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Book 5 - Aces MC


By Aimee-Louise

Text copyright © 2016 Aimee-Louise

All Rights

This book is
dedicated to Marc for all of his help with my research, long may it continue xx

Character List

Club Members

Mitchell 'Duke' Groves - President
Ethan 'Diesel' Stokes - Vice President
Andy 'Bear' Harper - Sergeant at Arms
Daryl 'Justice' Hayes - Treasurer
Frank 'Hound' Watson - Secretary
Mark 'Woods' Davies - Road Captain
Connor 'Spike' Stokes
Jake 'Locke' Dixon
Caleb 'CJ' Jones
Paul 'Rex' Regus
Charlie 'Stoney' Henderson
Jacob 'Skinner' Burns
Tyler 'Whip' Watson
Blake 'Recon' Washington
Elijah 'Lyric' Grey




Amy Stokes - Diesel's sister
Lauren Davies - Woods' sister
Harlow 'Ink' Webb - Diesel's old lady
Taylor 'Ash' Miller - Duke's old lady
Maggie Watson - Hound's old lady
Louise 'Angel' Walker - Spike's old lady
Chloe Watson - Salon worker
Paige Watson - Stripper
James Hudson - Doctor
Jayden Watson - Hang around



Lauren was a quiet young lady, she preferred reading and
nights in front of the television rather than socialising with friends. This
was something my parents appreciated as she never used to cause them any
trouble but since their deaths, she'd become a recluse. Lauren had cut herself
off completely, she rarely left the house and she hadn't used her mobile since
the night of the fatal accident.

We drove from the cemetery but this journey had quickly
become worse than the service itself because of the build up of tension in the
car. I slowly pulled up outside my house and instantly let out a loud sigh as I
turned off the engine. Leaning back into the chair I placed my hands onto my
lap and sat quietly, hoping that the uncomfortable silence between us would make
her fill the void or at least look at me and show some type of emotion. Lauren
continued to sit in exactly the same position as she had since we left the car
park at the cemetery, staring out of the side window emotionless as if she was
in a trance.

"Are you okay?" I could've kicked myself for
asking the question but I couldn't put up with the silent treatment any longer.
"I know that's a stupid question on a day like this but I just want to know
that you're alright Lauren, it's killing me to see you like this." I
removed my seatbelt and turned towards her, "I know things are difficult
but I'm trying Lauren, I'm really trying. I miss them as much as you do but
this is when we need to be strong for each other and stick together." She
continued to stare through the window but slowly raised her hand towards her
face and wiped a lone tear that had trickled down her cheek. As she did, I
breathed a heavy sigh of relief. Lauren was yet to grieve, I'd spoken to Doc
regarding this several times and he'd informed me that the way she was dealing
with our parents deaths was completely normal and that people dealt with grief
in a variety of different ways. It had been two weeks since that horrific night
and to my knowledge she hadn't cried until today, I just hoped that this was
the first stage of her coming to terms with what had happened.

"I know it's difficult Lauren, never in my wildest
dreams did I think that I'd be living with my fourteen year old sister at the
age of twenty-four but we're gonna get through this. I've spoken to Duke and
Diesel and I'm allowed to take as much time as I want off from the club so we
can spend some quality time together." As I finished the sentence, my
phone vibrated indicating that I'd received a text but I ignored it hoping that
Lauren would start to communicate with me. "Lauren please talk to me babe,
I need to know how you're feeling." I could feel my frustration mounting because
of the lack of communication between us but I needed to keep my cool because of
the sensitive situation.
Lauren slowly turned to face me with her tear stained cheeks clearly visible.
"I don't want to be a burden Mark," she whispered.
I looked at her in wonder, she was my little sister in fact she was the only
family member I had now and there was no way she would ever be a burden to me.
"Lauren what makes you think that babe?"
My phone vibrated again but I ignored it and leaned forward to rest my hand on
top of hers.
Lauren looked to where the sound had come from and gave me a tight smile. "I
know you have a busy life Mark I'm not stupid, you won't want a fourteen year
old hanging around because I'll cramp your style."
I narrowed my eyes and shrugged comically, "What do you know? My life is
actually quite boring so you being around may even help it to become a little
more exciting."
Lauren rolled her eyes at my response but this simple gesture gave me hope that
better things were to come as this was the first normal interaction we'd had in
two weeks.
"I promise that I will love and support you in everything that you want to
do, just like mum and dad would've and nothing and no one is going to ever come
between that." Lauren focused her attention on her clasped hands deep in
thought contemplating what I'd just said.
"Look at me Lauren," she took a deep breath and slowly turned to face
me. "I mean what I said, you come first over everyone."
My phone vibrated for the third time, Lauren removed her hand from under mine
and rolled her eyes as she unfastened her seatbelt to exit the car. "We'll
see," she shouted sternly over her shoulder and slammed the door before
walking towards the house.

