks, pulling me in for a quick hug.

I was until
Luke spoilt it for me” I complain adding a pout for good measure
making Luke sigh and roll his eyes.

What do you

She was
talking to Adam at the bar” Luke says as if that’s the only
explanation he needs to give, which apparently it is.

Oh no Brooke,
stay away from him, he’s a player” Matt warns but Sophie just rolls
her eyes like I did.

I know, you
lot do realise I’m not stupid, besides I was having fun, if he
thinks he can charm me into his bed then I’m not going to stop him
trying I have a feeling it would be fun to wind him up”

What happened
to the quiet shy girl we all know and love?” Matt asks looking far
too serious.

Don’t worry,
this one is way more fun” Sophie reassures him “It’s entertaining
to watch” she grins at me making me remember a night out we went on
during our first month of meeting.

Are you
looking for a job?” The man that I didn’t recognise earlier asks
me, it’s now that I notice he’s wearing a JD’s Bar T-shirt, he’s
looking over me taking in my outfit and body in one swift look but
he is doing it assessing.

Umm no,

A girl like
you could fit in well here and by the sounds of it you can handle
the men so think about it and get back to me, my names Jeff by the
way” he says to me and then turns to Sophie “When will Haley be
back?” he asks looking worried.

Tomorrow, I
promise” she assures him.

And what I am
supposed to do tonight?” he asks her, Sophie grins at him and
points to me.

Brooke” she
informs him in a way that makes me worry what she is promising

I need
someone who knows what they are doing, not someone who is going to
mess about Soph” he tells her while assessing me again.


OK, what are
you talking about?” I ask shifting uncomfortable from foot to foot
under their combined stares.

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