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Sneak Peek: Watch Me

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Cover by Scott Carpenter

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Watch Me

Sneak Peek

Shelley Bradley

Shelley Bradley

Chapter One

Who’d have known it would only take two minutes, seventeen seconds to ruin her life?

Shanna York popped the DVD out of her laptop, resisting the childish urge to fling it across the room and watch it smash into a thousand pieces. Instead, she set it gently on the table beside her and stood. Damn Kristoff! What
he been thinking?

Besides looking for inventive ways to get off, absolutely nothing. That was obvious.

Life as she’d wished it to be was over. Goodbye, California Dance Star competition, which she and Kristoff were favored to win in just over two weeks.
, any chance of making World Cup Latin finals—something she’d been working to attain her entire dance career. Kristoff knew how important this season was to her.
it. She was twenty-eight—old by ballroom standards. He was the best partner she’d ever had, which was saying something. This year was their year; everyone said so.

All it had taken was one round disc recorded just last week, according to the date in the lower right corner of the screen, and a note with a scrawled “Watch me” to shatter her dreams. Sighing, Shanna closed her eyes and tried to think. But that only brought every image on the DVD to full, Technicolor memory. Kristoff, tall and ungodly handsome, standing above two figures, one male, the other female. He cradled each of their heads in his hands as they knelt before him. Their tongues slid up and down his erection, licked over his

Sneak Peek: Watch Me

balls, and occasionally met at the head of his cock for a juicy kiss.

“You like that big dick?” he asked them. They both moaned. The camera zoomed in as the woman, a stunning blonde with a starburst tattoo on her breast, deep-throated Kristoff. The other male, a buff guy with military short hair and his own raging hard-on, stood and licked at Kristoff’s nipples. Kristoff groaned, the sound soon drowned out by the man capturing his lips and devouring them in a harsh kiss.

That was the first thirty seconds—plenty depraved by the traditional standards many ballroom judges held. Then came the middle of the clip…

Kristoff intent and focused as he penetrated the woman’s sex, plunging in for slow, agonizing strokes. A surprise, given the fact Shanna had always believed he was gay. But thrusting into the woman, he appeared like any other hetero man…until the camera panned back and showed the other man penetrating Kristoff’s ass, the forward momentum of that stroke pushing Kristoff’s erection into the panting woman. The end of the DVD, however, was what Shanna knew really killed her dreams of being a ballroom champion. The other man, apparently at the end of his restraint, tore off his condom and stood near the woman’s sex as Kristoff so diligently pounded it. The dark-haired man watched them, yanking on his cock until semen shot out, coating the woman’s clit and wet folds. They all groaned.

Kristoff quickly pulled out of her, tugged on his erection, and came on the woman’s swollen sex, too. She dripped semen, oozed with the fluids of the men’s satisfaction. Was that enough for Kristoff? Of course not.

He grabbed the other man’s shoulders and forced him to kneel before the woman’s dripping sex beside him. Together, they licked her. Clean. Deep. Until she orgasmed against their dueling tongues. During the clip’s

Shelley Bradley

final moments, the camera panned back again to reveal the fact the trio had performed all of this for an audience.

Shanna put her head in her hands and groaned. She was so screwed. If the conservative judges of ever-elegant ballroom dance got hold of this DVD… The thought of what they could—and would—do to her and Kristoff’s scores at the California Dance Star made her shudder. Nothing like going from first to worst in the standings. Even worse, as if her life wasn’t messed up enough, was the fact that watching the scene had been vaguely arousing. Not that she was attracted to Kristoff—and definitely not after this stunt. But the freedom to just let loose and have wild sex, even with people watching…

Damn, she had to get hold of herself!

Where was that ass, Kristoff? He had to have known that his recent jaunts to that damn sex club, Sneak Peek, would eventually come back to haunt them. She’d warned him. Clearly, he hadn’t heeded a word. The door burst open into her small dressing room. Kristoff glided, graceful bastard. Like glass on the dance floor, which had been a treat after living with an Olympic sprinter, a world-class decathlete, a former champion weightlifter, and a pro football player. Her father and brothers, all of whom considered her a failure because she’d never been a champion. By their definition, ballroom dancing wasn’t even a sport. Which made her a double loser.

This year, she’d intended to show them different. With Kristoff’s one night at that crazy sex club for exhibitionists and voyeurs, her dreams were gone.

“Three minutes, Shan. Are you ready?” From the doorway, Kristoff held out his hand to her.

Normally, that was Shanna’s cue to take it and follow his lead. Not tonight.

“You goddamn idiot!” She held up the DVD. “Do you have a brain, or

Sneak Peek: Watch Me

did it sink into your pants? Could you not have waited to get your jollies for another few weeks?”

He frowned, looking totally unamused. “What are you talking about?”

“You went to Sneak Peek and got yourself into a threesome.”

Kristoff’s polished smile faded. “I was just, um, how do you say, blowing off a little steam. How did you know?”