I shook my head in frustration as I removed my phone from my
pocket and swiped the screen to read the messages.

 Hi babe, I'm horny do u wanna meet tonight?

I'm naked and waiting for you in bed.

I can't wait to suck your hard cock xx

I felt a stirring in my jeans as I read the last text and
grabbed my cock firmly through the material as I tried to adjust it. I'd been
chasing Lydia for two months now, she'd been playing hard to get which was part
of the attraction but she'd chosen tonight of all nights to get in touch and
openly offer herself to me. I brought my hand to my forehead rubbing it hard as
I read the messages again and sighed as I turned off my phone and returned it
to my pocket. There was only one female I'd be spending my time with from now
on and that was my little sister.

Chapter 1


"Thanks for coming here
today, I really appreciate your help." I stood from the sofa and stepped
forward to greet Ash and Ink. Although they were both early in their pregnancies
they were both glowing. I smiled at the fact of how these two women had pushed
their way into the lives of Duke and Diesel and in the process made them better
"You're welcome Woods." Ink placed her hands on my shoulders and
pulled me closer to place a chaste kiss on my cheek, "She's a tough cookie
I shook my head not agreeing with her, "She's not Ink. Lauren's been
sheltered her whole life, I'm so worried about her and how she's coping with
the situation even now after three years."
Ash walked further into the living room, "You're wrong Woods but I'm not
going into detail because she's told us things in confidence." I glared at
Ash ready to pull her up on her shit, we didn't keep secrets from each other in
the club so she needed to tell me or I'd be speaking to Duke.
"And before you have a shit attack at me, it's nothing like what you're
thinking." She held her hands up, "Honestly she's good, she just
needed a hug and a little bit of reassurance."
"She gets enough hugs from me." I placed my hands on my hips and
stood firm, I didn't want anyone thinking that Lauren was starved of love and
affection. Admittedly, our relationship had been tested over the years along
with my patience but I knew that Lauren and I would get through this together
and come out closer on the other side.
Ash mimicked my stance and placed her hands on her hips also, "You're not
a woman and you're too close to the situation for her to be able to let off
"And what do you mean by that?" I asked furious that Lauren would want
to vent about such a situation especially to people that were almost strangers.
Ash rolled her eyes as if I hadn't been listening to anything that had been
said in the previous conversations.
"Woods she's hurting babe. Your parents were on their way to see Lauren in
her performance when they crashed, she's blaming herself." The realisation
hit me as the words left her mouth, I hadn't ever thought of that and Lauren
certainly hadn't mentioned anything over the years. I ran my hands through my
hair trying to make sense of everything. If there was a god, why was he trying
to test me like this? I'd tried over the years to talk to her about the
situation but she always stated that she was fine although I knew she was
hurting inside. We'd done well, working together as a team and she'd grown into
a hardworking determined young lady and someone I was proud to call family.

