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Authors: Dawn Steele

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Wanted by the Alphas (An Extremely Sensual Paranormal Shifter Romance) (6 page)

BOOK: Wanted by the Alphas (An Extremely Sensual Paranormal Shifter Romance)
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She is certain Jared isn’t there anyway. He
has probably gone out to explore whatever it is he is compelled to

Tomorrow, they would have to look for a place
to live. A rental apartment, perhaps. Or maybe even a little
cottage. Hopefully one with a garden. They have lots of money to
tide them over. The taken money had been a final act of vengeance
by Jared for what those people back at Tupelo did to her.

But tonight has been almost magical up to the
final point. And she doesn’t want it to end, even though she knows
it will.

“OK,” she replies.

“Shannon, you don’t have to do anything you
don’t want to.”

“I’m not doing anything I don’t want to.”

“You sure?”

“Yes,” she says with more confidence than she
feels. Her stomach is all fluttery again, as though batwings are
brushing its lining.

“Great. Then let’s go.”

He leads her to a row of elevators. The doors
hiss open and a staid elderly couple gets out. They both favor the
attractive young pair with an approving glance.

Once the elevator doors have closed behind
them and they are alone, Lucien grabs her waist.

“Luc – ” she begins, but he cuts her off with
a kiss that takes her breath completely away.

His lips are supple and soft and hard and
pliant all at the same time, and she is transported to a higher
plane of existence where the clouds are soft and white and bad
things never happen to beautiful people. His tongue thrusts between
her lips, seeking entry. She opens her mouth and lets him in. The
thrill of the contact tumbles from her abdomen to her toes and back

With their intimacy raised to another level,
his hands move around her waist to stroke her back. And down,
further down, until he is cupping her buttocks. He is so tall
compared to her, and he has to bend down to envelop her entire

She does not protest. Her heart is slamming
against her ribs in thunderous applause until it jars her entire
body and reverberates in her skull. Her loins are on fire and her
core suddenly goes moist. Her entire body is heated up by several

God, I want him so badly.
It has been
so long . . . so long.

The elevator doors hiss open again. They are
on the top floor, and corridor opens up before them en route to his

He breaks off the kiss.

“This way,” he says huskily.

“Yes,” she says, her hand grasped in his
larger one.

Together, they make their way to his



One night.

If I can have this one night, I’ll be
satisfied for a long, long time.

That thought traverses her brain as once
inside his suite, she falls into his strong, strong arms. Swiftly,
they undress each other – shucking off shoes, jackets, shirts,
belts, dresses. He fumbles at the clasp of her lacy white
brassiere. She fumbles at his pants.

Off comes their underwear. Their clothes fall
into a crumpled heap on the floor. She is seized by lust. Their
lips voraciously devour each other’s, and the kisses become more

He has such a beautiful, amazing body. She
scarcely has enough time to pause and admire him. But in coming up
for air between kisses, she manages to note his sculptured torso –
every muscle a work of art. Her hands roam all over his smooth
flesh. There is not a blemish she can feel, not a scar in sight.
How is it that a man can be so perfect?

His erection is even larger in proportion to
the rest of him. He scoops her up in his arms as if she is a toy
and carries her to his bedroom. She barely has time to register her
surroundings – yellow lamps, masculine décor with lots of clean
lines and wood furniture, wood paneling on the walls interspersed
by wall panel lights. Art pieces depict scenes from the forest and
hills of the Pacific Northwest with its stormy coastal waters and
streaked sky.

He throws her onto the bed. She is a little
frightened of his size, and he catches her gazing at his penis.

“Don’t worry.” His breathing is coming out in
sharp, ragged bursts. “I’ll be gentle.”

His eyes are dilated with desire and his
nostrils flare. She can’t take her eyes off this magnificent Nordic

“You’re so beautiful, Shannon,” he murmurs.
“So beautiful.”

