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© copyright April 2007, Charlotte Boyett-Compo

Cover art by Jenny Dixon, © copyright April 2007

New Concepts Publishing

Lake Park, GA 31636


This is a work of fiction. All characters, events, and places are of the author’s imagination and not to be confused with fact. Any resemblance to living persons or events is merely coincidence.



Charlotte Boyett-Compo

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WindLegends Saga


Abbadon: Fortress of Prince Jaleel Jaborn; a dark and forbidding place.

Abdul Hussein: Owner of the Kilnt quarry in the Inner Kingdom Ageless Ones: Depraved demons who control the wickedness of man Amber-Lea MacFadden: Red-haired beauty who first catches Conar’s then Brelan’s eye; was lover to both.

Abyss: Hell

Asoteks: Fierce war-like tribe who lived on the land before it became Chrystallus.

Alel: Supreme god of the Seven Kingdoms

Alel’s Force: Men and women who fought against the evil that sprang up after the Burning War.

(see James Alel)

Alexi Romanovitch: Foreman of the stone quarry in the Outer Kingdom Ali-Sajin Balizar, Prince: Emir of Rysalia

Anastasia Steffensberg: Tzarina of the Outer Kingdom

Andre Belvoir, Sir: Master-at-Arms of Norus Keep; sentinel for Queen Medea of Oceania.

Andre Talebov: Outer Kingdom Healer

Antoine du Mer, Duke: Father of Cul du Mer

Anton Steffensberg: Tzar of the Outer Kingdom

Andre Andreanova: Yuri’s brother and a quarry worker in the Outer Kingdom Angelique Saur: Mother of Brelan, one-time mistress of King Gerren McGregor Anya Elizabeth Wynth: Daughter of King Shaz and Queen Medea of Oceania; sister of Princes Grice and Chand

Anya Katrine
: Clipper ship captained by Serge Nicholayevice Kutuzov of the Outer Kingdom.

Appolyon Kiel: Commandant of the Labyrinth Penal Colony on Tyber’s Isle Asher Stone: Rachel’s and Sajin’s brother.; Lives at Huhurn Oasis.

Azalon Ben-Hasheed: Asaraban merchant.

Balt: Town west of Boreas

: Prison transport ship running to Guilder’s Cay Baybridge: An asylum for the criminally insane

Baybridge Harbor: Entrance to the capitol of Virago

Belial: Henchman of Jaleel Jaborn; Sentinel to Princess Sybelle
Belios A Tobin
: Battle cry which means Prince of the Wind Bennett Beriault: Another illegitimate son of King Gerren McGregor Bent Armitage: Giant who was the Chief Executioner of Serenia Black Ascendency, The: Raven of Immortality; merged with Conar in Chrystallus Blasdin McGregor: Gerren’s father; husband of Hestia

Boreas: Northern zone of Serenia

Boreas Keep: Fortress of the McGregor clan and capitol of Serenia
Boreal Queen
: Cargo ship captained by Holm Van de Lar
Boreas Wind
: A clipper ship

Boris Micalovek: One of the Outer Kingdom warriors

: Prison transport ship running to Guilder’s Cay Brelan Saur: Illegitimate son of King Gerren McGregor


Charlotte Boyett-Compo

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Brell: Royal family of Chale

Brianna McGregor, Princess: daughter of Conar and Catherine

Briar’s Hold Inn: Owned by Harry and Meggie Ruck; where Conar and Liza first consummated their love

Brotherhood of the Domination: An ultra-secretive society of sorcerers dedicated to ruling mankind through black magic

Brothers of the Wind: Priests who take care of the temples in the Seven Kingdoms Burning War, The: Last war in which mankind was all but eradicated.

Capstan Mountains: Borders Kensett and Rysalia; highest peak is Mount Ireni Carbondale Gate: Archway between Virago and Serenia

Catherine Steffenovitch: Daughter of Tzar Anton of Outer Kingdom; wife to Conar and mother of Brianna

Cayne Summerton: Healer at Boreas Keep

Celene McDonough: One of the women at Abbadon

Century: Where the Temple of the Winds is located.