"How do I look?"
I turned to see Lauren at the bottom of the stairs looking radiant in a tight
fitting dress. It only brought home further that she was in fact a woman not
the little girl that came to live with me three years ago. I wasn't used to
seeing her dressed this way, she usually wore jeans and anything baggy to hide
her figure which I was grateful for as she didn't have much interest from the
opposite sex and was inexperienced as far as I was aware.
I let out a loud groan and noticed Laurens eyes widen with a flicker of hurt. I
rushed towards her shaking my head, "Babe you look stunning."
"So why do you have that look on your face, I thought this was what you
wanted?" she asked quietly waving her hand up and down in front of her
"Yeah I suppose that was the reason for asking the girls to come over but
I'm now struggling with how beautiful you look." Lauren blushed and tugged
on the dress trying to pull it further down her thighs. "I'm just being
silly, it's the over protective brother in me." I stood back and gave her
a once over. I knew that she felt uncomfortable and asked the original question
for reassurance rather than compliments. "Lauren you look amazing, I'll
just have to sit you in the corner of the clubhouse and keep an eye on you all
I turned towards the sniggering from Ash and Ink, "Thank you ladies,
you've done a fantastic job."
"It was all there, we just had to accentuate." Ink brushed past me
and took Lauren into her embrace.
"Thank you, I appreciate you coming over this evening." I stepped
back giving the girls some space. Lauren obviously felt comfortable talking to
them and I wasn't about to stop that by me being here.
"You've got our numbers so if you want a chat or pop over you know where
we are."
Ink wasn't much older than Lauren but her maturity shone through, I suppose that
was down to life experiences but she talked and presented herself to be a lot
older than her years.
"I'm feeling left out, move out the way." Ash joined the two girls
showing her affection towards Lauren as she gave her a hug. "We're family
and this is what we do, like Ink said if you need us for anything including
another make over, shopping trip or a shoulder to cry on please give us a call."
Ash smiled and glanced at her watch, "Now we better be off as we still
need to get ready ourselves." There were smiles all round as Ink and Ash
picked up their bags and waved as they left the property.

Lauren clasped her hands in front
of her and let out a loud sigh, "I can go and change if this makes you
feel uncomfortable."
I lifted my arm inviting her to come by my side, "Don't be silly, it's
just a shock to see you looking so girlie."
Lauren narrowed her eyes and slowly made her way towards me, snuggling into my
body to allow me to wrap my arm around her shoulders. "That's where you're
staying all night, wrapped firmly in my embrace so no man can touch or look at
Lauren slowly shook her head at my statement, "You're a funny man."
"Funny ha-ha or funny strange?" I asked trying to make light of the
whole situation. I knew she'd been hurting and hadn't grieved properly over the
three years since the death of our parents but I hadn't realised that she'd
blamed herself. It was now up to me to try to rectify the situation. I didn't
know how I was going to do it but I would start by making sure she had a good
time this evening despite my reluctance to let her attend the party. She needed
an injection of fun in her life but not too much excitement at the clubhouse.
"Do you need to ask?" Lauren gave me a cheeky smile as I directed her
to the front door. I glanced at my watch, if we didn't get a move on we'd be
late and I didn't want to give Duke any more reasons to have a go at me.
"No, I don't suppose I do!"

"I haven't been here for years," Lauren walked
close to my side as we made our way through the parking area towards the
clubhouse. I was all too aware that she was wearing heels and slowed my pace so
she could keep up with me. "Has that been done on purpose?" Her
question confused me. "Have you kept me away from here on purpose? I mean
trying to keep your club life separate from our home life."
I nodded, that was exactly what I'd tried to do. My parents never understood my
desire to belong to such a club. We were from a privileged background and
didn't want for anything but the circles we mixed in were simply not for me.
The guys here didn't give a shit what you had or didn't have, as long as you were
of sound character and trustworthy then that was enough for them. I could just
be myself here and didn't feel like I had to be out to impress which suited me
fine. I didn't want Lauren to be subjected to this life though and I felt that
I'd done a damn good job over the three years that she'd stayed with me. She'd
only been here a few times when I couldn't get anyone to look after her and
that's how I wanted it, she had aspirations and I wanted her to fulfil them.
"Yes," I said sharply letting her know of my motives. I was already
aware that some of the party revellers were checking her out and I could feel
my frustration building and already doubting myself for allowing her to attend.

We both turned to where the screech had come from to see Brooke and Chanel sitting
at one of the wooden benches over by the garage. Lauren waved and quickly
turned to face me, "Am I allowed to talk to her?"
"Lauren you're seventeen, I can't stop you from talking to people."
She rolled her eyes making me snigger, "What?" I asked amused by her
"No but you could make it really difficult."
"As long as she doesn't try to ply you with alcohol again, then everything
will be cool." Lauren stood on tiptoes and kissed me lightly on the cheek,
"Go and enjoy yourself before I change my mind."
I watched as she walked over to Brooke, who stood to greet her with an air