It is amazing that he too finds her
beautiful. Her medium-sized breasts are heaving. He slips on a
condom. It sheaths his cock like a glistening glove. Her entire
focus is on him – his glorious body, his upright cock which is
about to penetrate her, his lustrous blue eyes fringed by long
golden lashes.

“Relax,” he tells her as he straddles her. He
puts his cock between her legs. “Don’t tense up. Just look into my

Those eyes. She remembers what she has seen
in those eyes very well. So many questions about this man. So
little time.

“It’s OK,” she says. “Do it.”

“I can’t stop even if I tried.”

His cock nudges her open pussy, already
dripping with her juices. He cleaves her tunnel with one swift

She cries out with the pain of his size.

“You OK?” He holds her in concern.


“You want me to pull out?”

“No. Just stay in me.”

She shuts her eyes, and then opens them
again. His eyes hold hers, and she sees tenderness in them. Maybe
sadness as well.

He moves inside her. She gasps.

“Am I hurting you?”

She is filled to total expansion.

“No. Not anymore. It feels . . . good.”

And it does. Her orifice and passage is
stretched to its max, and his flesh thrusts and rubs against every
crevice and every surface like a well-oiled tool. He grunts with
each pump of his hips, and her entire body is pushed towards the

Oh, the sex is incredibly hot, she thinks.
This man is incredibly hot. He ruts against her like this for a
long, long time. In, out. In, out. Her fists are bunching the
sheets and grasping the edges of the pillows. She hasn’t even
noticed the color of the sheets until now – they are a pristine
white, probably with a very high thread count.

His cock pounds her and massages her, and she
angles her cervix upward so that his crown would thrust against her
special place. Each stroke there is enough to bring her to a high.
She goes higher –


And higher.


He grips her arms. His breath is very harsh
against her neck. A bead of sweat falls off his nose and speckles
her lips. She licks it and tastes its sexy saltiness.

“Oh, Lucien,” she whimpers.

“God, you feel good,” he says raggedly.

Until finally, she cries out, losing herself
to the bliss that follows. Her groin explodes into spasms and
tendrils of fire which run all over her body while its hub
concentrates at her core.

Oh, oh, oh, oh!

Her entire pelvic region screams with the
ecstasy and the sweet agony of it all. Her mind goes blank as she
arches her back, grinding the top of her head onto the soft

When she comes to, he is panting full
throttle. He lets himself go too. Although the condom stops her
from experiencing his sap firsthand, she knows his semen is gushing
inside its rubber cage.

“Ohhhh,” he groans as he spurts inside her
several times. She can feel his buttocks squeezing with each
forceful ejaculation.

Then he collapses on top of her.

“That was incredible,” he whispered against
her hair. He strokes her breasts, her neck. “Stay with me

She is too fatigued to do anything but




Somewhere in the middle of the night, she
wakes up. Lucien’s limbs are entwined with hers, and he is snoring

She shifts very slowly, not wanting to wake
him. She stares at his sleeping profile. He is an incredible lover,
and she will be very sorry to leave him in the morning. Jared would
be upset that she spent the night with Lucien, of course, but she
is a consenting adult.

That is, if Jared actually came back to the
hotel at all.

Outside the bedroom window, a pale moon
floats upon listless clouds, spraying the night with an eerie glow.
Somewhere in the dark forest beyond the maze, a wolf howl pierces
the night.

It is remarkably close, and the hairs on her
forearm rise.

Her mind goes back to the hanging witch. She
has to suppress a shudder.

What does it all mean?



The next morning, she wakes up before Lucien
can wake up, and she surreptitiously eases her body away. She
dresses in her clothes, picks up her heels and takes a final look
at him before she pads silently out of the door.

Thank you for the wonderful sex

Apparently, there are no cabs to call in
Dolphin’s Bay. But there is a car service she can dial for, the
concierge tells her helpfully. He recognizes her as Mr. Walker’s
date, of course.

“Are you sure you don’t want to wait for Mr.
Walker to take you home, Miss?” he asks.

“No, I don’t want to bother him. Please dial
the service.”

It would be far better to take public
transport – or what is akin to public transport here – than to call
Jared to pick her up.

