WEAK Part Three: A Thornhill Road Romance

BOOK: WEAK Part Three: A Thornhill Road Romance

Part Three


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To all the
family, friends and mentors who have made this possible - I hope
you all know how truly grateful I really am.

Chapter Twenty

One week later I was getting off a train in
Shillington, Ohio.

It was like going into a time warp. Nothing
had changed. I scanned the platform for my father but there was no
sign of him. It was late already and the station was bathed in
shadow and nearly deserted. I hoped he wouldn't be long, I had been
aching to see him and mom since the train pulled out of Penn


I breathed in sharply. I knew that voice but
it wasn't my father.


I barely had time to turn my head when he
already had his arms around me, squeezing me tightly to his broad
chest. It could have been a friendly hug, at a push, except for how
long it lasted. He released me just as I was getting ready to begin
pushing him gently away.

"Will, what are you doing here?"

"Your father told me you were going to be in
town for a while so I offered to come pick you up. I'm sorry if he
didn’t tell you, I thought.--"

"No, it's okay, really. I'm just happy to get
a ride and see a friendly face."

He nodded his head but I could see he didn’t
like my use of the word 'friendly'. He still wanted more.

Maybe he always would.

"Come on, I'll take these."

He shouldered my bags and led me out to the
lot where his SUV was parked.

"Nice wheels." I said. "I guess it's true
that things are really beginning to work out for you now."

"Oh, you know how it is, I've had a few good
months with the bar but it's still early days. The first three
years are the most important, after that you have a good sense of
how a business will do, but in the meantime I'm having fun, doing
what I love."

He sounded truly happier than I had ever
known him. I envied him. Maybe he had the right idea after all;
keep things simple, stick with what you know, the places and the
people that are familiar to you. All I had gotten in New York was
deceit, betrayal and heartache.

We got into his car and headed out of town.
After a few minutes he broached the question that had clearly been
on his mind.

"Vicky, your father said that you could put
up at my place if you wanted to, you know, with your mom not being
well and all. It might be better to spend a night or two with me
until you get used to small town life again. I've been trying to
help out but with Ray not being as mobile as he used to and Betty
not well, gosh the house isn’t exactly as you remember it from your
last visit."

It had been too long. I was always so short
of money and always so close to selling one of my patents that I
had skipped a lot of holidays and family occasions. It all seemed
so useless now, all that wasted time in Manhattan when where I
should have been all along was right here, with family and old

"It's okay Will. I really want to spend time
with them. That's why I'm here. We can go straight there if you
don’t mind."

"Actually Vic, Ray told me he wanted you to
stay with me, at least for a few days. He says he's not ready to
have you over yet."

That didn’t sound like Ray, but then again,
with mom being ill and the suddenness of my trip home maybe he just
wasn't prepared for me yet.

"And they've got some friends staying over at
the moment too, so really I think you should take me up on that

I stared hard at him while he focused on the

"My father isn't ready to see me but he has
friends staying over?"

Will nodded his head. "That's right." He
glanced over at me. "What is it Vic?"

I continued staring at him. This didn't sound

"Oh come on." He said, reading my thoughts.
"You think I'm trying to seduce you, is that it? Come on Vic, give
me some credit here. Call Ray and ask him for Pete's sake. I swear
to you there'll be no funny business. I've got a much bigger place
now and the guest room is all made up for you already."

He looked at me with that boyish smile of
his. The same stupid, adorable grin that had turned my head in high
school. It looked like he would never change.

"I don’t need any complications right now
Will, do you understand?"

"Of course I do Vic. Come on, give Ray a
call. He'll tell you himself."

"It's okay. Of course I trust you. I'm just a
little disappointed. I was looking forward to staying with them
tonight is all. I haven't seen them in so long and I'm sure they
can use my help even if they have people staying."

Will put his hand on mine without looking at
me but then drew it away quickly.

"Look, Vicky, I know it can’t be easy in New
York; I wouldn't live there for all the money in the world and I
admire you for doing it, but you're back home now. Whatever
happened to you there you're with people you can trust now. This is
Shillington and nothing has changed. Everyone here only wants the
best for you and that includes me. Now come on, say you'll stay
with me for a couple of days, I've been looking forward to it. The
place gets lonely up there sometimes with just me and the dogs.

"Okay. Just a couple of days."

He reached his hand over to mine again and
this time held it there.

"You won't regret it."He said, smiling over
at me.

I smiled back at him.