"She's growing up." Duke and Recon joined me in
the yard as I observed Lauren's interaction with Brooke.
I folded my arms across my chest and focused my attention on Brooke, Chanel and
Lauren chatting animatedly, "I fucking hate it, and I don't envy you if
Ash has a girl. She's just my sister, can you imagine what I'd be like if she
was my daughter?"
Recon chuckled loudly gaining attention from some of the party goers, "I'm
pleased I only have to look after number one."
"That will change when you meet 'the one'." I air quoted waiting for
the profanities to fall from his mouth.
"Fuck that shit. Been there, tried that one and it ain't happening again.
All women are evil and need to be kept at a fucking distance."
"Well I'll leave you to debate that comment with the man that's loved
up." I patted Duke on the shoulder and went in search of a cold beer and
with the hope that I may bump into Chloe. It had been a while since I'd seen
her and being honest with myself, absence was only making the heart grow
fonder. I knew that we couldn't be together but that didn't mean that I stopped
thinking about her. Fucking hell, I was going soft!

"What can I get you Woods?"
"A cold beer please, I need a drink tonight."
Ramsey smiled as he grabbed a beer from the fridge and used the bottle opener
to release the cap before placing it in front of me.
"Right that's me done for a while, Buster's taking over the bar."
Ramsey grabbed his fags and lighter and ducked under the counter heading for
the door.
"Ramsey, do me a favour mate and keep an eye on Lauren. She's out there
with Brooke and Chanel on the benches."
Ramsey nodded his head and lit his fag before leaving the clubhouse.

I wiped my palms on my jeans as I made my way over to the
girls sitting on the bench in the far corner of the yard. I knew a few of the
female family members, being a prospect I'd been asked to do all manner of
things. I'd carried shopping for Ink when she wore her cast, delivered supplies
to the salon for Ash and had even been to a few football matches with Chloe
although that had opened a whole can of worms. Lauren was different though,
she'd been sheltered from the club because Woods was so overprotective. She was
an unknown entity, which intrigued me and tonight she was looking fit as fuck.
I walked casually towards the picnic bench and was relieved that Brooke and
Chanel were with her as I would be able to strike up conversation. I didn't
know them well but I'd spoken to Chanel a few times at the salon and she'd just
started seeing Buster. Brooke was a whole different story, that girl was wrong
on so many levels so much so that she'd give Paige a run for her money.

"Hi, am I okay to take a seat?" I asked as I
reached the table.
All three glanced up at the same time but it was Lauren who held my attention.
Her eyes widened and I noticed a faint blush to her cheeks although she did her
best to hide the fact by tucking her hair behind her ear casually.
"Scoot up!"
"Sorry, what?" Lauren asked slightly panicked.
I shooed her with my hand, "I wanna sit down, scoot up." I took a
drag of my fag and flicked the ash on the ground.
Lauren grabbed her bag that was placed beside her and in her hurry to move it
out of the way, she managed to drop it. The contents scattered on the ground
and I saw the look of horror and embarrassment on Laurens face as she quickly
stood from the bench and bent down to retrieve her belongings.
"Let me give you a hand," I stated trying to make the situation a
little less uncomfortable.
"No it's fine I've got it." Lauren reached for a photograph but I
managed to pick it up before her.
I quickly analysed the young couple cradling a baby, "Who's this?" I
asked as Lauren let out a sigh and swiped the photo from my hand.
"You insensitive prick!"
I turned towards Brooke, "What? I was only trying to help." I sat on
the bench confused by her outburst.
"That's her mum and dad," she grunted harshly through gritted teeth.
"Brooke leave it," Lauren gathered the rest of her belongings and threw
them into her bag before sitting back down beside me.
"Brooke let's go and get some food," Chanel stood and nodded towards
the BBQ.
Brooke narrowed her eyes, "Don't upset her any further." She pointed
her finger at me aggressively.
I sniggered, "Fucking hell Brooke, I didn't know you had any feelings
babe. Are you feeling okay?"
She stuck her middle finger up as she stood and joined Chanel so they could
walk over to the BBQ together.