“Someone filmed you, moron, and sent me the DVD. Full color, high quality, great sound, no question it’s you near a sign that said Sneak Peek.”

“Filmed me… I had no idea. And someone sent it to you?” he croaked.

“You saw it?”

“Yes, along with a little note informing me that if we show up to the California Star, they’ll distribute the clip to all the judges. And you know what will happen if they do. We’ll have no chance in hell of winning.”

He cursed a popular Angelo-Saxon syllable that started with an F. Shanna shook her head. He’d already done that, thanks so much.

“I agreed to take you as my partner for two reasons: You’re a hell of a dancer, and I thought you were discreetly gay. Gay, the judges can handle. Discreetly gay, even better. Clearly, I was wrong about your orientation, so your talent no longer matters.”

Kristoff flushed. “I am, um, equal opportunity when it comes to sex.”

“I gathered that from this Oscar-winning material.” She gritted her teeth.

“One minute!” someone shouted from the hall.

Squatting, Shanna peered into the mirror at her dressing table, secured a pin holding a lock of her pale blonde hair in place, then smoothed a hand down the silver sequins of her tiny costume. God, she felt sick to her stomach. All the years of sacrifice and work… If she wanted to win—and she did—she was probably going to have to start over. New season…new partner. Damn it! She hoped her tumult didn’t

Shelley Bradley

show on her face.

“We have to go,” she said. “Or we’ll be late.”

“Stop! We have things to talk about. Winning is important to me, too, and—”

“Champions aren’t late.”

“Why do you care? This is a charity event, not a competition, and I bet your dance card is empty.”

Still, she lifted her chin, despite his low blow. “Not the point. People are still watching.”

“Not everything is work. Must you be so driven? Enjoy life a little!”

“I enjoy winning.” Her teeth hurt from grinding them together.

“Except for dance, you have no life. When did you last go on a date?”

“Are you keeping track?”

“I grow tired of your so-serious attitude. Maybe you need to go to Sneak Peek and um, how do you say, let loose like me.”

“We have the biggest competition of our careers in three weeks, and you think I need to get laid?”


Shanna tried not to see red. And violet. And crimson. And magenta. Kristoff met her angry gaze squarely. “Until you smile and be nice, you are not fun to work with. You will certainly make no money for the cause tonight in this mood.”

It might be uncharitable of her, but it was hard to think about someone else’s cause when her own was falling apart.

“Go to hell, Mr. Palavin!” She made to stalk past him. He grabbed her arm to stay her. “You are angry. I fucked up, yes. I am sorry. Very sorry. I know what this means to you. But no matter how much I apologize, no matter that we have become friends in the past year, will you forgive me? Stand by me? By tomorrow, I believe you will be holding auditions, because everyone knows any partner who is a

Sneak Peek: Watch Me

liability to your ambition is quickly replaced.” He grabbed the DVD off the table. “There is a reason your dance card is empty tonight and everyone calls you the Bitch of the Ballroom. In the past, I have defended you, but now… Have a lovely time alone.”

“Are you staring at that

Alejandro Diaz ripped his gaze away from Shanna York and sent a rebuking stare to his dance partner. “
, you’ve been listening to gossip. We do not know her well enough to know if she’s a bitch.”

But he’d looked at her enough to know he wanted her. Bad. Her soft blonde hair shone under the lights like a halo around her face. Those blue, blue eyes projected a little-girl-lost quality that made him want to hold her close and whisper reassurances. But the fiery way she moved her killer body when she danced, like she performed sex to music, made him hard as hell.

Oh, the fantasies he had about her, about taking her to Sneak Peek and melting away all that icy reserve by stripping her down, tying her up, filling her full of his cock…all while wondering if they were being watched. And she’d wonder—if others could see the rise of her pleasure, hear the gasps of her orgasms as he gave them to her, one after the other. The way Shanna danced lured men in, as if she loved having their eyes on her, as if she craved hot stares and even hotter thoughts of strangers.

Yes, he had
of fantasies about her. His mother shook her head. “Hmm. You met her once. She was not polite.”

Not true. She’d been polite, in an icy, stand-offish way. In retrospect he’d come on too strong. Been too direct. Clearly not the way to approach

Shelley Bradley

a strong woman who valued being in control.

“Tonight is another night.” He turned his mother around the dance floor in a gentle waltz.

And he watched Shanna. Her appearance lived up to her ice princess reputation in a short, silvery, barely-there costume of sequins and crystals. She was stiff, unsmiling, aloof. He’d love to melt her.

“There are other young, single girls here. Girls who are good. And Catholic. And yet you focus on the
ramera rubia

,” Alejandro warned. “Just because she’s blonde, does not make her guilty of being a bitch.”

He sighed. He loved his mother and owed her so much. As a single woman, she’d raised him with loving arms and a firm hand, since his father had left them just before Alejandro became a teenager. She hadn’t given him much in the way of luxuries as a kid, but she’d made up for it by providing all the affection and guidance he’d needed. As an adult, however, he realized she was incredibly old-fashioned.

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