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“Do you see that woman?” the Ringmaster
asked, “that is my assistant Cassandra. Do you think she is

“Yes,” Julie whimpered.

A jolt of pleasure flashed in Cassandra’s
green feline eyes. She began to rub her hands against her body
through her tight silver jumpsuit.

“Do you think she is more beautiful than you,
my pretty little worm?”


“Good,” the Ringmaster smiled. He squeezed
her cheeks tight one last time before letting go. He stood back up.
“Cassandra,” he asked, “was that good enough for you?”

Cassandra shook her head girlishly. “No
master,” she said and then looked down on Julie, her expression
morphing into that of a sadistic predator.

“Then come over here and bind her arms.”

Cassandra squealed with delight and skipped
over to Julie. She leaned down beside her and slid her fingers
under Julie’s leather-bound breasts, sending sparks through her
entire body. Julie had never been touched by a woman like this
before. In fact she’d never thought that she would ever actually
want to either.

Cassandra ran her sleek hands up over Julie’s
throat and held her head rigid. She leaned down to her ear, her
mouth so close that Julie could feel her hot breath.

You belong to us now whore
Cassandra whispered and then bit her ear.

She stood up abruptly and pulled Julie’s arms
roughly behind her back, forcing her to fall forward face first on
her chin. Cassandra tied a rope tightly around her wrists and then
stood back.

“Thank you my love,” the Ringmaster smiled
and suddenly Julie felt extremely jealous. She wanted his attention
all to herself. Even if it was the harshest attention

She could do nothing but listen as they
kissed behind her and then Francois the dwarf returned with his
master’s whip.




The Ringmaster strode a few feet in front of
her, the scabrous handled of his whip gripped tightly in his hand.
He turned towards her and narrowed his eyes.

“Come over here,” he ordered, “do as your
master tells you, worm!”

Julie began to crawl towards him and he
immediately lashed out with the whip, his hand moving like a
piston, as the leather struck her naked ass.

She felt it before it started to hurt. It was
almost cold, like freezing water had just spilled on her flesh from
a great height, and then the burn started, erupting into red-hot
searing pain. She screamed from the pleasure of the punishment.
Never in her whole life had she envisioned that pain could be so

“That’s it, that’s it.” The Ringmaster
nodded, relishing her obvious enjoyment of his harsh treatment.
“You are daddy’s little princess but you must be punished for your

“Yes master,” Julie moaned, her naked cunt
clenching behind her and the audience of dark performers cheering
them on.

“Are your binds too tight?” the Ringmaster
asked, “Are they hurting you?”

Julie’s attention turned to the cutting sting
of the rope around her wrists where Cassandra had tied her. “Yes
master,” she moaned.

The Ringmaster smiled cruelly. “Good!” he
roared and immediately lashed her with his whip again. The force of
it rocked her whole body forward, the pain filling her with dark
fire and intense lust.

“Now crawl over here and lick my boot,” the
Ringmaster commanded, “lick it clean and maybe then I’ll fuck you
the way you like.”

Julie moaned lustfully at the command and
then crawled towards him, her movements stiff and awkward from her
punishment. As she passed Francois the dwarf, she saw that he held
in his hands a small tape recorder. He winked and blew a kiss at
her as she moved closer to the Ringmaster.

Her master held out his black leather boot
for her to lick. She looked up at him, pleading for mercy (or
pretending to at least. The thought of such a depraved feat
actually filled her with so much nameless excitement that she
feared she might cum as soon as she tasted it).

“Go on,” he ordered.

“Yes master,” Julie whimpered and stuck out
her tongue.

As she lapped at the shiny hard material the
crowd around them erupted with cheers. It tasted slightly tinny and
cool and she pressed her wet mouth all the way over it, sucking and
licking with ever increasing fervor as the Ringmaster grunted with
pleasure above her.

“My worm,” he said, “would you like to stay
with your master forever? To leave your old life behind and enter a
world of pleasure and sensation the likes of which you could never
have imagined?”

Julie glanced up at him. Was he serious?
Suddenly she was surprised to realize that
was, at
least. In fact, there wasn’t anything in the world she would rather
do. And besides, how could she ever go back to a normal life after

“Excellent,” the Ringmaster grinned with
genuine joy. “I knew you would.” He looked up and addressed the
audience. “Well what about it then?” he shouted, “Will we accept
our Lady Worm as one of our own? Yay or nay?”

The crowd erupted in a cacophony of Yays and
the Ringmaster laughed heartily.

“Very well,” he said, “then it’s settled. You
are one of us now Lady Worm.” He reached down as if to stroke her
cheek and then snatched up the handle of her leash instead.
“Francois,” he called, “take the worm back to her cage.”

Julie looked up at him. “But…” she began,
“master, I thought you were going to fuck me?”

The Ringmaster grinned at her cruelly. “Oh, I
will,” he said, “but first you have to earn it. I will however
permit you to touch yourself, but only for tonight. After that you
must rest. You have a lot of work ahead of you my worm.”

He reached out and passed the leash to

“Hup!” the little clown ordered, “mush worm,
mush, mush.”

As the whole circus laughed at her
humiliation, Julie let herself be led away by Francois. It was
degrading, frustrating and horrible. And God help her, but she
loved every second of it.



# # #
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