I returned my attention to Lauren, "I'm sorry babe I
didn't mean to ask stupid questions or make you feel uncomfortable."
"Honestly it's all good Ramsey, you're forgiven." She smiled sweetly
as she fastened her handbag and placed it onto the picnic bench. I sniggered at
her response, I hadn't realised that she knew my name and saw this as an
opportunity. "Why you laughing?"
"I didn't know you knew my name babe, that's all. You're not one of these
stalker types are you?" I took a lug on my fag as I waited for her
response. She was different to the other girls, less self-assured which
intrigued me. I didn't know if she'd be able to hold her own or try to seek
solace with Woods after our conversation.
"Of course I know your name, everyone knows everyone around here."
Lauren picked up a plastic cup from the table and casually took a swig trying
to take the attention away from her.
"Okay," I glanced around the yard and pointed to Recon, "Who's
Lauren shook her head, "I don't know is he someone of importance?"
I smiled and nodded my head slowly before pointing to Hound, "And who's
Lauren smiled, "That's Chloe's dad Hound."
"Too easy," I muttered under my breath. "Erm...what about
him?" I pointed to Cade, quietly confident that she wouldn't know who he
was and my suspicions were confirmed when she shook her head. "Well, that
leads me to believe that you know my name for a reason." I took another
drag on my fag before I leaned over to stub it out in the ashtray making sure
that my knee brushed against hers in the process.
"And what reason do you think that may be?" Lauren was finally
playing along and I found myself quickly enjoying her company.
"I don't know if it was you wanting to put a face to a name or you simply
liked what you saw and wanted to find out more." I knew I was pushing my
luck but I couldn't help myself, I enjoyed banter especially with a beautiful
"A bit of both I think you'll find."
"I've got you some food Lauren." Brooke slammed the plate onto the
table and sat opposite us.
"Where's Chanel?"
Brooke took a bite of her burger, "She don't wanna come tonight she's
being boring."
"What's going on tonight?" I asked intrigued even as to why such a
sweet girl like Lauren was bothering with Brooke.
Brooke took another big bite of her burger, "There's a party tonight in
High Laver and Lauren and I are going."
I glanced at Lauren to see an uneasy look on her face, "I didn't say I was
actually going Brooke." She replied in a small voice.
I watched the interaction between the two of them, Brooke was a bully and I was
conscious of how much pressure she'd apply to get her own way.
"It'll be fun Lauren, you need to let your hair down once in a
"I know but I don't think Mark would..."
"Oh for god's sake Lauren, he's your brother not your dad." Brooke
threw what was left of her burger onto the table and stood. "You're gonna
have to take charge sometime in your life." Brooke placed her hands on her
hips and glared at Lauren waiting for a response.
Lauren let out a sigh and stared at her lap, "Okay I'll go with you."
"Whoa, hold on a minute Brooke." I waved my hand in front of her but
she swatted it away.
"Don't get involved Ramsey, I'm gonna call a taxi." Brooke removed
her mobile from her pocket and walked slowly across the yard as she spoke on
the phone.
"Lauren, why are you going with her? You're not exactly friends and you
have nothing in common babe." I was confused as to why she'd agree to go out
even if Brooke had put her under pressure.
"She doesn't have many friends."
"And there's a reason for that, she's a bitch Lauren plain and simple.
There must be an ulterior motive for her taking you there."
"Why couldn't it just be that I'm a nice person and she wants me
there?" Lauren stood shoving her hand firmly on her hips defensively.
I stood from the bench and placed my hand lightly on her shoulder,
"Hopefully that is the reason but I just don't trust her."
"Come on Lauren the taxi will be here in 5 minutes." Brooke shouted
across the yard interrupting us.
Lauren stepped back and my hand fell from her shoulder. "I need to go
Ramsey," she smiled sweetly before turning to follow Brooke.
"Lauren!" I shouted after her. Lauren turned back around confused.
Taking the pen from my top pocket, I leaned on the table and wrote my mobile
number onto a spare napkin. Folding it in half, I walked towards Lauren and
placed it into her hand. She stared at it confused as I curled her fingers
firmly around the napkin.
"Should you get into any bother, need a ride home or simply want a chat
then give me a call."
Lauren's frown lines deepened, "Erm...okay." I released my hand and
Lauren assessed me as she folded the napkin and placed it into her handbag.
"I mean it Lauren...anything!"
"Lauren are you coming?" Brooke bellowed from across the yard.
She continued to stare at me deep in her own thoughts, "Thank you." Lauren
whispered softly before turning on her heels once more and making her way over
to her friend.
I watched as she sauntered through the crowd following Brooke but everything
she did, didn't come easy. She was socially awkward in comparison to the other
girls and I was worried that her naivety however endearing, would make her

BOOK: Woods (Aces MC Series Book 5)
8.85Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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