Chale: Small Principality ruled by the Brell family; capitol at Meiraman; keep is called Briarcliff Keep

Chand Wynth, Prince: Youngest son of King Shaz of Oceania

Ching-Ching: Master of the martial arts in Chrystallus

Chaseton Montyne, Prince: Regent of Ionary

Chrystallus: Ruled by the Shimota family; keep is called Binh Tae Palace, capitol at Nyotoka Ciona: Seaside town that is the home of Brelan Saur

Clere: The lawgiver God of the Seven Kingdoms

: Hemlock

Conar Aleksandro McGregor: Prince Regent of Serenia; son of Gerren and Moira Codian McGregor, Prince: Son of Glaen and Liza; known as Cody; had a twin brother who died at birth.

Colsaurus: A town in Serenia

Corinth: Town near the Temple of the Winds

Coron McGregor, Prince: Son of King Gerren and third in line to the McGregor throne Courts of the Seven Kingdoms:

Chrysanthemum -- Chrystallus

Green Isles -- Chale

Hills -- Ionary

Sands -- Diabolusia

Sea -- Oceania

Storms -- Virago

Veldt -- Necroman

Wind -- Serenia

Creel Point: Dunes in Oceania

Cyle Alla Jemann, Princess: Galen McGregor’s first wife who died from a fall from the balcony at Norus Keep

Colsaurus: Town near Norus Keep

Cul du Mer, Duke: Father of Roget and Teal; owner of Downsgate Daniel: One of Conar’s illegitimate sons

Daniel Pauley: Guard at the Labyrinth loyal to McGregor family WINDBELIEVER

Charlotte Boyett-Compo

Page 5

Daughters of the Multitude, The: Secret society of high born ladies dedicated to bringing harmony and peace back to the world

Deathwielder: Sword given to Conar when he was invested with his powers in Chrystallus Demonicus: An arch-prelate of the Domination

Djebel ed Kjinn: Sybelle’s keep near Helix

D’Lynn du Mer: Illegitimate daughter of Duke Antoine du Mer; grandmother of Gezelle Diabolusia: Desert country; capitol at Deseo, near Heaj; keep is called Devil’s Nest; ruled by the Sabina family

Dorrie Burkhart: Tavern maid at the Briar’s Hold

Downsgate: Ancestral home of the du Mer family

Drew Llywelyn: Illegitimate son of King Gerren; monk in the WindKeeper Order in Diabolusia Dulwitch: Capitol of Eurus Zone of Serenia

Duncan Connor: Another illegitimate son of King Gerren; Raja’s sentinel Dundenon: Military training town near Rommitrich Point

Dunswitch: A town near Norus Keep where Conar and his men were attacked and Rayle was killed

Dyllon McGregor: Son of King Gerren of Serenia and fourth in line to throne; married to Grace Brell, sister of Tyne

Dyriel McGregor Shimota: Sister of King Gerren and wife of Chrustallusian Emperor Tran.

Elite, The: Prince conar’s personal guard

Emmie Lou Tucker: Nanny to Conar’s children; wife of Ronnie

Epstein: Town where Ivor Keep is located

Eurus: Eastern Zone of Serenia; Capitol at Dulwitch is governed by Prince Coron McGregor Fealst: Orphanage town in Oceania; capitol of Windswept Province Galen Nicholai McGregor: Son of King Gerren and second in line to the Serenian throne; twin of Conar; regent at Norus

Galbrath Convent: Brutal nunnery run by the Brotherhood of the Domination Gatherer, The: The Angel of Death

Gerren Yuri McGregor: King of Serenia and father of Conar; had numerous illegitimate offspring

Gezelle Castile: Servant girl at Norus taken in as Liza’s personal maid; half-sister of Roger and Teal du Mer

Ghurn: Penal colony town to west of Serenia

Gilbert Tarnes: First mate of the Boreal Queen

Great Abbey of the Domination: Temple of the Brothers of the Domination; located near Corinthian Pass. This is where the most secretive ceremonies are performed.