She switches on her cellphone. Two missed
calls from Jared. She twists her mouth.

When is he going to learn that I am not that
sixteen-year-old ingénue anymore who hero-worshipped him?

When she gets back to Pine’s Bluff, Jared is
waiting for her at the reception. He is seated with his feet
sprawled on the table before him. Peter, the receptionist, eyes him

“So, was he good in the sack?” Jared drawls

“It’s none of your business.”

“Oh, but it is my business if my only sister
doesn’t come home all night. After all, she’s in a new town and I
can’t be totally sure who she’s shacking up with.”

She breezes past him to the stairs and he
gets up and lopes after her.

“Can it, Jared,” she says, exasperated. “Why
do you always have to embarrass me in public?”

He grins. “Are you seeing our generous host


“Oh, dumped you, did he?”

“I wasn’t his to dump in the first place.
He’s not the kind of man who is into relationships. And why am I
telling you all this anyway?” She glares at him. Then she drops her
voice to a whisper. “You have been good last night, haven’t

“Aren’t I always good?”

She thinks uneasily of the hanging witch. No,
Jared couldn’t have done that. He doesn’t know about the maze and
its significance. Right? Fast as he is, he isn’t
Not in the brains department, that is.

“I heard a wolf howl last night,” she

“So it’s a wolf. Nothing to do with me.”

She is walking very fast up the stairs. “Yes,
could have spooked him in the forest.” She
glares at her brother again. “You didn’t go hunting last night, did

They are all alone on the top floor of the
hotel and she is striding towards the Heartwood suite.

“What’s it to you if I did?”

“Jared,” she hisses, “we’re in a new town.
You agreed to lay low until we’re more settled. It isn’t as if you
have to hunt.”

“Boy, have you got your tits in a fine twist
this morning. Which side of the bed did you fall out of? Oh, I know
whose. Was his dick as thick as his skull?”

She has to resist the urge to smack his smug,
grinning face. She decides to take the higher ground and ignore him
instead. She fumbles in her purse and inserts her key into the

“Let me guess,” Jared says, sauntering in
after her. He leaps onto the couch as she goes into the bathroom to
wash up. “Either you have PMT or you’re still feeling hot and
bothered about the dashing millionaire.”

“Shut up.” She slams the bathroom door behind

He whoops with delight. Sometimes, Jared can
be such a pain. She leans upon the bathroom door with her eyes
closed. Her pussy is still sticky with her dried creams from the
torrid sex they had last night. Even when she thinks of Lucien’s
cock inside her, a spool of fresh cream trickles from her core,
wetting her panties.

Ohh! She must stop thinking of him!

She turns on the taps of the shower
furiously, sheds her clothes and gets in. On second thought, she
turns off the hot water and lets only the cold water from the
showerhead cascade onto her head.

Damn, damn, damn!




The rest of the morning is spent with both
Jared and she in industrious house hunting. By the end of the lunch
hour, they have managed to snare themselves a little bungalow
rental that isn’t too expensive.

All they have to do now, according to the
real estate agent, is to shift out of their respective hotel suites
and move in if they like it. The house is all ready for them.

Shannon takes a good last look at the
Heartwood suite. She has never stayed in anything so luxurious in
her life, and she will be sorry to be leaving it. Her mind fills
with Lucien’s handsome face again and the way his blue eyes caress
her when they made love on his big white bed.


She doesn’t even want to check her phone. No
point in being hopeful when there is no hope. The good thing about
modern technology, she muses, is that you no longer have to wait by
the phone for a cute boy to call. You can carry your phone
everywhere with you and be miserable while productively running
your errands instead of doing nothing at home.

The rental is a small bungalow in the
foothills, a considerable distance away from Pine’s Bluff and the
top of the hills where the rich live. The real estate agent, Ellie
Fitzpatrick-Brown, is waiting for them outside.

BOOK: Wanted by the Alphas (An Extremely Sensual Paranormal Shifter Romance)
5.5Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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