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The Virgin With and The Vampire King

Book One: Wedding Bells Times Four

Copyright © 2013 by Trinity Blacio


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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.



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Chapter One


Eleven months and three weeks ago to the day, Beth Roman had set out on a journey that she thought would end her life. Instead, here she stood staring out the window of her new home - well new to her - a 300 year-old castle, with over 40 bedrooms, three kitchens and 16 bathrooms. And that was just the main building which was now her place of residence.

She had yet to explore it all, but it still seemed cold and foreign to her. Even after adding what she could for decorations around the place, it didn’t seem to warm up much. Every time Beth went around a corner, someone she didn’t know would be there, checking her out or just plain watching her. It was irritating and scary.

For the past three months, she’d been waiting for Nora, her best friend. Edward kept promising her that she was okay, and that Nora would be there as soon as soon as it was possible, but still nothing. Not only was Beth worried, but now she was getting pissed off.

Her life was complicated now. Beth wanted things to be simple and she wanted her friend back.

She turned away from the window and stared at her desk. It was solid Oak, just like she had asked for, but what lay on top of it was what really set her off. People ought to know not to get a redhead witch angry.

The invitation for their wedding had arrived in the mail and it was nothing like the one she’d chosen. As a matter of fact, the date wasn’t even right, not to mention the color was not what she picked. Both she and Edward had written their own words, but that was gone too.

Glaring at the open invite, Beth stomped over to the desk and grabbed the ugly thing. “Who the hell ever heard of a gray wedding invitation?” she snarled and looked down at the printed words:


Edward Vanderson III


Beth Roman

Request your presence on December24, the year of 2020

For their human joining at 12:00P.M.

at the Kings Hall.


“Human joining!! Who the hell is going to come to a wedding on Christmas Eve!” she screeched and stared at the offending invite. Smoke rose up and she glared at it as the paper slowly burned in her hand before it disappeared. Small black flakes floated in the air around her.

The door flew open with a bang and Beth’s drop dead gorgeous guard, Dred Nester, stood there with his gun drawn, ready to take out anyone who threatened her. She shook her head and smiled. “I’m fine Dred, just had one of my moments.”

Over the past year, Beth had grown real close to the Nester brothers. Both Dred and Rock were almost as close to her as Nora. Beth just wished her sex drive would shut up when they were around. Thank God she could hide some of her arousal, but even Beth couldn’t hide her scent and they were always sniffing round her.

There he went sniffing the air, before turning his gaze on her. “You didn’t turn anyone to ash now, did you?” Dred winked at her and put his pistol back in his holster.

“You know I didn’t. It’s just me, like it always is, sitting in my ivory tower. I hate this. I should be out shopping for Christmas, but I can’t do anything with so many threats.” She plopped down on the chair behind her desk.

“Who did you give the invites to after I approved of them?” she asked, glaring at him. “I know it was a while ago, so if you can’t remember…”

“Avril took them and said he’d make sure everything was done, why? Did he do something wrong?” He sat on the corner of her desk in front her as his brother came in behind him.

Not wanting to cause trouble for Edward’s steward, Beth waved her hand and got up to walk toward the window again, hiding her face. One thing about Dred and Rock, they always knew she was lying with one look. “It’s nothing. I’m sure Edward wanted the changes.”

“I wanted what change?” Edward’s deep voice asked behind her and she jerked around.

“It’s nothing, don’t worry about it,” she tried to change the subject, stepping into his arms and laying her head on his chest. “This is a surprise. I thought you were in meetings all day?” She took a deep breath and tried to snuggle closer to him.

He wrapped his hand in her hair and yanked her head back. “I do have meetings, but I know when my woman is upset. Tell me,” he ordered in the voice that always sent a shiver down her spine.

“I was just surprised about the change in the invitations to our wedding, that’s all. I thought we were going for a late November wedding. I mean the extra time to Christmas is okay,” she whispered.

“I never changed them. The last time I’d seen them was when you and I discussed the wording and the pattern. Is it different? Let me see.” He released her and walked behind her desk, searching.

“It’s not there. I kind of burned it,” she grumbled as his dark blue eyes met hers over the desk.

He sniffed the air and shook his head. “And why did you burn our wedding invitation?” Edward crossed his arms over his chest and waited.

“Because it wasn’t a wedding invite, just a damn piece of cardboard! After all that work, it’s gone! Why did I even bother? Who the hell is going to show up at our wedding on Christmas Eve?” She threw up her hands and started to walk towards the door, angry at herself for blowing up when it was obvious he hadn’t known about it.

“Maybe we should just forget about this anyway. It’s no big deal.” Beth was halfway out the door before Edward picked her up, flinging her over his shoulder. He slapped her ass as she tried to get down.

“You know damn will this is important to me!” He stormed down the hall with Dred and Rock behind them, watching.