Great Lady, The: Leader of the Daughters of the Multitude aka Lady of the Waters; she is the Windmaster’s Mate and Keeper of the gate

Grice Wynth, Prince: son of King Shaz of Oceania

Grotto, the: Underground waterway where Prince Tristan was conceived, where Conar nearly died and Galen was murdered

Guil Ben-Shanar Gehdrin, Prince: Hasdu prince

Guilder’s Cay: Penal colony at Ghurn Colony

Hern Abra, Sir: Master-at-Arms of Boreas Keep and sentinel to Queen Moira Holm Van de Lar: Captain of the Boreal Queen; husband of Mary and father of Jenny Hujurn Oasis: Where Balizar Arbra’s camp was in Kensett


Charlotte Boyett-Compo

Page 6

Habi Al-Kanoor: Slavekeeper

Haelstrom Point: Capitol of Virago

Haji El-Sabor: Stowaway eunuch

Harim Ahnaham: Assistant to Khan Subet and slave warden in Rysalia Harry Ruck: Co-owner of the Briar’s Hold along with wife, Meggie Hasdu: Tribe of desert nomads

Healers: Physicians

Hebra St. Martyne: Chielf Temple guard at Serenia and later Proconsul of Virago Hesar: Royal family of Virago

Hestia McGregor: Gerren’s mother; wife of Blasdin

Holy Dale: Ancestral home of the Sorn family; near Wixenstead Harbor and not far from the Carbondale Gate.

Hound and Stag Tavern: Where Conar and Liza met

Hull: Town south of Boreas

Illuvia: One of the god Alel’s many wives; goddess of the seas (spelled Alluvia and Aluvia in some other countries)

Inner Kingdom: Country in the Ventura Province; Capitol is at Tasjorn and the royal family is Alla Lajeel.

Iomal: The city of Insults in the Southern Zone of Norus; once owned by Chale but now houses a contingent of the Southern Forces.

Ionary: Small principality ruled by the Montyne family; capitol at Derbenille and the keep there is called Ravenwood

Ipsmal: Town that is Zone capitol of Zephyrus ruled by Prince Dyllon Ivor Keep: Estate owned by Legion A’Lex and given to him by his father, King Gerren; near Epstein in Boreas Zone; where Conar was conceived

Jabus Andoire: Cardinal of the Domination

Jabal: Inner Kingdom emirate just north of Rysalia. It has two princes, Raman and Nadar who were sent to the Labyrinth.

Jabol: One of the dual capitols of Kensett

Jabyl Jemann: Sheik of the Hasdu tribe; father of Princess Cyle Jah-Ma-El: Illegitimate son of King Gerren; a priest in the Domination Jaleel Jaborn: Hasdu Prince from Dahrenia who wished to marry Princess Cyle and took his revenge for her death out on Conar

James Alel: Commander of the North American Force fighting during the Burning War.

James Brigman: A Temple deacon

Janusk: Country in the Inner Kingdom

Jasmine Cay: Where Princess Nadia was born

Jasmine El-Gehdrin: Half-sister of Guil who is a dead ringer for Liza Jemann Jaleem: Prince, son of Jabyl.

Jenny Van de Lar: Daughter of Holm

: Viragonian greeting meaning ‘peace’

Joannie MacCorkingdale: Daughter of Boreas’ cook Sadie

Jobatik: First settler tribe of Chrystallusian lands

John Boggs: Stablemaster at Boreas

Jonas Crews: Illegitimate son of King Gerren

Jost: Town southwest of Breas Keep


Charlotte Boyett-Compo

Page 7

Julian Faustine: Illegitimate son of King Gerren and twin of Morgan Kaileel Tohre: Archbishop of the WindWarrior Society and Cardinal of Ordination for the Brotherhood of the Domination.

Kalli Jaborn, Prince: Jaleel’s brother

Kanan: Cousin of Chaim and servant to Princess Sybelle.

Katrina Balizar, Princess: sister of Rysalia Emir, Ali-Sajin Kegl: Island off the coast of Virago

Keil Jabyur: High Priest who trained Jah-Ma-El at the Great Abbey of the Domination Kensett: Country that is the emirate of King Soabe Ben-Alkazar, father of Sajin and Sybelle; dual capitols at Kharis and Jabol in the Capstanian Mountains Khamsin: The name onar takes in the Inner Kingdom when he leads the Samiel (Wind Force) there.

Khan Subet: Slave trader

BOOK: WindBeliever
8.55Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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