Could it be like old times again?

No way. That was too far back to go… ancient




When Will's hand reached over to my cheek
after dinner and I didn’t push it away I knew I was on a losing
streak. We had talked non-stop about old times since we got back to
his place; the people we knew from high school who had never left
town, the ones who had moved away but then returned home and with
every mouthful of beer and the plain old steak and salad Will had
prepared for us, this felt more and more like home in a way that
New York never could be.

People like Clarissa and Jean and Vincent
Medici made sure of that. I don't know if it was the city that had
changed them or if they had always been as messed up as they were,
but life in Shillington didn’t revolve around sex, money, rumor and
gossip the way it did there. Life was simpler, people more

So why was I following Will to the bedroom
when both of us had promised that nothing would happen between

I watched his broad shoulders and his blonde
hair as he led me through his home and into his bed. He was every
inch the living, breathing epitome of everything good in
Shillington. When we got to the bedroom he sat down on the bed and
then drew me in towards him, pressing his face to my abdomen.

Instantly I thought of Vincent. I took a
sharp breath in. The reminder was intense. He had done exactly the
same to me but God how different it felt when it was him.

"I can’t lie Vicky, I've missed you so much."
Will's voice was muffled as he pressed kisses to my body. It was
comfortable, familiar, just like it always was when we had been
together. It was clear that for him at least, nothing had changed.
If I wanted this, then it was here waiting for me.
waiting for me, ready to forgive and forget. I could let go of all
my stupid ideas about being an inventor and a big time entrepreneur
and live a comfortable, happy life here with him, in this little
house on the outskirts of town.

I ran my fingers through his fine blond hair,
but again Vincent was there. Vincent fucking Medici would not get
out of my thoughts, not even in this intimate moment when I wanted
nothing more than to forget about his existence.

But his hair had been so thick and tangled
between my fingers as his kisses had set me on fire, making me ache
to have him, to be taken by him. What I had in front of me was
comfortable, tame and uncomplicated; no fetishes, no money, no
ulterior motives.

I pushed Will back down onto the bed and went
to my knees before him.

"Vic?" He sounded surprised, confused.

I put my hands onto his legs and pushed them


"Shut up Will, don’t ruin this." He always
talked too much when we were alone together. I remembered that now.
I planned to keep his mouth shut this time, unless he was screaming
out my name. I wanted to hear him groan the way Vincent….

Shit. I had to get him out of my mind. That
part of my life was over.

I jerked Will's zipper down and then cupped
him with one hand but he pulled back from me and pulled the zipper
back up.

"Victoria… Vic, I want this, believe me, but
you don’t have to do it like that. I don’t understand. What's going
on here? You never…."

"I never what? I never went down on you

He nodded his head. It was true and he had
never complained. In fact, our entire sex-life had been pretty dull
come to think of it, I just hadn't realized it at the time.

"You don’t need to do those things with

"But Will, I want to. I've had a lot of time
to think in the last few days, even in the last few hours, I think
I made a huge mistake going to New York and…and leaving

He stood up and tucked in his shirt again. He
might have a little more money now but his dress sense hadn't
changed. He was always in jeans and work boots, tees and checkered
shirts - a world away from the thousand dollar suits of Medici and
his ostentatious wealth.

"You didn’t make any mistake Vicky, you were
right to follow your dream but it didn’t work out and now you made
the right decision - you're back home where you belong. You need to
leave that world behind you."

He put out his hand for me and when I took it
he pulled me to my feet and then lifted me into his arms. He was as
strong as ever.

Laying me carefully on the bed he began to
undo his shirt. I watched and smiled. It was all just like the good
parts of the old days. He had a beautiful strong body that he liked
to show off and that I loved to look at although now, three years
on, it had a totally different effect on me.

There was no thrill; only familiarity.

What the hell was I doing?

What the hell was happening to me?

When he was naked down to his shorts he began
to undress me too. He took his time, removing each item of clothing
with extreme gentleness, placing soft, sweet, tender kisses here
and there along my body.

It felt so different to…

Stop it Victoria.

I remember the underwear I had put on after
the shower I took before dinner. I hadn’t thought about it because
by then it had become a habit, a routine, but what would will do
when saw what I was wearing? Lingerie had never been a big deal in
our love making - the polar opposite of the obsessive behavior of
Vincent and his out of control desires. Would it drive him wild?
Send him out of control the way Vincent lost it every time he saw
me down there? What would Will even look like in that

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