“Edward, put me down!” Beth rose up to see people moving out of Edward’s way, smiling. “Damn it, this is embarrassing. Let me down.”

“Hold still!” He slid his hand up her skirt, the one he’d laid out on the bed for her to wear earlier.

“Why are you wearing panties?” Stopping in the middle of the hall, Edward traced her pantie seam with his fingers. “You should know by now I don’t allow such garments when we are at home.” He lowered her to the ground, disappointment in his gaze.

“Take them off and hand them to me.” At over 6’ 6” feet tall, Edward looked down upon her 5’ 2” frame, holding out his hand.

Everyone around her stopped and stared.

“I’m not going to do that here. Are you nuts?” Beth glanced around and stepped back. “I don’t even know half of these people. I want to go home.” She looked down at the ground.

“This is your home now, my pet. In time you will learn everyone’s name. Now hand them over.” He ran a finger down her cheek and placed it under her chin. With a little pressure from his finger, Beth looked up into his face.

She sighed loudly just so he’d get the hint that this was a pain in the ass. “Fine.” Beth reached under her skirt and slipped out of the panties she wore. Ever since their trip to the Islands, after his claiming, Edward was slowly trying to get her to loosen up when it came to sex. Beth had heard vampires were a very sexual people.

They even held orgies in the castle. She’d found out about that one night walking in on a room full of naked people. Talk about being embarrassed.

Placing the panties in his hand, Beth rubbed her legs together. She’d never get used to walking around with no undergarments on. No matter what Edward said, Beth was still very self-conscious about her full figure.

With her curvy figure, Beth knew she didn’t compare to the women Edward used to date. Tall, thin, elegant women should be at his side, not her.

“You’re doing it again and I don’t like those thoughts.” He glared down at her and tucked her panties into his coat jacket. “I guess tonight we’ll have to work on that self-doubt.” Edward wrapped his arms around her and cupped her ass cheeks.

“You are mine and I love every single curve.” He kissed her nose. “Now, let’s find Avril.” He took her hand and led her into his large sanctum. All around them, people bowed their heads in respect to the Vampire King and his mate. But was he really happy with her?




He squeezed Beth’s hand and stepped into his outer office to face Avril. For over a year, she stood beside him. Even though she was uncomfortable, Beth lived here among his inner clan. For that sacrifice alone, Edward would make sure her dream wedding would happen. He would personally rip anyone apart who tried to stop it from happening, even if it was his friend.

“Sir,” Avril stood and bowed to him, but not before he caught the glare he threw to Beth.

Releasing her hand, Edward walked around Avril’s desk. Both Rock and Dred stepped up to Beth, sandwiching her between them. Interesting, he thought as both men protected his woman.

“It comes to my attention that the invitations for our wedding have been sent out. I was wondering if you would have a copy of one of them. It seems ours got misplaced and I wanted to frame it.” He spotted two invitations on his desk and reached over, picking one up.

Looking at the dull, gray card in his hand, Edward frowned as he read it. No wonder she was furious and hurt. This was not what she’d picked out. “Do you care to explain why this isn’t what my mate and I agreed on? I know for a fact she gave you our choice. Why is our wedding being postponed to Christmas Eve?” He crumbled the invite in his hand and placed his fists on his desk leaning towards his assistant.

“Sir, with all due respect, you are our King. It is my job to make sure your position is not compromised, or embarrassed. This wedding shouldn’t even be taking place. You two are fully bonded; that should be enough for anyone. As for the date, if you are going through with this, our kind does not celebrate Christmas, so it’s a perfect time.” He turned his attention to Beth. “She needs to know her place.”

In his entire life, no one had ever stepped over the line with him till this minute. Edward reached across the desk with lighting speed and placed his hand around the man’s neck, squeezing. He dragged him over the desk to stand before him.

“You do not dictate to me. That woman you glare at is my wife and you will show her the respect that is due her.” He shook the man.

With his face mere inches from Avril’s, Edward snarled. “This event will happen and our original invitations will be sent out.” Beth placed her small hand onto his arm and she shook her head.

“It’s too late to order them and it makes no sense. The other invites have been sent out and we must deal with it.” She looked at Avril. “Were any of our other plans changed?”

Edward squeezed Avril’s neck tighter. “Answer her?” Edward shook the man again, before he loosened his grip for him to breathe.

“The wedding will be held here and it will be performed by your Grandfather, Sir” He held his gaze when he heard Beth’s little cry.

“You didn’t arrange for the Mackey House?” Tears filled her eyes as she turned to leave. “Cancel it, there will be no wedding. You have your wish, Avril. I know my place,” her voice was a whisper as she exited the room.

Both Dred and Rock growled at the man. “Don’t turn your back, Avril. We’ll be waiting and watching every move you make.” The brothers left, following Beth.

BOOK: Weddings Bells Times Four
12.51Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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